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Our System Requires Majority Participation

Our Country's success relies on the participation of the majority of those who live, vote, influence, teach, and control others here.

The majority is required to participate in the major elements of the things that have allowed our republic to remain intact until this point ("Intact" is debatable).  Perfection is not required but majority participation IS required.  What do the majority need to participate in?

Well, I'm glad ya axe me.

Our economic system - Capitalism,  Is it perfect? No. We have already established that nothing is perfect. Yes, you have rich people.  You have good and bad rich people. You've probably heard the term Crony Capitalism.  Toss it in the trash - If you don't like Crony Capitalism, then instead of adopting Socialism/Communism,  demand a Federal Department of Justice that actually performs their functions competently and puts these people in prison.   Ask yourself why these major criminals don't end up in prison.  Is it because they are hard to catch? Yes? So, your saying the federal government is incompetent? No?  Ok, so then you must be saying that the federal government condone such activity...
(By the way, if you don't like crony capitalism, how do you feel about michele obama's friend being awarded a no bid contract to create a totally non-working website for obamacare that cost us 3/4's of a BILLION dollars, that was trashed in its entirety because it was such a piece of shit.  I know about this stuff.  My boss and I (two of us) created an intra-company website for our outside sales reps to use that had 1000 time more functionality and was/is totally secure in the same 2 year amount of time.  Guess what We were paid... Go on.... Less than 250k for a secure website with 1000 times the functionality and security of the obamacare site.. Mind boggling isn't it..) 

Seriously folks. michele's friend and of course kickbacks for the obama's of 3/4's of a Billion $$ for Nothing.  Not a fricken thing.  Add in 500 mil (half a Billion) to Solyndra who went bankrupt 2 weeks after barry gave them the money (Think the obama's got any of that?)  Add in all the deals thatwe never even were appraised of.  Geeezus.

Good God Y'all - Do you really think the opposite of crony capitalism is a theft and graft free environment?  No, it's the complete opposite !

 Capitalism ensures you get the best product and service at the lowest price.  Competition makes that happen.  If you have a stick up your ass because there are rich people, let's just say that if Bill Gates didn't have 35 Billion, YOU would not have a single extra nickel in your pocket. OK?  Don't like it, go be an entrepreneur and make your own money.  Honestly - You're 30 years old and all you've learned how to do is masturbate and you think you should have a life that is as good as people who have obtained Masters Degrees in very complicated subjects ??  What?

Bill of Rights.  Go read and understand it.  If you seriously want to run that through the shredder, you are breathtakingly stupid.  You declare that you trust the government implicitly to protect your personal liberties.  Do you?  Here's your sanity check.  The government routinely passes laws that apply to you but not to them.  For example - obamacare.  If obamacare was so good why do Congress and other federal officials avoid it for themselves like the plague?  You're getting this right? Do I need to come to your house and slpain it to you forcefully or with candies and bedtime stories?
I will if I have to.

You live in the greatest country on Earth that has ever been.  But if you don't demand Capitalism and all the elements of the Bill of Rights, then you are going to flush yourselves down the toilet and end up slaves to whatever pieces of shit end up in positions of control in federal and state government.  Honestly, are you really this stupid?

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm Ok, but Maybe You Are Not

There was a book written in the late 60’s I believe called “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” Seemed like a nice idea at the time but now we see it as total bullshit. None of us can be given carte blanc status of being Ok. 

There are a whole crapload of people, just in the USA who are not Ok. The focus here though is this insane push by popular culture to label everyone as Ok. As the intelligent among us know, there are a whole bunch of humans who are Not Ok. We do society a supreme disservice by suggesting everyone Is Ok. Especially young people but older folks too. The college dipsticks refuse to insult anyone.

If someone is a whack job, a dipstick, a bully, a practicing retard, a democrat, an animal abuser, someone who damages other people’s property, a guy who grows his nose hair into his mustache, someone who doesn’t brush their teeth but twice a year, someone who has their hair cut by Genghis Kahn, someone who can’t sing but does anyway, any of the staunch retard liberals who refuse to seek medical help, people who can’t figure out what sex they are, people who have sex with animals, males who think they are the pinnacle of existence and every living being only exists to service Them (moslem vermin, some Mormans), people who go to the public toilets and don’t wash their hands afterwards, The Vast Majority of politicians, The UN in its entirety, The vast majority of other countries not named The United States of America, anyone who doesn’t regard barry soetero as an enemy of the United States and civilization itself, Good God – anyone who even thinks hilrod clinton is even human, all Democrats, Most union members, child abusers, people who advertise their products only on TV, QVC in its entirety. people who go out in public looking like a citizen of an alien world, people who go ape-shit with the tattoos and/or piercings, people who refuse to be educated, perverts of any kind, and anyone who abuses someone else in any way, then they need to be told that their activities or appearance is Not Acceptable. 

