Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Measure of How Screwed Up Things Are Today

If we didn't already have Gasoline as a fuel source we never would.

Can you hear the screaming women's groups along with the castrated congressmen ?

What ?!? A highly poisonous, extremely flammable and explosive liquid that people just drive up to a pumping device, grab a hose with a handle and just start squirting the stuff into a tank on a vehicle ???

Are you Out Of Your Minds ??? Then they're going to drive this 3,000 lb vehicle down the road with a tank full of this stuff waiting to get hit and have the thing explode and kill everyone in a 30 foot radius ??? Are You Out of Your Freakin Minds ????!!!!

If it ever did come to pass; fuel tanks would be puncture proof - smash proof Kevlar like in the Indy cars, and there is no way in hell people would pump their own gas. Every station would have guys in a fire-proof air conditioned moon suit to dispense the fuel. The suckers would have to have a license to do so, and you know they'd all have to have some kind of liability insurance because the rat vermin vampire lawyers would constantly be inventing ways to sue them, so gas would cost about $153.00 a gallon which would make the idea impossible again so it would never happen.

Someone tell me it would be any different than this ;-]

This is where we're at folks. We're in the land of never freakin doing anything ever again that makes sense.
Folks, we're on a rock, flying through space, surrounded by stuff we know very little about, and we're not going to live forever anyway. Get a grip.

Maybe you're an environut and you think not having gasoline would be a good thing. Maybe it would at some point, but it wouldn't have been anything else up to this point in time. As in who would be cleaning up all the horse manure.

California is the poster child for making the case that "utopia costs more money than is available".

Maybe they'll get electric cars going, enhance the grids to be able to handle the increased load, and actually sell the things at a reasonable price so as not to destroy some other part of your life in order to be able to buy, maintain, and drive one to work and back everyday.

I would be a customer for a commute to work and back and trips to the store vehicle for sure.

I'll tell ya though, if Chevy Volts end up going for 30-40K, or anything above 20k for that matter, they'll have to march me in to a dealer with a gun to my head to buy one. Ain't gonna happen. I suspect what Will happen though is Obama and the financial storm troopers will create a whole host of taxes intended to make the concept of driving my current vehicle impossible. Bastids ! ;-]


  1. screw the volts. I'll ride a bike.

  2. I'd ride a bike if I lived closer. When I moved to Phoenix in 79, I lived 2 miles from work and rode a bike for a couple years. The weather out there also allows for it.

  3. i agree on the volt with jihad.where were the fuckers before the prius etc,etc,.
    you'ld need a car anyway to go shopping anywhere nowadays;)or take the desert subway,LOL;)

  4. The desert subway sounds more attractive Anon

  5. sure does.but who the f is going there?i'm not.give me the moon,not!
    give me trafalmadore,i won't think twice;)

  6. Tralfamadore for you and me my friend. And 2 chicks of course.