Saturday, April 29, 2017

Secret Recording From Inside Kim Jong Un's Palace....

Kim: General Dong, what we goings to do about big ass Donna Tlump threats to us!?

Dong: We should hire Shelsea Crinton to fire up Amerlican Peoples against their government !  Shia LaPoofs too !  And Justy Bliebers!

Kim: I'm not thinks that work General Dong. Trump fever too strong.  And Justy Bliebers not even in news anymores! 

Dong: So Solly Great Leader ! How abouts we stop Nuke and Missile Tests and just keep our countly wide harem in prace?

Kim with sollen looks: General Dong, that may be alls we gots left...

Dong:  I'm knows it Great Leaders. I'm knows it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Once Again, Donald J Trump, Through His EO on Opening Up Offshore Drilling

and completely cancelling barry soetoro's ban on US offshore drilling has solved many problems with the simple stroke of a pen.
  1. American oil companies will once again be able to drain the subsurface of the ocean floor of that nasty oil that we can use in our cars and sell to other countries.
  2. As a result, the ocean floor will likely sink at least 240 feet making ample room for the melted ice of libtard glaciers and frozen continents, totally neutralizing the effects of the non-existent global warming thing-a-ma-bob
  3. Extract the oil in a much more environmentally safe way than all the Mexican and Chinese oil rigs do, who have Never Stopped Drilling for offshore oil.
The hell you say.  Yes I do.  Mexico and China were never bound to acknowledge barry soetoro's oil drilling ban, they are in international waters, and they have no requirement to follow the laws of the USA.  Plus they have no requirement to follow the over-restrictive guidelines of the US EPA. They may be creating oil spills all over the place and have no requirement to answer to anyone.

As a result, Donald J Trump has 1) brought a bunch of energy creation to the USA that we won't have to buy from someone else (GDP Growth, Reduce Trade Defecit) -2) done it in a much more environmentally friendly way since American companies can drill more safely, and 3) opened up closer to shore drilling where it is much less dangerous to drill without having a booboo like BP did.

Sheer Genius.

4)  The libtards are bouncing off the walls.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

So, Now It Finally Occurs to Me

What we need to do is join sports and politics at the hips.

Bad politicians suck at everything !

SO many people are geeked up about sports. Now they will be talking politics on ESPN along with the sports. Sports addicted people will be appraised of how much bad politicians suck and America will be Great Again !

Looking back when obama scored like 32 on the bowling alley and 197 on an executive (par 3) golf course, he'd have been rejected by the majority of America before he even got started

Trump on the other hand is one hell of a golfer even at 69 years old.  He could be president for the next 20 years !

Imagine the anguish we could have avoided.  John Kerry closing his eyes and crying like a little girl as a thrown football comes with a few feet of him.  He'd have been scratched from the word Go!

hirrod crinton - Need I say More.

Such much grief could have easily been flushed before it even became known.

Let's all call Sports Center  and demand they review all politicians on their athletic abilities.

Carry on.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

With All the Pathetic Sniveling Bullshit Excuses Being Bandied About for Why the Hildebeast Lost the Election

I thought I'd put the Real Story Out.

Trump Won Because:
  • He was not a politician
  • MAGA
  • Didn't insult us with agenda items like 'job creation' and 'tweak the tax code'
  • He promised to put a Conservative on the SC - Check
  • He promised big changes to immigration - Check and more to come
  • He talked about things people who have a F* brain care about
  • He got people off their couch who haven't voted for president in decades.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ok, Here's The Plan.

We send as much Tungsten as we can each and every resupply mission to the ISS.  When we get enough to make 2 artificial asteroids, One at 1/2 KILLometer wide, and one at 1/4 KILLometer, we send them suckers back to Earth at 17,000 mph.  One will impact the middle east left center Iran and one dead center N Korea.

World be better place in short order.

Oh, and close all the mosques except for in Sweden and declare islam a non-religion.

Oh, and declare open season on anyone appearing to be a moslem vermin.

Oh, and finally - Pigs make mincemeat out of three mohammedens.  Beautiful !


Friday, April 21, 2017

Unbelievably Rude and Profane

Kim Jong Il Channeling Kim Jong Un.  I warned ya.

If that's too depressing, try a Cool New Way

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Galaxy What Eats Udder Galaxies?

Cute little galaxy aren't it?
Click the picture for the description.

Can you get a huge high resolution image to explore?  Heck Yea, just click again while at the APOD site.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Things I've Learned About Russia Watching Russian Driving Crash Videos

  • There are not many single family homes appearing in these vids but there are lots of big apartment buildings.  Plus the place looks pretty crappy all over.  Russians are not living well.
  • As noted in last blog post, Russians affix wheels with single lug nut and wheels often fly off car or truck at perfect moment
  • Russians are encouraged to turn left from right lane and turn right from left lane, especially when another car is beside and blocking them
  • Fun game to play for Russians is to try to fit car between two other vehicles when it is impossible to do so
  • Kids in US of A like to play beer pong, people in Russia like to chug 1/5th of Vodka and hit highway at high speed with eyes closed
  • Russian Females are not allowed to look for cars on road before crossing without being called cowards
  • Red light in Russia is considered greatest enemy and offense and many Russians put pedal to floor at sight of red light
  • One fun thing to do is perform U-turn on rural highway without looking while cars are traveling close by at 75 mph
  • Other fun thing to do is see how many pedestrians you can take out in a single day going through red lights at 90 mph or to see how close you come to them
  • Rear ends of cars and trucks must be really offensive to Russians because they smash into them constantly
  • When coming upon a railroad crossing with lights flashing, especially with loaded semi truck, challenge is cross tracks at slowest speed possible with speeding train in sight.
  • Favorite game of strength and bravery is to move into opposing lane on 2 lane rural highway and play chicken with other cars and semi trucks - survivors win great acclaim
  • When driving heavily loaded semi truck, it is greatest fun to see how fast you can take curves without tipping over
  • If snow and ice are on road Russians are encouraged to drive at fastest possible speed
I will say that Russians are very polite in that when they witness an accident most immediately offer assistance.

