Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say, Post Some Music !

Music for Conservatives. People who are for the constitution.

You know, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for Everyone. But you got a Pursue it.

Different Strokes baby. Black, White, Green or Yellow. Rich or Poor. If you're not breaking the law, then just keep it to yourself and keep the government out of all of our faces.


  1. hi kid.
    at first i thought it was hendrix,LOL.
    very true we got to live together,lif's short and unconfortable lately for a lot of them.

  2. Yes and we have leaders at all levels who are dividing and stoking the fires of racism and all other forms of division. Must be money in it.

  3. it's always about money,isn't it?

  4. Color don't mean squat. It's all about you. Not your color.

  5. No doubt Gene. It seems Racism was about gone in the 70's...

  6. No doubt the libs feel they have a monopoly on music like this. Let me know when you get contacted by the music company, objecting to the use of this music for a conservative cause.

  7. You are white so even talking about racism is racist, you HONKY!!!

    Power to the ACORN!

  8. Hey, I was born a poor Black Child !

    ACORN Baby ! Helpin Dead People Vote !