This is the best thing you could do for such a person. If they go to WalMart with half of their ass on display or walk down the street in a clown suit. (things I have personally witnessed) the very best thing you can tell these people is “Dude/Dudette, You are Not Ok”. Realize most of these people are trying to find Gainful Employment, and Love just like everyone else. The most wonderful thing you can do for them is to try to put them on a path for them to achieve their goals And fit into society at large. Understand many of these people Never had any guidance At All. You are doing them a disservice by telling them they are just as Ok as You are. 

Speak Your Mind, even if you are a kindergarten minded University Student.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A New View of the Horsehead Nebula

Click the picture to get a description written by smart people and then click again and again to get a much larger picture in which to satisfy yourself with.  Previously, we determind that trillions of Earth's would fit inside the Horsehead Nebula.

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Today's College Grad Interviewing For a Job.

G =Grad
I = Interviewer
G- So, do you have a safe room in case I start peeing my pants about some kind of a threat ?
I - No, this is real life here, and you can't bring a gun with you either. This is a gun free zone.
G- Ewwwww, a Gun? Who would have one of those things. I'm happy to hear this is a gun free workplace!
G - How diverse is your company – do you have all races and religions, and how many LGBT people do you have working here? 
I - We hire people based on their talents and prior history and accomplishments.
G - (thinking to themself - well that's disgusting.  A company that doesn't think about diversity...)

G- If I work really hard at something for the first 4 hours of the day I’m assuming I get full credit for the day and can go home at that point?
I - No, we have no such programs
G - (thinking - What regressives!  What slave masters !)
G - Do you have employee self esteem building meetings on a regular basis?
I - No, we have no such programs. We concentrate on making profiits so that we can pay our employees a good wage and provide an assortment of benefits.
G - (thinking.. what the hell ?!)
G- Do you require proper spelling and grammar in inter and outside company communications?
I - Yes of course we expect our employees to be able to communicate orally or in writing according to generally accepted engligh.
G- (thinking... Retards!)
G -If I’m getting lots of text messages can I ignore when the phone rings ?
I - No, we expect that you will put our customers first in all situations while you are on the clock.
G - (thinking - Freakin Slave Drivers!)
G - How green is this company?
I - We strive to protect the environment at every step but we also need to make a profit so that we can make payroll, provide a portion of health, pension, and other benifits.
G - (thinking - Earth Destroyers !!)

G -Does this company put significant dollars into battling climate change?
I - No.
G (thinking, Earth Destroying Bastards !!)
G - If I work from home can I put the added environmental controls (like A/C electric) costs on my expense report? 
I - We do not provide for work from home scenarios
G - ( thinking - Earth Destroying Bastards !!!)

G - How much money does this company donate to the democrat party election campaigns?
I - We donate to the Republican party.
G - (thinking Earth Destroying BASTARDS !!!!!!!)
G - Do you fire people who are not nice to the other employees?
I - We only deal with situations where an employee get physical with another employee.  If someone is "not nice" to another employee, we don't get involved.
G -  (thinking EARTH Destroying BASTARDS !!!!!!!)
G - How awsum is this company.
I - This company is very awesome, We currently sell hundreds of millions of our products and we have $100 Billion in the bank.
G -  (thinking EARTH DESTROYING BASTARDS !!!!!!!)

G - How many adorable things are associated with this company.
I - Everything about this company is adorable.
G - (thinking, yea right)
G - Is this company badass?
I - This company is very bad ass.
G - (thinking, bad yea, bad ass no...)

G - Does this company provide free nutella, smores, coloring books and legos in the breakrooms?
I - No.
G - (thinking - what prehistoric cretins)

G - I'm interested in working here, but I require a minimum starting salary of $95k per year
I - Right now we have an over-abundance of applicants, and so I will call you if we determine that you would provide the company with a return on investment at a 95k salary.  Thank you for coming in,.
G - (thinking - Damn these EARTH DESTROYING BASTARDS WANT ME !)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Some New Words That Are Hereby Copyrighted And Thrust Into the Mainstream Consciousness

  • Obamacile - synonymous with imbecile but to the nuclear level of imbecilic
  • Obamacide - the act of committing suicide by electing a freakin moron to the white house. Twice.

Mustang offers the following:

  • Lunacist - I'm guessing this means any leftist
  • Obamawipes … small towels used to wipe your obama when you’re done using the toilet. Whether you have a bidet or not.

