Thursday, April 28, 2016

Humor Until Morale Improves !

For Adrienne !

The Kid's new country Freedonia

Here are IMP and I sneaking around Ms Z's place trying to steal a kiss

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Looks Biblical Doesn't it?

I've been noticing a number of these odd formations. An Omen?  Don't know.  But it has me watching.

Yes, of course, click the picture.

So, Answer Me This

How can "Scientists" Be assumed to have their finger on what the Climate of the Earth is going to be 100, 200, 500 years from now (excuse me while I laugh like a hyena) yet be "Stunned", yes stunned by a climate event only a couple years out, happening in their own time using data within the current time frame that should have made it a slam dunk for them to forecast the Greenland Ice melting.

Well, the answer is these blow jobs don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and Bill Nye, the Sanja Gupta of the TV science world is their grand Pumba.

Just for laughs, The Norse actually settled an ice free Greenland up until a mere 500 years ago.
Apparently an ice free Greenland did not result in the destruction of the Earth. 

I'm stunned anyone believes anything these government agenda-paid morons have to say about anything.

Friday, April 15, 2016

More To The Point

Recently, I offered the idea that the term Photobomb was invented so that kids could excuse themselves for being incompetent photographers.  Take a photo with some doofus in the frame, then later claim that they'd been 'Photobombed" rather than accept that they were incompetent when they took that photo.

Well, here is another one that occurred to me today. The word Hack.  Hack has become widely used to describe someone doing something intelligent.  Life Hacks, Food Hacks, Everything Hacks.  But I asked a young person today (yea only one, but still) what they thought the word hack meant, and they weren't really confident of their answer, but said that it is when someone comes up with a magic-like way to do something better.  They didn't say it was 'when someone smart came up with a solution to an everyday problem' which is the correct description.

So, it caused me to think that the word Hack is meant to -over time- remove the word and concept of intelligent/smart and replace it with some nebulus hard to define construct that people no longer identify with the idea of Smart.  The end result would be that if you eliminate the concept Intelligent/smart, then you also eliminate the concept of dumb/incompetent.  This is because of the rule that nothing can exist without its opposite.

And if someone can be dumb and incompetent without the social stigma that would go along with that, then you can much more quickly transform a population of folks who would be motivated to improve their thinking skills into a population of dumbasses who don't even have a concept of the fact that they are dumbasses and as a result are much more easily controlled by the government.

No doubt the Democrat party and maybe the majority of the Republican party love this idea.

I don't believe the kids come up with these terms on their own.  This stuff is pumped into them through active measure communists blanketing social media.  It's how your hard core commie works.

Over and out.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Well, once again the subject is socialism because as it happens it has presented itself to you for the purpose of observing its effects on your life under this system.

France - 4/14/2016... Riot police deployed tear gas and pepper spray to disperse hundreds of youngsters who jam-packed central Paris on Thursday to revolt over proposed labor-law reforms, outraged at the prospect of more hours and less pay. 

You got that right?  It means that companies don't decide what you make or how many hours you work, the government does.  That of course means you have no escape route like you have in the USA, such as quitting the suckass job you have at Acme, and moving to a non suckass job at Widgets.

You don't have any options.  You are a subject of the state.  And of course, this is France, a place you liberals dream about and believe is 1000 % better than the mean old US of A.

And we haven't even touched on the fact that moslems are turning France into a shithole.
Critical Thinking.  Get Some.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Evil of Socialism is On Display in Europe

You don't have to do any complicated research or even acquire critical thinking skills.  All you need to do is observe.  You could do that back when you were watching Seseme Street Right?

The UN is a capitalism destruction machine. Most countries in it are either socialist and/or communist. The EU was invented to take several countries that are failing and create one big failure union. When that failed to do anything for them, they decided to import massive numbers of moslem vermin, believing -out of a panic based fantasy- that these vermin would move in, assimilate, get jobs and pay taxes. Of course the opposite has happened. The vermin moved in and according to koran, went on welfare in all these countries for as the koran tells them, Infidels will pay their way. Add that they perform massive raping because the koran also tells them any non-islamic female is a whore and free for the taking. How these countries don't understand this is stunning. But it illustrates the pure evil that is socialism.
The recent former head of the IPCC at the UN openly stated that the whole global warming scam has only economic goals which are to destroy capitalism.  Clearly they are coming for America's money, and when they burn through that, then what ? Hell on Earth, that's what.

