Thursday, August 27, 2015

People in Foreign Countries Don't Understand Gun Violence in America

They didn't import slaves who spawned black welfare communities.  They don't and cannot understand the situations these neighborhoods create.  The black people they know came to their country because they were motivated opportunity seeking individuals, speaking the King's English and all the rest who first of all wanted to integrate into their target countries culture.

If we subtract the gun violence in all of the black welfare communities, (LA, Chicago, Detroit, Pittburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, etc etc.) we would probably be in the top 5 of non-violent gun crime countries in the world.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sounds Like a Twlight Zone Episode

A Star the mass of our sun but only as large as a small town...  Colors not explained and apparently Lucy wasn't available to fill in the blanks...(Blues are usually Oxygen, Greens are Helium and Orange/Reds are Hydrogen and/or Sulphur)

Anyway, click the image to go to the APOD site, get more info, click again and again and get the high resolution image where you can play Find the Pope in the Pizza.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Women in the Infantry - Not a Good Idea

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By Lieutenant General Gregory S. Newbold, USMC (Retired)

Spoiler Alert.  While the issue of women serving in the infantry of our Armed Forces is still officially open to review, the fix is already in and the issue has been decided.  The outcome is revealed below, but first some background…

In 2012, Leon Panetta (who served only nineteen months as the Secretary of Defense), announced just before his departure that all military occupations – including those which involve direct ground combat – would be open to women, thereby reversing not only 240 years of U.S. policy, but the lessons derived from thousands of years of warfare. 

Importantly, but almost as an afterthought, Secretary Panetta offered a caveat -- “If we find that the assignment of women in a specific position or occupation is in conflict with our stated principles, we will request an exception to policy.”  The stated principles included, “Ensuring the success of our Nation’s warfighting forces by preserving unit readiness, cohesion, and morale.”  The tone of the edict, though, was clearly opposed to this option, and the burden of high proof placed on those whose long experience might suggest another outcome.

A matter of such consequence to the security of our country deserves more engagement than by a single political appointee, even if endorsed by a President.  In fact, the Constitution of the United States (in Article I, Section 8), stipulates that it is the legislative branch that shall have the power, “To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval forces.”  This latter body, though (other than some whose shrill voices belies their lack of military experience), has been notably quiescent and has deferred to the judgment of this longtime politician and transitory occupant of the Defense Department. 

The American people -- largely informed by Hollywood fantasy and outlets biased in favor of Panetta’s measure -- are perhaps tone deaf, because they have been deceived by clever re-crafting of the issue.  To them, the issue has long been resolved because, “Aren’t women already in combat?”  (Yes, and performing very well, but the issue is women in the infantry.  Think “hand-to-hand combat,” and you’ll have a better title).  And, “If they can meet the physical standards, why not?”  (Physical requirements are well less than half of the important ingredients in the fighting power of a unit.  Fighting spirit is far greater in importance, and cohesion sapping sexual dynamics will be compounded exponentially in the remote and incredibly harsh environments of the infantry.  If Ivy League campuses can’t control these dynamics, how it can it be less so in the most primitive of human conditions?).  Or, “Warfare has changed, and it’s largely technology that will determine how we fight” (A statement repeated since the time of chariots, and refuted emphatically through today’s conflicts).  And, finally, “Other countries are already doing it, aren’t they?”  (Grossly exaggerated and not relevant to a nation with global commitments.  Beyond the hyperbole of these claims, they also don’t accommodate the emerging insistence by the issue’s champions that “fairness” [an odd word when applied to infantry combat] requires that integrated units must contain at least 20% women.)  Marketing wins over truth, and volume over logic.

Think of this.  While the American public would rise in outrage and incredulity if the government were to require the NFL to lower standards to force inclusion of women to 25% of their favorite team, they sleep through an issue whose outcome will have such grave influence on our national security.

The clock for seeking theoretical exemptions is ticking down, and while the two services most relevant to this issue faithfully test for quantifiable evidence of the impact of inclusion, the fix is already in.  The fix is in, because the decision has nothing to do with the readiness of the Armed Forces, but is solely about politics.  And politics on this issue is intimidated by those with the loudest voices and least experience or measured by those who count votes over principle and national security.  Pogo was right…“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Kid again:  If you're not convinced, read this short take by Ryan Smith - The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat from the WSJ

In case the article disappears, here it is.

