Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sound Familiar ?

The great time has now begun. America is now awakened. We have won power in America. Now we must win over the American people. I know, my friends, it must have been difficult at times, when you were desiring change which didn't come, so time and time again the appeal has to be made to continue the struggle - you mustn't act yourself, you must obey, you must give in, you must submit to this overwhelming need to obey."

Substitute German for America, and you have Hitler's speech to the SA and SS the night Hitler became Reich's Chancellor of Germany. This next one, I'll just give the direct quote. It shouldn't be hard to see the parallel

A campaign speech from July 1932: "Our opponents accuse us National Socialists, and me in particular, of being intolerant and quarrelsome. They say that we don't want to work with other parties. They say the National Socialists are not German at all, because they refuse to work with other political parties. So is it typically German to have thirty parties? I have to admit one thing - these gentleman are quite right. We are intolerant. I have given myself one goal - to sweep these thirty political parties out of Germany. They mistake us for one of them. We have one aim, and we will follow it fanatically and ruthlessly to the grave."

Here's a couple more...

Hitler: "It's good fortune for the government that the masses don't think. Otherwise, human society as we know it might cease to exist."

Hitler: "I know there are people who are so fired by their enthusiasm for the resurrection of Germany that they look upon me as a second Messiah. I must point out to all these good people, with the utmost humility, that I am not a Messiah. A genius, but not a Messiah."

Hitler: "Love and devotion to a man are the highest virtues in a woman. Intelligence is not very important. My mother was certainly no genius, but she gave a great son to the German people."



  1. Good post, Kid. These quotes certainly curdle one's cheese. The American people need to be awakened from their stupor.

    But, of course, football season is almost here and American Idol is right around the corner. Perhaps we'll stand up to Marxism next year.

  2. They certainly look like pages taken from the Obama playbook.

  3. Nickie, don't forget about the WWF, or is it the WWE ? In any case, I hear it is the most watched show on television.

    LL - In just a few short Hitler quotes, we've got Hope, Change, a Mother with questionable morals and intelligence to say the least, Socialism, Detruction of all of the opposition - who should STFU by the way in the meantime, Messiah, and the Genius who can't even speak without a teleprompter.

    Hey Gene, Enjoy the Football.

    Tiger Woods wins again today. 33 years old, 70 tournaments won. Sam Snead, in the lead, got 82 his entire life.

    Tiger is more than once in a lifetime, he's like once in 5 or 6 lifetimes.

  4. i thought i saw a pussy cat.
    that ball is outa here,baseball baby;)
    no offense to the bloggers on the kid's blog;)
    as for the nutcase(adolf),and his believers kid,they are out's recyclable many mules with blinders around and they don't know the difference.
    didn't kim ill look so cute next to billy(girlyman) crossing his legs on the same size chairs?LOL.

  5. Anon - Yes, everyone in Germany thought Adolph was simply going to make their lives better.

    History repeats and rhymes, same old same old.

    I wonder what sort of mutual beneficial deal Bubba cooked up with Kimmy. I Did see a puddytat.

  6. they say no deal been done,LOL.
    i wonder how many turquoise n.korean girls dressed like lewinski where at the party?LOL.
    anyway,he's playing a hero,doing better than the big smile you know who,LOL.
    peanuts anybody,LOL.

  7. They say a Lot of crap don't they?

    Plenty Girl at Party !

    Big Smile isn't hard to beat...

    You know, I've considered that the Peanuts cartoons may have been serious communist subversion/indoctrination.

  8. you might be right with your peanuts cartoons deal.never thought of it that way.
    mine was:they used to sell hot peanuts at ball games in the old know,i didn't grow up here;)
    as for girls at party,he watched but no touch,LOL.

  9. As far as Peanuts, my thinking was that nothing good ever happened to Charlie Brown. Very michael moore-ish. Or subtract the subversion angle entirely and all you have is negative energy.

    As bad as life on this rock sucks, we need maximum positive energy, and not just for our own delusion. More positive energy will create physical positive things. Smile at people. Let them know they are appreciated. A common theme in positive energy stories.

    Well, I'd sat there was Maximum touching in Norf Korea.

  10. "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

    Dead on, Kid. Dead on.

  11. Thank you Dr Dave.

    The parallels are quite striking in my opinion.

    Let's remember that the German people elected Hitler because they wanted economic growth and prosperity. They wanted to get back to work, get paychecks, and make a good life for themselves, which is what any sane person wants.

    And Obama has yet to contrive anything that would result in economic growth or lower the unemployment roles.

    As they say in North Dakota - OOOOFTA !

    Translation: WTF!