Saturday, December 10, 2022

No Politics Here

Take a break and enjoy just a few space objects among the trillions floating around out there.

As always, click the pick to go to the APOD website and read a description as well as click the pic there and get a very large version where you can play "Find a The Pope a Inna The Pizza' among other exciting cocktail party games.

 The Helix Nebula

Star Forming Pillar of Dust

The Light, Dark, and Dusty
Good, Bad, and Ugly?

Wolf's Cave Nebula

The Wizard Nebula

Nebula Surrounding Wolf-Rayet Star
(Jackson Pollock hanging out here?)

Andromeda Galaxy
Closest galaxy to ours

The California Nebula

The Squid Nebula

The Whale Galaxy

Star Forming Eagle Nebula with Stars Removed

The Fairy of the Eagle Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula Up Close

Horsehead Nebula from Further Away

Saturday, December 3, 2022

30 Short Years Ago From Today

Nothing surprises me, but I do still wonder on occasion how in Hell we ended up here with three imbeciles in the top three positions of government and an entire government leadership which is corrupt, criminal, anti-America and actively selling us down the river to our enemies like China.

Well, enjoy this look back.

This is as he is leaving office of course.  It is clear to me he wasn't suffering from dementia.

It's The Science !!

In another video, two recent high school grads whose favorite subject was Science answered Jay's question of "what is bigger, the sun or the moon" with "The Moon".

I've personally seen people buying a 64 oz bottles of water labeled Smart Water for $1.99 at the market.

Is it any wonder these young geniuses will believe anything they tell them? 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Problem Number One

Guest Post by Mustang

With close to 340 million people living in the United States, it is not likely we’ll find much agreement on the nation’s number one problem.  But even if we find “a lot” of agreement, Americans have difficulty transforming complaints into political action.  We’ll be able to figure it out in just a few moments. 


So, what is America’s largest concern?  According to Pew Research, it's affordable health care.  Pew Research data suggests that 56% of Americans think affordable health care is a “very big problem” and that 30% more Americans rate it as a “moderately big problem.”  That places us at the near 90% level.  I had no idea.  So now, what are Americans likely to do about it?  Here’s the scary part.  They’re likely to elect some ditz like Biden, who tries to red-do Obama Care, which has been an absolute disaster for all Americans and is likely to cause unaffordable health care. 


Looking back, it might have been better if (a) the American people hadn’t elected Obama in the first place (although I am hard-pressed to say how McCain would have been a better choice) and (b) Obama had left America’s health care system alone. 


What did Obama Care do for America?  Well, it steadily increased the cost of medical care between 43 – 55%.  People looked at their premium increases and went into cardiac arrest.  That’s what Democrats do for you.  Hey, and no charge for that. 


But why did those charges go up?  For starters, the government’s meddling forced insurance coverers out of the medical insurance racket.  Who?  United Healthcare for one — arguably the largest insurer in the country.  And Aetna.  So, as the number of insurers dwindled, those who remained behind increased their rates.  It’s simple economics.  It’s also a simplified understanding of human nature.  People want flexibility, not “just do it” attitudes from government bureaucrats. 


But you know what, folks?  Obama didn’t care.  Why?  Because he’d already gotten his share of the gold, and you can bet he isn’t worried about getting a heart bypass someday or another sex change operation for Michael. 


What else concerns our people?  Well, 82% are worried about government spending.  And if this is true, we should conclude that less than 82% of people demand a free college education.  Around 84% of the people worry about crime, suggesting that few people are on board the Democrat plan to defund police.  Another 77% of the people are worried about southern border invasions.  This number would be higher if folks living in Minnesota knew that tens of thousands of illegal Mexicans were heading in their direction. 


Well, readers, that’s the information I’ve uncovered.  What’s your take on this — and why?

Monday, November 21, 2022

The Iran Card

Guest post by Mustang.

