Sunday, September 30, 2018

May None of Us Find Ourselves Becoming a Lonely Neutron Star

Then again...  The first time I looked at this image I clearly saw faces, now only jelly doughnuts.  What say you?

You must click the image to purge your mind of that ear worm music.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Evil Is On A Steady March

So far in China, but you know how this crap goes.
The time to begin countering such things is last decade.

You start with a score of 800 . If you stay on the postitive side of the scale by not rocking the boat, you will enjoy all kinds of perks and ease of life.

But if you swing the other way, life will be all but impossible. Blocks and closed doors at every turn for being marked as an undesirable. No travel. Banned from public transport. Unable to rent a place.

Then again, is this a bad thing?

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Imagine you are christine ford.

Let's assume your claim is true.

You failed to file a report with the local police after the incident in the early 1980's

You failed to bring up this issue during at least 6 prior nominations of Brett Kavanaugh to high level positions

You failed to verify or care that anyone you claim to be a witness backs up your story

You file a report 36 years later, omitting any information such as time and place, your travel to and from such party, that could give the accused the slightest chance in hell of defending themself

Who are you to be such a failure, such a partisan tool to think any of this could fly

Who are the democrats who think they can defend such a thing and make it fly against probably the most ethical, moral, excellent SC nominee for the last 100 years let alone the American people !

How does this person sleep at night.  Guess she is simply mentally diseased and thinks that a means to an end is acceptable, that destroying a person and his family with lies is perfectly acceptable to achieve her progressive goals.

Who could defend such a total failure ?  The defecrats of course.

Folks, it is time to fight fire with radioactivity.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Quick Joke (From Odie's Place)

Guy sits down next to a good looking woman and she has had a couple drinks and asks the gentleman "Do you like Pussycats?"

He says "How'd you know my last name was Katz?"


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oh, I'm Liking the Hell Out Of This

The Automated, AI, Robot Lawyer.

Yea Baby, put those slimeballs out of business for the most part.

(And also go to my last post about ducks and get a smile.)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Not Only are 4 Yr Olds Smarter than Democrats, But Ducks Are Smarter Than Smartphone Pedestrians


In Case Any Of This is New Info...

It ain't a pretty post, but I didnt want to spend a lot of time on it.

BK - Brett Kavanaugh
CF - Christine Ford
DF - Feinstein

CF's Character profile:
- has TDS
-pussyhat wearing libtard activist, donating money and time to retard causes.
-Scrubbed social media after accusation made

Says she was 15 but can't remember the year or the address of the home of the party where she claims she was assaulted.  Not very good at math.

By not revealing a date or a time and place, BK has no way to defend himself as he can't prove he was somewhere else at the time.

Female friend who at first corroborated her story has now backed away and no longer supports the tale.

CF Sat silent through at least 6 vettings of BK.

CF Brother worked for law firm that interacted with Fusion GPS.

Soros connections:

Debra Katz, the attorney representing CF is vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight, an organization that has been directly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Katz is also a hefty Democratic donor, giving thousands of dollars over the years to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leftist candidates, as Front Page Mag reported.

BK's Mother ruled against CF's parents in a foreclosure case in the 90's. Why did CF Deposit a story with a couples therapist...

Romney, when running for Pres in 2012 revealed he could potentially nominate BK for the Supreme Court. In 2012, CF went to therapist and talked about BK sexual assault (for the first time ever) with a therapist and with her husband along.  Romney didn't win so no reason to pursue.

In this session CF said 4 guys, today say 2 guys.

DF won't release the letter from DF to the rest of the committee.  Is that legal?
Rick Seidman - Dem Super-Activist


Kavanaugh's accuser is being advised by Dem super-activist Ricki Seidman who derailed Robert Bork's nomination, found a reluctant Anita Hill & convinced her to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Above text is a link not formatted properly.

Repubs better take the women's underwear off and vote this guy in, or they will get no one in.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

When Galaxies Collide....

Baby Black Holes and Neutron Stars are created.

Click the pic. You know you can't resist.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Whoa Ya Gotta Calm Down There Chuck ! (OR all ya gotta know about the world)

Bein a sheepdog ain't so bad.

See ya got three kinds a animals. Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves.

Now Sheep think everybody can just get along all the time and sheepdogs want to mess with the sheep without thinkin it through.

But then you got your Wolves Chuck.  And all the wolves want to do is drop wolf scat all over the place.

So, sheep may get mad at sheepdogs because sheep get messed with by sheepdogs, but sheep Also mess with wolves Chuck.

