Friday, August 21, 2009

The Liberal Mindset

Nickie Goomba Plays one of my favorite Vids - We're Gonna Save The Planet !

Exactly the Liberal Mindset. When they've screwed something up beyond recognition they simply move on and charge the state run media to play it into the ground and blame it on their opposition.

Like paying single women in crime and drug infested environments to pop kids out like pieces of toast - women who should be arrested for child abuse instead, they just shrug and go on to F* up the next thing. OR closing mental patient asylums and increasing the homeless populations.

Their Favorite things to concentrate on are things which can't possibly be solved. Therefore these items live harmoniously in their fantasy island brains like warm little bunnies as they leave a path of destruction in their wake, smiling with self-gratification like they just pulled a loaf of home made bread out of their little easy bake ovens.

"We're gonna Save The Planet!". Makes em feel So superior, So enlightened. So empowered. And there is no quantification to the process to ever get in the way !

20 years from now when the planet is still here, they'll look around and say, we'll we didn't do Everything we wanted, but we kept the oceans in check, and we saved most of the species.

Meanwhile, their draconian squeezing of energy will kill millions in resource poor countries. They should all be arrested for Genocide !!

Just like when they 'stopped the Vietnam war'. As they were dancing in the streets, 5 Million innocent people were slaughtered in S Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos by the communists. Big win there Liberals !

World Peace. Save the Whales. Save Those Snails. Intelligence you can get from any 2nd grader or beauty contestant. No offense to beauty contestants or 2nd graders.


  1. That was an awesome article!! Had me crying and LMAO at the same time. Unfortunately, what you said is so true. These Libs are great at screwing the American people and making up stuff about the planet just to make money of bunches of lies. Democrats are the Party of Death as far as I'm concerned. They take joy in us losing Wars, promote abortion and euthanasia, and now want to have panels in Obamacare to decide whether your worthy of getting treatment or not-Death Panels as far as I'm concerned. Now, its time to use rules for radicals against them.

  2. Thank You Teresa! I'm humbled.

    I do believe some of the Libs actually want good things to happen. It's just that they're too stupid to operate in a real life environment.

    I believe the Democrat leadership IS the communist party and has been for a while. Maybe back through FDR in fact.

    Yes, the death panels are all about not spending money on mere individuals.

    Check out this one at BlackFive

    Even those who lived in service to our country are not immune. God, even that piece of garbage - Kim Jong Il - takes care of his army. Truly mind boggling.

    Thank you for coming by and for your kind words.