Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Will take you to a site that has a frequently updated dashboard and map for the coronavirus locations and statistics.


You can zoom in and out with the + and - on bottom right and you can move the map around with your mouse just like other maps.

Live Long and Prosper.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tortured Souls

huddled together
flying through space
comfort each other

not knowing where they're going
they travel on
in just thousands of years
they’ll be gone

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Photogenic Galaxy

Ratio of Communists to Libertarians? Unknown.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

In The News !

Justin Timberlake was paid millions to sing the five notes in the McDonald's jingle.  "Ba ba ba ba ba" followed by someone else singing  "I'm lovin it"  Note to McDonalds execs - I'll do that for half price.

Donald Trump Jr prank calls the ayatollah in Iran.   Asks him if he has Prince Albert in a can (let him out), then asks him if his refrigerator is running (better chase after it), then asks him if he's finally married that goat he has had his eye on forever then laughs like hell and hangs up.

Justine Trudeau comes out as a wanna be transgender.  Admits that in Canadia, he is on a 14 year waiting list for the required surgeries. Begins studying how to use tampons as a male or even as a transgendered female without the equipment to menstruate.

The obama's are awarded Oscars for being black or at least half black and half female and for being America's enemies #1 

The DNC finally decides that an MS-13 gang member will be their candidate for the 2020 election.
Here he is with his VP pick.  Libtards go apeshit over the lack of diversity in their candidate.

Nana Pelosi vows to Personally Kill President Trump. She wants that 3 million bounty offered by that dude in Iran.

A screen shot of Adam Schiff looking for evidence on Trump.
Jerry Nadler (the Penguin) vows to kill Batman, then President Trump as he also has his eye on the 3 mil.

In an interview on The View, Nana Pelosi says she will not  press charges on Jerry Nadler for raping her saying "Well I didn't want him to rape me at first, but then after a bit he just seemed like a big fluffy Penguin, so I just lay back and enjoyed it.  Also, it Has been a while as you can imagine."

Lindsey Graham unaware of a hot mic in the room screams that "Nobody does lip service better than me!"

Lizzy Warren promises that federal income tax rates for the middle class will be ZERO and that no one will have to pay for college, lunch, dinner, or prostitutes.  Free. Plus anyone who has ever paid for anything will be reimbursed in Full by the federal government.  And it will not add to the deficit or the national debt. AOC backs this plan with a power point presentation that even frozen iguana's in Florida cannot understand.

Bernie Sanders screams at us to look at the success in Venezuela as proof of the socialist gun-free environment.

Virginia governor Ralphie Northam introduces legislation that confiscates all guns and makes it mandatory for all women to submit to sex on demand anywhere in the state.

Congressional "lawmakers" to be replaced in total immediately by "celebrities" and "TV Personalities".  Cher writes bill to make presidential assassination totally legal if president is a Republican.  Joy Behar writes bill to send all Conservatives straight to Hell.  Without passing Go.  Let's just stop here....

Public schools take complete control of all children for the purpose of indoctrination of Marxist/Leninist ideology and drug them if necessary to accomplish their goals.  Wait, this is actually happening.

Coronavirus air dropped into all red states, vaccine air dropped into all blue states.

Brad and Jen get remarried and re-divorced on same day.

Modern country music declared an instrument for brain damage and liberal indoctrination.

Juan Williams hires advisor to help him come up with the stupidest thing to say on national TV.

New York City replacing violent criminal in jails with Christian clergy members and persons with no criminal record.

California creates legislation to remove all toilets in the state and require co-ed public defecation and urination everywhere.

Nana Pelosi begs liquor makers to come up with something stronger than Everclear since it is only 190 proof.

Chris Mathews suing Trump for not making his legs tingle.

Climate freaks planning to move as far North as possible to remain in a comfort temperature zone for the next 10 years. (lol)

3 Orgasms per week reported to reduce coronary problems by 50% (Real one)

Having a cat or two (better) will reduce your potential death from stress by 99%.

Hey, I just report.

