Friday, January 29, 2021

It Occurs To Me on This Climate Crisis

Well, it should be obvious, but you know it occurred to me that it are the young climate crazed critters who are causing most of the problem if you believe in the CO2 monster under your bed thing.

The young people are running around on the soccer pitches, jogging, constantly bitching and moaning about the latest social justice scam,  heading to the gym, (but now with gyms closed, to the basement to 'crush it' on their $50 a month Peleton machine subscriptions),  expelling Massive amounts of CO2 into the beautiful clean air created by Donald J Trump.  And let's not forget the 24/7 sexual escapades !  PUFF PUFF PUFF !  Massive CO2 output (and STDs as an added benefit).

Kids, slow it down, you're destroying the planet !  And AOC with that huge maw she has is likely one of the biggest offenders.  Typical. Typical.

Ok, back to what you were doing.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Some Space Stuff

Click on the pics or become one of Joe Biden's food tasters.

 Medulla Nebula

Milky Way Galaxy Ring

A Little Dust

Trillions of Miles, Billions of Years

More Stuff for Adrienne's Jewelry Box

Monday, January 11, 2021

Big Big Big Things Happening in Politics !

It is April of 2023, Mike and Karen Pence are discussing Mike's possible 2024 presidential run.

Mike, you &%&%!# moron. Can't you see the media is tearing you a new one every second of every day and you just stare at the cameras like you've had a frontal lobotomy and mumble about "First Responders", "Education" and what the hell is the other thing.... Oh Yea "Everyone should be ^%^**%#@ Nice to each other and be Good Neighbors".   Do you even have a pulse?  Someone get in here and check and see if Mike has a &^$(*&^& Pulse!  Give me a gun, I'm going to shoot those bastards at CNN !

Karen honey you know the doctors say you have to take your bi-polar medicine every day and...

"I'm not Bi-Polar you ignorant  *(%&#$@(*  sloth !

Mike knows all too well how this goes so he heads off into his man cave for a little needlepoint time.  He's thinking that maybe he can finish that hummingbird doily he's been working on.

Mike is thinking that since Joe "who am i?" Biden, Kamala Sutra Harris and the drunken Nancy Pelosi have been assassinated over the last couple years by white supremacist MAGA hat wearing maniacs, the political landscape is Wide Friggin Open (Ooops did I say that he thinks to himself and proceeds to do immediate penance).  Well, he will work on his aggressive demeanor and maybe give it a shot he thinks.  Yes, that's it.  I think I can.. I think I can.. I think I can... I Know I can !  He smiles as he continues work on the breast feather section of his needlepoint.

.. It's been a week now and Karen still won't take her medicine.  In fact she broke into CNN a couple days ago and has shot Don Lemon and killed him.  She shot him once, twice, thrice, then crushed his head with a sledgehammer as he screamed for Wolf Blitzer to come help him.  Mike had to call in a few markers to get Karen off of this one.  He is thinking a White House run is just not in the cards now and he and Karen head off to a room at the Waldorf-Astoria after Mike spikes Karen's drinks with anti-bi-polar medication for a week.  All of Social Media has banned him so he announces through flyers he distributes out the hotel window and onto the deserted streets of New York City that he and Karen are going to lie in bed naked and if any media people want to come and take photos like they did with John and Yoko that they'd be welcome.  Apparently no takers.  It's been months now and neither of them has been seen or heard from.

"AHA" exclaims the clinton beast, maybe this is my chance! she cackles.  "It may take millions for make up artists but I've got the Cash !" the beast thinks to herself.  Now to find a willing Salon !

She contracts with Lockheed Martin to design and manufacture an electrically powered exoskeleton that she can use to actually make it appear that she can still walk without assistance and off she goes campaigning. "No one gonna see a damn thing under this pantsuit" she tells herself.

Whaddya know, the clinton beast gets elected.  2 days into the office and a secret service agent, after being ripped up one side and down the other Again by the beast for bringing her the wrong danish, quickly draws his weapon, a pearl handled .45 caliber Kimber semi-automatic with a 16 shot mag and one in the chamber, and shoots the creature 5 times in the head.  While clinton is dumping blood onto the floor of the oval office he regains his composure and empties his magazine into the beast.  " There" he thinks to himself. "No more beast. Bout Damn Time".

The beast had her VP killed the day before, so the Speaker of the House, AOC, must assume the presidential duties immediately.  "Where's the nuclear football" she asks after being sworn in. "I feel like a pickup game of hoops right now."  A secret service agent chambers a round...

Possibly more to come, maybe not...

Saturday, January 9, 2021

George, I think They Might Be Noticing Now


PS – Watch out for things that they’ll try to slip up your ass while you’re not looking and where the young (and old) SJW’s will be all for it - Social Credit Score ala China.

In a nutshell, this is a system where if you don’t "behave", you may not have access to -fill in the blank- They de-person you. No travel no medical care, no purchases, no nothing, little bit at a time until you’re dead.

Social Credit System

Update:  I'm hearing and reading from credible sources that people who went to DC to just support President Trump are being fired.  Doesn't sound like America to me....

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Phoenix Aurora Over Iceland

Rising from the ashes, or the ice maybe.

This has to mean something. Right ?  It has to.  If you click the pic to read the description, you will note that the aurora appeared at 3:30 am (when mostly only drunks are staggering home from the pubs) over Iceland and lasted for a minute [60 seconds]).  How weird is that?  I mean if you're into numerology as I am, then just doing several calculations using those numbers is very elucidating and informative.  The conclusions cannot be denied.

Plus the river in the foreground, called Kalda is 30 kilometers S of Iceland's capital city that has an unpronounceable name.  Add that 30 into your equations and Like Triple WHOA.

Finally, I have a friend who is a pilot who knows a guy that works at a Best Buy, and they say this is absolute proof that the world will be saved and we will all live happily ever after.  How about That?

It's gonna be a good year. Just FYI.