Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Mass Shooting, Especially School Shootings

I usually don't weigh in on this kind of stuff because the media talks it until it is a dead smoking hulk in a hole in the ground but here it is anyway.

There are 3 main problems here.  In order:

1. Gun free zones invite murder.
Back during the 'financial crisis' of 2008, a local school district- Lakota schools, consisting of 6 physical schools, terminated 90 - count em NINETY administrators, and 100 teachers and called it good.  Now honestly what did any of those 90 'administrators' do beside bring the friggin donuts.  If a school can afford to pay 90 admins and 100 teachers that they Don't need, they can pay security people.  And how many administrators did they keep? Don't know but it was more than zero.  For SIX schools?

People would be offended by armed guards? Bullshit. False argument by the dems who Love when stuff like this happens. It helps them with their gun confiscation agenda.  Who would be offended? Students? Hell no. Teachers? hell no. Parents? Too friggin bad if that's true. Suck it up parents who are raising these mal-adjusted assholes that are willing to go out and kill people.

Plano Texas has more guns per capita than probably any place in the US.  Murder rate of 0.4 per 100,000 - lowest on the planet.

Get rid of the damn gun free zones.

2. Single mothers.  Seriously. Most single mother households have zero ability to raise boys.  Adam Lanza, sandy hook, single mother, this kid - sounds like he lived with his grandmother.   I recall others similar.  Women can't raise boys, Especially Troubled boys, and the women are out of the house working beside.  (David Blaine (magician) raised by single mother.  Wonderful human being, one of the best on the panet if you get to know him.  Not the norm unfortunately.)  The kids I knew growing up who were and are whackjobs had single mothers   Every single one. And every single one who was in a single mother household was a whackjob.  Every single one.  Child rearing and raising has to be done a certain way.  And this was in the 50's and 60's. Not this FUBAR'd child rearing environment we have today.  It doesn't work. It cannot be made to work.  You can't drill a hole in a boat and send it out on the water.

3. Kids are being raised to be seriously screwed up. You know what I'm talking about. No one loses, No one can be offended. etc. Few kids can handle real life anymore.  Someone gets offended or bullied on social media, they go shoot up a school.  Fact.  Plus they're given drugs like glasses of water.  Ritalin, Adderall, anti-psychotic drugs. These are real and serious problems and the result is you don't get a society full of well balanced people able to handle real life and it's been going on for a good long while.

You can't keep the environment we have and fix it.  It is not fixable. The only thing you can do is Deal with it.  Start by getting rid of the gun free zones and if a bunch of donut hauling assholes lose their jobs to pay for it, a double win.

Other countries without guns don't have these problems?  It is because they also don't have the kind of people we have running around here in the USA.  Not a single black person in Russia for example.  No border crossers from Honduras either, a country with the highest murder rate on the planet.  Not a single person like you find in S. Chicago will you find in any other country in Europe.   It's the People.  It's the damn people and our society is churning them out like popcorn.  It's a wonder we don't have more of these shootings.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Let's Get Back Near the Inception of This Climate Crap


Thanks so much Carl ! (not)

(Big point here in my opinion) I believe Carl's basic mindset was heavily skewed toward what "Man is doing to our beautiful planet" not just in this respect but also to how we pretty much still act like savages from the standpoint of wars and general abuse to one another, generally speaking.  See Carl's BLUE DOT video.

Well, here he was just giving a basic scientific rundown which I assume is accurate from a point of view that Excludes thousands of important variables. He does say that more investigation is needed, although not strong enough to hold back the al gore's of the political world who must have been having orgasms and with dollar signs in his eyes while sitting there listening.

Did Carl know that NASA and NOHH would be lying their asses off to sell this massive abuse on the world's population ?  Did Carl know that governments would pay 'scientists' billions of dollars in total to perpetuate and exaggerate this CO2 thing completely off the Richter scale ?

