Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raped With Telephone Poles

A plan to boost construction jobs nationwide by providing federal money to repair public schools is picking up support among unions, economists and liberal advocates with direct ties to the White House. 

Another union giveaway.  Yea, I'm sure it's "picking up support"

And here’s the Entire Liberal “thought” Process:

  1. Education is a ‘problem’.
  2. Spending money on schools will about Fix it !
  3. Throw as much money as you can at it obama !
  4. OK! Problem solved!  I’m so happy ! obama is doing such a good job !
  5. What’s next !?!

I honestly believe monkeys are smarter.

Monday, August 29, 2011

al gore and Global Warmings

All you need to know is this - Liars Scream the Loudest.  Liars Squirm the Most.

Really al?  So I'm a racist because I don't believe any global warming that may or may not be occurring is due to man's activities, you filthy rich, fat, ugly, sexual predator who's own ex-wife is still trying to scrape you off the sole of her shoe.

Really al? you who own 3 or more massive energy consuming mansions that flies around in an old business jet that doesn't even consume it's fuel in a miserly fashion?

you who have spearheaded this effort to have us all obtain energy from absurd and completely uneconomical sources, resulting in the inflation of food prices to the point that many people around the world who were living on the edge already are now starving because they can't afford to live.  you and your pals should be at the Hague on trial for Genocide.

Approximately 1 billion people—or one sixth of the world’s population—subsist on less than $1 per day. Of thispopulation, 162 million survive on less than $0.50 per day. At the household level, increasing food prices have thegreatest effect on poor and food-insecure populations, who spend 50 to 60 percent or more of their income on food,according to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 

You know what you prick? Even if global warming is occurring and man's activities are responsible, nothing can be done.  Even if all Americans buy $50 LED light bulbs from China and toss out there incandescents -  even if they freeze in winter and roast in summer while your 3 or more mansions remain in the comfort zone - even if they reduce their toilet paper use to 4 squares a day and find some way to avoid flushing your non-working toilet less than 50 times a day, it won't make any difference.

There are a billion people in India who are about to go exponential with their energy usage because they want a better life and they are getting to the point that they have the money now since bill clinton, another piece of garbage sexual predator, gave the keys to America to them and our jobs all went there.

Ditto China to a greater extent.

They don't care about some global warming concept even if it were true.  THEY want a better life and they are going to consume MASSIVE amounts of energy and resources to get it.

All that is being accomplished is tightening resources to the point that is is very painful for many people, as in a couple billion.  The result will be war and nothing worthwhile or economical happening with energy.  War's are almost always the result of someone Bogarting the resources.

Crawl back under the rock al.

btw - If we really wanted economical-renewable energy, we'd be building solar and thorium based Molten Salt Reactors all over the country.  Right now.  Why aren't we? Money of course and the need for it to go the the 'right people'.  And these people have no reason to be called right.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuneage for Friday, August 26, 2011

I usually like to post stuff I don't think many have heard, but this one is forcing it's way into America lately. imho of course. 

The thrill is gone...., taken away by the enslaved, the loser, the moron, the terminally dependent voters and the assholes they vote for. 

.... you done me (America) wrong baby, gonna be sorry someday........ 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Shiny Stuff and The Brown Colored Stuff

..The Shiny Stuff: 

The experts all feel that gold, after going parabolic in the last couple weeks was ripe for some profit taking and panic selling. Voila. At this point, they also pretty much agree that gold will be soft for 6 weeks to a couple months before it will attack it's high, if in fact it does. I think it will. 

From an economic-dollar value-housing market sucks point of view - Nothing has changed and things will get worse. Fredd, I think you're going to have to hold off claiming victory of Gold cratering back to 300/oz...It's got more to go. And the miners like NGD have held up very well under the selling pressure of the metal. 

 As far as the brown colored stuff:

I have to tell you that I can't think of one single thing that is happening in the USA that is business friendly, employment friendly (same thing of course) or recovery friendly in any form whatsoever. Not a one. Can you? Clue me in. 

I heard today that the EPA is going to use it's muscle to put coal fired power plants out of business post haste, meaning very soon. With nothing to replace them. They say 82% of the electricity in Ohio will vanish from the grid. "They" are doing this to bring the country down - If it happens. How could anyone who isn't insane think anything else? 

Skyrocketing energy costs will cause more unemployment which begets more unemployment. 

As an extension of that thought, isn't it obvious we have 4 branches of government, not 3? That the EPA can impose fines and have a legal material impact on businesses that service the country and ourselves without oversight from Congress means they are an autonomous branch of government. 
And Checks and Balances? PUHLEASE!  

The HC bill is passed without a single republican voting for it and 70% of the population against it then and still ? 