Mr. Con Coughlin is a British journalist currently assigned as the Defense Editor for the Daily Telegraph.  He likes to moan about Iran.  More recently, he complained that Tehran tells lies about the true extent of its nuclear ambitions.  Worse, he argues, Tehran hasn’t been entirely truthful about its support of Russia in Ukraine.  It is hard for me to know where to start.  Perhaps with this observation: if Mr. Coughlin has a problem with Iran’s lack of transparency, he must be positively apoplectic thinking about the number of times the U.K. and U.S. have lied about Middle Eastern Coalition forces, NATO, or even U.N. peacekeeping forces.  One must also wonder if Mr. Coughlin is genuinely a journalist — or if he is the mouthpiece for western Neanderthals. 


I realize that I’m making a grave charge.  It is a serious matter whenever a journalist becomes an instrument of the state (or, in this case, the civilization) he represents.  Whenever this happens, a writer becomes a politician rather than a journalist.  There would be no concern if not for the fact that confused journalists place their peers in danger of being targeted as politicians. 


On that note, why is Mr. Coughlin choosing sides between Islamist Sunnis and Islamist Shi’ites?  Since both of these sects are irrational, I assume that Coughlin is parroting the western line: pro-Saudi and anti-Persian.  After reading Coughlin’s commentaries, one wonders if the man is even aware that the Saudis fund twice to three times more global terrorism than Iran.  This statement is not only accurate but also easily proven to be true.  Why is Coughlin backing the Saudis over the Iranians?  Why is Mr. Coughlin going out of his way to convince you or me that Iran = bad or that anyone with an ounce of sense couldn’t see the Russian-Ukrainian conflict materializing at some point over the past 30 years? 


After the Soviet Union Collapsed in 1991, western aligned countries had plenty of opportunities to “reach out” to welcome a newly defined Russia into the community of nations.  Did the alliance of the west do that?  No, they didn’t.  Why not?  Because the western aligned countries wanted to beat the Russians into the ground more than they wanted to pave the way toward global peace. 


Everything the western nations did was precisely the wrong thing.  They gave the slow-thinking Ukrainians the notion that they could become part of the NATO alliance, enticed them with membership in the E.U., and promised them an unlimited supply of chocolate-filled lollipops.  Well, let’s review some of the histories of the former Soviet Republics. 


Does anyone remember Joseph Stalin?  Stalin was responsible for murdering 20 million Russians.  He was from Soviet Georgia.  How about Lavrentiy Beria?  Beria pulled the trigger on 20 million Russians.  He came from Soviet Georgia.  Does anyone remember Nikita Khrushchev?  Khrushchev placed nuclear weapons in Cuba (90 miles from Key West, Florida).  Mr. Khrushchev was from Ukraine.  Vladimir Putin is Russian.  So then, one begins to question how much British and American diplomats (and their propaganda minions) know about the people they support and oppose.  I recall President Kennedy's unhappiness when Khrushchev parked nuclear missiles in Cuba.  It wasn’t all that long ago — so I wonder why the U.S. and NATO members thought it a neat idea to park NATO weapons along Russia’s geographic underbelly.  Is this yet another example of western civilization’s double standard?  Or is this entire shebang a matter of affirmative action gone wild? 


I would like Mr. Coughlin to use his bully pulpit to explain how it helps move us toward world peace by supporting the world’s number one exporter of terror (Saudi Arabia) while constantly attacking Iran.  And while he’s at it, Mr. Coughlin might explain what the NATO countries were thinking when they began their scab-picking campaign toward Russia.  How about Mr. Coughlin telling everyone what he would do about Ukraine if he were in Putin’s shoes?  And finally, could Mr. Coughlin ask those same questions of the western aligned nuclear powers?  What are the United Kingdom’s nuclear ambitions?  Does he imagine that Iran’s ambitions are much different? 


We seem to live in Romper Room, and elementary-minded persons are running the show.  Geez ... grow up, people.  If you want a peaceful world, start acting like it by questioning the shills, like Con Coughlin.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Our Idiotic Absurd World - Plastic Bag Bans in the USA

Do you support the banning of micro thin plastic bags for hauling your groceries out of the store ?

Check out all the places that have banned them at this link.

Congratulations ! 

This is what happens when morons put morons in charge.

Why do I say this?

Well, next time you do some shopping, look at what you're hauling out of the store.  That's right, significant amounts of the products are encased in plastic which is a million times thicker, Ok, maybe 100 times...

