Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Things Are Getting Hinky at North Korea HQ !

Kim: General Wang, Come Qrick !

GW: I'm here Dearest Leader !

K: How was vacation at DPRK Comfort Women Resort ?
GW: Fantastic Great Leader ! Sung Ho had such special way of..

K: I'm Knows it Long Time General Wang. But enough about that.  Greatest Tweeter Rearry Plissng me Off !  I'm got more rockets on way.  Where do I shoot next one ?

GW: Points to map.  Kenya !  Only have spears to fight back with !

K: No, Great Tweeter probably rike that.  I thinking Golf Course at Mar-a-Rago place where Trump hide from American medias.

K: General Wang, how can possibly American peoples defeat DPRK when stupid bastards fixated on First lady wearing High Heels to flood zone ?   What the Fluck wrong with these peoples.  No way can they defeat DPRK !

GW: I'm knows it Greatest Leader.  Maybe Trap created by liberal pukes like john McStain who call you crazy you know what.  I can't even say it brilliant leader.

K: Damn good thing General Wang!  Would mean no more trips to DPRK Comfort Zone!   GW: Gulp!

K: General Wang, Consult with non transgender DPRK generals and get back to me tomorrow on new target for ICBM rocket, maybe armed with Nukler warhead or not. Will be biggest Surprise !

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Secret Footage Obtained From the Bridge of the USS John McCain

as the vermin merchant ship headed toward them on a collision course.

No disrespect to those those who have likely lost their lives in this incident.  May peace and comfort come to their families and friends sooner than later.

Fair Winds, Following Seas.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Shocking Revelation Regarding Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi's Sexual Activities

If you've been wondering where these ridiculous facial expressions come from as I have, the images above were captured as Nana, then McChuckles alternately snuck up behind the other and rammed something up each others butt.  They enjoy the sexual hyjinx so !   How Cute !
 (Maxine Waters has been trying to get in on this action for decades, but no ceegar, not even from bubba clinton.)

What fun for them.  Isn't it cute !

Here is a rare pic of them planning their next tete a' tete

And look how cute these pics are - like toddlers anxious to look inside each other's undies.

Here is Mitch completely taken with and lusting over Nana's hind quarters  It even looks like he is drooling doesn't it?

And that look on Nana's face, knowing she has her little slave boy right where she wants him !

But she has her weaknesses too.  Watch as she seems to have her eyes glued to Mitch's backside.

What an Adorable Extramarital couple !

- Andrea Mitchell (reporting for Wolfey Blitzkreig who has had to be restrained in a straight jacket and is undergoing shock therapy after all attempts at removing DJ Trump as President have failed miserably.)

You may be wondering about Mr Pelosi and Mrs McChuckles.  Not to worry.  Mrs Mitch has pool and stable boys to keep her mind off the Mitch/Nana hyjinks and Mr Pelosi has a tri-weekly standing appointment at the Bunny Ranch, just southwest of Tahoe, NV.  All of it paid for by you the American taxpayer.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