If you think I'm kidding !  Not for the easily disturbed at witnessing accidents.

All the Russian you will need to know is Suka Bylat.
Bylat, pronounced Bilyat or Blat is the F word and Suka = Bitch.
Finally, Russian music sucks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Due To Brutal Punishing US and Allied Lug Nut Sanctions on Mother Rrrrrrusia

Russians drive with only One lug nut on each wheel.  Also sanctions on bolts that hold rear axle assemblies on Trucks.

Poor Russia !

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Pillars of Creation

Click the picture to read the description, click while there and get a high res to zoom in on and explore.

Oh Come On!  You knew Joe would have a tune to go with this image.

Friday, April 14, 2017

In The Spirit of Humility, Let Me Offer This Corporate Educational Video

Posted over on Sig's Blog

United Airlines Training Video

Did y'all notice a passenger on United got stung by a scorpion today  ?   Scorpions on a plane !  Hahahhaaaa, Gee I wish I was the AU CEO - Not...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On Impossibly Tiny Specs in These Galaxies are Even More Impossibly

tiny specs who are the Intelligent Life we are looking for.

Yes, as you have no doubt surmised by now, being intelligent, they are also wondering why libtards were allowed to be spawned in the first place and how they managed to spread themselves through the universe.

Click the picture. You must. Then click again and again.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Future News

The new Supreme Court declares liberalism a mental disease and as such disallows any and all liberals from owning weapons of any kind.  (Hey if the SC can declare a natural gas (CO2) a harmful freakanoid substance to be banished from the Earth while the All Plants Need CO2 to survive....)

The Supreme Court goes 7 to 2 Conservative as Ginsberg retires and Kagan dies in a freakish lesbian sex toy episode and Trump puts 2 more judges on the court "18 ways from Sunday" More conservative then Neil Gorsuch....

Given the 7 to 2 Conservative Supreme Court, expected to survive the next 30 years or more, liberals everywhere across America are moving to Cuba or Canada or are committing suicide.  Damn, smell the clean air.

Shia LaPoof moves to N. Korea, offends Kim Jong "Short Dong" Un and is sentenced to life in prison at hard labor.  Sean Penn goes to N. Korea to save him and by declaring Kim Jong a Crazy Fat Kid when he gets there - ends up busting rocks along side LaPoof.

In a shocking discovery, Alec Baldwin realizes he is a complete moron, has an emotional breakdown, disappears from sight for 2 years, and emerges as Alexi Baldwin, a transsexual who then falls in love with Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner and they get married and live happily ever after as lesbians in Sweden being raped by moslem vermin, most of them African in origin.

Cats everywhere proclaim they have the answer to all this madness, if only google translate could figure out how  to translate Meow, Mew, and Merrow..  Damn.  Should be So Simple !

Donna Trump continues to insist to black female democrat congress critters that his name is DONALD Trump. They still don't get it.  Transgender obsessed idiots that they are still think they have a racist misogynist bigoted female in the White House..

Every illegal alien has been deported and the 40% of lazy bastard working age people who are not currently working are put on notice that they have 30 days to find a job.  30 days from now we actually do have full employment.

Liberal celebrities find they no longer have a fan base. Most of them (in denial) starve and begin living in Buicks on the streets of LA panhandling for the price of Big Macs while trying to get free fertility treatments.  California goes Flat Broke.  Detroit can't even save it.  The 18 million Mexican landscapers who have been maintaining the beautifully manicured landscaped freeways of California, now residing in Mexico, have left California Freeway landscapes with a totally unacceptable level of Dandylion infestation and other weed encroachment.  Californians go Berserk.  Moonbeam Brown hires extra security, disappears from view.  Rumors are that he is having sex reassignment surgery.

More at 11.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Beside Putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, Here is

What I want Trump to Accomplish.

  • Delete the VA and have all veterans go to their private doctors.  He promised Veterans support and I haven't seen anything yet. Have you? Lemme know.
  • Repeal obamacare.  Do it Now.
  • Have someone open an investigation on the hildebeast and all of the other known criminals and have them all dealt with via court decision, hopefully which will be non-trivial.
  • Drain the swamp.  Gonna a be a while and it is going to take we the voters to get it done.
  • Oh and declare islam a non-religion - close the mosques, disrecognize CAIR and deny islam tax free status and tell the moslems to fuck off.
That'd all be good stuff.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Saturn is One Heck of A Planet.

Here's a Real Nice Pic. Click On It.  You Know you want to.  Then keep clicking.

Did you notice that blue Hexagon feature at the North pole ? What's up widdat?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Today's News

President Trump has signed an executive order giving Vladimir Putin and Russia Complete Control of the United States. Mr Putin vows to repeal Obamacare and put all liberals in Gulags. FBI and CIA Cheer the move.
The Trump family has permanently moved to Mar-a-Lago.  Donald Trump calls CNN and asks them if they like Apples.  They look confused but say "Yes".  Donald Trump then says "How do you like them apples!"

As a consequence of John McCain calling Kim Jong Un a "Crazy fat kid", North Korean agents have captured John McCain and are torturing him at an undisclosed location in North Korea.  Hey, Thanks guys!  We don't need him back.

American Badger Buries a Cow.  Don't mess with the American or the Honey Badger.

United Nations admits the whole Global Warming story was cooked up on April 1, 1998 and then it "just got out of control".

Shaquille O'Neal reveals to us that based on his extensive world wide traveling, that the Earth is indeed flat.