How easily they play you with all this environmental BS.

If that isn't enough for you, this report tells us 90% of the plastic pollution come from 10 rivers.  

By analyzing the waste found in the rivers and surrounding landscape, researchers were able to estimate that just 10 river systems carry 90% of the plastic that ends up in the ocean.


Eight of them are in Asia: the Yangtze; Indus; Yellow; Hai He; Ganges; Pearl; Amur; Mekong; and two in Africa - the Nile and the Niger.

You can also find pictures of plastic rivers flowing into the sea from places like Haiti.  I'm sure we can add places like Puerto Rico to that list as well.

Folks, the USA is not polluting the world.  You might ask yourself why no one talks about the polluters.  Answer: the chances of getting money out of them is Zero.

As Lou Rawls would sing - "Good God Y'all !"

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Public Service Announcement

Do you wonder why things are so screwed up now since Biden was elected - or fraudulently put in place?

Do you wonder why the price of everything is 2 to 3 times what it was prior to Jan, 2021?

Do, you wonder how we went from energy and oil independence in December 2020, to begging for Oil days later after Jan 2021?

Do you wonder why the border became an open sewer after Jan 2021?

Do you wonder the USA went from lowest unemployment ever in the history of the USA for all categories of people to the crap show it is now?

Do you wonder why the democrats are spending trillions of dollars on Jack Shit for America ?

Add your own horror stories.

It it because Biden and the democrats are incompetent?  Is it some sort of accident?  Is it an Act of God?  

Is it because of some pissant in Russia causing all this and the US GOVERNMENT is powerless to do anything about it?


It is because whomever is controlling the US Government wants all this to happen.  Fill in your own picture cards for persons and groups responsible.  It's not Soros, it's not Gates, It is not the Democrats.  It a group of people who are raping the country with telephone poles so they can add to their wealth.  The Republicans won't save you.  No one in Federal Government will do anything to help.  Find some good local government while it still exists and smile, smile, smile.

Just so ya know.

Nothing can be done about it because the entire federal government is above the law.  They do not have to abide by the laws and they actually tell us this with their ugly smiling faces all the time.

Bear down.  Dig in.  Get economical. Plan for shortages of things you want and possibly need.  Three more years at least of this bullshit. Not that it would have mattered imo, but tens of millions of people actually voted for this.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Oscar Peterson - The Man Could Play

First one is when late night had talented people who were not paid shill, communist tool dipsticks and provided entertainment.

And a short one to just listen. 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Year 2025

Kamala Harris took over for old Joe in 2023 after he became totally incapable of walking and talking instead of just 80% incapable.  She is elected to president as voters figure 'she's been through it now and has enough experience'.  Plus she'll be the first fake Female African and imbecile to be selected as president .  She selects Whoopi as VP.  All White House entrances to be widened to 4.5 feet under no bid contract to Hunter Biden firm for 7.8 billion.

Various laws and executive orders that have gone into effect.

EO # 1 - no laughing at Harris' speeches.

EO # 2 - all Supreme Court nominees will be fake black or Hispanic lesbians and cannot be confirmed if they can tell the difference between a squirrel and a woodpecker even while wearing a wooden hat and their ass covered in peanut butter.

Displaying the American flag is proof of white supremacy and is now a capital offense.

Gasoline price insurance policies now mandatory for everyone including non-vehicle owners.  Insurance firms run by Hunter Biden conglomerate. Gasoline plus insurance sets the total cost of a gallon of gas at $19.35.  Prices expected to rise.

IRS now sending out crack pipes and crack cocaine in lieu of refunds.

Pedophila goes mainstream.  All commercials, TV programs, news video, and radio must display or discuss child sex actors and actresses.  Commercials to only include child inter-racial, homosexual actors. 

The 6 Western states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and New Mexico now mostly without water and electricity after all hydro-electric dams in the area go dry.  States surrounding the Mississippi river tell western states to go pound salt.  They ain't gettin any river water.

Desalination plants owned by Hunter Biden conglomerate prices water out of reach for most homeowners.  People dying left and right like worms on hot cement all across western states.

