Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Now Would You Classify Thousands of Moslems Marching Through Germany, Spewing

Their Shit Through a Bull Horn as "Asylum Seekers" or "Invaders" ?

It wasn't hard for me to decide.  For those that need help with this, imagine yourself escaping constant war and savages like ISIS, ending up in Germany.  Would you make yourself a major irritant to the local population or would you just relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings?


Sunday, October 25, 2015

I've Gotten Too Stressed Out, Time for Some Stress Relief

Tommy Emmanuel should do it.

What the Fox is thinking...

That's a Fiddler all Right

Let's slow it down

He plays 300 concerts a year. If he shows up in your area and you like guitar, it will be time and money well spent.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hey Paul Ryan, Kissa My Assa

I don't like Paul Ryan at all.  In his first 15 minutes in the sun, he tried to frame social security as an entitlement program.  Try to sell that to my Ass that's been paying into it since I'm 15 and which was originally sold as a Personal Retirement Account where money would be held IN YOUR NAME.

I agree that because of the sociopathic democrats, social security funding is a problem.  But let's put the blame where it lies.  Government pissing away all the money starting with LBJ who stole it and created another perpetual life sucking problem - welfare, extending to democrats using the SS dollars to buy the votes of illegal aliens who never paid a dime into it and are here trying their damnedest to destroy America - along with the democrats.

So, Paul Ryan can kiss my ASS.

Then he demands that he's only going to put so much time in because he needs his family time.  Really Paul?  Guess who else needs family time.... Our military members (and their Families) who are out there in combat in completely useless dysfunctional no win, retarded ROE situations like Afghanistan.  Why not talk about that stuff.  Why not make that an issue.
So you know what Paul... If you're not willing to put in overtime for America, why don't you go f* yourself.

In the meantime, go read the story of Cincinnatus you little overpaid narcissistic ass.  And if you're not willing to work for America, whatever it takes, then you don't deserve to receive all the benefits, people like me, Taxpayer Kid afford you.

Over to you America.

Notice I put a complimentary version of your image in the post.  That's because I'm not a scum sucking POS media outlet who puts demeaning pics of our political opposition up every chance we get - and the words speak for themselves - No reason to put up a demeaning image.

OT Abstract - On the subject of "perfectly timed photos" that we see all over the net.  These are images captured/extracted from video. There is no 'perfectly timed' about it - if you didn't know for some reason.

Bonus fact: Black people absolutely believe mike brown was murdered. At the doc's office today (check up), the magazine Essence, aimed at black women, clearly assumes mike brown was murdered in cold blood.  This is where we're at.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Well, Here's An Idea

obama wants to bring clock boy with father who is on terror list to white house but has never even mentioned vet who was shot 7 times but saved untold number of college kids in latest mass murder in gun free zone in Oregon.  Then a nano-second after mass murder, obama starts politicizing it.  The bodies aren't even cold yet. Many people in the area lined highways and roads with banners that let obama know what they thought of his pathetic ass.  Of course, some morons offered support as well.

I think we should take this national. Every time obama goes somewhere, we who can should line the roads with big sign's telling him to resign and move back to Kenya.

Much more effective than signing petitions or cicking on click bait then entering our email addresses into spam generation websites...

Just a thought.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Duchess of Crawfish Country Dazzles, Stuns, and Drops Jaws in Colorful Halter/Bikini top

She drops jaws in rare appearance on street near residence.


The world is abuzz wondering if the Duchess is pregnant and who the father might be. The media is working hard to uncover the drink she has chosen and hope to soon reveal the brand.

Stay Tuned and Check Back Often For New Details !

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mammatus Clouds

Aren't these like Breasts in the Sky ?    A man could spend an entire afternoon lying in the grass looking skyward.

Nature repeats nature which repeats nature which repeats nature is what I'm thinking.

Anyway, click the picture to find out more.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Plumbing with Pex Tubing and Sharkbite Connectors is Big Time Fun

Ladies, prepare yourselves.  You're in for some real excitement with this post.

A couple people expressed some interest when I mentioned doing the outside plumbing with sharkbite fittings and pex tubing.  Seeing how I was blowing out the outside plumbing today, it was a good time to take some pics and put them up.

When we moved into this house, the outside water was connected after the water ran through the water conditioner.  There is a bypass on the conditioner but who wants to run downstairs and switch the bypass every time you want to water a plant?  So I tapped into the water line before it gets to conditioner.  There was already a separate shutoff valve in that section of pipe which makes it nice to be able to tun off the outside water and leave the inside alone.

