Friday, May 29, 2015

Texas Flood - Stevie Ray

All the best to the people in the way of the water.

Mr Vaughn could play the guitar.  Another dang airplane accident put an end to it.  Alternate link to Texas Flood since the below vid has been blocked due to copyright.

Someone said Encore !  A Jimi Hendrix Tune

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Post for Fredd

Click the pictures for the source websites.

Check out the value of an ounce of gold from 1913 forward.  (1913 is the year of the Federal Reserve Act btw)
In 1913 it was 18.92, and in 2010 it was 1224.53 with a steady upwards progression through the years.  Gold has held its value.

Now check out the value of the US Dollar since 1913.  Starting at One Dollar, As of 2010 it was 15 cents and a fraction with steady downward progression through the years. The paper dollar has not held its value.

Fredd, don't tell me you refuse to yield to factual data.  Don't even tell me that. ;-)

I couldn't get the whole image from 1913, so click the picture below to view the entire chart.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Calling Out The Left. The Progressives. The Democrats.

With the help of Ted Cruz.
Seriously, It's been over 6 years now and there are some serious things going on in the world And America.
My advice to you:
  • Read the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and recognize how that protects you.
  • Look Around. There are serious issues at our shores  or that will soon be at our shores.
And it's not just gay marriage. The left - yes which includes the democrat propaganda machine - the main stream media, are literally obsessed with social issues. Gays, free condoms, abortion, etc.  These are either issues of personal choice which CONSERVATIVES intend to defend their personal choices, or are states issues - not the federal clown show.
The left doesn't want to talk about real issues becuase the left is incompetent to deal with real issues. Ask them about real issues and they'll start rambling about climate change. 

Hat Tip: IMP

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Horsehead Nebula Within Orion Nebula

At 5 light years tall, that's about 29 trillion miles.  With the earth at 10,000 miles across, 2.9 billion Earths would fit standing end on end in a single strand from top to bottom.

Only this first image is linked to the APOD site. You can click and go read the entire description there if you like.

An alternate view

Yet Another Profile

Panning Back a Little (Lower Left)

Within an image of Barnard's Loop in Visible light
It's near center in a bright stripe of light

And now as Father Sarducci might say "Finda The Horse-a-head inna the Nebula"
I can't.  Heck I can't even find Barnard's Loop

You can see the Orion Nebula with the naked eye.  Just below the three in line stars that is Orions Belt, lies the nebula

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

islam in Civilized Countries Require Special Handling

So, I continually find myself discussing on the internet how islam and moslems should be addressed in America.
Personally, I'd extend that to any civilized country - Germany - Sweden, France, Italy - take your pick and plenty to choose from but let's concentrate on America since that is where I live and where people over many decades have invested in freedom and human rights for the entire world as the Only country to do so.

Well, it seems far too many people feel we can employ standard tools (Courts/Constitution/Media/Social Media) to control radical islamists in America.  We cannot.  This should be obvious by now.  We actually have judges in America allowing sharia law be practiced when moslems are involved.
We have a town in Texas where the city council voted 5-4 to disallow sharia law to be practiced in their town.  5-4.  How in the hell was that not 9 to 0 ?

islam teaches its followers that they can employ any strategy (lie, cheat, steal, kill) to defeat the infidels (that's us) and that infidels must be defeated if moslems are to make their god (allah) happy. If you've ever been involved in any religion you know that making your God happy is job 1 right?  Right? So we have established that not a single moslem who states their allegiance to islam anywhere wants to make allah Unhappy(1).
We also know that their blueprint for sadistic conquest - the koran- tells them that the Infidels will pay their way(2) and that they must export themselves into every corner of the Earth(3) and transform it to an islamic society ruled by sharia (4).  Why is islam classified a religion ?
(5). islam is most definitely Not a peacefull religion.

I've obviously kept this brief.
(1) - Every person in America who practices islam, going to mosques, heeding the word of their imams and clerics must personally commit to following the koran and to dealing with us Infidels when called upon to do so.  It is my contention that people think that 'peaceful moslems' exist simply because they're not all out spraying people with AK-47's or triggering a suicide belt in a mall in Gary Indiana. This is very naive.  They simply haven't been called upon yet.  When they are called upon they will kill Infidels or be killed themselves.  Every moslem here and anywhere is a potential killer.

(2) - Look around the world where moslems are immigrating to and you will find the majority of them to be living on that country's welfare system.  The Boston bomber and his spider brained mommy are on Welfare in Boston.  Multiply that by hundreds of thousands if not millions.  You Infidels are paying their way just as the koran instructs them to live.  Furthermore, they take out credit cards and don't pay the bill.  So, You're paying for all of that stuff too.  They also scam the IRS for fraudulent tax refunds and steal in many other ways and you're paying for that too because - someone has to right? They don't pay for anything unless they're absolutely forced to do so, which is (imo) sadly under-enforced.

