Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Want to Talk About Unprecedented? These Men Just Made an Unprecedented Video

If you're not familiar with the difference between the terms Ex-Marine and Former Marine, It's like this.  No Marine having taken the oath ever regards that oath to be invalid.  Those men are Former Marines, because they no longer serve active duty.  That is the only thing they no longer do.  Ask any of them and they will give their lives for the USA up until the time they pass on.

An Ex-Marine is somone who used to be a Marine, but is now a worthless piece of shit.  Like the late Senator John Murtha, who pre-accused the Marines involved in the Hadita incident with cold blooded murder.  It's not that they were just "fellow Marines"  They were that, but they were also Americans who should be afforded the guiding principle of law in the US of Innocent Until Proven Guilty.  He didn't even honor that.

Every one of those Marines was examined in military court and cleared of charges before Murtha passed on.  Did he apologize?  No.  Murtha dies an Ex-Marine.  a self enriching POS.

The current story.  If Marines proudly call themselves Former Marines, imagine what Former Special Forces People call themselves and more importantly what standards they uphold.  The point of this story is that you'll be hard pressed to find a former special forces member who doesn't respect the office of the President.  That is why THIS Video is so unprecedented.  I don't think a group of former military men like these Ever took a sitting president's pants down and took him to task like this in public.

But that's what they did.  This is not the Swift Boat guys.  Those guys merely, honestly, and accurately testified to the character of a man -J Kerry- who was Campaigning for the office.  Fortunately, he was never elected to POTUS.  Two different things.

Honestly - to watch Americans Dying.  To deny over 30 Americans assistance when the White House, Pentagon, and State Dept knew Exactly what was happening on American Soil.  It's unbelievable.  It is exactly the same as having Americans murdered at the UN building in New York and having the White House say, Ah, ignore it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What!? Produce Power AND Consume All the Existing Nuclear Waste?!

Since it uses nuclear waste as fuel, countries could actually Pay to have them take the fuel to use in their reactors. 

Imagine if the government actually had brains.


Their invention is called a Waste Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor. It is a high temperature reactor which can consume the spent fuel left over from conventional light-water reactors (LWRs). The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) is much more efficient at converting the uranium fuel into energy than LWRs. An LWR can make use of about 3% of the potential energy, whereas Transatomic suggest their MSR could utilize up to 98% of the energy in the fuel.

As the name suggests, the fuel in and MSR is liquid, which means that if a ‘meltdown’ starts to occur it is more easily dealt with. The MSR has a reactor shaped like a bathtub with a plug whole at the bottom. If anything goes wrong with the reaction, the plug melts and the entire contents of the reactor core can drain into a shielded underground container.

The Article

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memo # 2 to Brainless Twits Masquerading as Tea Party Members.

Please refer to Memo # 1 issued by the Republican (hopefully soon to be Tea and RINO Free) Party. 

When Asked Any Question that Refers to Abortion, your answer will be "Pro-Life, but obey the current laws". 

Then Stop. 

Shut Up. 

Refrain from saying Blindingly Stupid Incorrect Shit Like "Rape is God's Plan".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloodhound SSC has Competition Now.

So, there are two 1,000 MPH cars in the mix now for a 2014 run.


The $4 million car, which weighs 9,000kg fully fueled, will produce 62,000 pounds of thrust,(equivalent to approximately 200,000 horsepower), and is predicted to hit 1,000mph in 20 seconds. 

Click the picture to read the whole article and view more pictures.

This is going to get interesting I think.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open Wide - Here It Comes !

France is declaring No More Homework.  Why?

“Education is priority,” Hollande said at Paris’s Sorbonne University on Wednesday. “An education programme is, by definition, a societal programme. Work should be done at school, rather than at home,” in order to foster educational equality for those students who do not have support at home., he added.

Get that?  Some students have parents at home who take an interest in their child's education, and those students will excel above the level of the unfortunate offsrping of dumbass Loser parents.  God Forbid, and libtards will see to it none of that shit (Excellence or the striving for) happens on their watch !

Rather than help the dumbass loser families, lets put a yoke on those fortunate children who might actually Excel at life!

It is the liberal way.

How long until this comes to America?
- Democrats Love Dumbass Losers
- Loser Teachers Love Not Having to Grade Homework. After all they have to work a whole 8 months! for their average salary of 74K compared to people who actually work for a living averaging 42k over 12 months up there in Chicago (and most other places.)
Poor Dears !

People Better WTFU ! is what I'm thinkin.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

13 Billion Year Old Picture

Or, I need some big picture stuff.  To much politics going on right now, as in "I got my one vote and I'll use it but beyond that..."

This is what galaxies looked like 13 billion years ago, the currently agreed upon age of the universe. (13.7 actually I think)  Go to the APOD site by clicking the picture to read the description.  Amazing.

Lot of stuff out there.  How many pin pricks of sky are there  anyway?   Pretty much everything in there is a galaxy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hear Me Out Please - Drugs

Subject:  All drugs should be legal. 

Preface points.

