Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Very Important Star

Click the pic to read all about it.  Yea, I wondered how they calculate distances in space....

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I gotta tell ya. DJ Trump at 72 shoots 72 on a championship course.  No doubt from the mens tees (opposed to the pro tees) and of course easier pin placements, but back when I was a bona-fide Stud playing once a week at least, my best score was 82.  This guy is in shape and in focus.
Then up early every day, hosting all sorts of Christian, or Conservative, or you name it groups in the White House, flying off to the other side of the world on occasion, late to bed, battling the left right and the middle, and I thought I could be a good president.  I couldn't even come close to DJT.
The guy is a power plant.  At 72.  Let's give some credit.

Maybe Melania could turn me up a notch, but not that many notches.

I don't know we've ever had this kind of power in the White House. We need it right now. I'm very thankful we have it.  Seriously, Thank God for DJ Trump.  I'm looking forward to the next 6.5 years and I can't even imagine a time in the past when I would have said such a thing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

It's Been a While Since We Visited Space

Click the Pics to find out what they are and read the description and likely get a high resolution image by clicking again while there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hey Jeff Sessions, Hey DHS, Hey President Trump.

We've been and we are being invaded.  We have illegal alien pieces of dog shit killing beautiful Americans like Mollie Tibbets.

Grab you asses with both hands and declare this a National Security Issue totally under the control of the President !  Build the Fucking wall out of DOD monies and put military people on the border and stop every illegal entry.  Too bad, so sad, Go back to where you came from.  Give them some food and water if you want, just don't let them come an inch across the border and deport these POS's who are here like your life depended upon it.

I've had it with this shit.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Well, We Haven't Done 10 Fingers and 6 Strings For a While

And with a straight pick.  Ooofta.

Tommy says this is a very emotional tune for him.  He wrote it as a story about when he was young and he and family toured Australia as a family band called the Midget Safari.

Every note from one guitar.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Did Y'all Know That the Huygens Probe Sent From Cassini as it Orbited Saturn

Took a movie of its decent to the Saturn moon Titan?

Well, if not, here it is.

Yea, more rocks and stuff. Another possible place for liberals to migrate to.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Enough already.

In the 1970's a study concluded that plants have feelings.  Intense feelings.  The short gist of the experiment is that a certain person entered a  room and ripped out some plants in the presence of other plants.  In the case I heard about the subject plants were philodendron hooked up to sensor equipment not unlike polygraph equipment.

Other people could enter the room without a response but when the person who ripped out the other plants entered the room, the other plants would respond as a person in terror would.

So.. Plants have feelings too.  If you won't kill an entity because it has eyes, but will kill a plant that can have intense feelings then you've gained nothing.


Lastly, if everyone ate plants, the Earth would be seriously devoid of organisms than consume CO2 and put out oxygen in return so that 1) climate change and global warmings would be accelerated even beyond al gores insane lies (if you even believe that shit), and 2) most of you wouldn't have enough oxygen to survive - You'd have to relocate to Mars.

Just sayin...

Friday, August 10, 2018

Today's Alejandro Ocasional- Cortez Quote

It is Alejandro right?  Ah, who cares.

(I'm willing to bet she has no idea what the 3 branches of government do or that there are even 3 branches...)

Asked what she thought about world affairs, she mentioned President Trump's dissing of Kim Jong.
She says "President Donna Trump calls the N Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  That's very disrespectful putting that "Un" on the end.  It's like saying he is going to Un Kim Jong, like erase him.  It will be Trump's fault if N Korea destroys the world.  Someone needs to get over there and apologize like the last president did."

Asked what she thought of N Korea itself, she had a far away look for a few seconds while twirling her hair and said "Well North Korea is actually above South Korea, so everything that isn't tied down in N Korea falls into S Korea. This is why S Koreans have so much and N Koreans have so little.  We should build a big teeter totter or send N Korea a bunch of heavy stuff they can put on their northern border with Hungary so the two Korea's will balance out better and N Korea won't lose so much of their stuff."  After this remark she smiled widely with her big eyes beaming knowing she just practically solved a problem no white cracker ass president in American history has ever been able to solve.

