Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Put Some Distance Between Us and That Last Post

Tommy. I feel like I know him. Because I was in love with the guitar at a very early age as was he, and I was drawn like an electro-magnet to Chet Atkins playing like Tommy was. The difference is Tommy never quit and not only duplicated all of Chet's talent but went on and developed the style further.

Tommy and I are within a year of each other in age.

Here's a young Tommy. I have no matching pic.

Picture from Here

Anyway, here's a tune he wrote watching a robin go about her business.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So, I'm Watching CNBC at Lunch w/ No Sound

Obama is on there giving some speech.

He's got that peeved little Erkle face on the whole friggin time, like he's thinking "You all think I'm a dumbass, well, I'll show you how much of a dumbass I really am."

Not One Freakin Smile. Think about that. You Just Passed the legislation that will allow you to steal trillions of dollars and torture hundreds of millions of Americans and Not One Fucking Smile the entire time. Honestly, there is a problem with a president of anything that doesn't smile..

So I'm watching the little bullet points that CNBC puts up on the bottom of the screen, and along comes "Pell Grants, big increases", I think Yep, send all the dumbasses to college and destroy the process for everyone else who is there to learn something... then he's patting himself on the back over health care for several minutes then THIS comes on the screen "This will be A Start of the Improvement of Health Care in America" .............

There is only one thing to say. Here it comes.

What the FUCK !

You and your asshole congress people just spent a fucking YEAR writing a 2700 page bill ! You're going to tax the shit out of America for years before anything even happens and you plan to spend 1.2 TRILLION a year on what will be the biggest clusterfuck in the History of America, and you got the nerve to say it's only a START to the Improvement process of Health Care. You brag for a fucking year about how great it's going to be then days after it's passed you take the bar and put it not on the bottom rung, but on the floor !!

Does Anyone believe it's only going to cost 1.2 trillion?

I can't say I'm surprised. This is standard operating procedure for democraps, but it's only Days since you passed this Kevorkian Piece of Shit that will severely Damage the Health Care Process in America.

Right now, I pay 50 bucks a week for health care for my wife and myself. If I was single, it would be less than 20 bucks, and it's a good 80/20 preferred network type plan. I don't see much wrong with that outside of being forced to buy a cover everything including the kitchen sink plan. I'd just as soon pay for all doctor visits, and all the minutia crap and just have major medical and pay Much Less each week, but this is part of how government regulated HC, in order to weaken it to the point enough dumbfucks would let them take it over.

Anyway, I'll bet anything that within a few years, I will be posting how much health care is costing me "Now", and let's not forget to add in all the specific taxes, and I'll bet I'm easily paying over 100 a week. And getting crappy service from the government wonder-fucks that we'll all have to deal with beside.

I honestly don't know how anyone can call themselves a democrat and have the slightest gram of self-respect or personal dignity. The only way I think that could be is if you're dumber than a fucking rock.

To anyone with enough silly putty betwen their ears to wonder if government run Health Care will be a good thing, you only need to read this sentence - It is always a disaster when you give one of your freedoms away. Let's not even jump to how you did it with something so critical to personal happiness as health care.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who's Up

For creating a Union for Non-Union members ?

This is one of the major battle grounds as the unions seem to be exempt from a lot of the obama crap, such as not being taxed for the 'Cadillac' health plans and you know there will be a lot more exclusions.

Personally, I'd label such exclusions as Fascist.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Foreign Policy Rant

Big changes are happening in America's foreign relations. Not good ones. The things that are happening now will have to be dealt with by us and whoever the next administrations are that have working brains. This will cost us. Just like Jimmy Carter lit the fire under the Islamics, obama is lighting the fire under the rest of them.

The Russians, and most other countries have real problems to deal with. The USA is still living off the fat of the land. They look at us like big fat lazy dumbo the clown. If it wasn't for our nukes and the greatest military in the world, which of course is because of the individual commitment of its members, they'd be taking our lunch money and forcing us into unnatural sexual positions on a daily basis.