Cher develops way to make her singing even more monotone and boring.
Well, slow news day..

Sunday, January 19, 2020

How About That !

Dynamo (Stephen Frayne) was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 11 and had half his stomach removed. Not only is he dealing with it, he excels at many things, the main thing being Magic.  One of the better people in this world.  Worth your time to explore youtube for his stuff if you like this kind of stuff  After many years he convinced some folks to televise his street magic with the title Dynamo Magician Impossible.

It's all tricks to be sure but some of the stuff truly seems to be supernatural.  I believe what you see happening in the vids is actually happening - no camera tricks.

I think he's the best out there.  Anyway, a different angle.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Flaming Queen, No Wait.. The Flaming STAR Nebula

Click the pic.  Read the description, click again for high resolution image to explore.  For Pete's Sake Folks, you must know how this works by now.  If you ever want to have sex again, follow my instructions above.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

In the News

Given that all politicians and their friends  and federal 'workers' are absolved from any crimes they commit, and because today's population are so ignorant they don't understand any of the laws anyhoo,  federal judges have removed ALL laws from the books with the exception of those involving child or animal abuse.  Go nuts folks.  No penalty.

Sex education in 2nd grade now involves 2 volunteers of same or opposite sex to demonstrate anal sex in front of the class. Every Friday.

Remember that Gropey Joe Biden wrote an Executive Order on Jan 25, 2021 eliminating pedophilia from the criminal code.  Sex between young and older (Like Macron and his wife-he was 15 she 30 something) is now promoted as not only permissible but preferable. 10 year old Tommy is quite excited and so is 30 yr old teacher Jennifer Dominatutor.  Parents need not be notified.

Female liberal comedian tweets she will give a BJ to anyone who votes for Bernie Sanders. everyone tweets back "That's a great reason to vote for Trump".

Jane Fonda travels to Iran, begs mullahs to be put in control of their ICBM arsenal as well as GPS coordinates to Mar-A-Lago.

Nana Pelosi charges Vladamir Putin with verbal sexual assault after he makes profanity riddled prank call. He was actually insulting her but she took it the other way around.  Must be this is how most men talk to her.

Virginia passes bill requiring all residents to swear allegiance to islam and acquire at least one goat as a pet/lover.

California passes bill requiring all residents to electronically transfer all monetary assets to the state.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts reveals he has threesomes with Barack and Michelle Obama

Gweneth Paltrow sells an over-priced candle that she claims smells like a woman's genitals. It quickly sells out.

James Comey announces presidential run.

Michael Moore and Bob DiNero at a loss for words when asked what they think about Donald Trump being president for another 5 years.

Climate experts finally admit it's all Bullshit and laugh like hell on the Jimmy Kimmel and other late night shows.

Eric Holder is put in charge of reforming the FBI

Pope Francis demands all Christian clergy convert to islam.

The Hildebeast is to be Sainted by Pope Francis and the Vatican later this month.

Greta Thu... Ah who gives a damn.

Feral cats are reportedly forming gangs and plotting to overthrow the US Government by force.

Democrat men still trying to figure out how to use tampons.

AOC claims she is afraid to have kids.  Conservatives breath a sigh of relief.

Adam Schiff attacks President Trump with rubber knife.  No one is harmed.

Mitch McConnell secretly puts super glue on Chuckie Shumer's glasses nose support.  He can no longer move them from the end of his nose.

All democrat women offer free BJ's to anyone voting democrat.  No one is interested except Mike Moore.

Slow news day but some of this stuff was actually in the news.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Well, What the Heck Do Ya Think About This One?

Jewel box, mind constructed false images, shiny spinning whirlygigs, a little pornography, superfragilisticexpealadocious colors, lots of happiness with a little drama, 1950's hairstyles, radioactive Hollandaise sauce, custom tapestries, puppies, construction equipment, and much much more.

No doubt also - lots of love, love, love.

Salvador Dali would be jealous.

Click the pic to go to the APOD site, read the description, and click again to zoom in on the high resolution image that you can explore with your Grand kids and pets.

Bonus Picture