Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well, It's Also Got Some of My Favorite Colors

Phthalocyanine green and blue, Alizarin Crimson... And No moslem vermin at all.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read a description of the image written by smart people, then click the picture a couple of times to make it much larger for detailed exploration.  If you want to of course.

Enjoy the Pelican.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Predictions For the Next Two Years

  • All high powered rifle ammo will be banned.
  • All metal jacket ammo will be banned.
  • All ammo of any kind will be banned.
  • FT wins the mega powerball lottery
  • No terrorist attacks other than the occasional whack job killing maybe a few people will occur.  The reasoning behind this prediction is that obama is giving the moslems more than they dreamed of by way of political and federal infiltration and free rides within the population, and throwing the gates open for immigration of jihadists and every other flavor of moslem.
  • holder appointed to the supreme court.
  • 2 conservative supreme court judges die of mysterious causes and are replaced by samuel L jackson and that seriously angry black dude that hangs out at six mile and ford rd in detroit.
  • michele obama and kanye west win dancing with the stars.
  • A real event will be perpetrated by obama’s goons or moslem buddies that provides a way of declaring martial law close to the next election so the next election is canceled. Perhaps a dirty bomb in a big city in a Conservative state.
  • An unemployment rate of 2.5 % will be reported (Needless to say the Real rate is 11-20 %)
  • Once Gold (Ticker GLD) hits 105, it will set up for a long term bull market.
  • Any negative statements regarding moslems will be officially declared hate speech and any such comments found on blogs etc will be prosecuted by the DOJ.
  • Z gives in and adopts me. 
  • All police forces will be put under federal control.  Arrests of black people or moslems will be declared illegal.
  • lebron james will be awarded the presidential medal of freedom, ditto snoop dog, kobe bryant, eric holder, michael vick.  Rosa Parks, trayvon martin, mike brown will be awarded one posthumorously.
  • jodi arias will be given a presidential pardon. Ditto all black moslem converts in prison.
  • nancy pelosi, barney fwank, joey biden, and charlie rangle will be buried in Arlington cemetery to the immediate North, South, East and West of Chesty Puller’s gravesite.
  • IMP finally sends me some of his world famous Jambalaya.
  • Magic Johnson will moderate all future presidential candidate debates.
  • Darren Wilson loses the civil trial and his life is destroyed – all because an ignorant black thug with a vagrant mother and deadbeat dad tried to kill the officer with his bare hands.  And OJ walked free for decades.
  • Apple Inc begins manufacturing everything and puts the entire rest of the world out of business.
  • Fredd discovers the Fountain of Youth and shares it with all of us like minded folks.
  • National debt balloons to 37 trillion after we bailout the rest of the world.
  • biden gives Alaska to Russia as a reward for not annexing the Ukraine during the next 6 months. Russia annexes the Ukraine 7 months from now.
  • Mustang has sworn me to secrecy.  Sorry folks, you’ll have to be surprised, but it’s worth the wait.
  • john boehner and mitch mcconnel advance a secret bill to give eternal perpetual power to obama or whomever obama decides as his successor in return for free beer and homosexual prostitutes.
  • john mccain declares war on Texas and Utah.
  • waylon jennings writes the perfect country and western song.
  • racism is declared a capital crime.
  • 120 lb woman routinely kick the butts of 200 lb+ men all over this town.
  • Cleavon Little becomes the new sheriff of Ferguson.  
  • The entire clinton clan go up in an event of simultaneous spontaneous human combustion. al gore is on hand and does not escape the flame.  The Earth exhales, fish dance, and everyone gets a free one at the bar.
  • AOW, Carol-CS, Bob, SF, and Joe are given supernatural powers and make the universe right again.  It turns out well after all.
  • And that’s just for starters.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey Idiots, Climate Change is Bullshit

Just like we've been telling you for 12+ years.

Don't take it from me, take it from the Executive Secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The primary objective behind environmental activism related to anthropogenic global warming (AGW), aka “climate change,” is apparently not climatological, but is rather economic. The revelation came not from “global-warming deniers,” but from the United Nation’s own Christiana Figueres, who serves as the Executive Secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

So, please occupy yourselves with sex, drugs, rock and roll (is there any left?), tattoos  and Piercings, and leave issues requiring intelligence and a capacity for critical thought to those of us who have it.

Oh and realize that all you're going to get from government is lies and more creative ways to screw your bad little selves so you might want to stop putting 100% of your trust into these POS's in government.  They're not your mommy and daddy.  Guess what? The media POSs are even worse.

I'm assuming you are not deterred. You want socialism any way you can get it.  Once again, you are screwing yourselves because you're not going to like it when other people's money runs out?  not possible you say?  The "Rich" have a combined wealth of about 4 trillion.  That will run your corrupt POS government for about 6 months.  Good Luck Not.

At least the air is a little more breathable around here.