(3) - They are all over Europe and the world.  In fact, obama is importing them like popcorn into the USA as we speak.  Their invasion is progressing very nicely.  They are not asylum seekers.  They are not refugees.  They are not immigrants.  They are Invaders.  The president of CAIR in America insists America must be transformed to be ruled by sharia law.  Do some research into this sadistic vermin inspired system of controlling people.

(4) - How can islam possibly be classified as a religion?  It does nothing for it's followers other than demand complete submission. It does nothing for the world at large.  There are no moslem charities that are not connected to terrorist organizations. There are no moslem hospitals, or animal shelters, or children's services or ANY entity designed to ease the pain of any human being or animal.  Furthermore, moslem woman are classified as a sub-human species, lower than dogs in fact and hundreds of thousands of moslem women/girls have their clitorises removed.  It's called FGM or Female Genital Mutilation.  How can that possibly be allowed to be classified as a religion in America? How can islam be allowed in America since islam is diametrically opposed to the American Constitution, and most specifically the Bill of Rights. 
How in the Fuck can there be moslem Congress people when by swearing to uphold the US Constitution,  any moslem is Renouncing islam - an Act Punishable by Death, a Requirement that they be killed for renouncing islam.

I hope you're saying to yourself - WTF? Because I sure am.  You can research all of this. I didn't just make it up.

(5) - Let's say you have an IQ of about 4 and you are thinking that if we just let islam take over the world, then everything will be peaceful and that you are either a) a woman who Wants to be maximum abused (it happens) or b) a man who wants to abuse the crap out of women, so hey what's so bad about islam taking over the world..realize that if the entire world was under islamic rule it would even be More violent because the three main flavors of islam (shi-ite, sunni, wahhabi) can't even stand each other and kill each other routinely, like in Karachi Yesterday

Well, about another million points could be made but I'm a believer in keeping things brief and therefore digestible.  Any dissent can be dealt with in the comment section Monsieur.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nothing Like a Nebula Ejection Process Followed by a Cigarette or a Vodka

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read all about it.  Click again to get a 2nd large version for just additional postage and handling.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Substitute moslems for Russians in this Historical Symmetry

Except the moslems are much worse for civilized society.

I was going to do quite a writeup to explain why Pamela Geller is 100% correct and Martha McCallum is 100% wrong, but I can't do any better than Ronald Reagan did in the early 1960s.

Current Events, Same as it ever was.

My Response.  Same as it ever will be.

I will just add that we are on our own. Politicians won't help because they'll take a vote from anyone.  Business won't help and Hollywood won't help because they'll take a dollar from anyone.  As a result they give a false impression that islam in America is Ok and appeasement is a reasonable strategy  It's not and it's not.

Final Point - the media will display piss Christ 24/7 but they won't put up a mohammed cartoon for a single 10 seconds. Why?  because they are not afraid of Christians but are deathly afraid of moslems.  These are the same people (obama included) who try to convince us Christians are just as bad as moslems. They've already voided their argument.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is There No Better Evidence of Libtardness Than Lack Of Water Management ?

Excerpt from here:

The earliest known permanent settlement, which can be classified as urban, is Jericho from 8000–7000 B.C., located near springs and other bodies of water. In Egypt there are traces of wells, and in Mesopotamia of stone rainwater channels, from 3000 B.C.. From the early Bronze Age city of Mohenjo-Daro, located in modern Pakistan, archaeologists have found hundreds of ancient wells, water pipes and toilets. The first evidence of the purposeful construction of the water supply, bathrooms, toilets and drainage in Europe comes from Bronze Age Minoan (and Mycenaean) Crete in the second millennium B.C.

Ancient Civilizations generally successfully managed water.  Not so for Modern California.

And now we can see that the whole of California is in a water crisis because the perpetual libtard government cannot even think was well as people living thousands of years ago.  This is the evidence of libtardness gone unabated.

All they had to do was recognize that California might have to prepare for a not so rainy day and build some dams and canals rather than rely on the Colorado River for all their water. William Mulholland    recognized that  a growing Los Angeles was going to need water and stealthily bought land between the Colorado River and LA in order to bring water into this city via an aqueduct.

Apparently no one in California government (or enough to make a difference) had any similar foresight so as to plan for today's water supply needs.  Hey California, this water crisis was not caused by nature, it was caused by libtard government that can't think it's way out of a paper bag.

Even worse, libards can't even type a simple search term like Water Management into Google to research such subjects and discover their chosen government consist of freakin morons.