I cut the copper pipe and soldered in a tee fitting and a short stub of pipe that I could slip the sharkbite fitting onto and that was it for soldering and copper.  In the next two pics you can see the tee fitting and the sharkbite fitting  and the pex tubing connected to that along with the shutoff valve.

 You just push the fitting onto the copper tubing after removing any burrs that may have been left from cutting it.  Then you just push the pex tubing into the fitting. This fitting goes from 3/4 inch at the copper to 1/2 inch for the pex tubing.  The 1/2 in pex tubing is less expensive than 3/4 even though both sizes are really cheap compared to copper pipe.  The tubing and fittings are rated for inside walls too and I used this stuff when I re-did the master shower.   Note that there are two types of tubing.  One is Ok for potable water and one is not.  The stuff I used for outside is not but I don't drink from the hoses anyway. That is worth considering for your project though.

And no I wasn't the one who put gobs of solder on that fitting at the top of the vertical section coming from the shutoff valve.

In this pic at the top left, you can see where the tubing is routed in one case to the outside water valve at the front of the house through the joist sitting on top of the cement wall, along with the disconnected copper that has an end plug pushed onto that little piece of copper going vertical that used to feed it.  Again no more soldering.  Cut the pipe, push the plug on. Voila.

In this pic you can see the pex tubing running now towards the back of the house and secured to the floor joist with a few little silver colored saddle clamps.  From here it goes into a drop ceiling in the next room and then through a hole that I drilled in the joist that sits on top of the concrete basement wall that the house sits on.  This is the only possible complication for your project if you don't have an easy path for the pex tubing to get outside.  In my case it was lift one of the drop ceiling panels out of the way and drill a hole in the joist to push the tubing through.  It exits into the garage which is nice because that's where the air compressor is.

In the next pics, you can see it exiting the basement and into the garage.  That's just a little 90 degree fitting and the tubing is just inside the wall by a half inch or so.  The next fitting is a tee into which is threaded an adapter fitting that alternately takes that square headed plug or the quick connect fitting for the air hose coming from the air compressor.  Just unscrew the plug and thread the quick connect fitting in its place when old man winter is on his way and the water needs to be blown out.

The tubing is pretty flexible so I secured it to the drywall with more of those saddle clamps to make sure it stays out of the way.

From in the garage it goes out the side of the garage courtesy of another hole drilled into the wall, then it runs under our back deck to both a water valve that serves two hoses and also runs to the back of the yard to supply water back there.

Here is the air compressor I use.  I think if you want to rig your plumbing up like this you need one with a large tank to really put lots of air downstream through the tubing, valves and hoses.  It is set to output 80 psi, though 40 psi would probably do just as well.

In these next exciting pics you can see the tubing connected to the water valve, via a sharkbite fitting, that is attached to the outside of the deck as well as another T fitting that creates another run headed to a valve and hose at the back of the yard.  (Imagine trying to do this with copper !)

And the valve and hose on the other side of the pool.  You can see the tubing coming up to attach to the back of the shutoff valve.

Blowing out the pipes just involves connecting the air compressor hose, then going around and turning on each valve one at a time until all the water has been pushed out of the tubing and hoses.

In closing, I have to say that weighing the convenience of three new water sources in the back yard areas against the small amount of effort and dollars was extremely well worth it.  It was almost fun to do.  For me, crawling under the deck to secure the tubing to the bottom was the worst part of it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes of the Optimist-Pessimist Club

As in each meeting, we begin by taking a secret ballot vote for which Middle Eastern city we are going to nuke.. Alright who voted for Washington, DC ?  Again we wait.

Given Mustang's ability to procure us a B1B on Ebay, we ask if he can add an Ohio Class Nuclear submarine with 24 Trident missiles to our arsenal.  Once we have this there will be no more voting. We'll just send the missiles to as many cities as we want !   (Yes, Fredd, we can save one for DC...)

Here's a picture of IMP test flying the B1B for us.  The room erupts in Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IMP! 

Here's hopefully our new sub just finished loading the missiles Mustang.  Yes, we can definitely have women aboard. DeBlade screams "Can I Drive - I want to drive !"  Yes of course sir.

And to give the ladies a heads up on where they may want to bunk, keep their lingerie, freshen up, etc, here is a schematic of our, again hopefully, new sub.

While Ms Z continues to hum Afternoon Delight from the last meeting, we unanimously approve doubling AOW's salary for doing such an impeccable job taking these minutes.  The money will be available as soon as it starts flowing in from the Go Fund Me website.