Even with all the pounding America takes from government and all its tentacles like the EPA, the Dept of Non-Education, Dept of Non-Energy and all these other bloated and dysfunctional entities that have actually made reverse progress these last 4 or 5 decades, America is still the greatest country in the world. That should speak to the greatness of capitalism. Ditto the Health Care industry. Government turned its rabid lawyers loose on it and has been pounding on its knees with the baseball bat of stupid choking regulations. Realize that Medicare is the biggest victim of fraud, and that will tell you how effective government regulation is.
Realize that the health care industry is still in business and that will tell you how great it is. Just remove the government from it.

Anyway.., then we send the incompetent pathological liar Hilrod Clinton, whose only qualification for Secy of State is that she is married to the blow job king, to Russia - with a button that has one word on it - mis-spelled. The entire world at her fingertips and she can't get a translation right. It's an insult of course. She's an insult everywhere she goes. She can't even manage to not display her bitch rudeness to a child asking her a question in a foreign country as she sits around like a drunken slug in the ever popular and elegant pantsuit.
Russia tossed the button in the trash, just like Brown tossed his misformatted DVD gift in the trash, just like the Queen tossed her iPod of boy genius speeches in the trash, just like everywhere the obamas and clinton go, they leave stuff in other people trash and a bad taste in their mouth. Unless you're an Islamic country, especially one that openly attacks America, then you get the good stuff. Sounds like an exaggeration doesn't it? It's Not ! ;-) PS, put Wikipedia up for Condi Rice on one side and Hilree on the other side and clinton's lack of qualifications would choke a hippopotamus .

Here's what Russia thinks of us.

Here's what France thinks of us.

Sarkozy even calls him Naive. Calling the leader of the free world(yea, sorry) Naive is not trivial.

How about Michelle Obama putting her arm around the Queen of England. Royal protocol demands that no one touch the Queen. Even her royal consort, Prince Philip, must walk several paces behind her when the two are in public. Regardless of what you think of the protocol, it doesn't matter. You respect other countries protocols, and The obama's show themselves as uneducated backwoods buffoons everywhere they go. I'd compare them to the Jefferson's but George and Weezie were a lot smarter than these two.

On the one hand all of these countries are probably disgusted with these ignorant arrogant buffoons they have to talk to, and on the other they gotta be looking at us like a lion looks at a wounded zebra. And laughing like hyenas the whole time.

Obama the unicorn man gets a majority landslide vote. His whole administration is a bunch of F* clowns at best and incompetent greedy, sociopaths at the lower end.

We're over here trying to not offend vermin who promise to slice our heads off while we snub and insult anyone who could be remotely put in the Allies category. We keep ourselves from using our own oil, put the screws to new power plants because they haven't figured out how to generate power from unicorn shit yet, and government steals all this money the country doesn't even have, and throws what they don't steal away on the worthless lazy bastards of the universe.

It's gotta be mind boggling.. They've got to be sitting around just waiting to hear the 18 billion decibel sound of concrete and twisting steel as it crashes to the ground.

They know we have the best health care in the world, and the cheapest if you add up all the taxes and crap that goes to support the socialist HC countries systems that provide far less than America does, and we're working on destroying THAT with 40% of the country cheering it on.

Guess that just leaves Israel. To tell ya the truth, I really don't care if the Jews have to move out of Israel. It would bother me that the barbarian 3rd century vermin won out but that's about it. Otherwise, its gonna be the 'Mideast peace process du jour' from now until the end of freakin time. A lot more people would die in the process.

So the Israelis better kick some vermin ass or get the hell out because there are nukes being built right now with their name on them. I don't believe for a second that 1.) Iran would care less about killing the Palestinians simultaneously, or 2.) that it would bother them that they'd have to wait 40 years for the place to cool off for them to move in.

And the boy genius has said he's not going to sell them any more weapons. Though I think Israel could get by on their own until 2013..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Government, What is It Good For !

