Monday, April 29, 2019

Another POS Jumps Into the Defecrat Clown Car

For the first time in years, ISIS leader al-baghdadi comes out of hiding and along with urging his supporters to kill in massive quantity he also announces his bid for president for the Democrat party.

(no photo - sumbich too ugly)

It is expected he'll pick ilhan omar as a combination running mate and sex slave.

Say's he is sure he will carry Minnesota.

His platform is to kill off all of the white infidel men in America which will get him the progressive and feminist vote.  Sumbich has a chance as defecrats also like to vote for ugly evil bastards.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lets Review The Current Candidates for President

AOC: (Well she's hoping to get the Constitution changed in time for her to run.)  "Someone asked me the other day What is 3 times 16 ?  Well all I can say is I have a dream.  Plus there is no answer to this question.  This is that pumpkin pie algoreithm that there is no definite answer to.  Like who cares anyway?  Like we're trying to save the planet.  Like who cares about math?  We need to be building railroads across the oceans.  Please view my infovid below and support me.

Also, Joe Biden tried to sexually assault me. And stop looking at my backside !!!! Concentrate on my brain ! I'm a Woman !"

Amy Klobuchar: "I'm a stone cold Bitch.  WTF else do you need to know?   Ask me a question and I'll have you killed.  Platform?  What the hell is a platform?  Forget about my shoes !  And stop looking at my backside !  I don't even have one!"

Cory Booker:  "I am not only Spartacus, I am Jesus Christ Incarnated.  I have more street cred than Barry Soetoro (barack obama) because I was never even a community organizer.  I'm a pot smoking, coke sniffing bisexual for God's sake.  Hey excuse me for bringing up the "God" thing."

Kamala Harris: "Hell yea I'm a flip flopper.  I'm a better flipper than John Fing Kerry, the UN Pussy.  Ask me anything and I'm either for it or against it. Wait maybe I am for it.  Tomorrow might be different.  I'm flexible !  We need flexibility in today's crazy topsey turvey world !  The President of the USA needs to be Flexible !   If you have any doubt about my flexibility, just axe Willie Brown !  Hell, I'll do you too if you vote for me.  Plus, I'll make sure you get all the free money you want !  Big Money!  Big Money !  Spin the wheel!  Wait, I'll spin it for you ! Naked too !"

Elizabeth Warren:  "Elect ME and I will make sure those big banks who's pocket I'm in will not to anything bad to you.  What could those things be?  Shit if I know, I just know most of the knuckle-dragging people who live in the fly over states are paranoid of the "Big Banks".  Well, (wait while I go get me a beer [that's how you dirt people talk right?] I'm here to pretend to save you from a non-existent threat - Big Banks. They're BAD.  Take my word for it.  nothing else matters.  Well, Reparations !  Shit almost forgot about the black peoples !  Hey bro, I'm down wit you alls ! I gonna get you Reparations Money !  Also.." (click) (sorry liz, outta time)

Tulsi Gabbard:  "I don't know what to say.  Can someone tell me what to say?  TIA"

Bernie Sanders:  "FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE !!!! Also People should not have to put up with the best Economy in America's History !! Am I right !?
Open Borders!  Eliminate the ICE !  Eliminate the racist police forces !  Delete all the laws !  Let's do Communism like the Soviets tried but let's do it way better !  Let's have everybody suffering !  No toilet paper for anyone !"

Beto O'Rourke:  "Nothing I say is true!  I'm the Perfect Democrat !  I'm a better liar than obama !  Top That!"

 Kirsten Gillibrand:  "I'm a METOO girl, woman, female, whatever.  I'm at least 9 versions of gender and I should be elected because I've been assaulted.  Some guy on a subway touched my ass once.  I'm also in the pockets of the lawyers unions and Wall Street... (What I shouldn't of said that? Why didn't you tell me earlier You Prick?)"

Eric Swalwell:  "Kill the babies!  Take the Guns !!  What Else Ya Need to Know!"

Pete ButtiCrack: "Hey, I'm a homo !  That should qualify me right off the bat!  If that isn't enough, know that as soon as I saw Bruce Jenner dressed up like a woman with his manhood tucked down between his thighs, I wanted to have sex with him 69 ways from Sunday right on the spot!  Huh ?!  Who wouldn't want THAT! Huh!   If I'm elected, sex with same sex people will not only be legal on subways and all other public transportation, it will be vigorously Encouraged !  Huh !? Who's not down with That!"