And if the sheepdogs didn't mess with the wolves you know what you'd get.  You'd get your sheep and your sheepdogs all covered in wolf scat !

Sunday, September 16, 2018

As a Mafioso Might Say - Nebulas Widdin Nebulas... Faggeddaboudit.

Hell Yea ! Click the Pic !  It's an Offer Ya Can't Refuse !

I Like Coronal Mass Ejections....

I can't imagine what goes on there.  The surface of the sun is made up of countless thermonuclear explosions.

Click the pic for the top secret explanation.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Quick Note to Dianne Feinstein...

Dianne, Honestly, we'd need eye sockets the size of the St Louis Arch to give this Kavanaugh accusation the eye roll it deserves. Is this how you want to go out? Seriously? Like a pathetic tool of the defecrat party? You have a little time that you could redeem yourself. Take the temporary insanity defense and take back this absurd accusation from this anonymous source that has already elicited an opposing statement from 65! women Brett attended high school with that testify to him being a saint!

I can't even think of another piece of political bullshit I would bother to do a post on - that is how bad this is.

You couldn't pay me to even Say I was a democrat.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Day After

I'm angrier today than I was on 9-11 and I was literally screaming in my car driving home that day. After clinton's total disregard for the 93 WTC attack and the USS Cole attack, and having no idea what GWBush would do I was screaming "Do your job you Son of a Bitch !"
The country was patriotic for about 2 weeks.  Apparently the people on the left were all faking it.
I'm more pissed now than I was then.
For comparison let's look at our response to the attacks by the Japanese and by islam.

In response to the Pearl Harbor attack we engaged and sank all 4 aircraft carriers at the Battle of Midway and left any surviving Japs to the sharks.  From there we engaged them on islands across the Pacific, shooting them, blowing them up and burning them out of tunnels with flame throwers.  We bombed Tokyo with incendiary bombs and burned it to the ground.  In the end we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and if the Japs hadn't surrendered we'd have nuked the rest of their cities and a huge number of 'civilians'.  Many argue there were no civilians as they'd have fought to the last woman and child.  Japan is now peaceful and doesn't bother anyone.  The Japanese who are here now serve up some good Hibachi meals and warm Saki.

islam will never go away or change their savage ways.  Ever.

In response to 9-11, GW Bush started a war in Afghanistan that's been running 15 years and accomplishing jack shit of lasting accomplishment.  We're stomping cockroaches who no one over there cares about and who actually like being killed so they can reap their reward in the afterlife. We started a war in Iraq and killed a bunch of cockroaches that no one over there cares about.  We broke open the Middle East and increased Iran's power in the region.  We have accomplished jack shit for lasting value.

Our response to 9-11 was pathetic.  We should have started by nuking Mecca and Medina while they were full of vermin, closed the mosques in the USA and declared that islam is not a religion but a cult.  That would really piss of the vermin you say?  Good.  Let's get this thing going.

We were not attacked by 19 guys, a couple 'masterminds' and some islamic financiers.  We were and are attacked by islam.  We are undergoing jihad by immigration.  Their name for it is Hijra.

In the USA, we allowed the vermin to build a celebration center close to the WTC mass murder site.  The vermin have always built celebration mosques near their sites of mass murder around the world.
We elected an illegitimate moslem vermin to the white house - twice.  Over 8 years, the number of visits to the white house by the vermin organizations such as CAIR and the moslem brotherhood are practically countless.
We are allowing the vermin to shut us up by redefining negative dialogue about the vermin as 'hate speech', or as a 'phobic' reaction.  Nothing phobic about recognizing that islam does not belong here and that it is pure evil from it's core to everything it does.  It has nothing in common with a civilized people.
We are pretending the 'moderate' moslem is Ok.  A 'moderate' moslem is just someone who hasn't been called into service yet.  Terrorism is misdirection.
This isn't a kindergarten playground.  We don't have to pretend that everyone is 'Ok'.
America has gone in the total opposite direction that we should have gone in relation to this problem. islam is not a religion. It has nothing in common with any civilized culture. It is a literal cancer.  It will consume the host body.   The Turkish PM vermin tells us islam will win because of democracy and he's right.
islam doesn't belong here or anywhere outside a moslem country, but it will be too late before the PC addicted idiots figure that out.
It's just a matter of time until the vermin breed out America's culture by gaining political majority and force sharia on the USA.

Government will do nothing about this because politicians who don't give a fuck about you want the vermin vote and business wants the money.  We're on our own.

Many related pictures were photoshopped but the devil in the smoke has always been said to be real.  People saw it live.  I remember the large black face..

