Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Just Don't Think Drawing Attention to Ourselves is a Good Idea

Especially to creatures bold enough to live near the Galactic Center.

Why don't we wait until we can do more than put a couple men on the moon or fly a robot exploration ship to Saturn.


  1. Jihad is right batman.although i hate that word jihad.a little too late for that.soon someone is gonna say we could have saved the monkeys too.
    but,we didn't have that GRACIOUS technology then,LOL batman,i'll drop my green suit,robin;)

  2. A Laser for Everyone ! They don't produce carbon do they ?

  3. That is a hostile act. Inform the Galactic Overlord!

  4. Admiral, Not Me ! Mum's the word baby !

  5. LOL,the green ones.
    they want to build an elevator to space too,less pollution they say.
    where do all these geniuses come from?the never land of kali?
    i have to invent a vaccum for all those human debris,LOL.

  6. Yea Anon. Millions of people starving and they want an elevator to space. Story of life on this rock.