Joe Biden:  "I've run for the the Presidency more times than anyone!  Clearly this means I'm over-qualified !  And Hey forget that shit about me assaulting women.  They wanted it and they know they wanted it.  They're just trying to save face.  Hell all of them would come begging me to feel them up given the chance.  Even the 10 year old girls.  They loved me copping a feel of their emerging breasts and tight little butt cheeks.  Look at the youtubes!  You can see them smiling!
Ok, so I don't know my ass from a patch of fur on a groundhog.  So what?  Who the hell in Washington does !  none of that shit matters !  The rich bastards run everything anyway !  It's My Turn !  It's My Turn !"

Several other blowjobs are running also, but why bother mentioning them.  No chance.

Friday, April 26, 2019

All Ya Need to Know

This was Pre-Trump.  Personally, I believe Trump and family have committed themselves to make America something different for us.  The waters are treacherous, the navigation complicated, but when the majority wants to keep the status quo, what can you expect?  Nothing is easy, and restoring America at this point in time is going to be the hardest thing to do.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

An Alternate View to Immigration

At the speculative 50,000 foot level....

Base camp information:  a birth rate below 1.9 children per family guarantees economic and cultural destruction.  The EU countries are below that and America is also below that level...

So, we know that the federal government has totally screwed the American taxpayer starting with killing JFK and then with LBJ stealing the Social Security funds to buy black voters.  In addition, they've allowed Medicare $ to be stolen at the rate of 50 % of that money being fraud (the feds are profiting from this there can be no doubt)

We know that Congress is more incompetent than a dead squirrel and completely focused on self-enrichment.

I read that Medicare will be insolvent in 7 years and social security by 2035.  These useless bastards have kicked the can down the road to the point there ain't no more road.

What do we see going on in America relative to this 'problem'?

Well, just like the EU countries who experienced their 'end of road' situation much earlier than the USA because those socialist countries have economic systems that would make a Gila Monster eat its own puke to survive, they are "forced" to import all manner of human garbage in the hopes that the garbage will magically transform into tax paying, mostly law abiding, economy enhancing integrated citizens.

They couldn't be more wrong.  The stupid bastards, including the USA are importing a majority of welfare queens who have no intention of assimilating into American culture.  They are focused on getting everything for free and eventually transforming America into another islamic sharia shithole.  And it will happen as soon as the aliens, immigrants, and shit for brains kids become the majority. That isn't far off when garbage like clinton got 49% of the vote in 2016.

It's a catch 22.  Stop immigration and watch our soon to be economic collapse or hope enough of these imported people pay taxes and keep our system alive.  Doubtful in any case. Most or enough of them are on welfare that the overall contribution to our programs is either negative or worthless.
Also, the illegals are shipping 66 billion a year back to their home countries.  First off - so why can't they pay their own way, and second, why are we allowing this?

Final thought - If the feds didn't want this to be happening, it would not be happening.  Try not paying your taxes and see how lenient and incompetent the feds are with things they are interested in.

Whaddya Think?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Werner Von Braun says

You're welcome..

And that ARABsat 6A communications satellite must've been one heavy mother.

Seems to me, the heavier it is the more fuel and rocket you need, which make it heaver still which requires more fuel and rocket which makes it heavier still which......

Of course, click the pic !

Friday, April 19, 2019

Cats !

I was going to grab a bunch of these cat gifs, load em up into this post, and publish, but then I went here and realized there is no such thing as a bad cat gif so why go through all that effort.  Plus it's not my place to determine which ones you'd like the best anyway.

So, click on the below decoy image and spend a few hours exploring cat gifs !

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Y'All See the Pic of the Pope Kissing the Islam Guy?

I think the Pope could actually learn stuff from AOC..

Anyway, anyone Remember Father Sarducci doing the Find a the Pope In a the Pizza thing?

Well, Now you lucky folks (I don't want to assume gender here) have a shot at Find a the Dolphin In a the Jupiter Picture.   I found it a right away..

Yes Pisano,  of course you can click a the Pic and see more stuff.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Oddly, I Ended Up Watching a Bit of the Bernie Sanders Flim Flam Act on FOX

So, let's get right to it.

Bernie, like so many other flim flam people spends a lot of time talking about the problems Americans are facing.

"Health Care Should be Better !  America spends the most and not everyone gets healthcare."
"The Cinnamon Rolls Should Be FREE!"
"Students Can't Afford College"
"Americans should not have to put up with ----- fill_in_the_blank"  (which covers the rest of it and saves me lots of typing)

SO !


