Monday, May 28, 2012

Folks, Folks, Folks !!!!

The democrats have displayed beyond a shadow of a doubt that they intend to implement full blown socialism. If you think socialism will make your life better, Vote for it. 

Else vote against it. It does not matter who is running on the non-democrat side. Dig? 

This is simple.  It can't be any simpler.  It couldn't possibly be any simpler.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake,
From the skies.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh

Update: I just put this in the comments, but I think it belongs here too.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Tune I Tried To Play

100% Unsuccessfully.

Chet Atkins - Blue Angel.

Click the picture since embedding is disabled.

And as long as I'm talking about tunes I love and can't play..  This one did embed. Brings tears to the eyes. Mine anyway.
It's a Spanish tune of course and it's like life. It starts slow, has melodic harmonic tones intertwined with hard driving notes, then moves between beauty and hardness until it ends far too soon leaving us to cry out that it cannot be over yet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Major Problem That Does Not Seem Very Visible

Public Unions

I have no problem with the Individuals in any of these professions.  I do have a major problem with the groups as a whole.  Recently, in Ohio, the majority of public union workers completely blitzed the non-public union voters and voted to repeal Ohio SB-5 which cancelled collective bargaining rights.

What this essentially means in practice is that public union workers can completely ignore economic conditions like this perpetual recession oBAMa keeps us in and vote to give themselves raises and benefits to be paid for by the taxpayers, who if not in a public union, probably haven't had a raise in a good while And is feeling the total effects of the recession and inflation generated by the Fed in an attempt to avoid deflation and make it so the banks and wall street can have a do-over after fucking over the entire world's financial systems.

Ok, Now for the interesting stuff !

Here's an excerpt from a story from Cincinnati involving a fire station in Sycamore Township, a fairly small community.

"The cuts, which were recommended to the trustees by the fire chief, were voted on quickly and unanimously.  The 70-85 part-time firefighters will all lose their jobs on June 14th.  The full-time staff will be cut from 27 firefighters to 13 firefighters on June 2th. Trustees will ask some of the laid-off full time firefighters to come back as part-timers, without benefits, in order to keep the station staffed."

WHAT?!?!?!? Get that?  Anywhere from 84 (70+14) to 99 (85+14)  (The 14 is the difference between 27 and 13 in the story) are being cut.  And they Don't Even Know whether they have 70 or 85 Part Time Workers !!???  So, from 84 to 99 people are being slashed from the payroll and associated benefits packages afforded firefighters in Sycamore Township. Not even a pin prick on the total firefighter community in America.  Because they Aren't Needed !

Apparently, they can go from 84 to 99 down to 13 and call it good !

Are you serious?
Can you see how we've been raped by this tiny representation of public union ?

Also recently, a local school district, Lakota School District had to let go 100+ teachers and 90 (count em, 90) "Administrators".  90 Administrators, you know who were probably averaging 100k a year.  Let go because the money is gone and no one going to give them any more.  What they Hell did They DO ?!?!?  - Beside sit around, drink coffee, eat donuts and screw up the education process in America.

Multiply this across the country.

We are all of us being raped in a gross impositional way by the Public Unions.

And Ohio is a 50-50 red-blue state.  Imagine what goes on in all blue states like Illinios, Michigan, New York, etc.

It's time to let them know WE know what they're doing to us and we don't like it.  Feeling helpless?  This is something that YOU can actually have an effect on that will have a major effect on you in your local community.

Show up at the polls and cast your vote about whether you want to continue to be raped all day long.  Yea, I know some of you like it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Go For a Ride !

Starting around the 6:20 mark shows the kind of roads we had available to us to race around on as kids.  Sewickley Heights, NW of Pittsburgh Pa.  Mile long driveways, million dollar mansions.

View Larger Map

Wish we'd have had cars like this to do it with ! At least we had the superbikes of the day.  Norton, BSA, Triumph..

34 inches high, wide as a Buick, 450 hp. 2,100 lbs, 0-60 3.5 secs.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Most Interesting. Water is Not the Problem. Melt the Ice !

Isn't it interesting that as the population of the Earth expands, that somehow more water is provided to the planets inhabitants ?

If we can assume that warming and ice melt is true in the first place. What a beautiful natural solution to an easily seen problem.  Generally speaking, the Earth has gotten warmer over the last 15-18,000 years since the last "Ice Age", so to some extent the warming thing is happening.  And for Good Reason I'd say.   Embrace the Change ! (but screw the hope)

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and get a description of All The Water.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Losses at ACME, Inc,

Home of the Wile E Coyote Rocket, show why "Regulations are Desperately Needed !"  Exclaimed an exasperated, incompetent, and buffoon-like President obama.

