Saturday, January 15, 2022

Help Is On The Way !

I've got a call in to Korg.  This guy is generous, selfless, and fearless.  As soon as he gets back to me, I'll give him the plan then it's off to Infinity and Beyond, not only for America but maybe the whole planet !

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Time for a Time Out


Most know Tommy but probably not Sangah Noona.  Here she plays along with a Tommy recording.  

There is at least one more of Tommy's she plays along with and she plays to other performers vids as well as creating her own youtubes - playing in lounges, etc.

She is a heck of a talent.  I enjoy her style.  Click on the youtube link in the vod, I mean the vid to get a larger video of course.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Blue State Dilema

Or The Plight of the Liberal to Save The Planet

H/T Mustang


According to Nathan Newman, a leftist hack who teaches criminal justice and sociology at CUNY, America’s blue states have a good reason to secede from the Union.  Essentially, Mr. Newman’s justifications include:


  • The American political system tilts money and power to smaller and more conservative states, which undermines the interests of the majority of the population.
  • A minority of the nation’s population controlled the U.S. Senate for the past six years, and along with a minority-elected president, packed the Supreme Court with a supermajority of Republican justices.
  • Our constitution favors red states, denies human rights to people living in blue states, and undermines local policy innovations.
  • Donald Trump dismissed New York’s request for ventilators, giving preference to red states, such as Nebraska and Montana.
  • Trump and Republicans ignored the wildfires that raged up and down the left coast because California didn’t support the Trump candidacy in 2016.
  • Blue states send more taxes to the federal government than they receive back in public services.
  • Our political system converts right-wing bias in political power into economic transfers that undermine blue states.
  • White supremacy is embedded in US policy.
  • Six million “undocumented” aliens living in blue states exist in fear of that ICE knocking on their doors.


Newman notes that none of this is accidental; it’s built into the Constitutional fabric of our nation, proved he claims by the Electoral College rather than popular election of the president.  Worse, he argues, the U.S. Senate is an even greater affront to democracy because California has 68 times the population of Wyoming, and yet Wyoming is equal to California in senate voting power.  Not only that, but the senate’s filibuster power gives 41 senators, representing 11% of the population, power to prevent any bill from coming to a vote.


Newman reminds his readers that the first clamor for secession didn’t come from the southern states; it came from abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, who burned a copy of the U.S. Constitution in 1854 and demanded the dissolution of the Union.


In any case, secession isn’t extreme — if one considers the “millions of undocumented families” fearing forcible separation by the federal government.  Newman thinks that secession would allow millions of communists, like him, to abandon their red states and move to blue states where finally, they could create a utopia that works for ... well, communists.  And, the blue states could keep their own money, not having to share it with the federal government.  Plus, the blue states could raise taxes through the roof to improve that Utopia, and no one would complain.  They could set up their own trade policies, create their own foreign policies, and eventually force the United States into a Soviet-style republic ... along democratic lines, of course.


I agree with Mr Newman's assertions.  Right Wing people are not only so dangerous that they will put an end to America, but to the entire planet if allowed any more power at all.

The only solution is for our liberal friends to concentrate their populations in states already friendly and working to practice the progressive mantras.  There simply isn't enough time to try to overcome the red states and somehow educate and transform these right wing knuckle dragging planet destroyers.

AOC, amazing genius and formidable a force that she is,  cannot save us by herself.  We must help.

Grab yourselves and your friends, your babies and their babies, and all their old ladies and secede as many states as you can into this planet saving effort before it's too late.

Don't stand by and allow Rachel Maddow to keep crying like this. Seeing this wonderful woman cry is like watching massive terrorist attacks over and over.  Without end.

Friday, January 7, 2022



(Not his real name)

Imagine a society in which everyone has the same basic moral foundation.  Everyone would have similar attitudes about selfishness and greed in such a society.  If we assume that such a society would reject selfishness and greed, then no one would endorse, support, or vote for a self-serving, greedy politician.  And yet, looking at state and federal legislatures and executive branches, selfish and greedy is all we seem to have.  What went wrong?


Well, for starters, we don’t live in a society that shares a moral foundation.  I do not think we ever had such a society because no matter what people say or what people claim, selfishness and greed are part of the human condition.  We may tell ourselves that we are selfless, but in fact, very few people give up something of themselves for anyone else.  Some do, but not many.  Most of us delude ourselves into thinking that we are moral, upright people — but, if that were true, how is it possible for righteous, decent people to elect representatives who are self-serving and corrupt?