  • Recreational Drugs are not a good thing. They can be life destroyers.  I've seen some destroyed lives.
  • People who are apt to do drugs are going to do them regardless if they're legal or illegal.
  • There is evidence more people will do more drugs if they're illegal.
  • All drugs were legal pre-1920's America and the country did not explode.  It found many ways to prosper. 
  •  Portugal decriminalized all drugs in the 1990's and drug use and number of addicts has Declined considerably.
  • People who I know who have worked the 'war on drugs' have stated that we could assign every addict a chaperone and save a lot of money. 
  • The goal of the war on drugs  has been to reduce drug use especially with children.
  • The longer the war of drugs has existed the worse the problem has gotten.
  • We can no more eliminate drug use than we can eliminate:
    •  alcohol use
    • prosttution
    • abortion
    • a wide variety of extremely dangerous (and legal) activities performed by people on a continual bass.
My additional thoughts:

The fact that illegal drug cartels are supplying people in America with drugs means that the people doing the drugs are getting product of questionable quality all the way to product that will kill them instantly.

Having drugs manufactured by government sponsored and monitored companies would improve that greaty.

Having drugs available at state sponsored distribution/purchase points would:
  1. improve the quality of the drugs on the street
  2. remove the Drug Pushers
  3. by removing the drug pushers - FAR FEWER YOUNG KIDS WOULD BE DOING DRUGS
    1. This is the most important point. You know that if dealers were selling alcohol on the street a lot more young kids would be doing alcohol.  This is not a major problem.  Young kid drug use IS a major problem. Remove the street dealers and it is Much Harder for young kids to get or be motivated to drugs.
  4. drugs could be handled, in all aspects of society, just like alcohol. There are people who have problems with it and people who don't. Once American manufacturers are the main suppliers of product, all sorts of positive things could evolve:
      1. designer drugs could be manufactured to provide the same or better effect with less damage to the individual
      2. they could be made less addictive (maybe not)
      3. they'd be cheap enough, all of the related drug cartel crime would disappear in America
      4. chemical markers could be included to allow identification of drivers on the highway
      5. tons of law enforcement money would be saved and tons of money would be created as tax revenue - an unintended positive consequence.
  5.  The war on drugs is counter-productive and getting more so by the minute
  6. I Don't Care About Drug Users.  People destroy their lives (many drug users Actually Don't destroy their lives)  in many ways that are not only legal, but that as a society - We Celebrate !
    1.  Boxing. Race Driving. Football. Skiing. etc,etc, 'to infinity and beyond' etc.
    2. Come on folks.  Do you care about drug users to the point you want to save them form themselves ?  How about people who jump off the tops of mountains in flying squirrel suits then - why aren't you passionate about saving Them.  Far more of those people, by percentage per capita get killed than do drug users.

Main point: With street dealers eliminated through cheap supply to adults, the number of kids getting and using drugs will go down Massively. And that's what we're after right?

  1. I'll appreciate your thoughts and won't give you a hard time if you disagree.  I expect everyone to disagree.
  2. Nothing like this will Ever happen.  So it's all academic anyway.
  3. obama is such a dweeb.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Advance Live Blogging of the Veep Debate

Biden - B, Ryan - R, Moderator - Mod 

Opening Remarks:
R - This country is headed for a fiscal Armageddon ! bla bla bla....and Mr Romney and I have a plan to heal this country’s fiscal policy, energy policy and entitlement programs.
 B - barak and I have Crushed the Middle Class over the last 4 years !

R - The obama administration has Crushed the Middle Class and Small Business the last 4 years with triple gas prices and double digit percentage increases on health care premiums.
B - Yes, I said that but thanks for reminding me about crushing Small Business too. (Sheepish Look)

R - Given the 37% increases in staple household and life necessity items, combined with the 22.1 % decrease in household value divided by the 42% increase in the misery index, along with the triple digit reductions in DOD, basic services and durable good attainability, we simply cannot survive another 4 years of the barak and Joe show.
B - Razzle Frazzle, geedle gaddle, flop a lot of fiddle faddle.

R - I wish I could ask Joe about barak's plan to turn over the USA to Vladimir Putey Pute of Russia as soon as they are re-elected, but I can't. Maybe the moderator will open this subject.
Mod - Razzle Frazzle, geedle gaddle, I Love Me a Barak Obama !
B - China ? What ? That was George Bush.

R - Instead of Embracing, Apologizing, and Heaping Billions of Tax Payer Dollars on enemies who's stated goal is to kill each and every Infidel (That's Us), Mr Romney and I are going to cut off Foreign Aid, and close the embassies in any country that doesn't deliver on human rights and freedoms.
B - Sounds like a good idea actually !!

R – I have a Dream! That All people can live and prosper in the United States of America !
B – I have dreams ! Oh Yea. 

It just devolved from there....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do We Have Islamists Maintaining Our Passenger Aircraft?

Who the hell knows.


“The pilots who went to pick up some of the first ones TIMCO did said they weren’t even airworthy,” Pike tells me. “I read the reports, just unbelievable -- the cockpits were a shambles, there was leaking oil, brake lines leaking fluid, lines left loose; our pilots refused to take them -- and these planes were coming out of an overhaul. It’s like shade tree mechanics working on a car, only they’re working on aircraft.”

Read the article by clicking on this sentence

My Thoughts.  I'm not getting on anyone's airplane.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thanks Joe !

Thanks for the Laughs Dude.. 

That is all.  Please resume your activities Joe, whatever the hell they are.