Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why does Obama need a 'Domestic Army' ?

I'd like someone to explain why.

The only possible reason would be to control the populous.


  1. The best spin I can put on it is that it'll recruit potential ACORN members.

    I don't have to tell you what I actually think it is. You already know.

  2. Canned food - Check
    Ammo - Check

    Wait, is that canned food all cat food? (Ocean Whitefish..Turkey and Giblets...Seafood Safari..) Yikes !

    Hey Honey !

  3. Nickie. It is amazing that no one is questioning the majority of what this character is up to.

    Health Care, Cap and trade, Unions may all be mis-direction while the real agenda is rolling along un-fettered and underneath.

  4. Kid, your eyes are open. That's step one.

  5. Nickie; How can we get another 160 million on board ?


  6. Hitler had his.

    Stalin had his.

    Chavez has his.

    Obama will have his because half the population are a bunch of freeloaders.

  7. Admiral, Great Point!

    Idle hands are the devil's workshop after all.

    I'm sure the plans involve more than freeloaders though.