At least Carl does state that any attempts at heading off this potential problem would involve the building and operation of safe nuclear power plants such as LFTR's which we Could have been making the last 35 years as well as recognizing we aren't doing anything more than pissing in the ocean if we simply ignore what part in this China and other similar developing countries are playing.  Remember this is stated by Carl 1985 - 35 friggin years ago.  Oddly I came to these same conclusions myself the last 10 years as I got sick of hearing about climate change.

Did Carl think that governments would foist this bullshit on the world while doing absolutely Nothing to head off the potential problems.  Solar you say?  Please. Maybe solar or some other exceptionally clean running power source would be designed and put in use hundreds of years from now.  What we need now, if you believe in this scam is nuclear power.

As an aside, Lake Powell and Lake Mead which provide a lot of power to western states are currently so low that the official word is if they drop a little lower they will no longer have the ability to run their hydro-electric power producing turbines.  No lie.  Big drought in the west now with no end in sight.  In fact, the last lake report I watched on youtube dated a couple weeks ago was saying Lake Powell is going to stop sending water down stream to Lake Mead in an attempt to save itself.  Tons of related vids on youtube,


Antarctica is larger in size now than it has ever been since accurate recording by satellite of it began.  Gee, maybe the Earth IS a self-correcting system.

Let's recognize the entire country of Bangladesh is from 3 to 20 feet above sea level.  People aren't moving out.

I could go on for days.  Bottom line is we aren't doing jack to prepare for this potential problem IF it even manifests itself.  Even outside the fact that the CO2 story is way overblown, a number of natural events could put the Earth in a deep cooling period for decades if not a century or more.  Large volcano, small asteroid hit puts up massive sun blocking material into the atmosphere.

Well, here is Carl, giving the keys of power to massive abuse of the citizens by world governments to the governments.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Stop With the Czar BS Already

I think it was obama that started this BS.

In American government we don't need any more description than 'Head of', or 'Chief of' to describe someone in charge of some department or agency, let alone some made up BS position of which we have way too many.


zär, tsär


  1. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
  2. A person having great power or authority.
  3. An emperor; a king; specifically, the common title of the Emperor of Russia.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Nuthin Worth Discussing Down Here, Let's Look Up.

 Yea, could be down or over too.  Smartypants.

Click the image for a description and click again to get a huge version to explore for days.

Running Chicken

Carina Nebula

Hamburger Galaxy

Galaxy In a Bubble

Tadpoles.  That's what it says.

As a Mafia dude might say "A Galaxy Widdin a Galaxy"

Yea, It's real, Go read the description.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Electric Cars Not The Answer

Here is a Simple Hydrogen(H) powered engine.  Runs on H, output is water (H2O).  Break down water into 1 H and 2 O'S, put H through this engine as fuel which combines with O in the intake and combustion process and water is produced.  Endless cycle.  No pollution.

Or use Hydrogen fuel cells.  H and O goes in and makes electricity, water comes out. Incredibly less polluting than electric cars given all the pollution created when mining the lithium for batteries, destroying big sections of the Earth, processing it into batteries, and running coal plants to produce electricity to recharge the little beasts.

Why the push for electric cars?  Politicians and their friends are cleaning up on the associated insider trading of all the stocks of companies involved, No doubt money also coming in from all sorts of places that don't give a shit about You.

It's either that or Hell if I know because it ain't a good plan.

There is some question as to whether California has recently asked residents to not charge their electric cars.  Who knows about today, but I guarantee you if California is doing rolling black and brown outs already last summer, you can bet this will be a problem when enough electric cars are on the road there.

And there is the basic problem that unless you are making your own electricity, you are 100% dependent on the government to be able to transport yourself somewhere.

In contrast, you Could build up supplies of hydrogen just like you can gasoline and propane.

Well, enough of my yammering.  Whaddya think of Hydrogen to solve these current pesky problems, real and imagined, that the government is putting all its eggs into the electric car basket.