Here's some background music.......

btw - I don't agree with the message if we are fighting attackers of freedom ...

As far as federal government, I have very little use for it. I was talking with a friend at lunch, and I again recognize that the only thing I get from the federal government that is worth a damn is national defense and all of it's associated supporting mechanisms. And maybe interstate highways and interstate crime fighting.

Aside from that - Nothing - The states can take care of people truly in need in some way or other, so I'm not forgetting about the human welfare items but all of them can be taken care of by the states and we're talking Federal here.

The Federal government has simply eaten its way to monster status by growing its Bureaucracies exponentially since the early 1900's. It uses fear (war, justified war in many cases, we don't start them for the most part) and an incredibly diverse array of subordinate fears (losing our job, etc etc etc pathetic etc.) to keep folks thinking we actually need their worthless asses for something.

Today, I view the federal government as evil hybrid clowns, addicted to money like coke freaks are to cocaine who spend their entire existence thinking of ways to extract more money from us so as to give them a fix to get them through one more day, with no forethought into what might actually be the prudent thing to do should tomorrow actually arrive on time or who might be murdered or run over by a bulldozer in the meantime. (...taking breath...)

Again, for clarity; The federal government provides Me (I am the majority of people in America: Working, living within the law, contributing to the solution rather than the problem) with extremely little - outside of National Defense.

Everything in my life on a day to day basis comes from Private Industry (which includes publicly owned companies):
  • Our house and all that it provides, beds, furniture, clothes, food, drink, entertainment, pet food, electricity and fuel for heating and cooling.
  • A job to earn money, and/or the means to earn money to pay for it all.
  • The means to cook it, clean it, or eat it.
  • 1.2 acres that I call ours but which belongs to the mortgage company because we're the kinds of fools that actually pay for the things we buy.
Outside of National Defense; Virtually NOTHING I value comes from the federal government.
And this is the same for the majority of the population who every 2, 4 and 6 years get caught up in the political campaigns/rhetoric of what those assholes are going to Provide For Them.

They don't Provide Anything !!!
and government is a parasite on private industry so not only does government fail to provide anything of value, they actually obstruct those who do !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why is Kucinich Even In Congress

Honestly, Who votes for this retarded crybaby coward bastard. ?

Yea, I know, people who live up around Cleveland. You folks aren't exactly improving your image, and as far as I'm concerned, Cleveland would be the armpit of the country if it wasn't for Newark NJ.. Though maybe Newark is the butthole and you can claim the title of armpit.

I honestly remain astounded at the slime the Democrat voters find to vote for.

Dennis, you've placed yourself among the ranks of the guilty of cruel and unusual punishment of Millions of Americans by voting for the Kevorkian Health Care Bill. It's too damn bad you can't be tossed in jail with the rest of the communist wanna be's.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Obama and Democrats

What the F(&*^ don't you understand about the fact that the large Majority of Americans are not interested in your Health Care Plans. ?

It's 60 % Opposed. Subtract illegal aliens, and that counts for probably 100% of the population that can manage to stay awake at a friggin traffic light.

And Yes, we are ALL a lot smarter than you . What's even better than that? I think You Know it !

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stuff That Sounds Good on Paper to Liberals

First in a series (or not)

The recent ban by government on Earmarks for Private Industry. Sounds good on the surface. Reduces the amount of tax money government will toss in the hands of the evil bastard rich.


They still give earmarks to "non-profit" organizations. You know like ACORN, and all manner of denubian slime devil evilness of "non-profit" organizations. Plus since private industry will no longer be the benefit of earmarks, that money will have to be made up elsewhere. Elsewhere consists of two possible things - 1.) Your pocket, 2.) Cost reductions (lay-offs, cheaper quality, etc).
In the end the middle class and private enterprise (capitalism) gets screwed. I'm telling you, the Dems are at war with private industry as much as Vladimir Putin would be if that bastard was sitting in the oval office.

