Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Folks ! This is Serious !

Transformations of cultures, and countries and economic systems take time,  decades in fact.

I see things happening along these basic lines of evolution.

1946 - A country was at war with some serious evil in Europe and the Pacific.  Let's not rehash, but just agree that the vast majority of Americans were patriotic, pissed, but also emboldened by the fact that we kicked the world's ass.  Mainly hitler and tojo...  We being from the tip of the spear to Rosie the riveter to people buying war bonds to packing food or making uniforms.

My Father was one of those people  He was fun loving, but he and millions like him knew what they were fighting for and when they got back they wanted to protect that 'thing'.  That thing was Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - where no one owed you anything but the opportunity for you to make it for yourself.

That was the vast majority of people in America in 1946.  They voted for politicians who appeared to uphold those values.  They supported freedom and opportunity for everyone - black, red, yellow, gay, or fixated on bulldozer exhaust pipes.  Who cares.  They knew everyone must at least have the chance to succeed for America to work.

We've progressed to the point people vote for scum sucking anti-American POS's like john edwards, hairy reid, sheila jackson lee, baba boxer who disrespects men of service to the country like a general, john kerry, bawney fwank, chris dodd, the crying kucinich obsessed with aliens machine, pelosi, and hundreds of other POS's who have gained positions of power by disrespecting America and promising POS citizens free stuff, in deference to ALL Else. 

Support the muslims who have the stated goal of killing us? No prob. Drug our children for acting like children in school? No prob. Photo-shop images, lie like worthless thieves, misinform, and Not inform, and it's All Good as long as there is a free lunch at the end of the rainbow.  Nothing else matters.

It's the people, not the politicians.  The scum sucking anti-American POS's will always be there. They Have always been there.  People in earlier times simply rejected them.  Told them sternly to go back behind the baseboards and don't even come out when the lights are off.

Today?  There are too many people who invite the evil into their lives because they are weak and stupid.  That's the difference.  That's the challenge.

But we've been moving in this direction for about 56 years without doing a U-turn.  Who or what is going to cause the U-Turn to occur. Damned if I know, but it sure isn't going to happen when the majority doesn't even understand or care about the problem.

I figure we're on our own to make the best of.

I hope y'all do make the best of.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Here's My Problem With "Minority" Groups

Here's the news article link......  You'll find an F-Bomb in here too.

Housing Project For Elderly Gays Gets Approval In Philadelphia


And to make myself and Fredd happier, here are My Thoughts.


So taxpayers get to subsidize elderly gay living, you know, because they are Gay, and  as we all know deserve it because some redneck assholes actually spend time abusing on Gays, verbally and otherwise. (Not that I would even consider that a taxpayer problem, unless they end up in the grey bar hotel for it.)


Well; Here it is.  My Mom lived in an economy 3 room apartment in one of those high-rise apartment buildings in an economy neighborhood North of Pittsburgh.  The kind of place you find the majority of apartments occupied by older ladies who have lost their husbands, men who more than likely served in WWII and who have passed on.


She had to claim bankruptcy once, and barely scrapped by otherwise, with me helping her out from time to time.

Outside of the standard piss ant social security checks she got, she received No Money from taxpayers because of her status.


I could argue she deserved extra money like the 'older gays' are receiving because of what her and her husband did for this country but I'm not going to because I don't believe in begging unless you're living in a shoebox on the side of the road.


Conclusion: Fuck the older gays. Fuck the rest of the minority groups. Fuck the Bi-sexuals who I read recently want "Special Status".  Here's the special status I will give them... I will actually loudly Say "Fuck You" along with giving them the Finger when they make demands on my hard earned tax money.  If they're not happy with their lives, they can suck it up like everyone else does.


As far as I'm concerned, they get shit extra until good looking, non-minority status, hard working, tax paying studs like myself (and Fredd) as well as gorgeous hard working conservative women, and mothers (You know who you are) start getting Extra Pay for doing something in short "Minority" supply these days.  They actually fucking Contribute  to our society, culture, and country and the rest of the world's hurting and starving.

Just to clarify, if you're an able-bodied anything and you want money from me because you perceive someone doesn't like your pathetic ass, Fuck You.


If you're in a minority and you intend to make your own way, deal with life's little challenges and be self-accountable,  then I love ya man, or women, or other. Please go about your business.

Another footnote in our War on Losers that we are very much currently involved in.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Could ANY Person Possibly Do Less About Anything ??

Below is an image not a link.