All persons now required to be vaccinated once per week for life.  CDC is getting tired of making shit up so the official statement is "Don't matter the cause, just stick out your paws".

Amish are having the time of their lives.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Mechanical Computer Built by Ancient Greeks.

Well, what else did they have to do ?

The meat of the information on the device begins around the 4:13 mark.

There are longer more detailed vids on youtube for anyone who wants to delve further into the device.

The Antikythera Device

Image of part of device as found

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Mass Shooting, Especially School Shootings

I usually don't weigh in on this kind of stuff because the media talks it until it is a dead smoking hulk in a hole in the ground but here it is anyway.

There are 3 main problems here.  In order:

1. Gun free zones invite murder.
Back during the 'financial crisis' of 2008, a local school district- Lakota schools, consisting of 6 physical schools, terminated 90 - count em NINETY administrators, and 100 teachers and called it good.  Now honestly what did any of those 90 'administrators' do beside bring the friggin donuts.  If a school can afford to pay 90 admins and 100 teachers that they Don't need, they can pay security people.  And how many administrators did they keep? Don't know but it was more than zero.  For SIX schools?

People would be offended by armed guards? Bullshit. False argument by the dems who Love when stuff like this happens. It helps them with their gun confiscation agenda.  Who would be offended? Students? Hell no. Teachers? hell no. Parents? Too friggin bad if that's true. Suck it up parents who are raising these mal-adjusted assholes that are willing to go out and kill people.

Plano Texas has more guns per capita than probably any place in the US.  Murder rate of 0.4 per 100,000 - lowest on the planet.

Get rid of the damn gun free zones.

2. Single mothers.  Seriously. Most single mother households have zero ability to raise boys.  Adam Lanza, sandy hook, single mother, this kid - sounds like he lived with his grandmother.   I recall others similar.  Women can't raise boys, Especially Troubled boys, and the women are out of the house working beside.  (David Blaine (magician) raised by single mother.  Wonderful human being, one of the best on the panet if you get to know him.  Not the norm unfortunately.)  The kids I knew growing up who were and are whackjobs had single mothers   Every single one. And every single one who was in a single mother household was a whackjob.  Every single one.  Child rearing and raising has to be done a certain way.  And this was in the 50's and 60's. Not this FUBAR'd child rearing environment we have today.  It doesn't work. It cannot be made to work.  You can't drill a hole in a boat and send it out on the water.

3. Kids are being raised to be seriously screwed up. You know what I'm talking about. No one loses, No one can be offended. etc. Few kids can handle real life anymore.  Someone gets offended or bullied on social media, they go shoot up a school.  Fact.  Plus they're given drugs like glasses of water.  Ritalin, Adderall, anti-psychotic drugs. These are real and serious problems and the result is you don't get a society full of well balanced people able to handle real life and it's been going on for a good long while.

You can't keep the environment we have and fix it.  It is not fixable. The only thing you can do is Deal with it.  Start by getting rid of the gun free zones and if a bunch of donut hauling assholes lose their jobs to pay for it, a double win.

Other countries without guns don't have these problems?  It is because they also don't have the kind of people we have running around here in the USA.  Not a single black person in Russia for example.  No border crossers from Honduras either, a country with the highest murder rate on the planet.  Not a single person like you find in S. Chicago will you find in any other country in Europe.   It's the People.  It's the damn people and our society is churning them out like popcorn.  It's a wonder we don't have more of these shootings.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Let's Get Back Near the Inception of This Climate Crap


Thanks so much Carl ! (not)

(Big point here in my opinion) I believe Carl's basic mindset was heavily skewed toward what "Man is doing to our beautiful planet" not just in this respect but also to how we pretty much still act like savages from the standpoint of wars and general abuse to one another, generally speaking.  See Carl's BLUE DOT video.

Well, here he was just giving a basic scientific rundown which I assume is accurate from a point of view that Excludes thousands of important variables. He does say that more investigation is needed, although not strong enough to hold back the al gore's of the political world who must have been having orgasms and with dollar signs in his eyes while sitting there listening.

Did Carl know that NASA and NOHH would be lying their asses off to sell this massive abuse on the world's population ?  Did Carl know that governments would pay 'scientists' billions of dollars in total to perpetuate and exaggerate this CO2 thing completely off the Richter scale ?

