Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017

Our Money on Fire

So 470 Billion is the easy to calculate number.  "The low hanging fruit".  Imagine how much more money is wasted, stolen outright, stolen through vendor overcharging (can you say F-35), laundered, or used for no valuable purpose (since no government agency or department is audited for effective economic performance) if we really put our mind to the task to discover.  Probably closer to a trillion total.

And we have a $4 Trillion budget for 2018.  So, potentially 1/4th of all our tax money is stolen.  Hey, we'll never know will we.   

As an aside, I read a piece today that claimed Bitcoin would destroy the US Dollar when bitcoin reaches 25,000.  It hit 10,000 today and it has been on a tear.  5 grand just last week or maybe it was the week before.

I make no claim to understand bitcoin as I just immediately pegged it as a Ponzi scheme and blocked it out but maybe something to consider.

Friday, November 24, 2017

One Can Only Imagine All That is in Play Here

The Orion Nebula, a very easy target for small telescopes is incredible in itself and just a small fuzzy dot on our night sky.  Within that the Horsehead Nebula could contain 11 trillion Earths all by itself depending on width and depth.

Click the pics but of course Monsieur and Mademoiselle.

A piece of Orion.

A closer look at the Horsehead.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Joe Biden Appears to be a Pedophile

Even with his own family members since this is a swearing in ceremony.

No, they don't call you Middle Class Joe, they call you Joe the Groper.  The Pedophile Groper.  At various points in the vid, it is easy to see he is standing way to close to these young girls.  In one case forcing his crotch against her arm, in another body and hand are obviously at work.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Most Galaxies Don't Have Any Rings -- Why Does This Galaxy Have Two?

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and scroll down to read the description.  Once there click the image a couple times to get the huge version to explore.

My personal theory about this galaxy is that it is female.  It has two rings and maybe more hidden away, and it is impossible to understand or describe with any certainty - A Female galaxy.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day

Good Time for Tommy Atkins.

Those who understand why America is the greatest country in the world - Still - will defend her regardless if they feel abused due to racism, sexism, xenophobia or any other absurd social malady.  Those who don't will not defend her and will suffer the consequences when "America" falls.
What happened they will scream !  You happened.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

An Attractive Galaxy

Modest, yet provocative.  One of the 10 trillion galaxies that are estimated to be floating around out there.  Or is it 20 trillion?  Ah, I'll count them later.

Click the pic to read all about it.

Monday, November 6, 2017

So, What the Hell is On Your Mind?


Or not.

Just to try to trip you up let me say that there are 19,076 different gender pronouns and the list is growing.  Especially at Facecrap Central.

Gratuitous Image to trip you up further....

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Few Things From Nearby Space

Click the pics but of course Mademoiselle or Monsieur to get the descriptions.

- The Bubble Nebula in context -

- The Trifid Nebula -

- A Cluster -


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thoughts on Football

I grew up in Pittsburgh and lived there through Feb 1979.  Can you say Pittsburgh Steelers.  I was addicted to watching the Steelers rack up super bowl after super bowl.  Felt pride that *I was from Pittsbugh*, home of the Steelers.  I enjoyed watching people like Terry Bradshaw play.  
Mean Joe Green. Lynn Swan. John Stalworth.  Rocky Bleier. Jack Ham. Mel Blount. Jack Lambert !!
(Never was a real Franco Harris fan).

And play in Pittsburgh in winter where mere mortal teams from places like San Diego were not up to the task of playing in some real severe weather that was very normal for us Pittsburghers in the 70's.  Living in Pittsburgh in winter meant that you had to be up on your survival skills.  You could easily die in winter there if you screwed up. There was some satisfaction to be had that you survived another Pittsburgh winter.  Very often 40 below with the wind.

Even in those days I did not initiate conversations about the "last Steeler game" at work on Monday though I would talk about it if someone else did.

Then teams started moving around and it became less of a "hometown football team through thick or thin" and more about the money and screw the fans who supported you the last 40 years.  The Browns come to mind.  My interest level came down a few notches.

Then I found out that taxpayers were being fleeced to build the infrastructure for private 'for profit' businesses.  And none of the profits ever came back to the city.  I soured a bit more on this game.

In 1979 I moved to Phoenix.  I had never been to an actual game until some friends and I went to see a Phoenix Cardinals (which morphed into the Arizona Cardinals) game.  I thought sitting in the stands watching these guys play just wasn't very interesting.  I decided football games were more about tailgate parties and socializing.  I still watched some football but definitely preferred to watch on TV rather than live.  You have closeups, instant replay, the guys in the booth yapping away, etc and it was a lot cheaper and you had everything you needed right there - beer, chips, pizza, nude wo... er wait, more beer, etc.

Then I found I just didn't have any connection to the players or the team anymore.  Saying or thinking "We Won!" became a foreign concept.  I didn't win anything.  I watched a bunch of overpaid jocks playing with a ball and when they won a game I didn't actually get anything out of it.  The addiction was over. I was cured.

That was around 1983.

I haven't watched since.

I have since watched it from a distance turn into thug ball.  I have noticed that as one of our friendly blogger friends reported - some jock from the NFL is arrested for violence on average of every 7 days.  Domestic violence.  Killing dogs.  Public violence.  Sexual Assault. None of that shit went on when I was watching the Steelers. (Or it didn't get reported)

I have noticed the criminal Snoop Dog, who recently put out a 'music' video that showed President Trump as a corpse in the background was put on Monday Night Football.

I have noticed in a rare event of me actually watching a football event passing by a TV, a black player jumping up in the air and kicking a kicker in the face.  In my days of watching - this turd would not be playing football anymore.

Here in Cincinnati, if you listen to talk radio, they advertise football tickets and they must assume their potential audience are dumb as rocks because the ad (when it gets to who to call) goes "CALL 333- S.... E..... A...... T.  Obviously they assume their potential customers don't even know how to spell "seat".   What's that tell ya.

I have noticed moron black people protesting with their knee down based on the totally untrue premise that any significant amount of cops are bad, that mike brown was killed in cold blood, that black people should be elevated above all other races, because as we all know - none of us crackers has anything bad happen to us when we engage with police.  Of course, things might be a bit better for black folks during traffic stops and the like if they followed the instructions of the officer.

If they don't want to participate with the anthem, I really don't care.  Most blacks are anti-America anyway so no shock to my system here.

I view football now as thugball that is obsessed with some totally obtuse social justice activist thing rather than guys thankful to be making Millions of dollars working in the entertainment industry.  Typical dumbasses though.

I couldn't be less interested.  It is beyond me why so many people give so much of their time and money to a criminal organization that returns absolutely nothing to them.  I am very thankful that my addiction was cured and I've had 6 hours on Saturday, 6 on Sunday, and 3 on Monday night, since 1983 as free time to do something incredibly more valuable to me than sitting in front of the boob tube watching grown men play with a ball.

It'll be interesting next year when this years season tickets expire, how many will buy a new season worth.

Maybe if football was forced out of business many more people would turn their focus on how the democrats and republicans are screwing us with telephone poles every other minute and we could make some gains in government?  naw.