Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rule 5 Thang

Seems everyone on my reading list is doing rule 5 stuff this weekend. I would be remiss if I did not offer up Marissa Miller as my personal contemporary favorite.

Pure feminism......

There Is more than one reason Men want to live with Women ya know...

The suit is painted on.....someone call 911 Ok?...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Six Strategies to Kill The Truly Evil [non]Health Care Bill

Here are six key strategies that a Republican Congress could employ to put on the brakes:

• Defund it.
• Dismantle it.
• Delay it.
• Disapprove regulations.
• Direct oversight and investigation.
• Delegate to the states.

(I like how they all start with 'D' but I'm not sure why.)

Read the Details Here.

My personal favorite is Delegate to the States, because I believe ultimately, the States are going to have to protect themselves from the Supreme Court and the Dictatorial Government the next time some bastards like obama and crew get voted in, and I'd say they're gonna need some practice and what better than to do it by refusing to accept this evil bucket of nonsense. But I also think we should do all 6 between 2011 and 2013, then repeal it completely on January 23rd, 2013 and do nationwide throttling of the lawyers instead.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naw... Nothing Out There !


Nothing At All !

Click the image for a high resolution version. Click again to make it large enough to explore. Almost every dot of light is a galaxy. A googleplex to the power of a googleplex of googleplexes of Earth's could fit in this tiny dot of the sky.

A googleplex is a 1 with a hundred zero's after it.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Short Story - Haiti


So, I just went to google and searched the news for Haiti.  After all the money poured into that place, I wondered if I'd even see one story about the RELIEF that the people have experienced with all the money people have sent in there.

Nope. Just calls for more money, and one story about how after all the money poured into Haiti, 1.3 million people are still displaced to the point of living under trees and rocks. So More money is needed.

I understand how tempting it is to send donation money to an event like the Haiti Earthquake. For 'the Chiilllllldrenn'.

The Children don't get the money or anything else the money could buy. The money goes to the asshole dictators who hold a whole country full of people hostage.

Please stop sending these people money. Haiti. Iran. N Korea, and many many other places that are being run by escapees from hell.

PS - Guess how much the grownup liberals have sent them. I'll bet zero. Not the young idealistic ignorant liberals, the old sociopathic bastard liberals are who I'm talking about. The ones that think the chaff of the United States (That's us) should bear the brunt of any donating or participation in anything that actually provides some value somewhere. Because, they're too good. Their job is to lead us knuckle draggers who are too stupid to know what's good for us. Like the 70% + opposition to the HC bill as a simple example. Well, this is supposed to be a short story...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Iran and North Korea are Punks

Shut them down and do the world a favor.  At least we wouldn't have to read about their pathetic asses anymore in the democrat run media....

So, today the news is announcing Iran's unmanned bomber
A range of 620 miles? 13 feet long? Looks like a rocket engine, not a jet as reported, and I'll eat the internet if it has video feed and is controllable from the ground.   It's hardly an 'unmanned bomber' in 21st century terms.  It's more like a loose canon that's short on ammo and long on jocularity.

It supposedly can carry up to 4 cruise missiles which I don't believe for a second. Therefore I'd say this is little more than, if that, Germany's V1.

I'd bet the V1 was more capable.

Man, these people are a joke. Hey, Mackmood Ammafrigginidiot, you're pathetic.

Speaking of which, I'm really doubting how much N Korea is capable of. Including artillery. That jet that was supposedly brought into China by a defector and crashed in a field, didn't even have fresh paint on it. I can't imagine they are putting the necessary money into maintenance of their military machines. I suspect quite the opposite. I think, like Reagan did with Russia, we ought to just call BS on N Korea and see what they have. Of course, that decision would mostly be up to S. Korea. I'll bet they'd fold like a house of cards made of toilet paper.

Which explains why Kim Jong Il keeps shooting his wad all over the place from time to time. Sun Tzu "When you are weak make your enemy think you are strong".

Course, that works in our favor with Iran. Apparently, Iran thinks America is Weak well, right now, given we have a pussified racist anti-American in the Oval office, a lobotomized squirrel for Vice-president and a walking dead Moron of the nth degree as Speaker of the House, I can see why they might get that idea.

