Friday, June 28, 2013

Breaking News - USA Military Disarms !!!

In a seemingly impossible turn of events, US President Barack Obama, in a deal with Russian President Vladamir Putin, has committed to Total Disarmament of the United States of America.

In this photo, Mr Putin can be seen informing Mr Obama of the deal and what all of the terms and details will be.  The conversation could not be heard, but Mr Obama could be seen moving his head up and down for minutes at a time and on occasion staring dreamily into Mr Putin's eyes.

Near the end of the meeting this photo shows Mr Obama glowing with pride as Mr Putin is heard to say "Thank you so much Barack my little pookie poo."  

Apparently the deal had been electronically transmitted to the US Congress, who immediately voted Yay (in favor) without reading the details as has now become customary in virtually all legislative Congressional sessions.  This rare photo was taken to record the historic moment at the time of the vote.

Here is Mr Putin showing his gratitude at Mr Obama's somewhat over the top immediate gift of the Entire US Nuclear Fleet and operational staff to Russia as a token of his total commitment to this initiative.

Here is Mr Obama waving goodbye to the terrible military machine that once terrified the world and made babies cry everywhere.

Mr Obama is heard to say "Bye,  Bye bye, ... Bye Everybody !"

And here are some of the vessels heading off to their undisclosed Russian destinations

Well, from this reporter's Highly Emotional view and Practically Speechless State, I can only proclaim proudly that we can now finally get down to the business of World Peace !! Yay !
As a post party main stream media note,  it's still unclear where the Army and Air Force will be headed. China?  North Korea?  Kenya? Iran?  Who knows but won't it be fun to watch as peace envelopes the entire globe.  Sigh.... I'm feeling so much love now...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here Are Your Domestic Terrorists Janet (You Pea brain)

Undercover agents allegedly heard Crawford, a self-described member of the Ku Klux Klan, state that he "harbors animosity towards individuals and groups that he perceives as hostile to the interests of the United States" and refers to them as "medical waste." He specifically identified Muslims as belonging to this group, according to the criminal complaint.

Click the picture for the story.  Yes, they're all democrats.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Libtard Hypocrisy Story Number 13,872 - Tax

Libtards want the Rich to pay their “fair” share.  Which amounts to way more than fair, but..
So, Apple gets out of paying one hell of a lot of Tax.  Apple has 100 Billion in Cash in the bank.  100 Billion.
Will libtards stop buying iPhones/iPads/iPods?  Pffffffffffffffffth

Friday, June 14, 2013

Delete The Word Bipartisan From The Dictionary Please

  1. We have a 2 party system in the USA.
  2. If the two parties do not have opposing strategies then having 2 parties is useless and absurd. (It currently is absurd, but that's beside the point)
  3. The citizens should favor one party's platform over the other and the majority gives that party power to legislate and execute and judge for the term.  (yea, I know, we're talking the intent not the reality)
  4. If the citizens as a majority have proclaimed that party X should be in charge, then why in the HELL would they want that party working and compromising with party Y to ANY extent?
If they had a brain, they wouldn't.

Bipartisan is a stupid absurd kindergarten level mindset concept.  But then many citizens have that mindset, or we'd never hear the word bipartisan again. Ever.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spying On My Email Eh ?

I suggest adding keywords somewhere in the text of every email or tweet. Things like Iraq, Terrorist Attack, pressure cooker, iran, muslim brotherhood. ammonium nitrate, diesel fuel, al quida, al queerda, al quackas, the team, and Always Always Always add..... "obama is a dweeb".

Have a variety of paragraphs in a note that you can easily cut and paste into each and every comminique.  See how happy this person is after adding the keywords?