Monday, August 24, 2009

Check Out the Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

I Can't do it any better.

This reminds me of Billy Carter pissing on the front wheels of Air Force One

It is my opinion that the first lady is on duty as a representative of the United States of America anytime she can be observed in public. Just like a new recruit of any branch of service. Try showing up for breakfast at the Great Lakes dressed like this disrespectful and/or ignorant (Meaning lacking knowledge) wife of the person who commands everyone in military service.

I think it's way more than just my opinion.

It's like a manager who demands perfection from her staff but who is in constant conflict with her own rules.


  1. I don't know that I'm offended as much as disappointed. She's supposed to represent the country.

  2. I went over there. I do miss Laura Bush.

  3. Nickie and Opus. Something I'll always remember about Nancy Reagan.

    Up in years, and she put in two solid weeks of what had to be the most uncomfortable time when Ronald Reagan died. Lying in State. She was there 8 hours or more a day. On camera, on both coasts day after day.

    I'm wondering if *I* could have gotten through that. But that's what class, respect, and many other virtues demand of you.

    Just another transparent example of how Liberal politicians (or liberals in general) look down on everyone else. They are above being the slightest bit uncomfortable as they serve in the highest office in the land.

    Makes me want to Puke.
    Sorry for the poor imagery.

  4. Thanks for the nod sir. I appreciate it.

  5. Admiral, Thank you for your contributions to common sense.