Monday, July 30, 2018

As Long As We're Doing Star Clouds.....

Click the gosh darn picture already and read all about it.

Imagine if there were planets around all those stars.  They're not as close together as they look.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I Am Basking In the Sublime Intimate Pleasure of Simultaneously Comparing

The Reality of the DJ Trump White House along side the Alternate Reality of a clinton White House and I am thanking God and Everyone Else I can Think of for this Actual Reality in which I wake up to Every Friggin Morning.

Oh,  Ronald Reagan has something to say to President Trump as well.  I promised to pass it along.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Good News ! Kinda

4 year olds are smarter than democrats.

Read all about it !

Now if we can only keep these kids away from the public school system.....

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Well, Nothing in the News and North Korea is as Quiet as

a good looking man strangely trapped under michele obama's bed at Midnight.

So let's get caught up on space pics !  You can either click the Read More link or the picture itself to go to the APOD site, read the entire description and if you've been good, can click the picture there and get a high resolution image.

A cute and lonely looking but strangely active galaxy.... Read More

Colorful creatures on the left, colorful creatures on the right, stuck in the middle with You !


Jupiter, Heck of a watercolor project !

Read More .....

Jupiter admires Hawaii volcano, eats a little popcorn, falls asleep.

Read More... 

Ooooooh, Sparkly !
Beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 6744 is nearly 175,000 light-years across, larger than our own Milky Way.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Deep Thoughts

Maxine Waters and Nana Pelosi - PLEASE run on the Democrat ticket for president in 2020.  The debates would be Comedic Gold !  Maybe even better in 2024.

I asked my wife for a hummer.  She belted out Battle Hymn of the Republic.

With birds, it's Hummers and Woodies - among others. With computers it's hard drives, floppy disks, bits, bytes, and nibbles (half an 8 bit byte) . God does have a sense of humor.

Sheriff Israel and Assistant AG Rosenstein.  Two examples of why you never put beady eyed people in positions of power. Or Influence - which brings to mind Wolfey Blitzkreig and Chris Wallace.

We Love Everyone the Left Hates.  They are helping steer our ship and don't even know it, the dummies.

Kim Jong Un has issued a public alert notice to all military members and officials stating that all DLTNs (Dear Leader Thoughts Notebooks) must have pages measuring at least 8 by 11 inches.

World media are speculating Kim has gotten his hands on some really good amphetamines (or maybe some Kimche Crack) and is about to start dictating at the speed of a Cheetah chasing a drunken Andrea Mitchell through a rice paddy.

Notice to all liberals.  You will be declared illegal by the Brett Kavanaugh enhanced Supreme Court.  This is a public service announcement and the ACLU required advisory is for you to start packing your shit now for an extended stay outside of the USA.

Hummingbirds use spiders web to reinforce their thimble shaped nests.  Their nests are always constructed to be works of art and unique.

 Have you ever felt this awkward ?

A new social media platform - Openbook, will be coming on line to give an option to the world to trash their accounts with the Nazi, anti-American, Censoring POS platform facebook.  Join soon and tell your friends where your new page is.

Surprise - it is now Cool to be racist !  Well against anti-American scum anyway.

Well, it's a slow news day here at Kid Central - Seems the world is obsessed with 'the summit'. Apparently, there was a summit somewhere.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Robert Mueller's Team Finally Finds Neutrino Colluding With Russian Quasers

With equipment frozen deep into ice beneath Earth's South Pole, humanity appears to have discovered a neutrino from far across the universe. If confirmed, this would mark the first clear detection of cosmologically-distant neutrinos and the dawn of an observed association between energetic neutrinos and.....

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

For Your Friday

Hey, wait a minute, isn't this Friday All of ours?

FWIW - I have no personal investment in the video beyond the 12:17 mark..

Monday, July 9, 2018

SO... Brett Kavanaugh for the SC

I found it interesting that President Trump made mention of talking with senators and the confirmation process when announcing Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the SC.

I think confidence of the confirmation process had to influence this decision.  There is some negative information out there about this fellow regards a Vince Foster cover up and a favorable lean toward obammy care.  Maybe more but this is what sticks in my mind.

Let's see what this fellow's decisions are going forward and how adherent to the Constitution they are.  He's going to be on the SC a long time.

Possibly the president felt any of the other 3 top picks were not able to be confirmed with such a shaky combination of republicans and rinos in the Senate.  Maybe he is saving one of those for after the 2018 or 2020 elections when there are more republicans to be more assured of a confirmation.  Wild Ass Guess and probably some wishful thinking.  Amy was my pick but any of the other two fellows that I know little of may have been just as good.

Is this a time of divine providence ?  If so, then DJ Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and will have the opportunity to promote another Constitutionalist to the SC as a stone cold liberal judge checks out.