Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'd Really Love A Divorce....

It is time for all of us to agree that liberals and conservatives have arrived at the irreconcilable point of no return.

We'll divorce on that basis and divide the country in half. The conservative states will retain the name of the USofA and the liberal half can be whatever they want to call it. Probably, the United Socialist States of Peace, Coexistence, Multi-Culturalism and Equality. (USSPCME)

This picture will probably become their flag.

I say we give them the top half of the country since we like a warmer Earth. They're also currently clogging up the entire North East and North West so fewer of them would have to move. They'll appreciate that and it will be our last gift to them.

They'll still have dual access to the Ocean as well as the Great Lakes and they'll be close to their dreamland of Canada where health care is far less available and costs 4 times as much. They'll love that. That would give us a North and South California and several other states. San Fran would most definitely belong to the Northern half. 
We'd have the Mexican border and rather than guard it, we'd simply take any Mexicans that want in and put them on a Greyhound and send them to the North. It'd be cheaper anyway and everybody would be happy. We'll keep a small number that speak English for Authentic Mexican Restaurants and Masonry. Que Paso Hombre- Chicken Fajita.

Here's a rough cut of the border. We'll hire some liberals to paint the big red line.

We'll keep Washington DC and the surrounding area. The White House offends them anyway. I suspect they'll relocate their own federal government to an office in the UN building in New York.

We'll create our own media. Lying by anyone in the media without clearly identifying their remarks as personal opinion will be a capital crime.

We'll create our own everything actually. We know how to do it ! Given the USSPCME will destroy all of their manufacturing and farming businesses in short order, we'll have a ready made 150 million foreign customers to sell a wide variety of goods. We'll ship everything by train. If they want to buy more they have to send the trains back.

The constitution will be returned to its original form and content.  Amendments require 100% of the states to ratify.

In prison there will be no Internet, TV, Sex Changes or Drugs. Any reading material will be educational only. The only activity outside the cell will be physical maintenance like laundry, cooking, cleaning and the exercise yard.

No government assistance unless a person is mentally or physically disabled. Women having children without any visible means of support will be charged with child abuse and either be put in low security prison or be made sterile - their choice.

Low Taxes. The residents of the state with the highest growth rate at the end of the current year gets a federal tax holiday for the following year and may ship 10% of their prison population to the North. On the down low of course.
We'll have one of those invisible fences they use for dogs all along the border a couple miles wide and any prisoners shipped to the North will have the electric shock devices implanted at strategic points of the body.  Going to be painful to get back.

Islam will be declared a cult and outlawed. No mosques.

Someone like bill mahr or rachael maddow show up, it will be legal to 'stone' them with eggs and tomatoes any time they're out and about.

School children will be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance again and will be punished for bad behavior, not drugged. They'll also receive gun safety training on a regular basis through grade school with mock guns, and perform real gun target shooting in high school. A minimum score in marksmanship will be required to pass the grade.
Intentional and avoidable harm to the environment will be punished severely to include prison time and company destroying fines.

All soft drugs handled like alcohol. Hard drug pushers get life in prison.

No foreign aid. No embassies in vermin countries. Mess with us and suffer the consequences.

The following political parties will kick this thing off:

Tea Party
Libertarian Party
The political party which is elected as majority to State or Federal or Local does not make satisfactory progress on their campaign promises, they are removed after a year and the opposing party members from the last election are installed.

The following terms and phrases will be stricken from the language:

Bipartisan - either party got elected to do what they promised to do - get over it ! 
Politically correct - no one has a right to not be offended.
Minority - there are no minorities - just humans !
Equality - screw equality! Celebrate Excellence !
Fairness - we will be the land of unfairness and damn proud of it!
Wardrobe Malfunction - embrace the occasional incident - especially if they're good looking !

I could maybe go on forever !

Well, these are some ideas off the top. You probably have some more.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Global Warmings - Lookie Here

Efforts at controlling a real or imagined global climate thing are absurd and a waste of time.

