Saturday, May 28, 2016

It is All About the Active and Retired Military This Weekend.

Is there anything we can do to help the 4200 veterans who have been wrongly classified as deceased and denied benefits going back 5 years ?

We would write and bug the hell out of every congressperson I suppose but not enough people will be involved and does the congress have any power to do jack about this anyway.  The former P&G CEO who was tasked with improving the VA threw up his hands because no one has any control over the unionized vermin that make up the organization.

The VA, like the federal education system is overflowing with unionized incompetents who can't be fired or motivated in any way to fix their never ending snafus.

On a more general note, why would anyone in their right mind allow people in public service to be unionized ?  Try working at Costco and pissing off customers.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is Big. Maybe Bigger than Big

If confirmed, could imply the existence of a previously undetected type of neutrino as well as impact humanity's comprehension of fundamental particle reactions that occurred within the first few seconds of the Big Bang. 

I'm very encouraged by this.  btw- Did you know that millions of Neutrinos are passing through your body, and the Earth for that matter, every second of the day.  I hope they are doing me some good.

Click the picture of course.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Suggestion

I say all of us guys only use the ladies rooms from here on out.  Every stinkin one of us.

Like 10 of us will go in and announce we are transgender.  Hey we're dressed like guys right now because we're on break from work and our companies don't allow us to dress to our identities.

We won't molest anyone of course, or even take pictures, we'll just go and do some business and comb our hair and stuff.

Let's see how long that goes on.

Monday, May 16, 2016

While ISIS Burns 5 Year Old's Alive and Crucifies 12 Year Old Girls (and more)

Here in the good old USA, we're having the great chalk and bathroom wars of 2016.  (Where are the parents of those little geniuses?)

Can it get any more fucked up than that.  What is worse, it's almost funny it's so fucked up.  But there is nothing here to laugh about.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Many Merits of Socialism

One of the pinnacles of Socialist "civilization" - Britain with it's Pinnacle National Health Service, finds that nearly 80% of British citizens among 22,000 polled would Love to take up Vlad Putin's offer of Free land in Eastern Russia.  Huh??? Why in the Hell would some of the world's most Civilized and Intelligent (much more than the USA eh wot?) want to give up their citizenship and move lock stock and barrel to Siberia. The British are Very intelligent so they must know that the temps in winter often reach minus 47 degrees Celsius in that area.  Eh WOT?  Why in the hell would 80% of brits living in the land of the pinnacle of civilization with free health care for all want to chuck it all and move to Siberia, where Russia used to send its citizens/soldiers for punishment.  What the Heck is going on???

While you ponder that, let my point out that Junior Doctors in the UK are on strike and are not even working in situations of Emergency Care now.  Bear in mind a Junior Doctor can be a doctor for up to 14 years.  Many say that with the new pay and hours dictated upon them by their Nirvana socialist government, they can't even afford to keep an apartment in London.  A doctor can't afford a freaking apartment.

The Hell You Say ! What? Trouble in the land of Paradise of free shit and SOOO much better than the USA Right?  What's going on?  What the hell?  They're not even allowed to have GUNS over there (never mind they are # 1 in Europe for violent personal crime and # 2 in the WORLD, but hey)

The NHS also has a GOAL of getting patients into hospital within 18 weeks.  Which means they are not meeting the 18 weeks by from a little to a lot. Who know, they don't report that statistic.  You might want to look into that.  You might wonder what it's going to be like in the USA when your doctor is on strike and you couldn't get into a hospital for 18 freakin weeks regardless.  It's coming if obammycare isn't repealed and think things are OK with obammycare so far?  Haha, it hasn't been implemented more than about 20 % yet and if you are contributing to Your HC ins, you surely noticed all of the associated costs have tripled since the imbecile was voted into the white house twice.  And your services have been reduced as well.  But it's freakin Great right?  At least it's not contributing to Climate Change.  Or is it, with so many people having to work harder to make ends meet, they are breathing harder at the least and many are working two jobs and therefore driving twice as much creating all that more CO 2.  Good God who will save us?

There is a lot more I'd like to stuff in here, like how much life sucks these days in just about any EU country if you're just a normal citizen/Subject of a socialist regime but your time is valuable, and hey, if this subject interests you, doing some research on your own will provide you benefits beyond your wildest dreams.  Imagine being able to discover truth without 'the media' spoon feeding lies to you day and night.

So, what you ask are the merits of socialism?  Well they're aren't any.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hey Millennials and Other Snowflakes Among Us, I Have a Trump Question For You

First off you shouldn’t be afraid of Trump, you should be afraid of the large number of people who want to vote for him and more so his stated policies on immigration, moslem importation, and foreign relations.  Go google “muslim problems/rape/assaults in the EU” countries(Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany as examples (Do you even read the news?)) and then think if you want those savages here living next door to you and your daughter and grand daughter.

obama lets illegal Mexicans and moslem rapist murders out of jail and puts them back on the street every day and you’re afraid of Trump ?

obama spent $10 Trillion of brand new national debt plus all the tax that was collected over the last 7.5 years and has Nothing to show for it.  Not even a single bridge replaced, and you’re afraid of Trump?

(We only racked up 10 trillion in debt between 1910 and September, 2008!)  Now it is 20 by the time your Teleprompter Jesus leaves office.

Russia is gearing up for a new cold war, moslem vermin are coming here (and everywhere else) and the FBI openly tells you they don’t know if they are ISIS or not, the moslems already here are trying to implement sharia law where their populations are dense enough to potentially win at the ballot box (Irving, TX for example), the country has 200 trillion of unfunded liabilities to social security, pensions, and others while obama claims ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat to the world, let alone the US and you’re afraid of Trump?

hilrod clinton is a career un-convicted criminal, the clinton foundations are tax shelters where the clintons keep 91+ % of the money (91% administrative costs) and you think Trump is a ‘bad person’.

Honestly, how stupid are you?  Please tell me because I can’t even fathom this level of ignorance.

No offense, just a survey question.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Just A Thought

At the very least, Trump popularity says that a very large part of the "Intelligent" citizenry has committed to rejecting standard issue politicians.  That can only be good in the longer term.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of language.  Take my word for it.

Let me add that I Love Golf.  Golf courses are mostly built these days on top of land fills.

I will also say that you can learn more about a person playing a round of golf with them than you ever would going to parties with them for 18 years.

Golf is competition with yourself, not the golf course or the other players.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 ELECTIONS !!!

Well, it's like this - all but about 5 states are either solid red(repubblekin) or blue(democrat bastards) each and every election.  The remaining 5 states are what they call swing states.  They are full of idiot freaking morons who can't decide which party to vote for from one election to the next. 

The election result therefore is constrained to be totally reliant on 5 states full of freaking morons that have very loose voter identification laws.

That's right.  People like This

UPDATE: Courtesy IMP, this encouraging Info