So, while you're applauding the evil rich getting the screws put to them, think about the reality that in the end, it is you getting screwed, and worthless pieces of garbage - politicians and slimeballs like ACORN workers getting the Gold.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Government Health Care

Well, before we condemn the idea let's take a look at other government bureaucracies and give them an accounting in order to fairly anticipate how government run health care might turn out. Let's keep the list to departments which are supposed to directly serve the people as a health care system would try to do so we're talking lemons and lemons.
Let's start with the most recently created department, the Transportation Safety Administration, (aka - Those Standing Around).
  • In a few short years, the TSA has turned a relatively enjoyable experience chock full of customer service amenities into an environment where anyone flying today feels more like extremely dis-respected cattle. I would cite examples such as the young woman who was given a pair of pliers and ordered to remove her nipple rings or she wouldn't be flying. I'd have told the bastard to go fuck himself, but maybe she was flying as part of her job and would get fired if she didn't show up on client site. Like nipple rings in the hands of a young woman, or anyone for that matter are a threat even to an injured bird.
  • Well, you might say, these procedures are necessary. They are not. Example, Heathrow Airport security procedures are extremely effective, have been in place long before any American knew what a drown rat looking jihadist was, and remain pretty much behind the scenes as opposed to some asshole in your face. Just don't leave your bags unattended or they'll end up in a large steel box and blown to smithereens.
  • No doubt this department costs taxpayers billions each year and does nothing useful - since tests of the system very often Fail, resulting in all manner of fake bombs and other weapons sliding right by Those Standing Around.
  • Score.
    1. Usefulness = 0
    2. Customer Service = 0
    3. Cost Effectiveness = 0
TSA Score = Negative Numbers
How about the Post Office.
  • Recently the post office declared a crisis because the volume of mail has dropped to lower levels due to E-mail and On Line Bill Pay. Hey, who'd a thunk it right? These services have only been around for the last 12 years or so. Given that and the fact that E-mail allows people to communicate with each other or pay a bill in the Blink of an Eye without worrying if a payment will arrive on time, I can see how the post office only recently identified E-mail, Online Bill Pay and all manner of other communications like marketing, spam, advertising and such as a potential threat to their revenue stream. Not.
  • Here's a department that's been around a long time and should have some seasoned management folks, who anyone in their right mind would assume, might be able to anticipate what affect the internet would have on their income as long as 10 years ago.
  • Given that the post office only moves paper and packages, tracks forwarding addresses and such, I wouldn't consider it as equating to people's diverse and complex medical needs, so it's not a great tell into the HC world although its lack of foresight is disturbing as it may apply to government run health care. It does a good job of what it does on ITS time, and a poor job of what it tries to do on YOUR time. A critical component of customer satisfaction I'd say.
  • Score
    1. Usefulness = 7, since a necessary service is provided. Not everyone has a computer, etc. It will be around a while.
    2. Customer Service = 5. While any postal worker I've ever met on the street was downright friendly. left me with a great impression, the folks in the office handling the walk in trade, while generally friendly, do not operate in a customer service oriented manner. They are understaffed, and because of the union, tend to take breaks or go to lunch on the lunch hour when most people requiring hands on service have a chance themselves to go to the post office. So, home delivery people score 10, the office experience is about 0, avg=5.
    3. Cost Effectiveness = 5. I don't think it loses money though I doubt it adds anything back.
Department of Welfare and it's associated programs like WIC
First off, the Case Workers must all be saints. They deal with the least educated, often criminal, mentally and emotionally unsound, often low personal hygienic people in America.
But let's focus on the productivity and customer service aspect of this organization.
  • It enslaves millions of people. Instead of steering them into productive satisfying lives, it locks them into a life of dependency, their nose just above the water line.
  • Programs like WIC amount to paying people for child abuse. They reward women for having babies out of wedlock. If you want more of something, reward it. The babies grow up in drug infested, low quality, opportunity starved environments. Child abuse.