CAFE standards, double the price for gasoline and more before the imbeciles are elected out if ever and would it matter,  closing coal plants, charging twice as much and more for energy in the USA, and guess what folks.  Taxes up the wazoo and what we're living with now is only the tip of the iceberg for what the children in charge may wreak upon our fair land in the next 4 years.  

It is all for naught. Actually less than that because we are paying extra so countries like China can spew the pollution like an American Steel Mill in 1920.

Whatever we save in the total bullshit monster of CO2 emissions will be like pissing in the ocean compared to what China is doing and will be doing for decades.

We're actually sending them our coal. Massive quantities. And they are cranking it out like no-one's business.

Read all about it.  

 Here's one from the guardian.uk

Here's one from discovery.com

If you bought a chevy volt or a Prius because you're worried about 'teh environment' you are a moron of the 1st degree.

And Get the hell off my cloud.


Friday, January 25, 2013

I Choose the Danger

Alternate Title - Oh HELL YES !, Part 4.

I can't imagine how I'd end up getting involved in this at this point, but I sure would love to.

The flying starts at 1:23 if you're impatient.

Previous Jokke Sommer vids can be found on youtube with that search term. 

I personally hate it when I get an email and it says something like "turn up your speakers!", but I'm going to do it anyway "Click the youtube on the bottom right of the vid and be sure to watch in full screen."   So sue me.

Ok, Here are some:

Need for Speed 

Dream Lines 1

Dream Lines 2

Dream Lines 3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Antikythera Mechanism

"They" create this image for us of people in 80 BC barely able to hook up a rope to an oxen and plow a field, or make a pair of sandals to cover their feet.   In fact, folks have been awfully smart for an awfully long time. 

For example Otzi, a 5000 year old man discovered in the Alps during a rare melt by some skiers. He had finely tailored clothes, a copper axe, medicinal mushrooms, bow and arrows, and much more. He probably even dated women without first batting them over the head with a club and made more than grunting sounds.
Read about him here.

Anyway, click the picture for some interesting information on this device from 80 BC

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Nice Tune for a Romantic Weekend Evening

Or to just kick that cold.

Chet Atkins and George Benson.  Apparently, there are many more recordings with Chet and George that may come out if the record execs can pull the stick out.

Hope you like it.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Still Only One Reasonable Solution

The overwhelming majority of shooters in these mass murder events were on psychiatric drugs, and most of them stopped taking them.

Why doesn't the media talk about that?  I read a very informative article on Forbes this afternoon and it's already been taken down.  It was a great article too.  It had details on many of the mass murder events with links to even more detail.   It's not hard to find other sources so I'll assume anyone wanting to get into the specific cases, individuals and details will do so.

Regardless what anyone proposes to do with "people who are on psychiatric drugs" as an end solution to stopping mass murder, it won't.  Just like you cannot contain every gun, you will not contain every psychopath.  What about the ones who haven't even been presented with treatment yet?  Who is going to be absolutely certain they take their drugs.? There is no certainty that someone taking their drugs still aren't capable of mass murder.  The ideas are ridiculous.  

No doubt the libtards love the idea of containing the crazy people. It's Stupid; Plus it was they who severely reduced the institutions where such people Could be contained, so that idea is self-validated as one they would love.

The only reasonable solution to reducing mass murder is to reduce gun free zones.  Security at the schools.  Plus it puts people to work and reduces other types of violence on campus as well.  It makes so much fucking sense the libtards will Hate It.  

I like this idea over arming teachers.  I think people specifically charged with monitoring school campus traffic and potential threats make much more sense, though I don't object to having more guns on scene in the possession of trained competent conceal license holding teachers and administrators.

Let's make it happen !  Maybe in 2052.  After 18 more mass murders.