America has been creeping closer and closer to allowing women in combat, so Wednesday's news that the decision has now been made is not a surprise. It appears that female soldiers will be allowed on the battlefield but not in the infantry. Yet it is a distinction without much difference: Infantry units serve side-by-side in combat with artillery, engineers, drivers, medics and others who will likely now include women. The Pentagon would do well to consider realities of life in combat as it pushes to mix men and women on the battlefield.
Many articles have been written regarding the relative strength of women and the possible effects on morale of introducing women into all-male units. Less attention has been paid to another aspect: the absolutely dreadful conditions under which grunts live during war.
Most people seem to believe that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have merely involved driving out of a forward operating base, patrolling the streets, maybe getting in a quick firefight, and then returning to the forward operating base and its separate shower facilities and chow hall. The reality of modern infantry combat, at least the portion I saw, bore little resemblance to this sanitized view.
U.S. Marines rest in an amphibious assault vehicle.ENLARGE
U.S. Marines rest in an amphibious assault vehicle. REUTERS
I served in the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a Marine infantry squad leader. We rode into war crammed in the back of amphibious assault vehicles. They are designed to hold roughly 15 Marines snugly; due to maintenance issues, by the end of the invasion we had as many as 25 men stuffed into the back. Marines were forced to sit, in full gear, on each other's laps and in contorted positions for hours on end. That was the least of our problems.
The invasion was a blitzkrieg. The goal was to move as fast to Baghdad as possible. The column would not stop for a lance corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, or even a company commander to go to the restroom. Sometimes we spent over 48 hours on the move without exiting the vehicles. We were forced to urinate in empty water bottles inches from our comrades.
Many Marines developed dysentery from the complete lack of sanitary conditions. When an uncontrollable urge hit a Marine, he would be forced to stand, as best he could, hold an MRE bag up to his rear, and defecate inches from his seated comrade's face.
During the invasion, we wore chemical protective suits because of the fear of chemical or biological weapon attack. These are equivalent to a ski jumpsuit and hold in the heat. We also had to wear black rubber boots over our desert boots. On the occasions the column did stop, we would quickly peel off our rubber boots, desert boots and socks to let our feet air out.
Due to the heat and sweat, layers of our skin would peel off our feet. However, we rarely had time to remove our suits or perform even the most basic hygiene. We quickly developed sores on our bodies.
When we did reach Baghdad, we were in shambles. We had not showered in well over a month and our chemical protective suits were covered in a mixture of filth and dried blood. We were told to strip and place our suits in pits to be burned immediately. My unit stood there in a walled-in compound in Baghdad, naked, sores dotted all over our bodies, feet peeling, watching our suits burn. Later, they lined us up naked and washed us off with pressure washers.
Yes, a woman is as capable as a man of pulling a trigger. But the goal of our nation's military is to fight and win wars. Before taking the drastic step of allowing women to serve in combat units, has the government considered whether introducing women into the above-described situation would have made my unit more or less combat effective?
Societal norms are a reality, and their maintenance is important to most members of a society. It is humiliating enough to relieve yourself in front of your male comrades; one can only imagine the humiliation of being forced to relieve yourself in front of the opposite sex.
Despite the professionalism of Marines, it would be distracting and potentially traumatizing to be forced to be naked in front of the opposite sex, particularly when your body has been ravaged by lack of hygiene. In the reverse, it would be painful to witness a member of the opposite sex in such an uncomfortable and awkward position. Combat effectiveness is based in large part on unit cohesion. The relationships among members of a unit can be irreparably harmed by forcing them to violate societal norms.
Mr. Smith served as a Marine infantryman in Iraq. He is now an attorney.
 Women in military - Yes, Infantry? No.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Just FYI - The American Economy Sucks - 93 Million People Not in Labor Force

Yes, 93 million people over the age of 16 are not in the labor force.  A bunch of them are pictured above on some form of permanent vacation that we taxpayers are paying for.  I doubt the number includes illegals, estimated by me at 20 million (some of those are working, we'll be generous and say half) and if we add in the people 16 and under, let's add say another 20 million?    So 93 million plus 10 million illegals plus 20 million kids is 123 million people out of a population of 300 million who are not paying taxes and the vast majority of those people are sucking money out of the system.

Update: Many of those working aren't paying taxes either, and in fact get more money back than they paid in via earned income credit.

Then a bunch of those are problem people so they add to the cost of having them running the streets or jails, especially when they're in jail and get tired of servicing bubba the cellmate so they decide to have us pay for a sex change so they can go live in the women's prison as a lesbian.  And all the other variations of how these suckers cost us money.

I can see your ears coming straight up like a beagle's as you say to yourself 'But Kid, how can the unemployment rate be 5.3% then?"  Answer: The UE number is bullshit.  Just like every other metric published by the government.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Future is Here !

You see where I'm going with this right?

Exactly, All we need to do is scale the 4 copter drone up to size and add some Self-Driving/Nav software and put People in place of the Camera and VOILA !  It's Jetson Living Time.  Most of us can now commute to work and back using endless highways in the sky.  No more traffic jams! No need for Roads! No more polluting internal combustion engines and exhaust pipes! No more Rear Enders! Assuming the assholes in DC start building Thorium/Molten Salt reactors all across the country to recharge these beautiful commuter vehicles.