Kid actually starts singing the tune...
 Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight  Gonna grab some aftern...
Everyone yells "STOP!"

As I look over at Ms Z, I know she has some super ideas behind that devilish fire truck red lipstick smile and I think she is just waiting for the right moment to spring them on us.  Soon I hope Z.  Soon.
IMP takes the floor and points out that he just read that the latest Artificial Intelligence machine has achieved an IQ test score of a young child.  There you go, AI machines are already smarter than liberal progressives.

AOW wants to know why the kids love Apple so much when they have 100 Billion cash in the bank and are Number 1 at avoiding US Taxes And their products are made in sweatshops in China.   DeBlade says "The're Libtards!"  Oh yea.

IMP wants to start a new country of us Conservatives and start a GoFundMe site for our new country to get started.  Probably do a crowdfunding as well.  And he says we'll trick the libs into paying for it !  Great Idea IMP.  Once again, the room erupts "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IMP!"
Bocopro would like to give the room his thoughts on obama's foreign policy.  Wait, we're out of time!
Once again a very enjoyable and thought provoking meeting.
 Until next time.   

And always remember to shave in our new country lest you be confused for a mohammedan...

Friday, October 2, 2015

An Open Letter to Ben Carson and the Families and Friends of Mass Murder Victims

First off I listened to this audio of Ben Carson talking to Hugh Hewitt about the recent mass murder in Oregon.

Mr Carson, I applaud you for dismissing 'gun control' as a way of dealing with these events.  I do not agree with you when you say we need to find these people before they commit such a crime.  It's impossible.  Most of them over the last couple decades have been on psychotic drugs, and that may have played a part in their action, or just the fact that some psychologist determined that their personality was such that they needed some treatment to keep them from going off the deep end may have been why they committed these crimes and the drugs were ineffectual.  Regardless, unless you feel you can eliminate doctor-patient privilege, this idea isn't going anywhere.

With the individuals who have not even seen a psychologist, we hear after the fact that they were such nice quiet boys, or that they kept to themselves and nothing was evident until 1 second before they started murdering.  You're not going to find these people in advance either.

So, what is the solution?

I could dream up a number of different ways that community colleges, universities and other large populations of Unarmed citizens constricted to populating Gun Free Zones might be protected but that's a waste of time as well, because these places are not going to spend the money to implement any of these ideas unless the threat of losing more money than they would spend is in play.

This is the essence of Diplomacy.  Diplomacy isn't talking to some moslem or general tyrant shithead and convincing him to be nice to his neighbors - it is convincing him that if he is Not nice to his neighbors, he will be forced to pay a price that gets his attention and motivates him to action.

Therefore the real solution.  This section is for the friends and families of the victims of these events.

Instead of standing around crying and holding candles and dreaming of some impossible gun control measure that Will ensure that no other father, mother, brother, sister, or friend will have to endure what you are enduring, you need to get mad.  You need to get pissed about the fact that with school related shootings going on now for 2 decades, the school that your loved on went to and was killed at didn't spend a fucking dime to ensure their protection.

If you want this to stop. you sue them back to the stone age on the premise of  GROSS CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE with regard to protecting the people in their charge who They dictate cannot take any measure to protect their own life.  Realize that we do not get permission to protect our own lives from some mortal authority.  We are born with that right. When the vermin come and kill us, the people who took away our right for self protection and then did absolutely Nothing to protect us are equally guilty, possibly more so.

Sue them.  Sue them so hard that every single venue in America will be afraid beyond belief to be the next venue of a mass murder where there was insufficient protection for Their Paying Customers.  Shoppers, Students, Resort Guests etc..

In perspective, businesses of all kinds hire Armored vehicles to take their Money and deposit it in their bank accounts.  They pay for that.  Yet, they won't pay to implement processes to protect Your Children or You from a known threat that has manifested for 2 decades now?  Think about that.

Now think about the 100's of thousands of moselm vermin obama is importing into America.  The FBI freely admits that they can't tell you if any single one of them is ISIS or Al Queda, or Not.

If you read the news, you must know that these vermin love to do mass murder on the most vulnerable innocent people on the planet.  And you think Gun Control will have the slightest effect on that?  Or that you will be able to root these vermin out before they commit mass murder?

If you do, You need to see one of the afore mentioned psychologists.

Finally, ask obama why, in his home town of Chicago, which has some of the if not the most strict gun laws in America, why 60 people a day are killed by guns, then ask him why he never talks about THAT.

Thank you for reading this far.