If they'd only adopted capitalism, they could have avoided all of this.
Asides that you can google.
- Germany demands the word rape be removed from all the cologne news stories about how the vermin did massive sexual assault and raping of German girls and women
- Women in Denmark, or maybe it was Norway have been buying rifles and shotguns to protect themselves from the imported savage invaders
- Sweden, Denmark and Norway have been trying to pay the vermin to go back home, now that they realize they will all be on their welfare roles forever
- Many if not all European country leaders have been sheltering their wealth in Panama while they demand more taxes from their hard working subjects.
- Go look up the Laffer Curve.  It's simple. At high tax rates, highly paid people simply stop working because all their income starts going to the state.  Would you willingly work for the state?

Come on liberals, this stuff is simple.  Grow a brain, have some guts, get an education, get a good job, probably entry level to start and move up the food chain and build a wealthy satisfying life for yourself and your family if you have a family like Americans have been doing for centuries.  True happiness comes from hard work and accomplishment.  Suck it up.  Thank me later.

Don't vote for clinton, she is a pathological lying, zero positive accomplishment monster piece of human garbage with a foundation(s) that have 91% administrative costs.  This means they keep 91% of the money for themself. Put a little effort into this.

Also realize the democrat party has given us every life sucking problem that we still have today. LBJ stole the social security lockbox funds and created the great (gangbanger) society of welfare and WIC, where women are paid to pop kids out like  pieces of toast into non-education, zero opportunity drug and crime infested environments. jimmy carter created the federal dept of education which destroyed education in America.  So now, social security is bankrupt, welfare has created a gangbanger environment where black kids run around killing people for nothing (watch First 48) and children get no education to the point that they are unemployable. Even if there were jobs.  Really?  You find this acceptable ?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Inspired by the Beautiful and Talented Ms Z

This post is.. (as Yoda would say)

This story touched me and I hope it touches you and most of all I hope this human spirit blossoms in American Culture.  It would be helpful.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Translations of Millenennial Language

Epic - that which is not Awesum, Badass,, Adorable but could be boring as hell.

Awesum - that which is not Epic, Badass, Adorable but could be boring as hell.

Badass - That which is not Epic, Awesum or Adorable but could be boring as hell.

Adorable - That which is not Epic, Badass, or Awesum but could be boring as hell.

Photobomb - Blaming someone else for your inability to snap a photo competently.

Here's an answer I want to know - Got any pet peeves about the language/popular culture today?

Answer Numba 2 - How can kids think Trump is a racist when the FBI admits they can't tell you if a moslem vermin is ISIS or not, and when they don't think Whitey Hating obama isn't a racist, and who is also someone who set American race relations back 50+ years?  Maybe that's why they call libtardism a mental disease.  I think that's being kind any more.  Very kind.

Today's lesson - a short one and just an observation.

Carry on. Enjoy ! xxoo for the Ladies, and a Hearty Handshake for the others.

In closing, do you think this guy has sex with his robot?


UPDATE: I left out Amazing - Another adjective to describe something pretty boring and to break up the monotony of epic/awesum/badass/adorable.

UPDATE Numba 2:  My point here, was that I believe millennials (and others) see an America that they don't like and 1) They are misdirected as to who is the problem,  and Mainly 2) Instead of using critical thinking skills and research they simple move to the fetal position and decide that everything is Epic-Awesum-Badass-Adorably-Amazing.  They be in for a Major Shock in the not too distant future.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Politicians and Elections

Here is the problem with libtards.  And which the politicians capitalize on and clean up with.

Global Warming is a Perfect example.

Whether it is real or a scam, it does not matter.

Politicians get all the libtards geeked up about something catastrophic that might happen in the future.