If you didn't know, Amazon is working to have drones deliver packages to customers.   It's barely a hop skip and jump to have larger drones deliver people to and from their work and home.

Hey, No Charge.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So, I'm going to say I don't mind people hounding a doctor who lures a lion
​that has​
​to take care of ​
out of a protected area to kill it.  And
hat is with the bow and arrow?  They had to hunt it for 40 hours after putting an arrow into it and shoot it with a gun anyway.  Shoot it with the gun to start with.
​   One Shot​.  It's a concept that involves being humane to an animal that you're taking even if you're using a gun.

Well, the problem I have with this thing is that there are many more people deserving of hounding and harassing.  
​Some even in your own neighborhoods.​

How about the folks that have a dog tied up outside for days at a time.  People can see the dog as they drive by coming or going from their neighborhood.  The dog will suffer a lot more in total than Cecil did.  
ow about hounding these people?  If you have time to hound a doctor, you can hound these people.
​  Find out where they work, put up signs, "Hey Mr Doofus's Real Name, Why do you keep your dog tied up outside all the time?"  Let his co-workers know about it.​

How about Foie Gras ?  You know they torture the goose by continually stuffing food down it's throat to improve the flavor.  It's like waterboarding.  You are against that right?  Personally, I'll eat an animal, I just won't torture it first.  Like there's not enough other fantastic stuff to eat..

Planned Parenthood?  Huh?  They do nothing that involves parenting, they do abortions.  Have them renamed to Planned Abortions.

How about the babies being aborted then Planned Abortions selling the body parts.
​? ​
As far as I'm concerned abortion is between a woman and her God/her conscience, if it's done early.  Late term abortion based on nothing more than "I changed my mind" is disgusting and should be illegal.  How about post birth abortion?   Well, it's all legal so what can you do about it?  You can demand that you are not forced to pay for it at least. Make it a political issue.  Let the politicians
​ know​
they have no chance of being elected unless they're going to defund Planned Abortions.

How about moslems invading your communities en mass.  They're invaders.  They intend to live under Sharia as soon as their voting block gets big enough to make it happen.  Even outside of that they mostly live on welfare while conspiring against you.  Soon, they will turn American neighborhoods into shitholes like they are doing in all the European countries.
Hound these people - If they live in your neighborhood keep some cheap pork products smoking day in and day out
​ on a backyard grill​
.  Hound your politicians to start putting in restrictions now before it's too late.  Make sharia law illegal according to the Constitution.  They'll at least need to breed you out in 62% of the states to get that changed.

How about the Democrats who created the method to pay single females to pop kids out into zero opportunity, shit for education, drug and crime infested neighborhoods.  It's Slavery engineered as it always has been by the Democrat Party
​ supported​
their media propaganda arm.
​ They t
hen tell you it's your fault these poor people have to live like this.  Grow a brain and turn the spigot off.  Make it a showstopping campaign issue.  

How about politicians ?  Some of them do disgusting stuff like killing Cecils ​
AND​ steal your money.  
​If ​
they get elected while they're worth 100k and 4-6 years later they're worth 8 million, you know they stole your money.  Hound them suckers.  Continually drive by Pelosi's house from midnight to 7 am playing AC/DC and Rap at 140 decibels.  Ditto the rest of them.
The British hunted all the signers of the Declaration of Independence down - the Greatest Document and Proclamation in the History of the World, and killed, them, their families, their properties.  And the signers knew it would happen in advance.  We can't and shouldn't kill today's enemies. Modern enemies of our country, mostly Democrats should at least put up with Ac/DC from 12 am to 7 am at 140 decibels eh?

Now like with other emotional liberal "issues", business are bending over to appease the masses.  Same as when business pretends to be on board with all the other nonsensical libtard hot buttons.  They want your money. Now Top US Carriers are going to ban hunting trophies to be shipped on their planes.  Some of this stuff is perfectly legal, supported by hunting licenses sold by the various levels of Government so why the Ban...  They'll probably make up the plane's cargo shipping space with body parts from aborted fetuses.
I could list a whole bunch more.  We all could.
There is some seriously evil shit going on right here every day that deserves your passion and your activism. 

Cecil the Lion.  Geeez.  Show the world you have the capacity to extend your ability to react to all sorts o
 scumbags, douches, ass clowns, and all other forms of human garbage.​

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It Would Seem Everything in the Universe is Slow Moving

365 days for the Earth to revolve around the Sun, Millions of years for the Earth to make a full rotation of the Milky Way galaxy, everything else suspended in the deep space around us like frozen objects that won't change at all in many of our lifetimes put together.  It's enough to bore the feet off a road runner.

Not this guy.  This entire galaxy is zooming along at 7 million Kilometers per hour. That is 4,349,598.346 miles per hour.  The folks living there must be having a grand time.  Do they know they are moving or do they think everything else is moving.

For an entire description, with more information and higher definition images, click the picture.