Answer: NO!


DID THE FOX 'NEWS' FOLKS EVEN THINK OF CHALLENGING BERNIE ON ANY OF THIS CRAP BY INJECTING QUESTIONS SUCH AS "Mr Sanders, Can you tell us what your plan is to deal with Fill In The Blank?".  No they didn't. Not on any of it.

This is one of those "Fool me once it's your fault, fool me twice it's my fault", except in this case it is "Fo0l me 1,000 times and I'll still kiss your ass, believe you'll still love me in the morning, and vote you into the highest office on the Earth -then not even know whether you did a good job or not when it's over because I'm a freaking Moron".

Come On.  It's not That hard is it?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

We Cannot Let Black Holes Merge On The Earth

Imagine the consequences.

Gender re-assignment in the womb for God's Sake as one example.

Click the pic to see the short Video, which in real time would only last 1/3rd of a second.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Now There's a Beauty !

The Rosette Nebula.  This is one you can zoom in on over at APOD once you click here while reciting a curse on islam and libtardia.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

They're Even Screwing Up Dating !

It is reported that the number of jobless claims was below 200,000, the lowest number since some specific day and month in 1969.  Of course, 1 is the loneliest number...

Anyway, this is a high point, meaning it can't stay this way forever.  It might last weeks, months, or even years, but it will Not last forever.  The unemployment number will once again climb.  How does this realte to dating.

Well, this brings me to the man/woman relationship situation. I read where the number of STD's is very high, maybe the highest, so we can easily assume lots of men and women are having lots of sex(or men and men and women and women?).   At some point though - as a direct result of the metoo movement, men are going to begin to adopt a very cautious stance regards engaging women romantically.   Personally, If I were single and in the dating scene, I'd be leaning toward not trusting a single female to not have designs on screwing me financially.  I'd actually be talking to lawyers about it in terms of protecting myself.

I think this environment finds itself more than less resulting in men not being interested in engaging romantically with women. And no, forget the homosexual rabbit hole I just opened up.  I'm not talking about men being homos, I'm talking about men who don't trust women to the point that they may even start investing in Japanese companies who are fervently working on creating realistic female sex robots.  It's already happening in Japan.  Men take their Nintendo DS 'girlfriend' to a hotel and even book a double occupancy room.

Personally, I think the Earth itself is causing this to happen, as George Carlin Explains in this educational video ........

Monday, April 8, 2019

Diamonds for Everyone !

Imagine if the Earth was in the middle of this hot mess.  How could you sleep ?

Anyhoo, enjoy the field of diamonds.

Then enjoy the Fields of Gold, played by our friend Tommy Emmanuel.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

For You Scorpios

Heck yea, click the pic and read the description.  It's beyond me how people looked at some random formation of stars and decided to make them constellations with names.
Of course, there was no light pollution in those days and people had little else to do beside look at the night sky and wonder.  And look for food of course.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Medicare For All

England has had it long time.  It's called NHS - National Health Service and it has been touted worldwide as the pinnacle? of health care.  It SUCKS.  Canada Single Payer Sucks too.  All Single Payer Heath Care Sucks because there isn't enough money in the world.

New data shows Britain’s version of ‘Medicare for all’ continues to collapse with wait times for care reaching more than NINE months..

And Hey, if you're over 70, forget getting health care.

And you want the government to control your access to health care...

How about THIS !  88 Billion borrowed by Americans to get Health Care and the vast majority had Health Insurance !!

In 1968, I had a broken left leg, crushed in 2 places, broken in 2 more and a broken ankle. 45 days in hospital with all that entails, 120 shots of morphine, 2 orthepedic surgeries, total cost $1,800.00 !  Word.

Get a clue !

Friday, April 5, 2019

AOC Has Emailed Me More Ideas To Save The Planet

Pursuant to Z's request, I have not included pictures of the AOC beast in the current post.  I have included this image instead.