Hey Mackmood, you twerp, hold off a few more months before you come and attack us and kill us all off like baby mosquitoes in a bug zapper OK?

Sun Tzu "When you are strong, make your enemy think you are weak".

Contrary to N. Korea, which doesn't cost us much, certainly not in terms of the lives and well being of our finest sons and daughters, Iran used their forces and equipment in the form of mines and other IED's to put the hurt on a lot of our sons and daughters and we owe them more than a thing or two. Bring it on you pipsqueak.
By the way, Your wife looks like the business end of a mop.

What a Cutie Pie.  I'll bet he's looking forward to his 72 goats, the ones with the big cute brown eyes.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Webster Update

Webster has been getting professional and home physical therapy since the back surgery and at this point he can feel when you're ticking his back feet, even lightly and will move his legs around and pull away as dogs would do normally.  There is no doubt he has feeling in his legs, so it's just? a matter  or time, more therapy and getting his leg muscles built back up to the point he can use them.  He's doing pretty well, all things considered.

Anyway, he is always having a good time, and he's about as easy to take care of as a fish tank, so no problemo either way.  The cats play with him and rub on him and one sleeps with him in the house, and when he's outside in his cart, he does pretty much most of what he would do otherwise.  It's been a hot summer which has made it good to be in the pool, and so Webster has gotten a lot of pool time in his life jacket.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Say No to Pakistan Flood Relief

So, the Pakistani-Americans aren't sending any money home to the brothas, because they know all the money will end up in the wrong hands.

Hell, that aside, how many dumbass Americans are sending money to people, the majority of which, that being millions, cheered the attacks on 9-11-2001 ?

Grow a fricken brain cell folks.

Haiti - They insisted all markings indicating the relief came from America be removed from the aid supplies we sent them. They wanted the American flags dropped on relief vessels. Did we? I don't know and don't care. The fact that this is what they wanted caused me to vow to never send them a penny for any reason what-so-ever. I won't send any of them a penny for any reason.

It's time for ignorance to pay a price. It's time bullies pay a price for their actions. They paid a price when I was in grade school and they stopped being buttheads. At least towards us. They took their act elsewhere if at all. It's not that hard. It is an easy problem to solve though there might be a touch of pain involved along the way.

It is time to stop rewarding bad behavior.

It should be obvious, but when you reward something you get more of it. It's simple.

Unfortunately, our liberal school system is churning out PC loving, non racial profile loving, pussified, lobotomized morons. Only those with strong intelligent parents or with strong instincts seem to survive that indoctrination.

We're losing this war. The Ground Zero Celebration Center... How is this even something being proposed ? I can't imagine a Japanese person alive in the 1950's suggesting a "Japanese Cultural Center" being built at Pearl Harbor.

If, as Americans, you don't give a crap for the 2973 persons who were immediately murdered on 9-11-2001, then why should anyone give a shit about you ? That's what it comes down to. It takes more than You to survive. It takes a united group of people rallying around a social and governmental system that has survived longer than any other in world history. And you're willing to throw it all away for your next meal??

Whiskey Tango yea yea yea. You'll deserve what you get, but we won't. If it was confined to you, I'd say go for it. Pain seems to be the only qualified teacher for you folks at this point. Most of us will suffer some too but we'll be prepared.

Don't plan on bitching around me when the creditor comes calling.

Monday, August 16, 2010

For Your Consideration

Imagine if you will, that there are no puppet masters.....
It's just obama and a gaggle of 20-something speech writers

Imagine for a second that obama is nothing more than a racist, anti-American Dumbass.


Not a clue what to do, so he takes as many escape vacations and golf outings and fill-in-the-blank-non-executive-branch-CinC-excursions as possible because he doesn't have the slightest idea what to do about anything. Just like Bozo Biden. Just like the Moron Pelosi. Just like all the 'czars'. Just like everyone he has surrounded himself with.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To My Friends in Chicago


Mike McConnell recently left his Cincinnati area talk radio show on WLW 700 and is now in Chicago on 720 from 8:30 to 12:30.

I will say this is the one guy on talk radio I enjoyed listening to. Not much politics or religion like Rush or Beck or Hannity, but a ton of common sense and the occasional fun topic.

