Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Details of the 'Health Care Bill' Are of No Importance.

It doesn't matter. The bill could guarantee us massages whenever we want them through the age of 147 and it would be as meaningless as anything else it could prescribe.

It, as usual, is all misdirection.

The only thing people need to know is that the government screws up everything it gets its hands on. Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office for Christ Sake.

Why would ANYONE want to entertain the idea of putting a service so personal and so critical to themselves and their families in the hands of an entity that has F*ed up everything it has ever gotten its hands on.

I heard the statistic today that 65% of young people (under 30) are in favor of government run health care. I can believe it. I'm surprised it's not higher. I talk to these dudes all the time. They don't have health care because they don't want to pay for something they don't really feel they need. Who can blame them. The Gov comes along with this total bullshit story and they're happy to take the "easy way out" and let government take it over.

I can understand that too. They figure if the gov really fouls it up, some political party will come along in the next 35 years and fix it before they really need it. But that's not true. Canada and the UK and any other socialist hell hole are proof that these programs never end. Ronald Reagan said that the only thing with eternal life is a government program. HELL, and imagine one that brings in One Seventh of the National GDP in Dollars for them.

One thing they don't realize is that they will have to fork out 7% of their yearly wages before UncleAuntieSam will step in and start helping out. If you're making 30k a year, that's $2,100. Hey Kids, think you could find a policy for less than that?

I've never seen politicians lie this much or with such passion. Somethings got them running scared. The best right wing nutjob theory I can come up with is that Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt Today. Not 2041. Not 2020. Today. Well, admit it then you filthy bastards !

Critical Thinking folks ! Please! Put a little effort into it ! If nothing else, it will sharpen your skills and get you a much better deal on a car or an HDTV one day.

Here's a Pearl for you - NO ONE except maybe your Mom and Dad are interested in Helping You with Anything. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you will be on the road to success and happiness.

Here's another one - Got a question that seems to Not have an answer? The answer is Money.


  1. look at the symbol you put up kid;)
    the bottom is a screw,the 2 snakes climbing on an airplaine,LOL.
    i look at it this way:the world jealousy,of what the us have achieved since last century,and before that.
    they can't compete,no matter.they can in a way but they can't break the spirit if FREE people and mind.
    i understand the frustration of most americans lefties and righties,but they don't want to give up their freedom of anything to the rest of the world,and i agree 100%.
    there's always at the end of the tunnel,but with this administration and prez,you wonder how long is the tunnel you're in.
    i say:send pelosi and reid in first with no maps or other,because there is NONE for now,LOL.
    respectfully to kid's readers as well,LOL.

  2. That graphic made me laugh out loud. And, Kid, I ain't been laughing much lately.

  3. Anon. Yes, I agree that the other countries want to drag us down to their level and that this is much of 'what's going on' these days.

    I could never understand the term World Class in the context that everyone uses it like it's Great. I translate World Class as Mediocre at best.

  4. Nickie. I'm happy to have made you smile.

    I'm not smiling much either these days. The Dems are just so oppressive, racist, fascist, socialist.. and the bigger problem of the Obama supporters not keeping up.

    Very depressing. Way more than Normal. ;-)

  5. Don't forget the huge Government success of AMTRAK - and the Mustang Ranch!

  6. Gene - Thank you:)

    DirtCrashr - Thanks for stoppin by.
    And How about the 'war on drugs' while any 13 yr old can get a bag of weed easier than a bottle of Grey Goose.

    Of how about the 'war on poverty'

    They're battin Zero my friend.

  7. Yes, because the current health care system is running perfectly.

    Just because the system may not be perfect, the fact is, people deserve coverage. Most people can't afford health care, and not because they are lazy and don't work, but because the current system is so expensive, and many health plans don't allow coverage for preexisting conditions because they know they will have to actually pay for something.

    Nothing will ever be perfect, we are human and imperfect.

    That is to say, tort reform is important, which needs to be addressed.

  8. Political Blog. You hit on all the major points for sure.

    -Life has never been fair.
    -This is not a perfect planet. If it was, they'd call it Heaven
    -Tort reform needs to be addressed.

    I would add that the massive amount of fraud in the system needs to be addressed as well by putting people in jail. Lots of em.
    Those two things alone would 'fix' the current health care system.

    WHY does the administration at least not take the path of doing the tort reform and setup a task force to go after the fraudsters before they take the system over? In my opinion, it is because they want to take it over. It promises them too much power and wealth to let it stay on the table.

    Medicare is the largest victim of fraud. Let that sink in for a few seconds.

    I have a big problem with your claim that 'most people can't afford it'. Not true PB.

    Most people in fact, do have health insurance plans through their employers and it's not killing them. I figure at 60 a week myself, I'm paying too much but again, try the tort/fraud first. I'd expect to pay 30 if drug companies and health professionals no longer need to fork out billions in legal claims.

    Drug companies Have to sock away billions in reserve just in case they are the wrong end of a lawsuit.
    Doctors pay out 6 figures a year in malpractice.
    The only people benefiting at the lawyers.

    For contrast, think of a family member who dies in an airline crash. You might get a 150,000 settlement. The medical industry is being sued for Billions in each claim.

    If the airline industry was allowed to be sued for billions, they'd be in the same shape as the health care industry and you'd buy your ticket on a 60 month payment plan.

    They say 46 million are uninsured. This number encompasses:
    -young people who want to spend the money on other things and don't feel they need a HC plan. I tend to agree with them and believe a reasonable 'catastrophe plan' should be available at a reasonable price for them.
    -people in between jobs and not on a plan temporarily. Millions.
    -Kids of parents making enough money but spending it on HD TVs and lifestyle items instead.
    -12 million illegals
    -the people who literally cannot afford a plan. These are just a few million, and this country could take of those folks easy.

    The government broke the system so they can take it over and re-route all that money through DC. That's all it is.