Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Federal Judge Lynn Adelman Strikes Down Wisconsin's Voter ID Law

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled the Wisconsin law places an unfair burden on poor and minority voters. The ruling could encourage opponents in North Carolina and other states to make similar challenges.

So, bring lawsuits against every entity that requires ID, Each and every one.  Buying booze, getting social security and other benefits from state or fed.  The whole shootin match.

No ID Required...  We don' need no Steenken badges.  Give us wha-ever we wan'.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Social Engineering and Control


In 1969, Playboy published a long, freewheeling interview with Marshall McLuhan in which the media theorist and sixties icon sketched a portrait of the future that was at once seductive and repellent. Noting the ability of digital computers to analyze data and communicate messages, he predicted that the machines eventually would be deployed to fine-tune society’s workings. “The computer can be used to direct a network of global thermostats to pattern life in ways that will optimize human awareness,” he said. “Already, it’s technologically feasible to employ the computer to program societies in beneficial ways.” He acknowledged that such centralized control raised the specter of “brainwashing, or far worse,” but he stressed that “the programming of societies could actually be conducted quite constructively and humanistically.”

Deciphering people’s behavior is only the first step. What really excites Pentland is the prospect of using digital media and related tools to change people’s behavior, to motivate groups and individuals to act in more productive and responsible ways..

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If you can motivate people to act in more productive ways, you can motivate people to accept your (the political body) agendas so that they can use, control and profit from you.  Surely you know that this has been going on for decades now and only gets more efficient with the takeover of the media and social culture.

The hell you say.  Click for Link=> Government wouldn't do something to harm us.  After all We are the government,  by the people, for the people. Right ?

And look at what we have today.  Personal devices are tracking our movements and social internet is tracking our thoughts, emotions, and social connections.  Do you think that this data isn't capitalized on?  Did you know that organizations such as the NSA actually pay to have bugs introduced into the workings of the internet to make it easy for them to have total access to 'your' life?  Assuming you use such things as on line banking, brokerages, email and everything else we all use.

You may as well take everything in your life that's going on and send it in.  Except they've removed this burden.  You don't have to.  They get it in real time.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So, Bundy Lied

I'll bet money Bundy was bought by the democrats to pretend to be a right wing/conservative then make an ass of himself by being a 1) liar, and 2) racist.

Just like OWS was financed by the democrats to demonize the "1%" before the 2012 election because they knew they'd be running against Romney who is in the "1%".

Think I'm nuts?  Ask yourself how every liberal voice in America has the same talking point at 5 AM each day.  EVERY frickin one of them.  Mental telepathy ?  The democrats get their marching orders daily (from who?) and they are all on the same page and they are an election Machine since 2006.

By comparison, the repubs look like kids in a playground, some of them doing something worthwhile down to some of them playing with themselves in the corner.

This isn't by accident folks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Would This Go Over Today ?

Racism was about dead in the 70s.  Now we're back to the level of the 60's race riots.  Why?  Mainly I believe it is because the democrat party needs "victims".  Victims are their voting base. Who else would vote for democrats but people who consider themselves a victim ? Generally speaking :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My, That's A Big One.

All the pink areas are star forming regions where stars are birthing.  All the blue areas are star forming regions where all the stars have mostly formed by now.

The areas so small to even imagine being able to see are what have to be trillions of planets around billions of stars.  Imagine the vacation time it would take to see it all.

Click on the picture to read the description and click a couple times there to get the high resolution version to explore. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Income For Everyone Aged 21 to 65. Yippeeeeeeeeee !

The Basic Income Plan

How would it work?
It’s exactly how it sounds. The government would mail every American over the age of 21 a check each month. That’s it. Everyone is free to do what they like with it.


  • It would keep me from having to shoot people with no income from showing up at my house intending to steal food and otherwise pillage.  There are plenty of jobs available, but there are also 91 million people of working age not looking for work.  Because they're on unlimited employment.  That leaves far too many available for target practice in a house (ours) with too many soft points.
  • The article states - It would eliminate "all" the other money giveaway programs, (at least for a couple years until the democrat vermin re-instated them because of idiot losers who would spend the check day one and become a zombie apocolypse burden on society (Read: Victim) once again.) 