(By the way the last thing I read was that this will be a big problem in the year 2500.  Remember when it was going to be a big problem in our lifetime?  Then it was going to be a problem by the year 2100?  I do.)

This really isn't anything new.  We had the scare where we'd be out of oil worldwide by the year 2000. That was the 70's.  IN the year 2000, we had much more oil than we had  in the 70's.  Then it was the ozone hole.  Then the ozone hole was Ok, then it wasn't.  I have an app on my phne now to tell me whether the ozone hole is Ok or not today.  Then it was DDT.  DDT doesn't hurt anyone.  It does allow many more mosquitos to stay alive infecting people with malaria.  Maybe that was the goal?
Hey, American government kills Americans, it is not a shock to think they'd kill people in other countries by denying them DDT.. Maybe this is a bigger subject than I thought. Let me try to focus.... Well suffice it to say that the governments are always telling us we're screwing up the planet.  So they can make demands on us.

So, they use this to both make you feel guilty, get you to give them money either through willingness (like donations) or taxation.  People much more willingly part with their hard earned money when they feel guilty. It is a Major strategy that works for the politicians over and over, again and again.  They do what works.  Everyone does what works.

Like Adrienne pointed out recently, how laughable it is that someone is going to walk into a car dealership and ‘get over’ on them.  They do this 24/7/365.  You do it maybe once every 5 years for about a half hour.  Or the idiots who go to Vegas with a ‘system’ to take down the casinos.  You see how this applies to politics.  The politicians screw us over 24/7/365.  And they are highly motivated to do so, since 1) They know how evil and greedy they are, and 2) They are still afraid of us because of the 2nd amendment – which btw you notice they are feverishly trying to take away from you.  Gee. Wonder Why.

Honestly, if you spend massive amounts of time watching men play with a ball, then watching Mike and Mike or Stephen and Skip talk about men playing with a ball like it was some kind of seriously important activity, then you’re probably spending less than 1% of your time, if any at all,  recognizing how politicians are raping you with telephone poles every second of every day.  Big breath....

Where was I going with this? Oh yea...

The point is that massive numbers of people are corralled and manipulated through the use of Two things.  Greed and Fear.  Greed kicks in and works for the losers of our society who want something from the rest of us (That’d be the democrats mostly), and fear which kicks in more with conservatives (or people with more than one brain cell to rub together)  who realize that moslem vermin might just be able to set off a nuke somewhere in the USA or seriously injure our standard of living by running around being spider brained homicidal maniacs.  The politicians play these like a Stradivarius, and we all dance to the music. You can tell because the dems always talk about how much free stuff they are going to dole out and the repubs talk about how the world is about to come to an end because of Pick a Threat.
The scene in Pale Rider when Stockman and his deputies make the drunken gold miner dance, then blow his brains out comes to mind.

I don’t dance to the music.  I’m not saying I’m better or worse than anyone else (Now the tune Everyday People comes to mind).  I’m just saying this is how all of us are being played.  I see it as “Fool me once, it is your fault, fool me a million times over and over again, and It is most definitely my fault, your fault, our fault.  Of course, in our defense, we can only vote for who ends up on the ballot.

Why does the government hate conservatives?  Glad you asked.  It is because we pay attention.  We know who and what they are.  We don't spend all of our time watching men play with a ball then watching other men talking about men playing with a ball then go to work and talk to everyone we know about men playing with balls.

And Good God, can the ‘news’ people find something else to talk about beside 4 and a half people (Kasich gets the 0.5 designation) who happen to be running for president?  I’ve certainly had enough.  I don’t watch TV, unless forced to at dinnertime, and when I scan a news.Google page without images, I Zoom past anything that talks about the candidates.
Until it is down to two candidates, it is a waste of energy for me anyway to pay too much attention to it all.  I've already spent my one vote, nothing left for me to do until I get to vote once more.  Unlike the dems who vote many times.

Maybe I'm just being obstinate.  I hope I haven't upset you.  Please return to your wonderful life and enjoy yourself.

Update:  Summary - libtards see politicians as the answer, Conservatives see politicians as the problem.