Friday, March 29, 2013

I Am Magnetic Putty And I Love You

You Beautiful Shiny Rare Earth Magnet !

I must Hug You !

Oh Wait, You're a libtard Magnet.  Nevermind !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Folks, We Have to Get Everyone Involved in Solving These Issues

I talked to Kimba today.  He wasn't aware of any of this.  He's depressed but he is On Board.  We must reach everyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It Is Nice To Read A Story About a High School Genius From Time to Time

The link to the first story is Here.


The next summer, Taylor invited everyone out to the backyard, where he dramatically held up a pill bottle packed with a mixture of sugar and stump remover (potassium nitrate) that he’d discovered in the garage. He set the bottle down and, with a showman’s flourish, ignited the fuse that poked out of the top. What happened next was not the firecracker’s bang
everyone expected, but a thunderous blast that brought panicked neighbors running from their houses. Looking up, they watched as a small mushroom cloud rose, unsettlingly, over the Wilsons’ yard.

And the last part of the story.

“OK, y’all stand back,” Taylor says. We retreat behind a wall of leaden blocks as he shakes the hair out of his eyes and flips a switch. He turns a knob to bring the voltage up and adds in some gas. “This is exactly how me and Bill did it the first time,” he says. “But now we’ve got it running even better.”
Through a video monitor, I watch the tungsten wires beginning to glow, then brightening to a vivid orange. A blue cloud of plasma appears, rising and hovering, ghostlike, in the center of the reaction chamber. “When the wires disappear,” Phaneuf says, “that’s when you know you have a lethal radiation field.”
I watch the monitor while Taylor concentrates on the controls and gauges, especially the neutron detector they’ve dubbed Snoopy. “I’ve got it up to 25,000 volts now,” Taylor says. “I’m going to out-gas it a little and push it up.”
Willis’s power supply crackles. The reactor is entering “star mode.” Rays of plasma dart between gaps in the now-invisible grid as deuterium atoms, accelerated by the tremendous voltages, begin to collide. Brinsmead keeps his eyes glued to the neutron detector. “We’re getting neutrons,” he shouts. “It’s really jamming!”
Taylor cranks it up to 40,000 volts. “Whoa, look at Snoopy now!” Phaneuf says, grinning. Taylor nudges the power up to 50,000 volts, bringing the temperature of the plasma inside the core to an incomprehensible 580 million degrees—some 40 times as hot as the core of the sun. Brinsmead lets out a whoop as the neutron gauge tops out.
“Snoopy’s pegged!” he yells, doing a little dance. On the video screen, purple sparks fly away from the plasma cloud, illuminating the wonder in the faces of Phaneuf and Brinsmead, who stand in a half-orbit around Taylor. In the glow of the boy’s creation, the men suddenly look years younger.
Taylor keeps his thin fingers on the dial as the atoms collide and fuse and throw off their energy, and the men take a step back, shaking their heads and wearing ear-to-ear grins.
“There it is,” Taylor says, his eyes locked on the machine. “The birth of a star.”

Very cool story, worth the time to read.

What's he up to now.  Designing small nuclear reactors that can be buried underground for safety and security reasons.  Story Here
He's wrong in this story that we don't need nuclear weapons anymore but he's only 18.  Let him see the real world for a little while.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

One Seriously Cool Creature.

Yes, It's real.  It's called a Tardigrade.

Click on the picture and real all about the dude.  I may get a few thousand of them myself.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Says It All

Got this in an Email.   Congrats to who put it together.

  • America is Capitalist and Greedy.  
    •  yet half the population is subsidized...
  •    Half the population is subsidized
    • yet they think they are victims 
  •   They Think they are victims
    • yet their representatives run the government
  •   Their Representatives run the government
    • yet the poor keep getting poorer
  •    The Poor keep getting poorer
    •  yet they have things people in other countries only dream of
  •   They have Things people in other countries only dream of
    •  yet they want America to be more like those other countries

Friday, March 1, 2013

You've Won A Trip To Mars !

So... You've won the Trifecta !  The hairy reid Pinata Bash, the Pin the Tail on the pelosi romp, and the Tag an obama pal every time they steal money game.

As a bonus, you laughed like a Hyena when you heard that stupid bitch maxine waters (She's a congresswoman here in the USA..) actually say that America would lose 170 million jobs because of the sequester even though there are only about 140 million people working.  Total..  Give me a moment here.............................................................. ......................................... ........................................................................................7 6 5 4 3 2 1......   ok.  Deep Breath..

You have won a trip to Mars.  You could meet this guy !

I see people all over the Internet saying they would LOVE to go to Mars.  I'm having a hard time understanding that.  Even if it's a trip where you land, walk around, explore a tiny bit, then take off and come back.

Unless I'm missing something, I'm thinking that here you are in a very confined area with no sexual partner.  Maybe it's you and your wife, which ah, well you decide on the sex part. But then you have 6 months Plus of travel. Even if you don't get whacked by an unexpected piece of space debris on the way or one of a thousand other things goes wrong; I'm thinking the main points of that are going to be:
  • the food has to suck right? no way you're going to have 6 months of food on a vehicle that is traveling to Mars that is of any quality.  Since hot food takes energy to make and energy is likely going to be limited, most of what you eat is going to be cold. What kind of food would last 6 months?  Surely not bread.  We have to assume MRE's here.   Then the waste. What about that? Six Months worth. Off into space?  Won't that make a good impression for the aliens.
  • Even if there is sex, what about one of those unplanned pregnancies at month 3.  The baby is going to be due before you even get back.
  • Imagine looking at the stars though !   Ok, seen that, seen that, seen that. I'm tired of looking at the little white dots out there at about day 37.  Really tired.  Bored beyond belief.
  • Well, at least we have Internet access.  Ok, blogging from space.  Hi Folks!  Here we are! Naked and headed to Mars ! Woo WOO !
  • The physical demands of space. Your muscles are going atrophy even if you exercise in weightless nowhere land.  I read recently, where your eyes are severely damaged spending long periods in space.
  • No creature comforts, little to stir the imagination, lots of duties to perform checking the ship and such and the incessant phone calls from "Houston".  Hi Folks! Time to get up! Time to go to bed!  Hey Bobby, your heart rate is up are you masturbating?
  • Finally, YOU ARRIVE AT MARS!  You land.  You look around at a barren landscape of rust red and blue rocks that look exactly like the pictures the rovers have been sending back for the last 25 years.  You really feel the gravity of Mars and you can barely stand because you haven't had gravity for 5 months. You're confined to a confining space suit because you cannot breathe otherwise on Mars. You wonder, Why did I do this?  You pick up a rock and chuck it.  You wish to hell, you had just picked up a flattish rock on Earth and chucked it onto the surface of a life filled lake and watched it skip on the water 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times!  But no.  You're on about the most boring planet you could land on after spending the larger portion of 6 months in a tuna can, and now you've got to spend another 6 getting back to that rock full of maniacs called Earth.
Who would want to do this ?  Maybe I'm missing something. 

Correction: 16 months!