Monday, June 29, 2015

OK, You Forced Me To Do This

Some nice slow blues for all you slow blues fans...

Climax Blues Band, live in concert in New York, recorded as an entire album broadcast over New York FM radio and released as FM Live.

I gotta find my baby.....before I'll be sa.... well you know.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Well, It's a Star Bubble

Click the pic to go to the APOD site and read a description, then click again to get an HD version.
Keep clicking and remove obama from the white house.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Public Service Announcement - Real One This Time.

With all the hacking going on you must be at least slightly uncomfortable that your identity, or maybe some of your bank funds might get stolen.  The IRS and some Health Insurance data has been hacked, and hell, you may was well assume everyone has been hacked because if they haven't yet, they will be.

Also, you must assume that all of your information that you may still consider private is available on the Internet(name, address, SS#, Birthday, Mother's maiden name, previous addresses, etc etc.)  None of that protects you.

Here are the two absolute best things you can do to protect yourself.

1. Credit Freeze 

Placing a credit freeze means that no one (including you) can obtain a loan, credit card, line of credit, etc using your information while the freeze is in place.  There are 3, possibly 4 major credit sites that need to be frozen.

This link to the Transunion website will tell you how to place a freeze on your (or a hackers) ability to obtain credit in your name, how to temporarily remove it so YOU can buy that yacht or Cessna Citation 10 executive jet, then reinstate the freeze afterwards.  It might cost you 5 or 10 bucks each time you freeze, remove and reinstate a freeze but believe you me, 10 bucks X 4 ($40) tops to go through this process is much preferable to going through a divorce proceeding with a michele obama because some cracker from Russia stole your identity and michele is wanting to run for cover.  Though not having to sleep with her anymore is a benefit, it's not worth losing your identity, cash, and credit.

2. 2 Factor Authentication   

In brief, 2 factor authentication in practice works like this.  When you log in to a sensitive site, email, bank, etc, you enter your Username, Password, then if these are correct, the website/entity sends you via email or most commonly, via text message, a numeric code that you enter to complete your login process.

This means that even if someone knows your user ID and password, they're getting nowhere unless they also have your email or phone (depending on how you set it up) and can get past your email or phone's security to receive the email or text message.

Here are the entities that currently support this security.

Enjoy Maximum Security my readers !

A note.  Be sure to secure your email this way, because if someone gets your email, they can lock you out by changing the password and thereby eliminate the possibility that you will see emails that say things like "Your security details have been changed at, if it wasn't you that changed them you might want to bla bla bla"

I wish obama would bla bla bla himself back to Kenya

Update:  Corrected the total amount you might have to pay to put a freeze on or take it off. (40, not 120)  And depending on your state, it might even be free.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

England's NHS (National Health Service) Sucks, and It is Going to Suck More as Time Goes On.

Read All About It.

England's NHS has been held up by the world as the pinnacle of government managed health care. Well, Forget that. It sucks.  It's been sucking for a good long time and it is finally to the point that the national media BBC is actually talking about it.  Think CNN coming down on obama or a democrat federal program.  And not just any federal democrat program.  This is healthcare for an entire society.  You can't get any bigger than that.

NHS is the British equivalent of America's obammycare, only it has been in place a long time, is mature, and should be running like a well oiled machine rather than falling apart like a 1978 Chrysler K-car with a rainbow license plate on the front.

Excerpts from the article, and my comments....

In a speech to health managers, Jeremy Hunt highlighted poor procurement practices which mean the prices paid for items from syringes to toilet rolls vary greatly.

Oh yea, Syringes and toilet paper are the things to concentrate on right?  Oh yea, that's where the big freakin money is.  Seriously?  How about drugs, MRI machines, Anesthetic Equipment (Not cheap, I know someone in the biz) Et Al.  See, by talking about Syringes and toilet paper they are Grossly Minimizing the shock effect of this major problem to the public.  Like let's get Nigel on this high toilet paper cost thing and all will be well in a Jiff! CNN wouldn't do something like that right? 

To be achieved it would need the commitment of everyone working in the health service, he said.

LOL ! When in any universe has anything gotten the "Commitment of everyone involved" !

How the waiting time targets are changing

  • Four-hour A&E target: Currently published weekly all-year-round, but will move to monthly with other measures including possibly ambulance handover times and waits for beds also published to give more comprehensive picture. Weekly statistics likely to be published during the winter though.
  • 18-week wait for hospital treatment: Three targets currently in place - 90% of patients needing treatment should be seen in 18 weeks, 95% of those needing outpatient appointments should get them in 18 weeks and 92% of those still waiting (includes both inpatients and outpatients) should not have waited for more than 18 weeks. First two scrapped, third kept.
  • Cancer waiting times: Range of measures including 62-day target for treatment to start and two-week wait for consultant appointment following an urgent GP referral are published every three months. This will move to monthly reporting.
 Ambulance Handover Times...Waits for Beds.. Dude sits in the parking lot outside the emergency room for a few hours?  Or what?  What is Handover Time as it relates to a patient showing up at a hospital In An Ambulance !?  Not enough Beds?  How much does a bed cost?

18 Week wait for hospital treatment... WHAT??? I need to be in hospital, I may have to wait 18 weeks... What ?  But wait !  18 weeks is a Target Goal !  WTF is the wait time now???
Holy Carp!  I need HOSPITAL CARE and I can't get in there for more than 18 weeks !?

Cancer !  62 days for treatment to start !  And this is a target GOAL ! What is the wait time Now!?

Welcome to obammycare in just a few short years - or less.

Honestly, How stupid do you have to be to say to yourself.. "Yeth - I want government people to manage all aspects of my health care when they can't even manage to take care of military people who have laid their life on the line for America?"  Honestly, How blazingly stupid do you have to be? 

Someone tell me about a federal government program that is run efficiently and cost effectively.  Medicare - 50% fraud.  DOD - 50% fraud.  That's 2 trillion of the budget.  People mostly need healthcare when they are older and collecting social security.  Guess how much the government values you when you are not paying taxes but are collecting money ! Come on take a guess.. 


Monday, June 15, 2015

Kid For President ! Bumper Stickers

Option 1

Option 2
 Option 3

Updates will follow providing instructions for making campaign donations. Official Media Announcement to occur ASAP.

Jeb vs Hilrod ?

It's going to make me hurl.  You?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Galaxies Colliding ?

Or something blowing through the middle of this galaxy like a 44 magnum bullet the size of a sextillion quadrillion billion googleplex of suns and a black hole tossed in for good measure out of a Dirty Harry gun assembled by aliens in the Vega system.  Or maybe the Q36 device operated by Marvin.

Or maybe it was climate change.

Either way it looks like a violent super fast, super slow motion event of galactic proportions. 

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read a more sane description and click again to get a super sized version.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

So, Why Are We Not Doing This ?

All you crazy carbon people.... Demand we start building hundreds of these.  I'd do it to reduce pollution as I don't believe in the climate scam, but why not make two people happy at the same time.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not Well Understood - The Ring Nebula

Talk amongst yourselves.  After you click the picture and go to the APOD site to read a description by a smart person.