He knows what he's talking about or will say he doesn't know, which is a rare quality and a rare occasion.

Here's a great sample from his new Chicago show that I'm listening to now.

Thought you might enjoy listening.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


One that I've done before but this one is live while it lasts on Youtube..


Wednesday, August 11, 2010



I honestly had no idea about this when I did yesterday's post. But in contrast to that post, here is an example of class.

Blackfive is where I first saw it, so:

GW Bush and Laura Bush welcome troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan at DFW airport

It hadn't occurred to me that President Bush would do this but it sure doesn't surprise me either.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Defining the Obama Whitehouse, Past, Present and Future

A friend of mine recently tuned me into this particular and potential realization. Obama and Michelle really are a couple black folks moving on up to the East Side, acting just like dictators of a 3rd world banana republic.

They simply don't know how else to act.  They're winging it and don't have a clue.  They're Classless.  Comparing them to the Jeffersons would be an insult to the Jeffersons.

They laugh at the poor, flip the bird at their opposition, gratify themselves at all possible opportunities and shovel hard earned tax revenue to their friends like popcorn.

The majority of their activities have been and will continue to be:

  • Read from the teleprompter when instructed.

  • Blame Bush for everything

  • Go on vacation, play golf

  • Get some socialist/soft communist legislation passed with the idiot pelosi carrying most of the load. When it becomes necessary, take the cry baby Kucinich up in Air Force One and 'convince' him to vote your way.

  • Go on vacation, play golf

  • Read from the teleprompter when instructed.

  • Have celebrities, artists, and other self gratification events over to the White House.
  • Have a classless homosexual comedian over to the party for the Press and laugh like a  classless idiot when she mentions she'd like to see Rush get Kidney disease and die.
  • Shuffle the Prime Minister, his Wife, and kids out the back door with DVDs that won't play in Europe and a $8.22 in plastic Air Force One helicopter gifts from the White House Gift Shop.

    • Blame Bush for everything

    • Go out and Garden. In the Sun. In Dark Disco Clothes.

    • Sport some $540.00 Tennies

    • Read from the teleprompter when instructed.  At a freakin Grade School

    • Go and clutch the Queen, totally ignorant of English Royalty Protocol

    • Promise to "Find someone's ass to kick at the first real ecological crisis in America", otherwise stand in the way of activities which may have actually been useful in the oil cleanup.
    •  Exhausted, head out on vacation and play some golf.

      I think that about covers it.

      Banana Republic Modus Operandi. Plain and Simple.

      I'll bet Hugo Chaves is proud of his trainee


      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Wow !

      I cut and pasted one of my posts and I find that

      I write like
      George Orwell

      I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

      (I did it twice to see if it was picking names at random, and it came up with George Orwell the 2nd time. Which is not definitive proof but..)

      Maybe I should write something.


      Some of The Greatest Generation

      I'm sure these young men would rather be enjoying life in America than out killing Japanese while trying to avoid being killed.

      I'm old enough, I've met and talked to some of the pilots who were at Midway. There was no evil in these men. They were fighting evil.

      Rare color footage shot by the men themselves.


      Sunday, August 8, 2010

      Musical Interlude # 12

      Usually those who play fingerstyle use a thumb pick and Tommy mostly does but when he was teaching himself to play like Chet Atkins out in the outback of Australia as a young man, he had no idea what a thumb pick was. So, he learned how to do it using a straight pick and I'd say this tune is one that takes him back to those days. One guy, one guitar, once through.


      Apologize to Japan for the A-Bombs ?

      I've read a lot of great posts on the subject around the net, but I have to say, if you're even wondering if America should apologize for dropping A-bombs on Japan to end WWII in the Pacific, read this post and all the comments at Blackfive

      If you're still confused please move to France.

      Friday, August 6, 2010

      A Post for Dan

      Actually, we might title this one as 'The Liberal Explained'.

      Dan exhibits all the traits of the A-typical liberal.