- T-T-T-T-That's all folks.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Way Over The Top

Incredible bicycle riding.  I thought I was nuts when I was young.  Course I don't see him hopping moving trains and jumping from car to car either :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Very Well Done at Blackfive

The F word can be found within this post.  I'm calmer now so I updated it and made it a little softer.

Really?  What the * is there to analyze in regard to taking action directed at killing or capturing the person most responsible for killing 2,973 people on American Soil on 9-11-2001 !!!  An attack causing more death than Pearl Harbor !  What the * !  Seriously ?

Hey, Biden confirmed that this was a 100% political reelection decision when he said - In his unbelievable clownish way that totally ignores reality - that "This operation was the gutsiest call EVER", because you know, if it failed, oblabber might not get reelected. 

Gutsiest call ever?  Of All Time?  Holy * !
Doolittle raid over Tokyo?
A-Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Sending Millions to their death and suffering in the trenches of WWI and WWII.
The Civil War.
Countless other things a Trillion times more gutsy than this deal.

Good God, "All Time...................."

The hype is even hyped.  It defies any language to describe.
Let's acknowledge that 'the media' doesn't even take anyone to task on this.  For them, sure 'it's the gutsiest call of all time'.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Public Service Announcement !

The subject is the stock market.  Do you have a 401k or otherwise a large chunk of your nest egg in the market?  Here is some really good reading about what might be happening today.  I'm posting this especially because I read about the market all the time and I can't find anyone to read who even claims to know what will happen to our markets when Europe falls down and goes Boom.  Which it's about to do in slow motion.  For example "Banks are preparing for the return of the Drachma" means that everyone expects Greece to leave the Euro and the European Union and go back to their own currency like any good coke addict would do when they run out of money and nobody gonna give em anymore.

Without further ado, here is the first Excerpt and link to the article.  It is THE BEST Read about how the market works I've ever read.  You know I say the current market is all about the value of the dollar, and the US Dollar has recently broken up out of its months long downtrend.  That will have a drag effect on the markets.  I'm not here to alarm anyone.  The point to this entire post is Caution is Warranted. 

I've discussed this before, but many investors mistakenly believe that stocks are driven by fundamentals, such as the economy, the employment rate, etc.. While it's true that the economy can have an impact on the stock market, it's not for the reasons most people think. The only thing that drives stock prices is liquidity. If there is excess liquidity, some of that cash finds its way into stocks and other assets -- so one frequent by-product of a good economy is a liquid market, which means stocks rise. However, the economy itself is, in reality, only impacting the market indirectly. The reverse is usually true in a bad economy: Bad economies lead to a liquidity crunch and stocks fall. But not this time. In a moment, we'll discuss why.


Entire Article

No Excerpt for this next one.  You should read the entire article - This is the Link to it. It is Jeff Cooper, a believer in W.D. Gann market theory and is right a lot more than not.  A lifelong student of the markets as is evident.  Been trading all his life and has enough money to live in Malibu.

So, is a crash coming?  Tough question.  We know the Federal Reserve does Not want a strong dollar and I really believe Gentle Ben Bernanke will try to avoid that, possibly with QE3, but the downward pressure on the Euro is very strong, which will prop up the dollar.  This is going to make it very hard for the market to rally like it has been since the recent market low and Ben does not control the world.  No one does.

None of us or them have the answer, I just think this is not a time to be tossing your retirement fund statements in a drawer without opening them.  If you don't think you can navigate this environment, get some professional help from someone other than some idiot who tells you to keep your money in the market and not worry about it.  

As stated in the articles, the major averages have all broken their multi-year uptrends and that in itself has my undivided attention.  My trading account is cash and can be within any 5 minute span of time.  My 401 is in a money market making zero %.  I'm sitting out the near term.  Just too risky for my taste.

A little music as an aperitif

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I See Faces !

Usually, nebulae are associated with and named after various animal, insect, fish, or arachnid species.

This nebula should have been called Omega Man, since to me, I see nothing but hundreds of human faces in its tapestry of shapes and textures.  But that's me.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read all about it, and while there click on it a couple more times to zoom in to your favorite freaky sections.

Update: True to form, I stand corrected.  There is either a horse or bear upper body image left edge center picture.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

GW Bush Takes 100 km Mountain Bike Ride with Veterans

This is not a political comment.  I found it very interesting when I read it a couple days ago.  GW Bush takes a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with 20 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.  And not just any veterans, but severely wounded and amputee veterans.

I'm about GW Bush's age and this would be a major challenge for me.  I couldn't just go out and do it.  This is mountain bike over trails, not smooth roads.  100 kilometers, 62 miles, over some number of days but still.  I'd need 40 massages at the end of this thing.