Thinking about this post, I thought it would end up with a lot of profanity.  I guess I'm just too angry for the profanity so I'll just close with Fuck the Left and Fuck the vermin.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

islam Submission Sighting

Read all about it.

Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores, offers halal meat only after ‘strong demand’

So, do the pork products need to be removed from the outlets, or can the staff just tell the moslem vermin that if they don't want a sub with a pork product on it, don't order one - order something else.

This is islam submission, but that's repetitive since islam translates to submission.

It  appears this is only in the UK, and as an aside, it appears that the vast majority of Subway's customers at 200 locations across the UK are moslem vermin.  How long will it be until the moslems take political majority, toss Theresa May and the other infidels in parliament off the roof, and take control of UK's military and weapons, which include Nukes of course.

Hopefully, there is a back room at the Pentagon full of strategists who are backed up by another room full of dedicated America loving strategists working the problem.




Friday, September 7, 2018

From the Depths of DPRK's Kim Jong Palace

Kim Jong Un:  General Won Hung Lo, come qwrik !

HL: I'm here Greatest Leader, ready with compriments, DLTN, and backup DLTN.

KJ: Very goods Hung. Now guess who Op-ed writer to New Yorks Times is...

HL: After thoughtful second, Hung Lo guess is Omarosa dog.

KJ: Laughing, No Hung, it was me, Dearest Leader !  I'm troll Great Tweeter Real Good ! Oh Ho Ho.

HL: Oh Ho Ho's Dearest One, that is more genius than I'm has ever seen !

KJ: I'm knows it Hung.  I'm working on more letters too.

HL: How can I help Great Leader ?!

KJ: Find DPRK General or General Wife who speak with very good Engrish accents and we will start making crank calls to American democrat poriticians.

HL: Oh Ho Hos Dear Leader, I'm drowning in genius now.  Actruary my wife Sweet Cherryot speak Engrish vely good !  I will go and get her right away if you approve !

KJ: Vely Good General Hung, I'm start writing scripts for funny crank calls in meantime.

Kim Jong sits with thinking cap on looking dreamily into space writing in own DLTN and twirling hair on top of head. ...

"Elizabeth Warren call:  Dear Senator Warren, you not knows me, but I work in White House and had to call and warn you.  Donna Trump say you are biggest liar and you are ugly as a grey beaver too.  He gonna have Jeff Sessions open special counsel on you to investigate all ill-gotten money and they are going to confiscate it from you and put you in prison.  He say Hirry Crinton join you there shortly and he make sure you share same cell. And Hirry Crinton rike girls, especially ugry ones."

KJ thinking aloud.. Next we call Cory Bookers..

"Dear Senator Bookers, you not knows me, but I'm works in White House. I found documents signed by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, stating he is member of NAMBLA and also KKK.  Also signed by Donna Trump and plan attached to deport all black peoples except for young black brown sugar boys which they will lock up on what they call pedo chicken ranch.  Be same thing as DPRK Comfort Women Resorts, only young boys.  Also plan to steal all democrat campaign funds and use for building chicken ranch and also waterboard torture rooms."
Kim Jong wonders who he gonna do next.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

China Treating Islam Like a Mental Disease

 Read All About It

Eh, not bad, but as long as a single koran exists on the face of the Earth and a single moslem unafraid of the consequences, the cancer is still alive.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Snowflake Sighting

So, my lunch pals are telling me about an incident that occurred between a long time friend waitress of 10+ years and a young girl who was a new hire at the restaurant.

Something that was said by the long time waitress to the new hire 'made her cry' and she quit on day 2.  The waitress is very respectful of other people, mature, and does a great job.

My friend was leaving and the waitress needed to go service another table that became occupied so they had not yet gotten the details of why the little flake was crying.  The waitress did pass along that the young girl did write a letter to Corporate though.  See the manager? Nope, wrote a letter to corporate. Lol.

Probably a new college grad as well.  So many young people that are not going to be able to deal with real life...  I hope given the choice of going into the medical field or committing suicide that suicide it is.

A few other thoughts from this totally screwed up reality...

  • If a made up thing - ‘cultural appropriation’ is ‘bad’, why is gender appropriation ‘good’ ?
  • Always park near the exit and near a cart coral.  (Unless you need the handicap zone)
  • Me to libtards - If you believe what anyone tells you why don’t you believe what I tell you.
  • I want democrats to die.  It is the only solution. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hard to Find On Youtube, So Get It While It's Hot

This vid is on again off again on youtube.  Happened to look for it and it's there right now so I'm putting it out.

Let's watch the man play one of his best (imo)