Three possibilities exist: first, all of us realize that we are deeply flawed people and work hard to become better people — always with mixed results.  We are, after all, human.  Second, we know that we are selfish and greedy, but we excel at deluding ourselves about “how good” we are.  Third, we are not selfish and greedy (or only marginally so) but highly susceptible to those who are.


In the first instance, our very existence as individuals and as members of a larger society is a “work in progress.”  We try, we fail, we pick ourselves up and try again.  The cycle never ends until we die.  In the second possibility, we are liars.  It is bad enough to lie to others but a hundred times worse when we lie to ourselves.  There may not even be a cure for that.  Third, we are unwise, thoughtless, or irresponsible in addition to our other frailties.


Stepping back, one might wonder, “How in the hell did Ted Cruz ever get elected/re-elected to the U.S. Senate?”  My reader can replace Cruz’s name with any elected politician at any level of government, and the question remains valid.  In all likelihood, the best answer would be, “Well, you should have seen his opponent’s resume.”  In choosing local, state, or national leaders, we essentially moral people have only two choices.  We can smirk as we clarify further — we can select dumb or dumber since both candidates are essentially mirror images of each other.  Both are corrupt; otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen a field where dishonesty is valued over honesty.  Both are deceitful because that’s what it takes to win an election.  Both are liars because both will tell you what you want to hear to get elected.  Both are corrupt because there is good money to be made in politics — if they are smart enough not to be caught stealing, siphoning, or padding their bank accounts.  At some point in time, down the road, so to speak, these paragons of American politics will even stop lying about themselves.  Take, for example, the Clinton foundation.  The Clinton’s have been around now for so long that they don’t even bother to answer questions about their questionable activities.  Asking questions of the Clinton’s only elicits that stare as if to say, “What can you do about it?”  They are far beyond accountability.


We might have been able to avoid the Clintons many years ago were it not for the fact that we are flawed, or ourselves patently dishonest, or mind-bending gullible.


Years ago, during the Vietnam War, someone asked, “What if they held a war and no one came?” What if they held an election and no one voted?  If all we have vying for public office are self-serving miscreants, why bother to vote at all?  Some people do argue that it is a citizen’s duty to vote.  When all we have is horrible people competing for votes, wouldn’t it be an even higher civic duty NOT to vote? 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Old Cars Made Really New

 I like this a lot.

The Derelict

They take an old car like a 48 Buick, which compared to today's cars is indestructible, and equip it with a modern chassis, suspension, and engine with all the current emissions standards in compliance as well as enough horsepower to move the beast around. Or convert it to an EV. 

They also do up the interior to look original at first glance but is a joy to sit in and drive with all the modern stuff like AC and electronic technology.

They leave the outside of the car alone. Just add some clear coat to maintain the patina and keep it from rusting further.

It would be a Joy to park this in a crowded lot.

I would put in one of those alarm sensors, that when someone knocks it with their car door for example, instead of tripping an alarm, it would play a recording through a PA system.

Something like "Hey Dipstick ! You hurt your own car more than you did this thing !  HAHAaaa.  Now get in your car like the irresponsible little Twit you are and run away.  Hahhaaaa. 

What's more, my video system has been tripped and I'll be sure to get video of you and your license plate so I can report it as a hit and run.  Of course, wait around and give me your insurance information and all that nasty business can be avoided."

Oh Yes... 

And if they chip the paint some more or add a dent, it just enhances the appeal!

Of course I'll have remote access to the video and if the driver is a Bruce Lee facsimile, I'll arrange to have the cops meet me there.

Check out their past projects.

They'll even convert the vehicle to an EV

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Launched 25-December, 2021

The short description is that it will take the place of the Hubble Space Telescope and it is 100 times more powerful.  

(If there are any democrats on other planets, this baby will find them so they can be dealt with.)

The longer description is at Wikipedia.

Nasa has its own site dedicated to the telescope where up to date news and events can be obtained with links to videos and stuff.

Here is a picture of it just after being released in space with another short description.

So, starting about the summer of 2022 we will start getting some pretty cool images of our universe, which at my cost/benefit ratio analysis is 347 trillion times more valuable than the entire US government.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Deep Thoughts...

Next Covid variant to be name Decepticon.  Being a transformer, it can change from a little cold to a massive death event with just a wave of the hand of the guy in the mail room at the CDC.  Also CDC declares free toaster with 7th booster shot.

Democrat Party to rename itself Communist Party of America.

Republican Party to be renamed to "Ok, if you say so I guess it's alright".

If everything is Epic, nothing is Epic. What an epic thought. In fairness I do have to mention the epic pizza we had last night and we are looking forward to some epic mac and cheese tonight.