  • Score
    1. Usefulness = 1. I'd score zero, but you could make the argument that it's better than letting people die. Then again, maybe not.
    2. Customer Service = 0 for already mentioned torture and enslavement factor.
    3. Cost Effectiveness = 0 Well Duh! Not only does it not do anything about reducing its liabilities, it actually works hard and spends money to increase the number of its liabilities (recipients)
Department of Defense
  • I have to admit, this is my favorite government entity. Keep in mind though that not only does the DOD protect us, it protects the politicians. This is the sole reason it scores so well. A health care plan does not affect the politicians because they will maintain a totally different solution for their health care, one that works, as opposed to ours which will quickly become as worthless as pelosi in a strip joint.
  • Score
    1. Usefulness = 10. Without it, we'd be slaves of some assholes, or having to defend ourselves against all manner of WMD in the hands of lunatics.
    2. Customer Service = 10 - They try to kill their customers as quickly as possible. Though it's worth noting that the vast majority of their customers end up dead.
    3. Cost Effectiveness = 2 - A Trillion $ Budget. Are you kidding me? 1/3rd of the national budget of 3 trillion until obama came along and increased the budget to 3.8 trillion. I love our military, each and every one, but the individuals don't make enough and there is way too much money tossed into things that may never be used.
Department of Energy
  • Are you kidding me ? Its mission is to decrease our dependency on foreign energy (that'd be oil mainly). The department has been in existence over 40 years, has accomplished jack shit and has a multi-billion dollar yearly budget.
  • Score
1,2 and 3 = Zero, Zero, Zero.
VA Hospital
  • Are you kidding me? And this is an entity which is supposed to be serving those who were injured and/or made disabled in service to the country. And you think they are going to consider YOUR worthless liberal ass better than these folks ?
  • Score
    • Zero, Zero, and Zero.
  • It has served folks well up until now, but the health care reform plan calls for cutting its budget by 50 %, right at a time when baby boomers are about to flood the system.
  • Increase Demand and Decrease Supply. I don't have to think about that equation long to tell you that its backwards.
  • Score
    1. Usefulness = 10. Older people need the bulk of health care services.
    2. Customer Service = 7, up until the non-health care bill gets passed if and when, then it will go to zero.
    3. Cost effectiveness = 0. Medicare is the largest victim of fraud.
So, can someone name a government department, existing to serve the people, that does so economically, and with a flair for customer service ?
The solutions for health care are simple:
  • Tort Reform. If your wife gets killed in a plane crash, they send you 150,000 or whatever it is today. I'm not going to look it up, as it doesn't matter. It's a small number and you have no recourse to sue any further. So, why can medical mishaps, real or imagined result in multi-Billion dollar awards to a single individual. The cost of this hits every entity in the health care industry. They all have to pay for malpractice insurance (doctors, hospitals - outrageous sums of money per year that You end up paying) and companies like drug companies have to sock away huge sums of money in escrow accounts in case they get sued and lose. You pay that. Put reasonable limits on medical lawsuits.
  • Insurance provider reform - 1.) Allow open competition 2.) Allow policies to be written for major medical only. I'll pay the full cost of my doctor visits and my doctor will have 99% less bullshit paperwork to do and can even charge me less for that as a result. Don't believe me? The cost for operations not covered under insurance like nose and boob jobs has not increased in 30 years because those operations are cash on the barrelhead. In addition, imagine if your car insurance had a dealer 'co-pay' for you going in every time you heard a squeak or needed to have a light bulb changed or air in your tires. Imagine what that car insurance would cost you. That's our medical plan today.
These two things alone would Fix healthcare.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Melodious tones, originating from metal strings vibrating off of the surfaces of a wooden box and amplified by electronic pickups contained within, generated by the talented finger movements of a 50 year student of the guitar, reverberate into our plane of conscienceness through our aural inputs and into our processors. My processors find the succession of one note after the other a relaxing, yet emotional and empathic experience. I hope it's good for you too.

