Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ray Nagin, Wordsmith Extra-ordinaire

"You know, I just think back and wonder, How did we get here? And we got here through a lot of hard work and, most importantly, we got here through the grace of God," he told dozens of people gathered under at the one-time cemetery for the city's unclaimed, where the memorial stands. "Because if we weren't a blessed people, we would not be here today, to do what we're doing."

Nagin, who was re-elected to a second term months after the storm and is leading his final anniversary commemoration as mayor, said he had mixed emotions about the day.

But he said it was important to "acknowledge that we are on the road to full recovery and that if we keep doing what we're doing, this city is going to be better. This region's going to be better, and we're going to have some of the things that we've always dreamed about."

Yea Ray, Until the next hurricane comes barreling through.

And it wasn't the grace of God Ray. It was the Billions of dollars stolen from us TaxPayers used to rebuild slums, below sea level, on a disappearing delta that could easily be wiped out by the next hurricane passing by but that will surely be wiped out by levees that will be left to disintegrate just like last time when y'all spent the money given to you by the fed (that be US) to rebuild them before Katrina came along. You stupid bastard.

And what about Global Warming and a 20 foot rise in Ocean levels Ray? The nonsense your boy Al Gore and your side of the aisle tries to sell.

Too funny.

And add to that, now that their dude is in the white house it's all good down in New Orleans. I'll bet the word Katrina never graced the oval office between 1-22-09 and today.

Finally, did you catch the part about the "dozens of people gathered". Sounds about as essential as a Cindy Sheehan gathering.


  1. Ray Nagin is nothing more than a corrupt race-baiting low life politician. In other words, he's a Democrat.

  2. Nickie, When I heard of disabled people drowning in New Orleans - in a disabled center - when Nagin had a couple days notice of the direct impact of Katrina, that was enough.

    I found that out later of course, but I remember him sitting in a TV news studio while it was going on, calmly discussing the breaches of the levees. That bastard knew those people had death sentences and did nothing. Unbelievable. Like most of everything else.

  3. This is a very entertaining post.

    You hit it dead on with the "below sea level on a disappearing delta".
    Nagin just oozes corruption and political slime.

  4. Thanks Admiral.

    Yea, the whole state of Louisiana has been the worst in terms of corruption. But it is encouraging to know the Jefferson dude was found guilty on corruption changes and one would think the new governor - Jindhal - is doing something good.

  5. Bobby Jindhal is a rising star I think.

  6. why didn't the chinese quarantine him for life?h1n1 is less dangerous than his big frickin mouth;)

  7. Anon - I think the Chinese should definitely quarantine Ray Nagin.