In The Interest of Fairness, Let us Compare Violence From the Left and Right

Violence From The Left
June 2016:
- A man arrested at a Trump rally in Las Vegas after trying to grab an officers gun tells authorities he tried to grab the gun so he could kill Donald Trump.
July 2016:
- A Hillary Clinton supporter lights a flag on fire and attacks a Trump supporter in Pittsburgh.
- Protesters jumped on cars, stole hats, fought with and threw eggs at Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in downtown San Jose. Trump supporters sued San Jose over the violence.
August 2016:
- Anti-Trump protesters attacked pushed, spit on and verbally harassed attendees forced to walk a “gauntlet” as they left a Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis, Minn., and beat an elderly man. Protesters also attacked Trump’s motorcade.
– A Tennessee man was assaulted at a garage sale for being a Trump supporter.
- A Trump supporter in New Jersey was attacked with a crowbar on the street.
September 2016:
- Protesters in El Cajon, Calif., chased and beat up a Trump supporter.
- A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed and spray painted with “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”
- A high school student was attacked after she wrote that she supported Trump on social media. The perpetrator ripped her glasses off and punched her in the face.
- The president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was assaulted the night after Trump won the election.
- Students protesting Trump punched and kicked a Maryland high school student wearing a Make America Great Again hat.
- A high school student was arrested in Florida after he punched a classmate for carrying a Trump sign at school.
- A group of black men in Chicago attacked a white man while raging against Trump.
- Maryland high school students punched a student who was demonstrating in support of Trump, and then kicked him repeatedly while he was on the ground.
- “You support Trump. You hate Mexicans,” a California high school student yelled at a Trump supporter, before viciously beating the girl.
- An anti-bullying ambassador was arrested for shoving a 74-year-old man to the ground in a fight outside Trump tower where people upset over his win had gathered. The woman tied to Black Lives Matter caused the man to hit his head on the sidewalk.
- A Texas elementary school student was beaten by his classmates for voting for Trump in a mock election.
- Two men punched and kicked a Connecticut man who was standing with an American flag and a Trump sign.
December 2016:
- A Trump supporter was beaten and dragged by a car.
January 2017:
- A Trump supporter was knocked unconscious after airport protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.
-A Trump supporter was attacked after putting out a fire started by anti-Trump protesters.
- When Trump protesters encountered a driver with a pro-Trump flag on his car, they surrounded the vehicle, ripped off and began burning the flag, and pounded the car. They also punctured on the tires.
February 2017:
- California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock had to be escorted to his car after a town hall because of angry protesters. The tires of at least four vehicles were slashed.
- Protestors knocked a 71-year-old female staffer for California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher unconscious during a protest outside the representative’s office.
- Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of California-Berkeley was cancelled after rioters set the campus on fire and threw rocks through windows. Milo tweeted that one of his supporters wearing a Trump hat was thrown to the ground and kicked.
March 2017:
- Masked protesters at Middlebury College rushed AEI scholar and political scientist Charles Murray and professor Allison Stranger, pushing and shoving Murray and grabbing Stranger by her hair and twisting her neck as they were leaving a campus building. Stranger suffered a concussion. Protesters then surrounded the car they got into, rocking it back and forth and jumping on the hood.
April 2017:
- A parade in Portland, Ore.,was canceled after threats of violence were made against a Republican organisation.
- Fears of violent protests shut down Ann Coulter’s UC Berkeley speech. Campus police had gathered intel on protesters who were planning to commit violence.
May 2017:
– Republican Rep. Tom Garrett, his family and his dog were targeted by a series of repeated death threats deemed credible by authorities.
- FBI agents arrested a person for threatening to shoot Republican Rep. Martha McSally over her support for Trump.
- Police in Tennessee charged a woman for allegedly trying to run Republican Rep. David Kustoff off the road.
- Police in North Dakota ejected a man after he became physical with Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer at a town hall.
- A former professor was arrested after police said they identified him on video beating Trump supporters with a U-shaped bike lock, leaving three people with “significant injuries.”
June 2017:
- James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional GOP baseball practice, injuring five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.
- Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email threat that read, “One down, 216 to go,” shortly after the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice.
- A man driving a white Malibu reportedly fired several shots at a man driving a truck displaying a “Make America Great Again” flag in Indiana.

MUCH More violence and houliganism from the left can be found at our friend's diligent reporting site based in San Francisco -

Violence Perpetrated By The Right

Gimme a minute I'm still looking

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Things Are Heating Up For the DPRK and America USA

A Guest Post by Mustang with Minor Tweaking by Kid.
 (Pics of Mustang and Kid follow)


General LingDing - (Assistant to Greatest Leader Advisor General Wang who is on vacation at DPRK Comfort Women Service Resort)  (GD)
General Ling Ding

Comfort Women Resort

GD: Brilliant Reader, Great Tweeter say he destroy DPRK in 30 minutes !

Kim Jong:  Gen LingDing, Send Tweet Reply - We destroy all of USA in 25 minutes.

GD: Trump say “Fire and Fury” more than ever seen in Galaxy.

KJ:  Oh shit.  Now rut? Do I have to Think of Every Damn Thing around here !?

GD:  Greatest News Great Reader ! American Senator say America should give DPRK anything they want.....  No forget it, it's that insane idiot Madamoiseltard Waters... SO Solly Brilliant Leader !!  Prese to not Kill Me.

Mad Maxine

GD:  How about Rat him out to Andrea Mitchell.

KJ:  What will that accomplish?

GD:  Trump plenty scared of Mitchell.  She has face only American Rodent can love.

KJ:  Everybody afraid of that bitch.  Afraid of waking up beside her !  Ho Ho HO..

GD: HO Ho HOs !  I'm knows it Greatest Leader!  I have nightmares.

GD:  I think we send fake news story to MSNBC ... maybe to Rat Cow, you know, that dog who likes sex with other dogs ... say we offered to help resolve this issue but Trump administration, unlike enlightened and very nice administration of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, is hoping for war with our peaceful peoples.

KJ:  I rike so far ... then rut?

GD:  We wait until Trump Tweets something stupid, as he has done before, and then as all the American pigs are lapping it up, we nuke Guam.  We show Congressman Dopey Johnson that he was right all along, that Guam can capsize.  Then we deny we did it and blame it on faulty missile storage on Guam and demand USA taxpayer cough-up twelve billion in reparations for our ruined reputation.

KJ:  I’m riking this.  New medal for you.  What’s your name again? DingaLing? Never mind, I don’t want to know.  But then what do we do with all that American money?

GD:  Most newly medaled advisor gets five percent since it was his idea and rest goes into Supreme Leader’s orgy fund.

KJ thought balloon:  (Hmmm. Like I need money for a harem or an orgy....)