Monday, August 31, 2009

Fighting the Libs Seems an Endless Road Sometimes

Notice he plays fingerstyle with a single string pick.


  1. That is truly the work of a genius.

    Kid, I'm impressed by you. Heck, even Opie loves it, and she hates most music.

    She tossed out her favorite Bay City Rollers album because the bass line gave her headaches.

  2. Nickie You are a Caution !


  3. Opus. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Tommy is something else. Born in Australia, and was working in the family traveling band at 6 years old playing guitar. Heck of a story.

    Very positive person also.

    2nd row last photo on the right

    He used to have an 'about Tommy' page that told the story somewhat but I don't see it on his site anymore.

    Check back on the 5th if not before. I've got a good one in mind to post the day of the performance.

  4. Nickie. PS - Thank you.

    Lots more to come that some of you will enjoy I hope from a variety of artists.