Can you folks come up with some more?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Such Thing as Islmophobia

Phobia - Noun - a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Well, let examine the critical Irrational part of this.

I throw up the following to make some points or support my point as the case may be.  I'll put the money excerpt in so you don't have to read all this crap if you don't want to.  You'll still get my point.

Here's the situation in England.

Brits pay 13+ billion pounds a year to support Muslims. Violent gang-rape, torture, forced prostitution and sexual enslavement of many thousands of Britain’s children is how Britain is paid back.
BARENAKEDISLAM: Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend
Britain's children.  (Thousands of them) That they didn't say girls would indicate girls and boys.  We know the goat rapers love to rape young boys so there isn't much speculation here about whether it is both.
In all these cases of 'support', read that this means non-working, non-tax paying moslems.  They are living off of the Infidel as instructed by their koran and they are inflicting maximum abuse upon those generous and stupid enough to have them.

I thought England was a civilized, proud country, more than willing to defend itself from vermin....
  The same situations exist in all countries that have taken them in.

Did you know that many of these countries have realized they are dealing with human garbage savages as opposed to 'migrants' or 'refugees' or 'asylum seekers' and are trying to pay them to leave their country.  Yea, I didn't hear about any of that on the major media either...

Norway - Desperately trying to wipe them off their shoe.

Denmark - Ditto

I don't think Germany is doing it yet, but I did see an article from 2007 about France paying them to leave or trying to.

I'd have to think Sweden is also but don't find a reference link.

More - IMP Sent me this video of how they are taking over Paris in a major way.  If you don't have time to watch the vid, the point being made is that the moslems come out en mass, barricade streets and hold massive prayer sessions, closing down sections of Paris.  Can you imagine anyone else doing this?  Why not do it in their homes and mosques. They Demonstrate that they feel they are superior and intend to take over.

They don't want sharia just for them, they want it for everyone in the countries they are working to take over.


The moslems are attacking on several fronts:
  • pure violence, suicide bombers, shooters, head choppers, stabbers 
  • gross abuse of the country citizens in the countries who take them in
  • breeding out the residents - no one is going to tell them they can only have one wife (or anything else apparently) - they will breed out, vote out and take over.
  • jihad by occupation - we see it in European countries and the media does not talk about it
  • economic jihad - the vast majority of these vermin savages are on welfare. These countries cannot support them and have concluded that paying them to leave is far cheaper than paying them for life.
You cannot pussyfoot around with these kinds of people trying to sort out the good from the bad, putting them on watch lists, no fly lists, etc.  This tactic only serves to grossly harrass your own local populations.

Can you think of any other group of people - massive numbers of them - who behave like this?
I can't.  This isn't a phobia, it is a recognition of the fact that moslems cannot behave like civilized human beings and do not belong in civilized countries.
They all need to go back to their homelands.  If some of them truly want reform of islam, it ain't going to happen if those moslems go and hide in other countries.  They need to have their civil war and who wins wins.  We'll have the option to proceed from that point.

fwiw - I was singing Go Little Honda by the Beach Boys to myself as I wrote this.  No hate here, No phobia, just a simple recognition that the world is committing suicide by moslem.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino Shooting and The News...

Honestly, my wife has the news on over dinner today and they are still talking nothing but the San Bernardino shooting   Of course.  It's interesting when people die, and the more viewers the more advertising revenue.  All of this stuff is about advertising revenue and talking up the democrat life destroyer politicians.

Anyway, literally every channel has some bozo saying something to the tune of "Well, there is information that Suggests this wasn't just some random act based on farouk getting mad, going home grabbing his wife and coming back to kill."


Let's review. 
  • They had numerous IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in their house
  • They had weapons and pipe bombs and 1600 rounds of ammo in the car, and more on their persons
  • They had tactical gear such as bullet proof vests, and other military style wearables that accommodated carrying lot of extra ammo in to their target for reloading.
Therefore, if this was not a planned terrorist attack, they'd have had to do the following in a very short span of time - minutes.

  • Build a number of IED's and pipe bombs (This in itself would take days)
  • Go out and buy some tactical clothing
  • Convince the wife to go on a suicide killing spree with you
  • Pack up the SUV with the guns, ammo, baby, and the old lady
  • Drive the baby over to Grandma's.
  • Head back to the party.

 Do you think it is possible to do that in some number of minutes?  If you do you are as retarded as all the news people.  There is no Suggesting to this.  The ignorance of such statements actually causes me actual pain when I think about it, let alone watch and hear it coming out of the mouths of these unbelievable morons.  This is why I don't watch the news.

Well, they are either morons or they are suggesting because the object of their fantasies - barry soetoro, aka barack obama is only just suggesting and they must protect the king moron at all costs.