Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Guest Post from Jersey Jack.

I fit Bocopros, Mustangs, Bobs definitions of 'Nationalist and Patriot'. I also happen to be white, or as I prefer Caucasian as a distinction from Asian or Negroid. Everyone here is smart enough to know there are only 3 races on the planet. That's it...a simple 3. So that excludes countless ethnicities like Latino or French from being classified as a race. Am I right so far? 
So as I watch the stupid, mindless evil ( white ) asswipes on CNN, etc mock and accuse all of us who like the definitions, enemies of the state or Nazi's or what??? Them denying it among themselves is no surprise to any of us....none of them love America as we do...none are willing to defend America as many of us here have who wore the uniform. And those here who didn't, I feel have far far more love for the country than 185 members of the DemRat social club in Congress and the other 49 stains on the bottom of our shoes. Picture of Waters and Ovomit playing huggy with Calypso Louie F of the NOI?
That bomber nutjob?  ( I think his list was pretty accurate of the true America haters and those who have nothing but contempt for the rest of us ) Do you think he was a Nationalist and loved his country too? Is Cuomo a Nationalist when he says "America has never been great"? How about Don Lemon and his smarmy smug face that needs an equalizer when he says this is what happens when a Negro reads a book and the blacks around him laugh heartily cause they're too stupid to know he's just mocked them with a stereotypical homerun  one would expect from Bull Connors or Al Gores old man or George Wallace??
Yet...I stand firm in my belief that America is the best country on the planet...hands down and yes, superior.
What say you?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

So, Here is What is Going On With the Violence

Our American cultural system requires participation by the vast majority.

The way to achieve this is through Sensible Immigration and Cohesive Family upbringing.  We no longer have either to any acceptable level.

We have large numbers of people who have not been brought up properly because of absent parenting or single parenting.

We have sufficient numbers of people from other cultures that do not jive with American culture here already that even if we closed the borders today, there are enough critters here right now that are little more than ticking time bombs to perpetrate mass violence on anyone or anything.  Probably on welfare.  Wild hysterical laughter...

We bring in moslems who's stated goal is either your death or enslavement via sharia law.  The peaceful vermin are breeding you out as birth rates in western culture countries fall off a cliff. As soon as they reach political majority, you're done.

Visa lottery.  We bring in God Knows Who, who then imports their entire village of 'relatives' through Chain Migration while Mitch McChuckles tells us he is doing a great job getting Trump's judges confirmed.

This is not going away.  This cannot be fixed in your lifetime or the lifetimes of your descendants.  This IS the new normal, brought to you by feckless democrats who decided to import all manner of vermin as a voter base and republicans who did not oppose the action for decades.

Tell the people who say 'their family were immigrants' that sure, but they came through Ellis Island, got vetted and a health check.  They didn't fly from Syria, Iraq, Iran, or some other hellhole straight to Minnesota to set up sharia camp.

Take appropriate defensive measures.  If you don't want to deal with guns, at least have pepper spray, bear spray, or similar.  Know who is around you.  Any suspicion should have your hand in you pocket on your pepper spray with a finger on the button and an escape plan.  Especially if you're alone or in a large stationary group of people.

In related news:

U.N. admits the Paris climate accord was a fraud

The 2nd amendment gives citizens the right to form a militia and go defend the border !

It is now ILLEGAL to insult islam in Europe.  Yea, the moderate moslems are no problemo...

Imagine that.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Open Letter to Libtards

So yesterday one of our favorite tools - Jim Acosta - exclaims that he is worried that Trump's words are going to result in someone getting hurt - never mind maxine waters, pelosi, the hildebeast, and many others on the left who have been begging the libtards to do violence on peaceful republicans - and the very next day, IEDs start showing up in locations associated with the usual human garbage suspects on the left/democrat/socialist/marxist tool box group of human excrement.

Immediately afterwards, more human slime tools on the left, without the slightest evidence, proclaim Trump has fired up adult, peaceful conservatives who never hurt a fly unless in self defense and pick up all their trash when they go somewhere, to send IEDs all over the place to ugly, disgusting pieces of human excrement that call themselves democrats.

Uh huh.

Someone link me an article from anytime in modern history (look it up if ya don't know what that means) where a verifiable Conservative, or even Republican resorted to violence in a pre-emptive attack against a bunch of 3 yr old gender confused retards that call themselves democrats.  I'll wait.  We don't attack libtards.  We laugh at them.

In the meantime, one Ms Ford, a lying sack of shit unequaled in disgustingness in modern history is being given awards for telling a story about a Supreme Court Nominee with an impeccable record about an event where she didn't know where it was, when it was, how she got there or got back home from there. Adding to the disgust, her boyfriend (pity the man) of 1992-1998 tells us in no uncertain terms, that everything Ms Ford has said is total bullshit.  She is a lying sack of shit.
That the democrat politicians would even bring such filth to the fore in such a hearing about an impeccable individual tells us all we need to know about every stinking piece of shit democrat politician who are all here on loan from hell.

Let's bottom line it.

