Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Post for Fredd


Mars Sand Dunes (still no pizza)

Spitzer's Orion

Not a Comet

The Pleiades

Dark Dust Near Antares

Mexican Chimichunga Galagy (chicken, steak or shrimp)

Monday, September 23, 2019

We Haven't Done Space in a While

Click the pics but of course.  

(I know A, too much orange, but Not My Fault !)

Best pic of Saturn I've seen.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Let's Do Another One

Stop me if you've heard this one.  Check out the card illusionist at the end. Un Real.  

And I swear to you, at the 31.22 mark I thought "L3". Seriously.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Get Outta Here !

This is what I said more times in 27 minutes than I can remember.  Take a break from the news.

But wait there's more.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Heart Nebula

Click the Pic to read all about it and get a high resolution image version. God Provides.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Novella, Chapter 4

Novella Chapter One

Novella Chapter Two

Novella Chapter Three

As mentioned in the previous episode of the Saving America Novella and similar to the Global Seed Vault in Norway, hundreds of thousands of 1 milliliter capture stores of Donald J Trump Sperm had been carefully captured by a cast of Porn Stars and Playboy Models over the years and stored in secret underground sperm banks not far away from the Global Seed storage facility in Norway, and oddly unbeknownst to the Norwegians.  Don't tell em.   The sperm samples were stored in black plastic coffee stirrers just like ABS (American Breeder Services) use to store bull semen. (One had to be careful in their break rooms when getting a cup of coffee.  Lot of practical jokers there.

It was a total black ops mission conducted by an unknown SEAL team known in secret as SEAL Team 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  An unusual name to be sure but more secure to prying eyes and those not easily drawn to conspiracy theories.  They referred to their group as  ST1313ML.  You know how the military people are hopelessly addicted to acronyms - especially current and former Marines and Specialty Forces.

So, the sheep and goats were trained to identify and dispatch the enemy foreign and domestic, the goats actually acquired a taste for the blood of the enemy and mostly took care of the bodies, the A-team women were lining up to be inseminated and give birth to DJ Trump breeding stock babies who were actually born with little American Flags in their adorable little hands and things were running along smoothly to say the least.

Occasionally, some person, young or old would point, squeal and shout "Climate Change!" or "Cultural Appropriation!" or "Islamophobe!", or "Transgender Rights!" or "Racist!" or "Mysoginist!" or any number of other meaningless terms brought upon us by the population of the left, the progressives, the democrats, the communist sympathizers, now simply referred to as Tards.  (As a society, we shun multi-syllable terms, especially when describing 'Tards').  When such an individual declared their diseased mental condition by expressing these terms or acting stupidly in an activist manner they would receive a 2 hour review by a jury of their peers then be shot and dropped off somewhere in fly over country for the wildlife to consume.  Occasionally they'd be air-dropped into New York City, or San Francisco, or Portland as a gentle reminder to the Tards that there could be consequences for being a stupid dumbass.

Almost seemed too good to be true.

But there were still flies in the ointment.  Federal Judges were still pulling law out of their asses, and the Supreme Court was still needed to translate and rule on the Constitution in areas which should be obvious to even dead squirrels and clams embedded in wet sand and warm water.

A constitutional Convention was formed to resolve issues with the Constitution that were somehow confusing to a host of easily confused individuals with mixed agendas.

Some changes were made.

The 2nd Amendment was re-written to read:  Under no circumstance will any person living or dead be denied the right to own any type of firearm they so choose to protect their life, their home, or the life or home of any other person they decide to protect unless they have used a firearm while committing a violent crime.  (Really an unneeded clause since those people will suffer the death penalty within 30 days of conviction, but still) All non-violent felons will have the explicit right to carry a weapon openly or concealed and also will have the right to brandish any weapon in the face of any potential attackers. This amendment cannot be brought before the Supreme Court or any court, state or local for review.  It is clear and final.  Any governmental official enacting any process to interfere with this inalienable right will be stripped, put in stocks in town center and made available to the public at large for a righteous spanking with various spanking tools hanging on the stocks for use by interested parties for a period not less than 10 days and not more than 20 days.

Additionally, all children from preschool through university will be required to take and receive passing grades in the subject of Firearm Safety for every type of firearm available at the time of testing.  Rule 1 - If you find a firearm, go get an adult.

A new amendment was added:  The government, federal, state, and local will pass no legislation that affects the citizens but not themselves.  Also no legislation will be passed that affects them but not the citizen.

Other Constitutional laws which somehow found their way to the Supreme Court in various cases originating in the daily lives of Americans will similarly be clarified to the point that even a worm with a half brain cell can understand and translate effectively.

Judges ruling on cases that affect the entire populace of the USA will have their decisions referred to the Supreme Court before becoming effective.  The judges who have in excess of 30% of their decisions reversed by the SC will be summarily hung by gallows, executed by firing squad, or electrocuted according to their preference within 24 hours after the SC ruling.

There is lots more to do and deal with.  Tards were still unacceptably plentiful and this had to be corrected.

467,344 laws on the books were immediately identified for termination and would be eliminated and every new law made required that two current laws had to be shit canned. 

Most civil grievances would be heard in short order by thousands of AI robot versions of Judge Judy who would make a final determination without lawyers being involved.  Lawyers became as rare as American brick layers and landscapers.  This was a good thing.

Well, as stated, lots more to deal with.  I can't wait for Chapter 5 !

Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday Night Satriani


Update: Well, the video link didn't make it into the post, so let's skip this one and move on.

Chapter 4 is coming....


I left 3 comments on your latest post a good while ago and they are not appearing.  fyi.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Novella - Chapter 3

Baaabs, a trans-species (yea, that's a thing do a search) male or female enthusiast who identifies as half sheep and half goat has learned how to effectively communicate with the 54 billion sheep brought over for carnal pleasures by the Iranians.  

Baaabs has taught them how to subdue and kill the Iranians, Russian's and Chinese.  Two sheep hop onto the individual, knock them to the ground and sit on them while a 3rd sheep leans down and bites them on the neck until they are dead.  A 4th sheep takes any weapons the dead person had and delivers them to the American kids filling the apartment blocks by pushing the stuff through concealed ground level windows.

It wasn't long at all before the kids had many of the weapons and most of the invaders were now dead. Fortunately, the kids started enjoying firing the weapons and then enjoyed seeing hot lead bringing down the marxist leninest commie turds.

(Yes, if you're concerned about continuity... Well, The 18 billion sheep population had grown to 54 billion in the 3 years that passed after the Conservatives moved to and took over several pleasantly located countries, because sheep multiply like rabbits.)
Russians call their loved ones "My Bunny".  True.  
Anyway, the sheep focused on the Iranians first, the Russians next and then saved the Chinese for last.  Why?  The Chinese were much smaller so 1) they weren't as much of a threat, and 2) they were much smaller targets so more proficiency was required with the use of the firearms in order to effectively kill the suckers.
As far as dealing with the invaders, the Big Horn sheep simply head butted their targets out into the street in front of speeding semis and buses.  As a result, the female sheep were even more inspired to take care of business.

The humans were emboldened by the actions of the sheep.  They threw the free condoms away and started repopulating America like a herd of crazed rabbits.  Climate Change be Damned !   This was self-preservation after-all.

Now that a critical mass of firearms had been transferred from the invaders to the sheep lovers, firearm ownership and proficiency training became mandatory.  Any who refused were relegated to washing clothes and doing the dishes in pink underwear in plain view of the new revolutionaries - newly minted fighters who were former members of the 'Millennials' and 'Gen-Zer' generations.  Other regulations were put in place. For example, Cell Phone use was strictly prohibited in public establishments and moving vehicles. 
Restaurants were prohibited from offering free wifi.  Those who disobeyed were targeted for drone strikes.
Soyboys, gender confused males, females, and others were now focused on saving their country from an evil much worse than Conservative Nazis, DJ Trump the Nazi rapist xophobic billionaire, and mind bending voices such as Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, and Good Lord - Prager University videos.

None of that shit mattered anymore.  The Me Generations now demanded that the commie marxist leninest basteerds had to Go.

Well, it wouldn't be that easy.

Help was on the way though.

Apparently, stores of Donald J Trump sperm located at secret donor facilities was used to inseminate many A-Team women in order to create as much quality breeding stock as possible going forward.  Things were looking up but would it be enough?

Maybe the next installment will offer a clue.

Now Playing - There Have Not Been A Lot of Female Singers That Got My Attention

Z is certainly one.

Annie Lennox is one.

Karen Carpenter was one.   Voices as clear as country water.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Apparently Neutron Stars are Party Animals

Click the pic and get the description.  One more click gets the high resolution image suitable for printing out actual size.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Novella, Chapter Two

The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians moved into America and began reforming the country according to their evil cultures and disgusting habits.
The Russians destroyed the auto manufacturers and replaced them with Lada vehicles.  The Chinese had everyone working for 20 cents per hour.  The Iranians imported over 18 billion sheep to use for carnal pleasures.

The Constitution was put through the shredder.  Constitutional judges were slaughtered in the streets along with the few die hard police and other LEOs that remained in defense of Merica !.

Marxist-Leninist America now became a reality and the kids were none too happy about it.  They were in a position now to serve the state - not the other way around as they envisioned in their dreams, night after night, pre-2020 election as they assured themselves Bernie would be elected.  Hell yea, Free Stuff for everyone!  Free college ! Free sex ! Free medical care! Free Housing!  Free Gasoline!  Free Condoms!  Free Cinnamon buns for the duration !!

What bliss... and now what disaster has encroached upon their realities that is too aggressive to ignore or even pretend otherwise.  It was now in their face every minute of every day.  Too dark.  Too evil. Each of them socked away into efficiency apartments in huge apartment blocks just like in Russia and China, so the elites have ample elbow room to explore and enjoy and access unlimited resources.  They didn't even need to be disarmed by force since they did so willingly when their new masters took over.  They believed that an unarmed country is a peaceful country.  Now their heads were spinning and they were looking for weapons they had no idea how to use anyway.  What a predicament.
People from other countries, once termed Illegals, were running around willy-nilly, raping and killing the unarmed  males and females right in their apartments. Cameras in these apartments recorded these events for the entertainment of the elites and viewings were made available 24/7 to those who were more equal than the others.

It was a heck of a situation for libtards in Marxist-Leninist America.

One brave soul, a transgender male or female, who knows what, with neon green hair, and a body tattooed to look like the contents of a Marvel comic book stood before the crowd of whimpering beings and screamed "My God, what have we done !?  We killed the smartest person ever to live !! Alxandria Ocasio-Cortez !  We must Repent and Rise Up against this evil force that we begged for decades to take control of us !!  Who will lead us !  Who will lead us !?  Blyat !
to be continued.