At least Carl does state that any attempts at heading off this potential problem would involve the building and operation of safe nuclear power plants such as LFTR's which we Could have been making the last 35 years as well as recognizing we aren't doing anything more than pissing in the ocean if we simply ignore what part in this China and other similar developing countries are playing.  Remember this is stated by Carl 1985 - 35 friggin years ago.  Oddly I came to these same conclusions myself the last 10 years as I got sick of hearing about climate change.

Did Carl think that governments would foist this bullshit on the world while doing absolutely Nothing to head off the potential problems.  Solar you say?  Please. Maybe solar or some other exceptionally clean running power source would be designed and put in use hundreds of years from now.  What we need now, if you believe in this scam is nuclear power.

As an aside, Lake Powell and Lake Mead which provide a lot of power to western states are currently so low that the official word is if they drop a little lower they will no longer have the ability to run their hydro-electric power producing turbines.  No lie.  Big drought in the west now with no end in sight.  In fact, the last lake report I watched on youtube dated a couple weeks ago was saying Lake Powell is going to stop sending water down stream to Lake Mead in an attempt to save itself.  Tons of related vids on youtube,


Antarctica is larger in size now than it has ever been since accurate recording by satellite of it began.  Gee, maybe the Earth IS a self-correcting system.

Let's recognize the entire country of Bangladesh is from 3 to 20 feet above sea level.  People aren't moving out.

I could go on for days.  Bottom line is we aren't doing jack to prepare for this potential problem IF it even manifests itself.  Even outside the fact that the CO2 story is way overblown, a number of natural events could put the Earth in a deep cooling period for decades if not a century or more.  Large volcano, small asteroid hit puts up massive sun blocking material into the atmosphere.

Well, here is Carl, giving the keys of power to massive abuse of the citizens by world governments to the governments.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Stop With the Czar BS Already

I think it was obama that started this BS.

In American government we don't need any more description than 'Head of', or 'Chief of' to describe someone in charge of some department or agency, let alone some made up BS position of which we have way too many.


zär, tsär


  1. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
  2. A person having great power or authority.
  3. An emperor; a king; specifically, the common title of the Emperor of Russia.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Nuthin Worth Discussing Down Here, Let's Look Up.

 Yea, could be down or over too.  Smartypants.

Click the image for a description and click again to get a huge version to explore for days.

Running Chicken

Carina Nebula

Hamburger Galaxy

Galaxy In a Bubble

Tadpoles.  That's what it says.

As a Mafia dude might say "A Galaxy Widdin a Galaxy"

Yea, It's real, Go read the description.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Electric Cars Not The Answer

Here is a Simple Hydrogen(H) powered engine.  Runs on H, output is water (H2O).  Break down water into 1 H and 2 O'S, put H through this engine as fuel which combines with O in the intake and combustion process and water is produced.  Endless cycle.  No pollution.

Or use Hydrogen fuel cells.  H and O goes in and makes electricity, water comes out. Incredibly less polluting than electric cars given all the pollution created when mining the lithium for batteries, destroying big sections of the Earth, processing it into batteries, and running coal plants to produce electricity to recharge the little beasts.

Why the push for electric cars?  Politicians and their friends are cleaning up on the associated insider trading of all the stocks of companies involved, No doubt money also coming in from all sorts of places that don't give a shit about You.

It's either that or Hell if I know because it ain't a good plan.

There is some question as to whether California has recently asked residents to not charge their electric cars.  Who knows about today, but I guarantee you if California is doing rolling black and brown outs already last summer, you can bet this will be a problem when enough electric cars are on the road there.

And there is the basic problem that unless you are making your own electricity, you are 100% dependent on the government to be able to transport yourself somewhere.

In contrast, you Could build up supplies of hydrogen just like you can gasoline and propane.

Well, enough of my yammering.  Whaddya think of Hydrogen to solve these current pesky problems, real and imagined, that the government is putting all its eggs into the electric car basket.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Carl Sagan Told Us About This 25 Years Ago

and even before that.  I love it when they bottom line it.

I think the vid is self-explanatory but let me know if not.