Hey democrat pieces of shit.  Since you hate America, the constitution, patriotic Americans, white people, people with 2 brain cells to rub together.... File to have all your blue states secede from the union so you can create your beautiful transgender unicorn filled socialist wonderland and be happy happy happy in it.  For about a week until you run out of money because we aren't going to give you any.

I think The DJ Trump White House would even give you permission to secede.  Hell ya. Good riddence !

AH - You won't do that because you know that your pathetic template for life on Earth is as flawed as all the rest of us are aware.  No, you want to pound on America with sledgehammers while you feed off of the host you are trying to kill.  You know that.  What can be more proof that you all suffer from a mental disease the likes of which declare you to be an Infestation, a Virus, a Disease upon the very body you feed from and that your life depends on.  You're a plague of locusts. You eat everything in sight, then die of starvation.

Just Go ! Make your own country !  I can't wait to see you all die of incompetence !

I hope you're proud of me that I didn't stick any profanity in here.  Well.  Guess how many times I had to hit the backspace key :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Cat's Eye

Click the pic for a description and high resolution image or be forced to run the grill naked for antifa protests in San Francisco ..

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

Lets Keep Going With the Funny

Funny Former Marines.

He does this Ad-Lib.  Believe me. Believe me.  This I will tell you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Surprised you with this one eh?
If I were a bachelor there would not be a single piece of Tupperware or otherwise plastic container organism in my kitchen.  Maybe something in the shop to hold screws and other items that lend themselves to being in a see through container.

How does one accumulate so much Tupperware?  I'm envisioning that women get together at lunch or wherever and at some point Tupperware and its relative plastic container cousins come up in conversation.  Lisa, have you seen the new Tupperware ?   It's not round it's square and so much more easy to stack in the drawer !
And you can Burp it like a Baaabeee !

"Oh Lisa! Where can I procure such a thing?"
"Come to my party Friday Night!"

I wouldn't have leftovers.  Raccoons would enjoy my leftovers.  If I had any leftovers.

My wife has a round number 7 Tupperware container and a round number 9 Tupperware container.  They differ in circumference by only thousands of an inch.  Try to put a number 7 top on a number 9 container some time !

Obviously, Tupperware made a bad batch of round containers and rather than toss them, they just put a different number on it and shipped it out !

My wife has another habit.  She will wash the Tupperware (good thing) but she will not put it away.  She merely stacks it on top of the kitchen island thing I made to house such absurd items.  If I don't put them away they will sit there until she needs one of them again for a leftover that will rot in the fridge and result in the Tupperware container needing to be washed and sanitized to once again take its rightful place on top of the beautiful kitchen island I made that is on casters.

I can look in the fridge right now and see that valuable shelf space is clogged with plastic containers partially filled with God Knows What that will never be consumed.  She will of course ask me 'Why don't you eat any of the leftovers?"  My reply is that if it isn't pasta, I am not going to be eating it.  She apparently doesn't understand the answer because she has asked me 1000 times why I don't eat the leftovers.  "You don't eat the leftovers, they're going bad!"  hahahhaaaaa

Tupperware parties... I think Tupperware parties are just an excuse for women to get together and talk about sex.  Then they feel guilty they didn't buy any Tupperware from the host, so they buy some round containers that are only thousandths of an inch different in size from round containers they bought at the last pajama party.

And we're just getting started.  If I were a bachelor here, there would be quite a number of things you would no longer be able to find around the house though I will say containers for household items means that if we move there is a Ton of stuff that is already packed and ready to go.  I'll give her that.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The "News" is Even More Dysfunctional Than The Drivers in Cincinnati These Days

And that's saying something lemme tell ya.

Chrisa-blasa-ford.. Who GAF?

All the democrats and their antics - Who GAF?

Tay Swif, Jamie Lee, pick a hollywood retard, and all their ilk - Who GAF ?

Allejandro Kor Tezzzzz (yea her)  Who GAF?

Twitttter... Who GAF?

Facecrap.. Who GAF?

Social Media .... WHO GAF?

All the News with headlines that suggest 'Someone said something about someone else and guess what that someone else had to say?' - WHO GAF !?

Sports... All Pro Sports... WHO GAF?!?

Hey, how about guys sitting around in suits talking about Sports like it's something important?  WHO GAF???!!!???

I'm a man without a culture.  There is nothing I can think of in popular culture that I GAF about.  The kids can't drive, sing, compose lyrics, or play musical instruments.  Congressional up and comers don't know how government works, know there was a civil war or what the Declaration or Constitution are.  Teachers are trying to make kids into homosexual communist/marxists.

We're about to be ruled by people dumber than Hank Freakin Johnson, and twice as evil as "pick a democrat".

What in the hell am I going to read during the day??  News is about out now.  Nothing there.

Do I take up knitting ?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

And A One And A Two... Merle Travis.. American History.. Coal Miners..

No Not Minors!  Miners !


Longer versions are out there.  Once in Cincinnati at a live concert I attended, Tommy put down about a 5 minute intro to this tune that was orgasmic for a failing aspiring guitar player like myself.