      If he just repeats his version of reality often enough, people will accept it. Or maybe more importantly, he will be able to continue to live within its definition. It is a reality where everyone who isn't well off is a 'victim'. There isn't any real evil in the world, and by resisting the non-existent evil, we are actually creating it ourselves. Teenage girls stoned to death in the middle east for the crime of being gang raped by a bunch of teenage barbarians is 'urban legend'. Wives being beheaded in taliban country because their husbands are tired of them for whatever reason is just urban legend. On and on ignoring every facet of evil as either an anomoly or urban legend, life is good. And the biggest mind twist of all - Politicians like obama actually care about us and will work tirelessly to make our lives better and more fair, as well as get the rest of the world to like us. However the manifestation of "French people liking us" will cause our lives to be better they have no idea but it's got to be good right ?

      He can't stray from his version of reality because if he did, his world would cease to exist. And that is a big problem. He has no where else to go. His world is based upon fantasy beliefs that everyone simply wants to get along and there are only just a few miscreants causing trouble. He must ignore the fact that tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of muslims cheered and danced in the streets as the World Trade Center towers came down, as well as every other attack on any free society such as the Lockerbie bombing or the bombing of the World Trade Center in 93, or the bombing of the USS Cole, which the sociopathic piece of garbage Bill Clinton chose to ignore, and brought 9-11 to our shores in my opinion by showing such cowardess and apathy toward these attacks.

      He has to ignore that because acknowledging that there is that much evil in the world will cause serious problems with his life. He will have to accept that we must fight that evil and on some level that only he knows, that is a big problem. It will involve Americas Best dying (A righteous concern) as they fight the evil, or money being spent on fighting the evil that could otherwise be spent on (pick one or more): the global climate bullshit, elimination of racism, elimination of the dirty filthy oil, coal, and nuclear power we are obsessed with, the advancement of worthless lazy bastards, otherwise known as 'minorities' who do little more than sit on their ass and assume everyone who is well off had 'it' handed to them, or fill-in-the-blank.

      You know what Dan? All of that is fine. I don't put you down for that. This is America, and I'll happily sit and listen to you reel off your version of reality. We all have one and likely no two are exactly alike. Well, once. When you do it over and over and over, something's got to give dig?

      So, Dan, here's the main point. Our opinions are simply points in time based upon our own experiences up to that point. Meaning: We've all been stupid.
      The difference here is that We have been where you are now, and through our experience, we have discovered that the pussified liberal lollipop view of the world is bullshit, a dead end, and gets you no where except someone's bitch. That being the car dealer leasing you a car, the furniture dealer, the mortgage company, the cell phone contract, or in the case of current events the 'Religion of Peace' which is neither a religion or peaceful.

      Get that? We have been where you are. We found it to be a dead end. All of us.

      You have Not yet been where we are. <-read this part again.

      We have every basis to understand you, and you have no basis to understand us. You are at a supreme disadvantage. We didn't put you there. It is simply how it is. We don't revel in it, we'd rather you gain some knowledge and a better grip on reality ASAP. We get no pleasure in making a post out of you.

      Give that some thought and when you're ready, come on back and try to bring something to the table that exhibits a view of reality that you can support by posting references to qualified data sources.

      Wednesday, August 4, 2010

      Lemme Get This Straight... LANGUAGE

      It Took Years to get a plan approved to start building on the WTC site. The families of the victims were a big part of the approval process and much consideration was given to them and for the honoring and remembrance of the victims themselves.

      Here's what's happening currently.

      Now some fucking trash talking barbarian jihadist imam wants to build a celebration center for our enemy as close to the site of this massacre as is humanly possible and Bloomberg and the fuckers in New York say - Oh, Ok, Sure, with NO input from the 911 victims or their families.   I also believe the commission in place to approve the plan was paid off with 30 pieces of silver.  Rot in hell you worthless pieces of shit.

      Tuesday, August 3, 2010

      Come on Folks, It's Already Gone.

      OKLAHOMA CITY -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering a crackdown on farm dust, so senators have signed a letter addressing their concerns on the possible regulations.

       Read the rest...................

      Farmers work the ground.  It makes dust.  And what would they do if there was another drought similar to the Great Dust Bowl ?  Find Mother Nature and sue her back to the stone age?

      Liberals have the minds of 3 year old spoiled brats.  I'm serious.