If you want me to click on your youtube do not put these words or phrases in the title: "Best blabla EVER", Insane, Epic, "Try not to (fill in blank ie. "laugh")".  Just FYI.

How in The hell did Chevrolet go from possibly the best catch phrase for an auto company "See the USA in your Chevrolet" to one of the worst "Find New Roads".  I can see a guy saying to his wife "Lets go see the USA in our Chevy."  I can't see anyone saying "Let's go find a new road". Why would anyone do that?

Me getting up in the morning and my body talking to me.

Secret video of the US State Department telling China that we will send our athletes to the Olympics in Beijing but we are not happy with their "human rights" record.

Aliens take over Earth, let politicians stay in place but punish them every time they lie by dropping their pants, bending them over a table and paddling them on live TV until they tell the truth.  Videos become most watched events on TV.

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Kids Committing Suicide Because the Place Sucks - Change My Mind

 Young people are committing suicide more than in the past. 

According to the CDC (yea well) ...

"Suicide rates increased 33% between 1999 and 2019, with a small decline in 2019. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.3 It was responsible for more than 47,500 deaths in 2019, which is about one death every 11 minutes.3 The number of people who think about or attempt suicide is even higher. In 2019, 12 million American adults seriously thought about suicide, 3.5 million planned a suicide attempt, and 1.4 million attempted suicide.4

Suicide affects all ages. It is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-34, the fourth leading cause among people ages 35-44, and the fifth leading cause among people ages 45-54.3

Some groups have higher suicide rates than others. Suicide rates vary by race/ethnicity, age, and other factors. The highest rates are among American Indian/Alaska Native and non-Hispanic White populations.3 Other Americans with higher than average rates of suicide are veterans, people who live in rural areas, and workers in certain industries and occupations like mining and construction.5,6 Young people who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual have a higher rate of suicidal ideation and behavior compared to their peers who identify as straight.​7"​

Suicides likely went down in 2019 because Donald Trump had the country for 3 years and things were improving.

Since we can't ask the kids otherwise, my personal theory is that kids are committing suicide ​because of bullying, social media bullying, parents creating weak children, and first and foremost because kids are totally immersed in bullshit from the outside world but not least of all by parents and teachers.  Add in an increasing lack of structure in their lives.

Bullshit about the climate, racism, education, news, advertising, and most everything else.

If they're white they're being told that the problems with blacks and the climate are their fault because they are white people living in a capitalist society.  In addition, people, especially kids,  need structure in their life and they find themselves living in a world where there is little structure left.  Crime is welcomed in many areas, music sucks and is often immoral, untalented, and uninspiring.   Yesterday we had the Beatles love songs - today you got Cardi-B's wet ass genitals.

Their parents are dragging them into the disgusting world of politics.

Before they even have any grip on gender, teachers are telling them they may not be what they think they are. They might be a boy, a girl, or a beautiful jellyfish.

Vermin are running around all over the place raping, murdering, and worse. 

If the kids are girls, tranny boys are invading their bath and shower rooms and sporting competitions and this is all welcomed by everyone else involved.  If they walk off the field there is a good chance they'll be punished in some way.

When they go out of their house they are surrounded by people dressed like bums who are heavily tattooed to look like the inside of comic books.

When they watch TV, they are bombarded by drug commercials telling them that later in life they likely will be afflicted by any number of debilitating health problems and the drugs to treat these problems are likely to cause other problems via listed side effects.

Celebrities and media and some teachers tell these kids that because they are white, they suck.

A wide collection of idiots across media and entertainment tell them the world isn't going to be around much longer because of global warming. Many believe this nonsense.  

If they're growing up in some section 8 hellhole, they see their future all around them in the form of gangbangers, S. Detroit a prime example, but many more cities around the country.  This is LBJ's great society that he stole social security $ to create.

Any kid with half a brain is saying to themselves all day long "WTF".  I think the task of getting around all this is just too daunting for lots of kids.

Parents need to get a grip.  

Whaddya think.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

According to the FDA, the Vaccines are Killing More Than Saving

 H/T Phil at Bustedknuckles

Submitted for your consideration.

There's more there, but I'll just stick to the video published to youtube by the FDA.  The video should start around 4:20, if not move the slider to the 4:20:00 mark.

Since I brought it up, let me add that I recently read a report published on the UK Government's website showing that around 400 vaccinated people had died of Covid and the Delta variant.  Can't remember the time period for the statistic but to me who cares.  Vaccinated people dying.  Why should I take on that risk when I simply don't think I have to.

I've seen other reports of death or serious consequences, often heart related, in conjunction with vaccinated people. Young people in particular.  I'm not going to include any of that since the references may not be considered as in line with real events by any given person.