In case the Green new Deal is not performing to expectation.  As follows:

  • everyone will wear a headdress when outside that will have a mirror afixed to the top to direct sunlight back into space
  • we will go to a 26 hour day and put the extra 2 hours during night time,  This is 2 more hours the sun won't be shining and heating things up.  Daylight savings time  proves we can do this
  • everyone living near the coast (within 5 miles) will be required to purchase a large ice maker (for which they will obtain a tax credit), then make ice 24 (oh wait 26) hrs a day and haul it down to toss into the oceans
  • everyone randomly holds their breath for as long as possible throughout the day
  • whilst sleeping everyone will wear a device similar to CPAP masks where oxygenated air goes in and the CO2 comes out and is captured and stored in holding tanks near the bed.  They will take these tanks to the local exchange office and obtain a new empty tank when theirs is full
  • everyone across the USA will have a water wheel to provide electricity.  If water is not available to drive their wheel they will simply power the wheel with an outside water hose.  They'll pay a little more in their water bill, but like we're saving the Planet here.  Like get on board.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fundamentally Changing America: The effort continues

A Guest Post from Mustang

American politics has become a bruhaha —and this is no coincidence.  Neither is this:

  • James Comey lied to Congress
  • Comey deputy Andrew McCabe lied to Congress
  • James Clapper lied to Congress—on several occasions
  • John Brennan lied to Congress
  • Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin lied to FBI investigators
  • Samantha Power illegally unmasked the names of Americans being monitored by the government
  • Susan Rice lied when she denied making requests to unmasking Americans being monitored by the government
  • Brue Ohr lied by omission about the fact that his wife Nellie helped to assemble the Steele/Fusion-GPS dossier
  • Christopher Steele is a foreign agent who cited Russian foreign agents as his source of information
  • Foreign agents (Josef Mifsud, Malta and Alexander Downer, Australia), attempted to influence Trump aide George Papadopoulos (and others) to affect the outcome of the 2016 election
  • James Comey leaked classified material to his friend, a college professor—requesting that he (not Comey) leak it further to the press
  • James Baker, former FBI General Counsel, illegally leaked classified documents
  • James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and Sally Yates all signed-off on FISA warrants that were based on the Steele Dossier without disclosing to the court that the dossier was “made up” and paid for by the Democratic National Party
  • Loretta Lynch “just happened” to meet with Bill Clinton at an Arizona airport but never mentioned Hillary Clinton, who was under investigation by the FBI/Justice Departments.  Was this a lie, too?
  • Andrew McCabe was in charge of the investigation looking into the Hillary Clinton violations
  • Robert Mueller appointed a legal team stacked with Democratic donors
  • All of the above-mentioned people stated publicly that Donald Trump should be “prevented” from winning the 2016 election

So then, coincidentally, where was the conspiracy or the collusion?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I Bring You The Secret Info - Green New Deal...

For 24.95 (+35.00 tax), I was able to procure a full and complete copy of the Green New Deal in PDF, 3025.4 pages, double spaced in Times New Roman 16 pt bold font.

What has yet to be announced and that I've gleaned from the fine print and some handwritten notes follows.  It's kinda scary.


AOC dicates that:

- Each country will cull a minimum of 25% of their populations over the next 10 years, focusing on the big energy user and tippy top people.  The wealth of the tippy top people will be confiscated and redistributed.

A general effect of the culling can be maximized if the highest culling is among the male population, The effects will be greater because it is a fact that females neither fart nor poop and if they do, then only robin's egg sized things once or twice per year. Also the women will have a larger selection of potential mates (or torture victims), whatever the case my be.
(AOC Note - Also by culling off the white males, there will be much less White Supremacy, X-phobias, racism, and sexual assaults !)

- Every home, workplace, and public place, and every pasture will be fitted with a sufficient number of FPC's  (Fart Processing Collectors).  These will be even more plentiful than electric charging stations.  Everyone including the cows will be trained to back up to one of these when the need arises and deposit the offending gas into a lubricated tube where it will be vacuumed into chambers deep underground, compressed, transferred to rockets and sent to the sun as the containers reach capacity.  
Laws concerning indecent exposure will be amended to exclude this activity as it occurs in public places such as at table side in restaurants, etc.  Also this practice gets the population ready for what the government has planned for them next.  Be happy that you're being lubricated....
Folks in attendance who fail to assist in the insertion of the lubricated collector tube will be subject to a $1000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

- CO2 will be processed similarly but will be just sucked right out of the air and locked safely away.
(AOC - When all the CO2 is gone, all the plants will die and the Vegans will have nothing to eat...  Rethink possible on this one. (Like, you know, like what... right?)

- All white males in existence will be steralized, then steralization upon upon birth mandatory if necessary.  A mother may decide a male child is a female trapped in a male body and in great suffering and a transition operation can then occur immediately before the white supremacist even knows what hit him.  Fathers continue to have no say over a woman's body.  (Handwritten note from AOC - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)
There is much more but do you really want to read it?