Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Care Must Stay Private.

Without offending anyone who is righteously pointing out the evil that is in the current versions of health care bills, as I think there is some value to that with respect to shining a light on just how the entire subject is reduced to dollars for the government, it pains me to see everyone in the media who are battling it spend all their time on details.

As if to suggest that if we could only remove the evil that is in the current health care bill, it would be OK.

It will never be OK to turn health care over to the government. The bill could offer free care of your choice for life and I wouldn't vote for it because as soon as the government gets their hands on it they will pervert it to the point of demoralizing the health professionals, reducing quality, and rationing and denying through rationing, care to people who need it and use it the most. Your Dad. Your Mom. Your Grand Parents. You and I in later life.

This is the same government that tested biological weapons on their own people. This is the same government that tested the effects of Atomic bombs on large numbers of Army personnel. I could go on.

How can you possibly think that turning over a service so critical and personal for you to the government could possibly be a sane thing to do ?

Tort Reform. Fraud Swat Teams. That's the 'fix'.

Realize you cannot sue the government. When the government health provider screws up and kills your Mom, or gets confused and amputates your leg when you were there for a pacemaker, you will get Jack. You cannot sue the government.

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