I've insterted the following picture as a visual aid.  The picture is of a couple teachers who occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Building when they were protesting not being able to rape the general public with their union thug tactics.  It's a perfect picture because it shows libtard teachers going to all the work to make signs, then sit around with them to display that they didn't even freakin know what the issue was about.  These teachers are also good examples of the kind that I do not want armed.  But it also provides some levity in such a serious discussion.    Those signs are pathetic aren't they.  From every angle. No artistic talent whatsoever.  Look like 3 year old kids did them.  Hilarious.

It's my favorite Wisconsin Cheese Teachers Protest Picture.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bullets Of The Third Kind

Click the picture to go to the APOD site, and read the description written by a professional smart person, then click the picture while there a couple times to get a huge version to explore.  Or not, you know.

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Peek at Next Week's Top News Stories

  • hilrod clinton admits to not telling the truth about anything, including her age, for the last 89 years, begs forgiveness, begins run for White House in 2016, leaks information that her fake concussion was caused by being a passenger in the helicopter that crashed at the bin laden compound while acting as diplomatic liaison for Seal Team 6 and the O’dark Thirty mission.
  • New York residents pissed that the suitcase nuke went off right at the moment the Jet’s quarterback was about to throw a winning touchdown. Expect a class action suit against the local wireless carrier for not using nuke proof cell towers and cable nodes.
  •  honey boo boo begins White House run. Offers Kenyan birth certificate as proof she is old enough to serve which is accepted by Congress and the Media. Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer in heated exchange over who is better for the country – boo boo or clinton. 
  • Gangnam style singer/dancer elected Democratic Senator from the great state of S. Korea. Adopts 8 trillion aid package to Gangnam, S. Korea as number one issue for Senate in 2013. Democrat and Republican Senators frantically attaching earmarks to bill. House Speaker John Boehner tearfully declares No More than a 6 Trillion dollar bill will pass the house. Speaker John Boehner to be sent to Foxconn factory in China for repairs to emotion chip sometime in 2014. 
  • Nancy Pelosi sent back to N. Korea for repairs to Negatronic brain unit. 
  • obama declares 4 year Hawaii vacation for first family to save on travel costs. Joe Biden moves into White House and begins secretly having wild all night parties. Police called several times by neighbors in an attempt to get the noise turned down. 
  • SWAT team called in to investigate a “shots fired” report at local Connecticut shooting range. Gabrielle Giffords immediately begins planning trip to shooting range to console shooting range patrons. 
  • barney frank tearfully begs to be interim Senator to replace john kerry after boyfriend leaves him for another Senator. 
  • Millions on the edge of their seat as Mars rover Curiosity set to take picture of another Mars rock. 
  • Friend of Delhi rape victim, who was also raped wishes to hell India had a conceal carry program like in USA 
  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who will be making 100 million over 5 years hires ‘turnaround expert’ to do her job for her. First order of business is to go Retro on Yahoo Mail client and redesign it back to a version 1.0 style mail client, eliminating many features and transforming the look and feel to resemble puke from a German Shepard that just got into that damn cat’s litter box again. 
  • Congress approves 4 billion of aid for Sandy victims and attaches 19 billion of earmarks and pork to the bill. 
  • Hugo Chavez to stay in power. Will rule Venezuela from 6 feet under ground at the Presidential Palace. 
  • Scientists declare changing weather to be Proof Positive for climate change. 
  • Unemployment rate in US discovered to be set by old spin wheel from the Parker Bros Game of Life board game. 
  • Scientists undecided whether Dinosaurs seduced mates by Striking a Pose with tail feathers or banging erect penis on nearest tree trunk doing an impression of Jack Nicholson in the movie – One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 
  • California invests 3 trillion into proposed Unicorn Poop Nuclear reactor. Discovers Unicorn Poop in short supply. 
  • New Al Jazerra owned Current TV channel to broadcast 24/7 threats to Infidels. Plans to finance operations by selling claims to virgins to jihadist suicide bombers. User Interface features pictures of all available virgins in stylish burkas depicted in low ‘palace harem’ light. 
  • California Sperm Donor ordered to pay child support to 1,574 fatherless children.