Thursday, October 31, 2019

Business Cat Research

Based on the comments on the last post, I decided to do some exhaustive research into Business Cat and his details.

Here he is pictured in his Brooklyn apartment, dressed and ready for his Mom to drive him into the office.  As you can see, he is up before dawn and dressed in collar and tie, just like one of his heroes - President Donald J Trump.  He hopes to be a billionaire someday so he can dine on the finest seafood money can buy.

His name is Emilio and he is the one of the children of his Immigrant parents.  I'm not sure if they are legal or not. He can stay regardless imo.

Couple More...

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

And So It Begins, the Quest For a New Land Speed Record at 1,000 MPH

Driver is Andy Green RAF Wing Commander. Same guy who piloted the Thrust SSC, the car which broke the sound barrier on land for the first and only time.

Here is an article on the effort and below I've inserted video's of the Thrust SSC success and the first low speed test of the Bloodhound LSR which utilizes a jet engine, rocket engine, and a 12 cylinder Jaguar engine that feeds fuel to the jet engine. The speed tests will consist of runs increasing by 50 mph each run to gain confidence and shake out any unsuspected problems. (The Thrust SSC had a tendency to pull hard left around 600 mph..)

So, I'll update as interesting stuff breaks.

Thrust SSC

Bloodhound  LSR

Monday, October 28, 2019

I Like Galaxy Collisions

Click the Pic (mandatory jail time if you don't)

Now Playing - If Only I Could Fly...


Thursday, October 24, 2019

OK, This One Made My Day Today

I Scour the internet for you. No charge and no thanks required.  It's what I do.

From Dailytimewaster...

It didn't take long for the Trump campaign to figure out how to troll Joe Biden moments after the former vice president's campaign announced a Latino voter outreach program on Wednesday. (The blue is not a link)

Go Here to Read The Rest

Note that the Biden website address points to an abcnews thing, so to see the real Biden one, click Here.

I can't wait until the beast declares she is in the race to see how DJT will troll her right back into Satan's butthole where she came out of 80 some years ago.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Un Be Lievable..

All of it, but what in the hell is with the 6 of hearts turning into a 9 of hearts?

Friday, October 18, 2019

Now This Story I Found Damn Interesting

The guys likely will too, but the ladies probably not so much.

Murphy's Law, Ejection systems for supersonic aircraft pilots, and automobile restraint systems.

Heck Yea, Click Here or suffer the pain of never ending and embarrassing psoriasis !

46 G's Wow

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Not Too Dang Bad


I Have to Laugh or Maybe Scream.. World News

when TV news comes on and bills itself as "World News".  (You know who they are)

If they are "World News", why do they not tell you about:

The Chinese harvesting organs from live moslems without anesthesia.

The massive number of women and girls and young boys being raped by moslem savages in the EU countries when "immigration" is a front and center issue in America.

The fact that more people are killed with knives, wielded by moslem savages in the UK than are killed by rifles in America. The 2019 population in the UK is 67,633,912, the population of the USA is 340,000,000

The fact that moslems are committing massive numbers of crimes in the EU countries.

The fact that Slovakia has declared islam illegal, and that Poland, Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic refuse to take in moslem "migrants".

Just a small sampling of information for Americans to have at their finger tips when voting on issues of import.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

We ALL Knew This Right?

Of course we did.

Here is an article stating that 50% of millennials and 75% ! of Gen Z'ers have quit their jobs over "mental health" issues.


  • These are the millennials and gen z'ers who actually got jobs in the first place.  Imagine the number of these youngsters who never even tried working at all.  The statistic would be even more disturbing to sane people.
  • Mental health issues....  One view is that these are not mental health issues, but rather these kids were never prepared to deal with real life by their parents or any other outside influence, mainly being the education system of K12 and University.  Another view is that these little punks have figured out that they can go on disability for having 'mental health' issues.

Not long ago, Mad and I were neighbors with a lady who worked in a social services capacity and who testified to us that people were getting on SS disability  for being "depressed".

"FM" - guess what that acronym means.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

In The News !!

Same Crap Different Day.

I swear I haven't clicked a "news" headline in over a week now.

I'll try to be more entertaining next time.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

If You Didn't Know... Lightning That Occurs Above the Clouds on Occasion

Is called Red Sprites. 

Click on the picture or suffer the consequences of neighborhood rejection and poor restaurant service for life.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Shall We Mourn the Molecular Clouds ?

No.  It's Nature for God's Sake !  Roll With It !

Click the pic and don't eat a baby today.

And if you're of a mind, enjoy some Satriani - Up in Flames

Friday, October 4, 2019

Stop The Presses ! Cure For Global Warming !

Seriously,  These folks have discovered the cure for global warming and have already started working the problem.  Plus these people are Vegans so you know they know what they're doing !

The dude with the hedge clippers has really got it going on. 

Final Note: The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Noted in the article :))
The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Picture: AFP)

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The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Picture: AFP)

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The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Picture: AFP)

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The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Picture: AFP)

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The festival begins on the island of Phuket (Picture: AFP)

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Get this info to every Greta or AOC that you know.  Click the image to get the full details.