The moderator tried to ask another question but Alejandro just said she was tuckered out from all the brain power she just whipped on us and said she just wanted to close by saying she is very confident of becoming the youngest President ever in 2020.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Couple of Short Must Reads

First off, let's stop calling the Democrats a political Party.  That's clearly been chucked into the gutter as a concept.  It is time to start taking the threat seriously.  What does that amount to from a "A-aight Kid, what is it you want me to do exactly, assuming I buy into this?".    Try to get people to never vote for another democrat by helping expose what they really are?  Beyond that, heck if I know. 

Click on This Sentence.  Yes, that means You Too IMP.

Next one..

The Three Existential Threats To America and Western Civilization

(Cliff notes: Libtards - Rich and Poor, Migrants, China)

I'll leave you with this...



Monday, August 6, 2018

I Can't Remember Ever Seeing This DJ Trump Campaign Speech

But it sure does resonate today with all we've come to find out since he was elected.

Thank God for DJ Trump, the Trump family and all those working toward this goal but mostly Donald J Trump.

I believe he knows very much about all the players and their crimes.  Much more than we will likely ever find out about.  I sure hope there are consequences for them.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Trapezium

Near the center of this sharp cosmic portrait, at the heart of the Orion Nebula, are four hot, massive stars known as the Trapezium. Gathered within a region about 1.5 light-years in radius, they dominate the core of the dense Orion Nebula Star Cluster....

That Orion Nebula is just chock full of stuff and it's only 8,700 trillion miles away.

Read More by clicking on the image.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Current Popular Culture ....

So, I was commenting over at Adrienne's Catholic Corner on a post she did about how there really isn't anything in the news lately other than retarded people on the left squealing, farting, holding their breath, lying, stomping their little feet, and generally acting like spoiled violent 3 yr old brats (Which is what they all are on the left) and DJ Trump just going about getting the job done  (Better than any president since Ronald Reagan and actually may already be classified better than President Reagan) while trolling them like you simply have to do with 3 yr olds.

So, with nothing worthwhile to make fun of I say to myself - "Self, what in the hell are you going to write a blog post about?".  Then it hits me.  Popular Culture and what I like about it (little) and what I don't like about it (most of it).  So, without further ado and in no particular order:

- Words and Phrases -

"Cultural appropriation" - What the hell is it? Is it even a thing? (No), it has too many syllables (8) and will never make it into the future.  Germans in the 1940's? Nazis -not goose stepping Jew killing monsters, just Nazi's - 2 syllables.  Japanese?  Japs, Tojo, either 1 or 2 syllables. Popular for this reason.

"Virtue Signaling" - WTF is that ?  no need to continue and don't tell me.

"I Know Right" - Meh, not bad but getting over used.

"Photobomb" - Not a real thing.  Nothing 'bombs' your photo.  You as a dumbass, press the shutter button without examining all the stuff that is in the frame.  It's YOUR fault, no one elses.

"My Bad" - one of the phrases those with an agenda (whomever they are) put out there to get adults to talk like babies and further demoralize the population.  Also see 'Selfie".  Surely you can think of more.

"Fat Shaming or just Shaming" - A kindergarten concept of making fun of someone because -fill in the blank-.  They are fat, you don't like their shoes, you want to make fun of their dress, you simply want to offend or make fun of someone else because you are an asshole.  Grow up already.

"Trigger"  "Triggered"  - This one I like and use.  It is either 1 or 2 syllables.  It is versatile and can be used to describe any insane action taken by anyone, but usually some stupid dumbass leftard who is over-reacting to some pretty normal thing they come across that offends them for some stupid reason.
ie. Zoe was triggered when she saw a Trump sticker on a Boeing 737 as it passed over her house just South of the San Jose airport. 
Chloe was triggered when some anonymous person on the other side of the world said they did not care about transgender people in the comment section on an article about the global warming scam.