Yes, the governments have taken huge advantage of our general ignorance.

Look what they did to the world over a virus with a 99.97% survival rate among all age groups, much closer to 100% with young people.

They say 1 million died of covid in the US.  They did not. Many of those reported died of other causes but tested positive in whatever medical facility they ended up in on their way to the grave. Many.  Well never know the number.  The survival rate is better than 99.97%.

Many died of covid who were vaccinated based on reliable reporting.

Many people died and are dying of the vaccine itself.  Heart disease, blood clots, strokes the biggest reasons. And we're just getting started.

This is not a post on Covid.

Look at how they raped and are raping the entire world over the false claim of man made global warming.

False?  If they were worried about CO2, they'd be building nuke plants all over, especially LFTRs which are 100% safe, and railing on China and India and other huge polluters.

These are unbelievable crimes against humanity and much of it done easily because as Carl explains, technology has surpassed the ability of 99+++% or more of the population to understand.  So, we're being raped, hounded, and stolen from constantly by these evil governments.

Just two of thousands of examples.

No end in sight. It will get worse.

Just bottom lining it.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Like Far Out Man !

Strange things even here on Earth besides people.

Like click on the pictures man.

Like do it man.

Then click again to get a really far out big version.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Government Standing in the Way as Usual

According to research from the University of South Florida, psilocybin, the active component within psychedelic mushrooms, is able to grow new brain cells—potentially offering treatment for mental illness and improving cognition. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Vacation Spots

Click the image to go to the APOD site and read all about it.
Click on the image while there and get a large version.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

News !

California now requires the following individuals to be Board Members of any corporation doing business in California: Drag Queen, Transexual, Pedophile, Native Indian, Illegal Alien, Morbidly Obese, Shoplifter, Sexual Predator.  Democrats who make up the majority in these categories are not sure they want the positions "We gonna havta work?" exclaims most.

Sign language interpreters are now required in any business dealing with the public, and given a minimum wage of $15. Meals in restaurants triple in price. Worst of all none of the sign language givers know what the hell they're doing as in this report from Tampa.

Democrats defend legislation by saying "If only One deaf person was helped order the daily special it was worth it".

Moving on....

People tattooed when they were fat, but are now old and skinny, look like Jackson Pollock paintings.

Rape now to be referred to as a Snuggle Struggle to ease the trauma associated with the event.

With shoplifting no longer a crime, homeless people in San Francisco and other democrat controlled cities are now dressed in Armani suits and $2,000 dresses with fake furs, wearing Rolex watches and Tiffany jewelry.

Russia attacks the USA in a merciless attack as soon as they realize that the child protective mechanisms on all the USA's nuclear sub firing systems is too complicated for America's boat crews to operate.

If this wasn't bad enough, it has been reported that bombardiers on B-52 nuclear strike aircraft are all transexual by order of the current CinC Joe Biden, and during military practice exercises, the aircraft have overflown their targets by hundreds of miles.  Reason?  The bombardiers were locked in the aircraft's lavatories screaming "FIVE MINUTES!!" everytime someone tried to get them out and back to station.

Mitch McChuckles declares he will not vote to confirm Supreme Court Nominee Jackson.  Democrats all laugh and yell "Pffft! Who gives a rat's fluffy behind !"

From the Babylon bee - 12 ways to tell if you're a woman.

FBI spokesman says "we're kinda sorry..." on condition of anonymity because he is "not allowed to speak of such things"  when it is discovered that millions would not have voted for Biden if details of Hunter's laptop would have been released in the months leading up to the election instead of them sitting on it.
The spokesman added "We also kinda screwed up by practically putting the guy who brought it in out of business.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Problem in America

With all this talk about Tyranny, crime, corruption, and worse going on in America, seemingly without any obvious or viable solution, I have come to the conclusion that the federal government itself is the problem.

Now, I'm not suggesting it's possible we can get rid of it but let's at least recognize what the real problem is.

The federal government takes massive amounts of our hard earned money and provides, really, nothing in return. 

In short, the government is that Hyper Obese Aunt that comes by on holidays (Every night in the case of the feds) and consumes massive resources without returning any value, while getting in the way of people trying to move from room to room.