 Isn't it so cool how the democrat propaganda media includes a 'pensive' pose of the imbecile to include in this absurd 'news story' about the Effing CinC ! who proudly states he is going to "stand fast" just like the vast majority of the rest of the 310 million Americans and 'others', (but not including our military members who are out there actually doing something about the murderous jackals and are Not just 'standing fast').

The Idiot is not even 'Condemning the murder of the Ambassador and the raiding of the other embassies.  Naw, the sociopath in chief is 'standing fast'.

Imagine the Loser Moron who reads such a POS article and thinks to themself "My Hero..." or "Our Very Cool Pres".

Good God Y'all !

Another almost noteworthy point of darkness in the imbecilic Loser War of 2012.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Andy Green Training to Pilot the 1000 MPH Car

An update on the project which take place in 2013-14

But this isn't just about the need for speed. Bloodhound is being used as educational tool to try to inspire school children into becoming the next generation of scientists and engineers.
More than 5,000 schools across the UK will be using videos from the Bloodhound project as part of their lessons.

Andy says: "We want to showcase the great engineers we have in this country and can have in the future.

"When you go into schools and talk about this project, children's eyes light up and it inspires them. That's what it's about for us."


Click the picture to read the rest.

BTW, Here is the 763 MPH Run in 1997

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LOL !!!

... There's one! Oooh, there's another one.  Wait, Two more ! And over there! Yes, 15 more!  There's anoter one !  (Boy Howdy this sure is easier than spotting Volkswagon's with wood trim ain't it Gunny?!) There's another.  And another.  Hey, There's 6 more.  And 50 more coming out of that field.  Oh, yet another 3.  OOoh, there's another 5. Over there! and Over here too, 4 more.  Oh, there's one alone.  And another.  hey Gunny, how many do we need to spot tonight?  Many as we can? Allright!  8 More right there. At least 5 in that Toyota...  There's a bunch of em!  Less see. 1..3...7...10...16...20..35...about 57 I guess. Same Number of states obama thinks are in America! heheheh. Oh, there's a couple more right there.  hey, should we count the camels? No? Dang.  Ok, well, here's 12 more.... and there another...7..............................

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

92 Year Old WWII Veteran Shoots and Kills Burglar

Here is the Vid

Excerpt: "Was I scared? Was I mad? Hell, no," Jones said. "It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself."
Here is the Story

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, Hell Yes ;-)

Hit the full screen button on the lower right in the vid....

The Sun is shining......... The Weather is sweat..yea 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lure of Easy Money.. It Has a Very Strong Appeal

Folks wonder what the hell has gone wrong with this country and it's citizens after a racist anti-American POS was put in the White House and allowed to stay there unfettered by media examination .  I believe I can explain it.

You cannot give an inch to a worthless parasite.  Seriously; even with everyone withholding aid and comfort to the low life parasites that are usually found behind the baseboards of America, they still found a way to get in our faces.  Even when the living meme was get an education, get a job, work hard, succeed, make a life for yourself and family.

Standing on the corners with cardboard signs, working twice as hard as we do at regular jobs, just being bums, coming up with the par excellence sob stories that afforded them their daily Night Train (<=link) while being held at bay by a society that recognized these losers for what they were.

That all changed in 2007-2008, when the renamed barry soetoro came along to give them a glimpse of the promised land.  They voted for this imbecilic loser in droves.  They crawled from their freight train cars to the democrat courtesy buses to vote in 2008 and they put that ghetto couple into the White House.

They've grown more abusive, irrational, rude, disgusting, ignorant and annoying because they've been Emboldened by the Imbecile in Chief and his administration of vampire clowns.

There is nothing more relentless than a loser bum that has its teeth in a wad of free money.

They have a grip on the easy money now and they're not going to give it up without a big fight.  Make no mistake - this war is against the low life of society, jazzed beyond description by the lure and capture of easy money.

Hell, let's lighten it up a bit.  Here's a nice tune from Chet, where he plays all notes simultaneously and at the same time more or less with the only special effects being an echo effect.  If you got to youtube to watch you'll see a live version he played on the Burt Reynolds show and can be amazed at the all notes on one guitar. I'd have posted that one but the sound quality is pretty bad.  LA Guitar Quartet plays it with 4 guitars.  I believe he wrote the tune while on a cruise.

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Cat's Eye Nebula, Served Two Ways

First, a wider view we haven't seen before.

And here is what that dealy-whopper (The Cat's Eye we're more familiar with[those of us who have been intimate with it anwyay]) in the very middle looks like up close.

As always, click the pictures to go to the APOD site and read a detailed explanation written by a smart person, then click again while there to get larger versions of the picture (usually).