There are no checks and balances. 

There are 4 branches of government (at least) not 3.Voters, especially democrat voters don't have a clue. It will be 50 years before they even notice and they will scream "What happened?" 
Wolf Blitzer's grandson will be hosting the romper room on CNN and will fill them in that it was the Tea party that did them in. 

Finally, The Republicans ARE NOT protecting us from this onslaught. They're a useless pack of greedy idiots. Vote them out please in favor of Tea Party. Let's see what the Tea Party can do with sufficient numbers.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Thoughts on Liberals

Not young ones, they haven't had time or experience enough to see that most liberal concepts like equality, socialism, gun free societies, and all the rest of it are dead ends and fairy tales.

I'm talking about the older ones who should know better.  Like a old lawyer friend of a friend who says Michele Bachmann is a nut and who only adopted kids for the money, as well as finds fault in all non-democrats. When my friend presses him for a source, or any sort of proof, he simply pffffts and states it's common knowledge.
Would he walk into a car dealer and believe the salesmen when they say their cars are the best? Course not, so why does he blindly believe the sort of talking points that obviously come from the liberal echo chamber known as the democrat media ?  There is no good explanation.  It's paradoxical.

I think there are a couple main things in play.

I think liberals are extremely dependent on their fantasies about the world they live in.Translate that in your own way as descriptive from me wouldn't do it justice and potentially just cloud the point.
The point is, because of this, they simply cannot allow too many facts or too much reality to seep into their brains.  To do so risks losing the fantasy and like a heroine addict they will guard that state of being with their life. It is why they go ape shit when they see reality posted on your websites.  (I say your, because I don't think any liberals read me.)

The other point, especially today, is that they are simply too dependent on the democrats.  They perceive it that way anyhow.  I've had them tell me the republicans or recently the Tea Party, wants to cancel welfare. Well, of course conservatives want everyone to be successful, and would certainly take no one off of life support until they could walk on their own.  I certainly wouldn't.  So it's easy for the democrat media to spin that.

In summary, you have heroine-like fantasy addicts, wholly dependent on the government, that are going to vote anytime they get the chance.  And they aren't going to entertain any concepts resembling reality or rationality.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are We There Yet ?!?


I think we may be about there.  

  • The Fed is out of bullets.  It has interest rates at zero and has deployed all the stimulus it had in its gun.  It hasn't worked and there will be deep resistance to keep printing money.
  • Repossessions are accelerating over last years levels despite all the efforts of the Fed.
  • We're heading for another Recession, and I'd say we never left the one we were in. We may even be in Depression.  The highest unemployment rate  during the Great Depression was 25%.  Measured the same way, today's rate is 20% +
  • The Great Depression was just getting started right when everyone thought it was over.
  • The stock market rallied from the crash of 29 only to fall back to about the low point of the crash before rising steadily through to 1950 before it rose above the 29 level and stayed there.  Will history repeat?
  • France and Germany's Latest solution for the Massive economic crisis caused by Ireland, Portugal, Italy Spain and Greece going bankrupt is to impose a financial transaction tax.  A tax of stock trades.  This will Kill the market by removing liquidity and won't help anything.  They've already banned short sales.  Anytime this has been done the markets have not gone up, they've gone down.
By doing such stupid things, there is now a Crisis Of Confidence.  This is what you saw in the markets today. The 'Big Money' does not believe Europe et al, or the USA has any ammunition left to actually solve a problem and money is running and hiding.

We are in new waters now. The period from the March 09 low through Yesterday was last chapter. We start the new chapter today. I have no idea where it leads, but I think it's gonna be painful and chaotic.

The stock market has rallied since March of 2009 because of the money printing.  As the dollar was devalued, assets like a barrel of oil or a share of IBM had to be repriced. Imagine "Today" the dollar is worth 1.00 and IBM sells for 100 bucks a share.  Tomorrow the dollar is worth 95 cents.  IBM sells for 106 bucks and is worth exactly the same as it was yesterday.
In short, if your 401K is up 38% but the dollar is down 40%, what have you gained?  Well, Negative 2% actually.  There never was a 'recovery'.  The market simply repriced assets as the value of the dollar fell.

Gold is the only thing I've been interested in investing in for a while now. I mentioned UXG before but it looks like UXG is not going to participate in the rise of the price of gold because they're not actually digging the stuff up yet.  The mines who are sifting it out of the ground and have significant deposits and/or low costs per ounce of obtaining it are being rewarded.  fwiw - NGD is one of my favorites now.

And NO, it wouldn't surprise me if the federal government finds a way to put its jack boot on Gold like it did during/after the Great Depression. 