"Rocked, Slammed, Toppled"  a few of the words that media use to describe when someone makes fun of someone else.

"Shocking" - Nothing is shocking yet every headline seems to have this word in it.

"Epic" - If they don't use Shocking, they use Epic.  Look, the Battle of Midway was Epic.  The Landing at Normandy was Epic.  Nothing that goes on in America in the world of popular culture is Epic. It's not even Awesome and unless it involves animals playing it isn't Adorable either.  Stop already!  What will the kids do when they actually encounter something Epic or Awesome ?  probably have a stroke while being speechless because they don't have a word to use to describe it.

"Immigrant" - The only person (In the USA) who is an immigrant is someone who is here legally.  I'm happy to see the DOJ has formally adopted the phrase "Illegal Alien" to describe the people who are here illegally.

"Gender Confused" - Let me help you here.  There are 3.  Male, Female, or Hermaphrodite (a person with both male and female sex organs at birth)  You're welcome.

- Music -
Pop music - Sucks. The singers can't sing, the musicians cannot play their instruments, the lyrics are unintelligible and/or boring as hell and it sucks.

Modern Country - Sucks.  You could play every modern country tune at the same time and not even know more than one tune was playing.

Rock - Sucks.  Sounds like modern country but with really bad guitar playing and singers who just scream everything out.

Rap - Sucks.  Not even music.

Jazz - Sucks, except for Joe Satriani.

Blues - Was good at one time but most of it (not all) is just really tired now.  Same notes, same timing, same everything. yaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnn.

New Age - Sucks. Music for insects.  Would rather listen to a horny cat outside the window.

All other genre's of today's music - Sucks.

- Clothing and Style - 

The fatter women are the tighter clothes they wear.  Generally speaking young people are either dressed like bums or clowns, or bum clowns.  Apparently everyone under a certain age believes it is federal law that you must have tattoos and the uglier you are the uglier and more colorful your tattoos have to be.  If you're female, your hair must also be at least 3 different colors of neon. Cincinnati anyway.

Personally, I've been wearing Hawaiian shirts (Pacific Legend) for 5 years now.  Best shirts I've ever owned.  I have 6 that I've washed every week for the 5 years and there is no color fading, the material (cotton) is still nice and crisp, buttons have not fallen off and the pockets are pattern matched to the shirt.  I will probably never buy any other type of shirt.  I hear they are coming back in style.  I've gotten 10 or 20 random people tell me they like my shirt over the years.  No doubt there are millions more who think it but who are just too shy to say anything.

- Cars - 

They all look the same.  I couldn't tell you if a car was a Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, or something else from 10 feet away when we're talking about midsize sedans.   I can spot a Kia soul.  Most of them are vomit green and are really ugly.  Chevy's have that big bowtie badge so they're kinda easy to tell. Chevy HHR is the most uncomfortable car I've ever been in.  Caddy's are very gaudy and not appealing to me.  Hate the new Corvette - last one I thought looked good was 2012.

- Motorcycles - 

I don't like Harley's but that's what 99% of people have it seems.  Either that or a crotch rocket with 200 hp.  I'm glad those were not available when I was a kid.  I'd be dead by now.  I like the retro bikes like maybe a new Triumph Bonneville with 77 HP. 

- TV -

I watch extremely little TV, but when my wife has it on and especially when commercials are on, it seems to me all the women in these things have the sharpest voices.  Like "could cut you" sharp.  Imagine what they sound like when they're mad.  What happened to sultry talking women?  Is this a moslem thing to reduce the birth rate even more in the USA or just something else?

Ok, that's all I got.  Please add anything that you have on today's culture or lack thereof in the comments.

I'll Leave You with This.