Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is Not a Recession!

I was going to extract a paragraph from this one page missive, but could not decide which one.

Please read the page. This is written by someone with a years long track record of knowing what he is talking about. He, and 'they' on this website (See "good info yo" in the right sidebar) have consistently been way ahead of the curve. They were talking about today's economic situation that became visible on October 12, 2007 (The market hit a high on Oct 11) very clearly in 2005.

Whether you agree or not, seeing all sides never did anyone any harm, and I personally think this concept has tremendous merit and is playing out before our eyes.

This is Not a Recession


  1. Yup...the worst is definitely yet to come.

  2. It is going to very interesting and costly.

    Start getting ready for the flood.

  3. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be a long time hurtin'.

  4. Couldn't agree more guys.

    At some point - Real Demand has to drive the economy, not Fed money printing or taking over industries.

    The same tactics made the depression the Great depression - High taxes and protectionist practices in particular.