James Gregory Lays it out for us in his piece - Everybody has this one relative.

The vid is 8:43.  You may want to watch after reading the rest.

Yes, we all do have that one relative.  In our case, his name is Uncle Sammy and he is way past his expiration date.

Let's break it down by branch.

Legislative - Congress is a collection of corrupt imbeciles, owned by the lobbyists, intent on either serving said lobbyists, or coming up with legislation so they can feel like they're actually doing something.  Well, given everything they touch turns to shit, we can scratch them off without any more thought and be light years ahead of the game.

Judicial - Ha ! Let me know when the justice department does anything useful.  Given we now know about all the corruption and crime in America justice and Intelligence agencies, let's just say we wouldn't be any worse off if we just forget to keep the payroll system running for all these people.

Executive  - Oh, please don't make me split my sides.  Let's just rename this branch as the Money Laundering branch serving all those who are in the Big Club.

Do you know about the big club?  Go to youtube and search "George Carlin - It's a Big Club".  Pick the longer running version. Lots of language there as a warning for those sensitive to such.

Alright. SO, what can we do with Uncle Sammy?  We can't fix him.  He's got to go but that's not an option,  just a fun academic fancy.  Just for pretend then, let's imagine how it might go down.

Let's look at what the federal government does that provides any value at all.  National Security, Social Security and Medicare for Seniors as obvious examples.

We can assume the states will take up the slack on things which actually do provide value, so let's chart that out.

National Security Well, the feds suck at national security.  Not only do they suck at it, they're going for the Guiness Record of Suck.  They spent 20 years, trillions of dollars, lives and limbs of "our best" Americans in Afghanistan, and the sacrifices of their families at home, as but one example and what did we get in return.  The taliban is not only still in control of the country, but we gave them billions of high tech modern weapons and loads of cash stolen from America's hard working stiffs when we left.

Ditto Iraq.

Let's not dwell on this.  Too much pain for great people in America who were involved.  They have my sincere condolences.  We had a family member in Iraq and a friend in Afghanistan.  Fortunately, they returned.  These people who were there and elsewhere get more respect than I can put into words.  They got None from the federal government.  The feds pay for everything for an illegal, but won't even cover a wheelchair ramp for an injured veteran.

Along with this, they have thrown open the borders to every potential welfare queen, terrorist, disease carrier, and at the least - new democrat voter.  We are importing what will destroy our country and culture.

Let's put the military in charge of Security. Each state will contribute a share of their GDP toward that. 

Any states not holding up their end of the log might get a visit from some Great Americans. Possibly. Maybe.

The states will receive their share of whatever SS and Medicare money that the feds haven't stolen yet based upon their census numbers of Legal citizens.  They will take over collecting and investing for SS, but according to how it was originally designed, which means it will always be in the black and flush with money. Ditto Medicare. 

Now some incidentals.

Space exploration.  Private enterprise has pretty much already taken that over. Done.

Interstate highways and affairs. States take care of all the roads in their state and anything else involving multi-state affairs.  Git R done.

U.N.  Eliminated.  Let the world's countries figure out who they're going to go to try and extorte money from.  Ain't going to be us.

Diplomatic Relations? Eliminated. Look at all the foreign aid (stolen and laundered money) we won't be puttin out.

Someone can't take care of their own country? Well I guess the country wasn't worth the paper their borders were printed on were they.  Go ask someone else for help.

Immigration.  This will be returned to the point that immigrants must be sponsored by a natural citizen or group and must have employment as soon as their feet hit the ground.

We'll turn off all benefits for anyone here illegally.  They'll deport themselves.  No lawyers, trials, judges, ICE, no nuthin.  Bye Bye Jose and don't let the cactus hit you on the ass on the way out where you can reapply to immigrate when you're back in your country.

FBI? CIA? NSA? DNI? DHS?  Don't need em.  They're both corrupt and incompetent. Someone commits a crime. So what?  Crime happens all day every day.  Deal with it.

The rest of the federal agencies?  Do an internet search on federal agencies and come make your case for why any of them deserve being funded any more.

So, why do you think we still need the federal government for anything?