Draw your own contrasts.

And amputee veterans ? What does That say about the wonderful people who make up our military, past, present and hope to be future.  Good God.  More respect than I can even envision.

Here is a picture from his ride Last Year

Here is a link to last year's picture and caption.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Else Do You Need to Know

And this is true.  It's so true it would make your head spin if you could somehow realize how true it is.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's All be Ted Nugent / CBS Fail

CBS went out to confront Ted Nugent to accuse him of not being Moderate.  Ted, as I believe I would have done, educated CBS about what kind of person he is.  You know, whether you're taking a child on their last fishing trip in life, or whether you're keeping a kitten warm, fed, comfortable and even happy as they wither away and you are more than willing to do that again and again, becuase you actually care about someone, Human, Animal or vegetable suffering, you're a person that the libtards simply can't understand.  

The fact that CBS can't understand such things is the only reason this video is on youtube.  CBS thought they could get some mileage from it.  They mention in the middle how Ted freaked out.  They actually take their pants down Again and ask for a good spanking !  They think pointing out that 'the military' canceling his show is their ace in the hole.  All they did with that is point out how the military is being demoralized under the incompetent and attacking focus of the White House.

Yea CNN, show us one of your libtard hero's contributing to society in a meaningful way, not some bullshit about how "They fight for the environment" or some other meaningless Drivel.

Yea, show me how your hero bubba clinton does anything but fly around getting his dick taken care of while splitting 'charitable donation funds' with the dictator down in Haiti, while the Haitians are still living under blue tarps and starving.

Libtards, who have enough exposure to true information to know better, are by and large sociopaths and therefore cannot even understand what Ted was talking about in this video.

It's why you cannot have a rational conversation with libtards. They don't understand what you're talking about.

Let's ALL be Ted ! Let's all take every piece of Hypocrisy and Shove it Right Back Down Their Throat Every Time They Utter it.

In fact, here's one for a recent comment from BABA WAWA (Barbara Walters) who said that 'Mitt Romney is too rich to elect as President".   !!! What?  Hey Baba, how about the KENNEDY's. ?  How about Al Gore?  How about John Fing Kerry who is a freakin Billionaire for no damn good reason, the Only reason being he's a parasite politician and married into the Heinz Family !!!!!

Can you explain that BABA ????  Of course not.  Why not take your millions and go back to Cuba, where you can have sex AGAIN with Fidel Castro before he's dead or after for all I care you self-absorbed idiot.

As Fredd recently posted, let's shun the liberals. I will add, let's not only shun them, let's take their pants down at every opportunity and spank them!


Update: Just commented to Christopher:

This makes me think of when some 4 year old girl (CBS, baba walters, all of them really) goes and taunts and hits her brother(Ted), then when Ted responds, they go screaming off to mommy (US) crying that they've been attacked.

How many more ways can we recognize that libtards are children. The worst kind besides.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Break It Down

Primer – people vote first with their wallet or fear and 2nd with their emotion and beliefs.  Let's not get into 3rd, 4th and 5th.

So, who is going to vote for obama.

A whole lot of voter fraud.
A lot of blacks who remain dependent and believe all the nonsense tossed out by their spiritual leaders. Many blacks, unless they’re seriously conservative, will stay home. Many will vote 2, 3 or 10 times, along with their dead relatives.

College kids, mostly fully indoctrinated by now, scared about college loans and worried they’re not going to find a job anyway; weak or ignorant enough to believe they should have free college, will grab their wallets and vote for what they feel is the sure thing.   I talk to a lot of them, and let me tell you, they pretty much all think the Constitution is nothing more than the ramblings of old men of a few hundred years ago and that which belongs in a garbage can somewhere.

Union people of all variety, who after their hero -bubba clinton- opened the floodgates and sent all of America’s jobs to China, are now like the welfare people - totally dependent on government and can't afford to care what kind of vermin they serve anymore.    Like GM and Chrysler workers are now dependent on bailout after bailout. GM reported profit that was down 61% today.

Conservatives, who out of disgust or who are not thinking clearly, will stay home and cast a vote for obama by proxy.

People who you would ordinarily think are smart will vote for the sucker.    I’ll bet ya Jim Cramer, who rags on obama and the government's jack boot upon American business will come out and vote for that SOB again.    I have friends working in various professional circles who tell me they know CPA’s, Lawyers, Consultants, etc etc who have no problem with obama.

We’re going to need every breathing non-democrat to be voting this election.   Given how useless and corrupt the repubs are, I don’t see how even holding the House and getting Senate majority would do us a lot of good if oblabber stays.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012