Man, this sucks because obama and crew are doing the Exact Wrong things to stimulate Employment growth by shoving obamacare AND massive regulation down the throat of business. The co-founder of Home Depot recently stated that it would be Impossible to start a business like that in today's obama inspired regulated environment and added that the easiest and quickest way to reduce cost was to reduce head count.

Will there be a country left in Jan 2013 ?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tampa police thwart teen's Columbine-style plot

This is what you get when you demoralize a country.

We get this shit now once a month.  Some defective human wants to or does commit mass murder in the USA. We've got more shit going on here than Iraq ever thought about.

When government makes no sense and takes no responsibility. When government is a collection of tax cheating clowns and/or assorted criminals and criminally incompetent buffoons.

When its Ok to be a muslim who doesn't object to members of its own faith who commit mass murder and chant death to America by the millions but it's not Ok to be a grandmother who doesn't want to be sexually molested by the TSfuckingA.

When responsible people are severely penalized and the worthless dregs are rewarded.

When the President of the United States laughs at the suffering of millions of its population (subconscious no doubt for these young obama supporting people)

When the family unit becomes as dysfunctional as it is and children grow up with no mentor, and no guidance.

When the media acts like a pack of howling monkeys hurling its own feces from the cage at the population about every subject under the sun on a daily basis.

This is what you get.

I kept it at the 10,000 foot level as I doubt anything else actually gets through to these idiots.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I simply have to share....



A New Great Read Has Been Added - Calling England

Goodnight Vienna is at the tip of the Non-Terrorist-Muslim-Takeover-From-Within Spear happening now in England and escalating well beyond the comfort zone...

The real threat from these mongrels.

You Are No Longer Living in America


obama says “Warren Buffet gives us a quadruple A.” “We’re still a Triple A country.” 

No we’re not ! We’ve been downgraded. Will Warren Buffet or obama pick up the slack for you when your interest rates rise? Course not. Therefore, obama’s statement is that of an irresponsible, lying, incompetent 5 year old. 

The President of the United States refuses to accept reality in any form. That is not the trait of people who have respect for the people who put them in power, let alone someone with the capacity to solve a problem. You don’t lie to someone you respect every time you open your mouth. The respect meter has been in negative numbers since these assholes took over were voted into power. 

And this nonsense goes beyond "normal" spin. It’s insulting beyond description. These clowns have done nothing positive - have accomplished nothing positive in 2.5 years in control of a country with serious problems.

What is their defense ? It’s the Tea Party’s fault. A collection of folks elected in 2010 that make up such a small percentage of Congress thus far as to not have the slightest effect on anything ! 

Unbelievable.It’s of course, the result of spending by the democrats and the democrat’s failure to come up with a budget for the 2.5 years they’ve been in control of the Senate, House and White House. And they’ve been in control of Congress since 2006. 

Unbelievable. You are no longer living in America, and it didn’t just happen yesterday. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Cycle Of Life

Doesn't this represent the full circle of emotion we all go through with anything significant that happens in our lives ?

Life and Death. Relationships. Pets. Investing. Politics. Children. Even strangers for those conservatives who by their nature have compassion.  Anywhere there is hope for a better tomorrow.  

If I may be bold and offer some advice; "Buy" your dream at the bottom and sell it at the top instead of the other way around - which is what the vast majority of people do.  I know - it's hard to avoid.

click for larger image

Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, Some Good News in All This

Given the low tax revenues at the state and local government levels, they are puking jobs like Gary in that Scene from Team America...

LANGUAGE ! Don't say I didn't warn ya!

From Old Uncle Joe who got fired down at the toilet factory and couldn't work the french fry bin at McDonald's that managed to get hired to throw pencils at the drop ceiling in your local city administration building to the totally dysfunctional nephew with way too many disassociated tattoos and the contents of a fishing tackle box applied to his face - to the completely unaware communist indoctrinator hired as a teacher at your local incredibly, unbelievably, ludicrously over-funded School.

And yes, there were a few good people let go too.  Those who came back from Iraq or Afghanistan with 3 or 6 tours under their belt and got a job in your local police department, but that is going to be the rare exception.

I'll tell you what's happening.  Push is coming to shove just like it did in the private sector that started in March 2000, when the private sector was shedding every loser that that got hired because of Y2K, the build-out of the internet and the massive PC to the home explosion.  Governments at all levels except for the one led by the imbecile, has figured out that raising taxes in order to keep these losers on the payroll will only make the economy worse and decrease revenue even further.

Imagine that. Rebecca Blunt, in your local township administration office, is 10 times smarter than the president.

This phenomenon has finally arrived at your local government offices.  11 years later.  Imagine all the money we spent on those losers the last 11 years all across the country.

I'd say that's some Good News !