  • There has never been a libtard plan that has benefited America or Americans.
  • There has never been a libtard plan that hasn't cost 20 times as much and destroyed the situation in the process.
  • The article states "Giving all Americans...."  But you know that's bullshit right? They're already 'Giving" anyone who is here, including 50 million mexicans and some large number of muslim vermin scum that provides less than zero value here.  Or anywhere.  Those bastards don't even cut grass, lay brick, or operate restaurants.  Even if they did, who wants to subsist on rice and the parts of achmed's goat girlfriend.
  • I know from my own younger days in Pittsburgh, many of the people I hung with were professional unemployment collectors. (work a job 3 months, get fired, go on 18 months UE, Rinse Repeat)  You know that many people 21 to 30 or later will take the free money, make some off the record cash, Party Party Party, and consider working for a living when they hit 35-40.  Maybe.  What will they do?  They have no experience and anything they learned in free college will be long forgotten.  The only job available to them will be President of the United States and as we know there is only one position available every 4 years. Nota Gonna Helpa.  These people will be useless for the rest of their lives.
  • The working class will get extremely tired of paying for these extreme losers and the revenue stream intended to fund this unicorn powered nightmare from satan's bedroom of unlimited sandra fluke condoms will fall apart like john kerry at a 5th grade graduation test.
  • Vladamir Putey Pute will come in, claim that 95% Americans begged for Russian control and take over the country while the UN performs a bowel movement in its pants and runs off to cry.
 Well that's all I feel like writing tonight about it. How far does one need to analyze a libtard initiative to understand how blindingly stupid and evil it is?  Feel free to add your own thoughts.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Well, Here's an Idea

The above is not clickable - just an image.

Let's get public figures abrasive to libtards involved in all things that they love to use.  Then let them boycott all those things and cry themselves to sleep every night because they've now bitten their fascist noses off of their fascist little faces.

I think it would be great.

Next Up.  Allen West with a board position with Apple. And Google. Lol.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Overdue for a Musical Interlude

When I was a young boy
Back in Avalon High

I used to gaze out
My classroom window and dream
And then go home and listen to Ray sing
"I believe to my soul" after school,
Oh that love that was within me
You know it carried me through
Well it lifted me up and it filled me
Meditation contemplation too

Oh we've got to go back
Got to go back
Got to go back
Got to go back
For the healing go on with the dreaming

Well there's people in the street
And the summer's almost here
We've got to go outside in the fresh air
And breathe while it's still clear
Breathe it in all the way down
To your stomach too
And breathe it out with a radiance
into the nightime air

We've got to go back..

Got my ticket at the airport
Well I guess I've been marking time
I've been living in another country
That operates along entirely different lines
Keep me away from porter or whiskey
Don't play anything sentimental it'll make me cry
I've got to go back my friend
Is there really any need to ask why

We've got to go back.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Speedy Galaxy

So, if it was always traveling at 7 million kilometers per hour, how did it ever acquire enough material to become a galaxy in the first place, and if it wasn't always traveling at such a speed, how did it accelerate ?

Click the picture for a description. Click again for a larger view.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

General Motors is Professional Grade?? Really?

Maybe if we lower the standard to the level of the Russian made Yugo...

So, the current CEO of GM is in Congress to sit on the hot seat of massive recalls of Serious Issues.  Did you notice she took over just before these gross abuse issues came to light?

Where in the hell is the former CEO and the one before him and the one before him going back to around 2003 or so, when it was Obvious that there was a major issue with garbage ignition switches that would switch the car off whilst a person was driving it and likely needed it to remain on. 

Where are they?  Hell, they're enjoying their big salary and bonus cache, probably on a beach somewhere yukking it up.

Cars that turn off while driving.  Steering wheels that fall off the Cruze, (now Axle problems) while driving.  Friend of mine has some little chevy that was 2 years old.  They tried to insert the door key into the door and the lock just pushed inside the door and fell down behind the sheet metal to the bottom of the door.  I don't think Russia made a piece of shit that bad.
Put GM out of it's misery.  Create a new company and product line that its workers can be proud of and enjoy a robust career with.

You know GM is just getting started with the recalls here right?  And guess who is going to pay for all this?