Monday, August 10, 2009

If You're Anything Like Me, Your Mind Needs some Soothing After That Last Brain Buster

Or any given set of today's news pages.

Here it is.

Update: I played it twice.


  1. I listened to the album shortly after it came out. It is iconic as is all the Roger Waters work with Pink Floyd. Floyd is still one of my all time favorite groups.

  2. Final Cut will always be my favorite.

  3. I can't disagree on either point. The summer that thing came out was magical.

    The album will always speak Warm Summer Picnics in the Park.

    Pink Floyd was the 2nd concert I went to (The Doors were the first).

    They had it at the Civic Center in Pittsburgh, which had a domed roof that would open similar to something like the Kitt Peak Observatory only much larger of course, and it would open 80% of the way.

    Pink Floyd came out and played the Dark Side album from start to finish. On the first tune, 'Breathe', they opened the roof to an incredible night sky. Thousands of cubic feet of reefer smoke could be seen rising out of the place into the sky.

    They had Incredible speakers around the entire roof line and the sound was the best I have ever heard anywhere to this day. It was more than Stereo. It was more than Quad. It was circular man ;-)

    This is the only time I'll use the phrase Blown Away.

    Best concert I have ever been to.