Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Town Halls

So, I understand Barney Fwank told some woman that "trying to talk to her was like trying to talk to a dining room table".

Well, I hate Barney, but apparently the woman had signs or something depicting Obama as Adolph Hitler, with mucho else Nazi memorabilia all pointed at Obama, like the fanatical Libs used to do until their pick got into office. So, she deserved to be ignored, but why didn't she say:

"Hey, Barney, why does your president tell over half of America (according to HC polls) to "shut up and get out of the way" ?

"Why does your president recommend to people to stop listening to Rush and crew ?"

"Why is your president more afraid of talk radio than religion based obsessive deranged Islamists who are capable and more than willing to kill inno0cent men, women and children and who have done so, on at least 3 occasions - on American Soil. ?" (WTC 93, USS Cole, WTC 2001)

Don't you think that's a bit Fascist and Anti-American. You arrogant piece of Crap?

Well, I couldn't leave that last sentence off. I tried. I couldn't.

Anyway, Point being, we need articulate people showing up at these things asking these revealing questions of these arrogant pathological liars.

Hey, I'd Go. But I have to work when these things are going on because I have to pay my bills and keep the household afloat and the cats fed.

If one comes close, I'll take a vacation day if I have one left and go. And hopefully be filmed calmly asking questions that will most assuredly be responded to with extreme lying.

The kooks are not doing our cause any good. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me the Dems send in those idiots themselves.

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