Sunday, February 28, 2016

Damn Straight

Some up front tips.

A Thorium/Molten Salt Reactor was created in the 60's.  We didn't do it because that kind of reactor did not create weapons grade nuclear fuel.  Now, the cat is out of the bag.  Will we replace cancer causing polluting coal plants with Thorium/Molten Salt reactors?  Maybe.  Some things are beginning to happen already in the USA.  China is also looking into it and may be starting their own projects.

But a Thorium Car that could run without fuel for 100 years?  Pishaw, Ain't no body gonna allow that don't ya now.  THEY need their steady inflow of $$$.


(Disclosure - I do not align myself with the comments made regards Jesus vs Odin)

Music - Little Blast From the Past

I'm not so naive to think this is possible, but a nice tune, vocals and guitar work.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I Like Spiders

Click the picture to go the APOD site and read about this monster called the Tarantula Nebula.  Once there, click again and again to get a large image to explore.  1000 Light years wide......  That is 1000 * 5.8 Trillion miles wide and not a democrat or moslem POS in sight I can assure you.

Just a spec, a pinprick on the sky in the overall scheme of things

Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Rant

I've seen a couple headlines in "the news" more than a few times as follows:

- If there were any aliens out there, they are all likely dead now from climate change [on their respective planets of course]

- Swedish scientists have recently concluded that Earth is the only habitable planet in the entire universe.  !


Honestly, I've heard the word "penis" more in the last 2 years than I had in the prior 61.  Like a million times more.  What is UP with that :)

Dollar Up. Market Up. Gold Down, Gold Miners UP.  What the hell ? :)

I now cringe at these words and phrases:  Adorable, Badass, Awesum, Epic, Uber, Any product name that ends with "ify" ie. spotify.

Why does everyone say Faux, when Fake has the same number of letters and syllables?

Why does everyone say Redux, when Redo has fewer letters? 

Young women get their "news" from the morons on The View, one of whom recently admitted she didn't know if the Earth was flat or not, as she hadn't really thought about it.  Yea, not surprised!

oBAMa, Can you get any more stupid and egocentric?  (yes..)

Honestly, I believe it is an agenda driven objective to get everyone talking like babies. There is a late 40's guy in our IT dept that says My Bad all freakin day.  But then you have people saying things like "You got all my feels" when they read or see something that pulls on their emotions. You've got people posting on young person websites in response to seeing a picture of a woman that They're "going to masterbate", "just masterbated", "Will masterbate [again] as soon as they can".  And if they see a video of someone doing something other than wrapping themselves in cotton and hiding in a closet that they are "pooping in their pants" over it.  - Very disturbing.

If  I see the whore kim kardash's name in the news again, or any kardash.. or kanye, or taylor swift's, I'm going to scream.  I did scream, I am going to scream again as soon as I can. I'm screaming now in fact.

40% of working age people are unemployed but the the UE rate is less than 5%.  Is there a single number put out by the government that is not compete and utter bullshit?  No.  We're deep into George Orwell land here, where soon concentration camps will be called Joy Centers.

Will kids who were forced to take ADHD drugs be allowed to own a weapon in the future?  Was that the purpose of forcing those drugs?

Will Mustang ever send me another email ?

Will the spectacular Ms Z send me even a toe selfie?

Will IMP ever talk to me again ??

Why am I so Needy ?

Does anyone really Give A F about Pluto or Charon?  Or Mars?  Who the hell would sign up to be on the first Mars mission that isn't even going to land, will take over 500 days, and will have to survive in a tin can drinking their re-processed urine the entire time and for God's Sake what the hell are they going to Eat?   And Part Two - Who would actually go try to live on a sub zero temperature planet without natural oxygen that has for its landscape Nothing but Rocks, that they can already see from Here via Rover pictures ?!?!?!?!?!?  Well, I figure that's an opportunity to get rid of 5 or 6 democrat voters.

I really want to see the UK depart the EU.  Then watch the whole thing come apart.  This is what is needed.

If you can pay No Attention to the above you got it.  You're good.  Concentrate on you, your family, your friends, and do your best to make sure you all have a good time.  Laugh at the insanity.  You ain't gonna fix it.

All the best to the best of you who know who you are.

Friday, February 19, 2016

So, Here's the Problem

We’ve elevated our social support system to the point that complete and total morons are able to survive not only to breeding age, but to multi-decade voting age.
Do I need to add anything?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Honor System

I was recently talking with a friend who relayed to me that a couple people they knew had actually had checks that they wrote and mailed to pay bills had been stolen out of US Post Office mailing boxes, washed, and rewritten to allow them to steal funds out of these persons bank accounts.