Survey Says !

There are many of these things that cross my field of vision every day, so I don't consume myself with this nonsense as quality of life is one of my priorities, but of course Mon Ami.

But I just read this as I stumble into yet another 'news' page on the interwebs.... "President Barack Obama's spokesman defended the president's criticism of a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union address after Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the appropriateness of the remarks."

Let's see..... shall we put more weight on the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT'S ASSESSMENT or put more weight on the statement of Obama's "spokesman" (Aka - Some dude, presumably Gibbs, who is Publicly, nothing more than a tool for the obama)

Sean Penn

Quoted today as saying that "If he had his way, anyone who called Hugo Chavez a dictator would be tossed in jail".

Do you have the slightest idea how stupid you are ? I'm sure you don't ! Let's review a couple of your greatest moments...

  • You said Saddam Hussein was a darn good guy.
  • You took a 4 man boat to New Orleans to save people after Katrina, but you also took a 4 man camera crew who would ride in the boat, and you left the drain plug out so it sank anyway in the first 3 seconds.

God knows what else you've done and said - I don't keep track of you, but it's obvious that you have at least two of the traits that place you at the pinnacle of liberalism.
1.) You're stupid beyond words, and 2.) - it is impossible for you to feel any humiliation from the things you do and say. If not, you'd have shut up a long long time ago, but no, you keep pumping it out.

You are so stupid, you can't be an original one off. You have to be the product of a breeding line of stupidity. Sort of evolution in reverse.

Keep it coming - it's a riot. Maybe you should get a 'news' anchor position somewhere.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama Confuses Decades, Inflates Estimated Health Care Savings by $868B

Let's just ponder this headline for a second or an hour maybe.

The detail is "But the budget office did not say the Senate health care bill would save $1 trillion over the next decade -- or even close to that figure.

It estimated the bill would save $132 billion from 2010 to 2019, leaving Obama's "next decade" estimate $868 billion short."

"Ahh, Ummm, ah, but Kid, he's only off by a trillion $$$ and ten years." And may I remind everyone that there has never been a ten year prediction that has even been in the right galaxy... So, he's not off by a decade, he's off by a galaxy.

PS - And when have you ever known 'government' to have the ability to estimate a measly 50 million dollar bridge project and not be off by more than 100 % !!

WTF??!!And Geroge W Bush was supposed to be lacking intelligence? You liberals need to get a grip, and if you can't get a grip, get a drip. Your boy genius is dumber than a rock, or LIES like no one else has in recorded history.

One couldn't cut your Hypocrisy with a chain saw. You're all a bunch of dishonest, hypocritical, ignorant, fascist dumb ass punks. Grow the hell up already. You're in the way of progress.

And did you happen to notice your precious Bio Fuels pollute more than traditional fossil fuels ? Gee, maybe engineers back in 1900 weren't anywhere near as stupid as you idiots are today. And you morons have 100 years of technology and science to help you. Get out of the way already !

Update: You know, I'm not a genius by measurement. Close but no cigar. But every time I glance at the news page, there is a Tsunami of ignorance that pours out of whatever screen I'm using to look at it. And it all involves Democrats and/or their idiot followers. We've been at war with the morons, and in 2008 the morons won. We'll see if this has any lasting effect I guess, but my mind staggers at the idiocy. I was stupid once, but I was never this stupid. Ever.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best of LOLCAT

These are two of our kitties. The one on the left is Big Bear and is not with us anymore - genetic liver disease. The one on the right is Little Bear (aka Gangsta Boy) and is still with us. He thinks he's a dog as he hangs with our two dogs, and uses the other cats as pet toys. He even uses the dogs as pet toys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama Supporters

Btw- This is a GIF image, where if you viewed it in its original form, it would be animated - in motion - and the people in the picture are seen running for the big hole and jumping in. Apparently, blogger doesn't support uploading a gif as a gif.