We all know things have gotten bad, but maybe some of us are not focused on the exact mechanism of why things have gotten so bad.  Or maybe just me.  But here is what my epiphany was for what to write about it when I heard this.

America has been on the honor system.  Most of you can probably stop reading now as this one sentence probably tells you all you need to know to appreciate this post.

America has been on the honor system,

People have not been out stealing US mail from people's mail boxes, let alone US post office drop boxes for the many decades the US postal system has been in place.  Now, imagine how easy it is to just drive around, looking for red flags on mail boxes, open the thing up, take the mail, throw anything away that doesn't look like a check is being mailed and jam on down the road.

Combine that with the fact, that this country has not only been massively breeding such vermin, we have also been importing them.  Well, the democrat party has been breeding them and importing them.  This is how they gain political advantage.  By building their loser voting base.

Anyway, Now in America, a country that was massively populated with people who respected their neighbors, we are becoming massively populated with alien and criminal vermin who see no problem with stuffing their pockets in anyway they can dream up.  Steal the mail. Steal your identity, Hack your devices, Hack the stores you shop at that hold valuable information about you. 

And it's not only the vermin who are breeding here, it is vermin all over the world who now have access to you because of the Internet.

This country is so not ready for the vermin onslaught it is stunning.

One last time though, the main point being that I grew up in an America that was on the honor system.  It no longer is, and I believe we are in the infancy of finding out what the effects of this are going to be.  Well, it isn't going to be good, and it is not going to work in the favor of people who respect laws and other people.  I'll now leave you to your own visions of how that is going to manifest.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

The First Political Ad I've Seen That I Like

This is a parody from the movie Office Space, which is pretty funny, especially if you work in IT as I do.  It's a play on the Geto Boys tune "Damn if feels good to be a gangsta".  heh

Without further ado

Sunday, February 7, 2016

To The Republican Candidates Who Want to Win This Election

Speaking as a non-PC Conservative Voter..

We don't care about Jobs.  We don't care about the Economy.  We don't care about Common Core, We don't care about Abortion(though we do about selling baby parts).  We don't care about Homosexuality. We don't care about Tweaking the Tax Code.

What do we care about?

We care about stand down orders given to border patrol agents who now must let in God Knows What of illegal alien in to American Neighborhoods and some of those will most assuredly be moslem vermin scum like the two spider brained wonders who killed a bunch of people in California recently in a Gun Free Zone using weapons that were illegal, equipped with high capacity magazines that are illegal in CA, and tossing around illegal pipe bombs. Hey government - Get your head out of your ass is my main suggestion here.  These vermin care about our law as as much as you don't.

We care about our public schools being communist indoctrination centers.

We care about how you're paying females who's only opportunity to survive is to pump out future murderers and rapists into zero opportunity, non-education, drug and crime infested environments like pieces of toast.  That's because they themself were pumped out into this environment so they had the choice of being a stripper, a prostitute, or a baby maker getting a pay raise every time they pumped another one out into a non family situation.

You think I'm kidding?  Watch a show called First 48.  An endless stream of black punks killing all manner of people for no reason. 

We care about local, state and federal governments that can simply ignore our Constitution with anti-gun laws, property seizure practices, and total disregard for personal liberty.

We care about kids being indoctrinated by the federal education system to be little communist libtards.  Then to be further indoctrinated by a libtard mass media entity that is supported by government $, those $ confiscated from American tax paying contributors.

We care about American patriotism being banned in our schools.

We care about 50% of medicare being fraud. 50% of the DOD budget is fraud. Given the last 7 years, 50% of everything is fraud(at least-it's a feeding frenzy) while an 11 trillion national debt balloons to 20 trillion by the time this moslem imbecile is ejected from the white house, and hopefully not replaced with another socialist moslem appeasing imbecile.

The "black community" also needs to be told to "Get an education, get a job, make a life for yourself and be happy".  Much happier than they are now.  People, especially cops who murder blacks or whites in cold blood need to be put in stocks in the town center for everyone to beat the crap out of until they are dead.

If we restart the program of educating patriotically minded, critically thinking individuals, all of this other shit will take care of itself.

I have to say to Jeb Bush  "tweak the tax code?" "Embrace the Syrian Refugees?"  Dude - what planet do you think you live on?

Friday, February 5, 2016

For You Tommy Emmanuel Fans

Embedding Disabled, Here is Windy And Warm - a tune played by Mr Guitar, Chet Atkins that Tommy heard (barely) on the radio traveling through Australia as a young man with his family band called the Midget Safari's.  This tune launched Tommy's career as a finger picking guitar player.  His family told him that doing this was impossible - that playing bass with melody was a recording trick but as Tommy says "I knew he was playing everything at once and I had to work it out."  He worked it out.

Well what the heck.  Tommy's version along with Classical Gas..