Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shed Your Guilt. It's Not Working.

We've been bending over for the black community since I was a leetle boy. The projects in Pittsburgh were built before I was even born.  They've been there and in many other cities for 50+ years.  It has not made things better, it has made things worse.  Now in 2014, I have never known a time when the blacks were more racist than they are today.  No doubt, some of this mindset is fueled by the current president and attorney general who not only do not criticize black thugs, they encourage them to think they are above the law.

The black folks who have not joined America are more angry today than they were 50 years ago.  Why is that?

Blacks say they want to be included in American Society.  No they don't.  They separate them selves at every opportunity.  They don't refer to them selves as Americans, instead African-Americans. When they are elected to Congress by Many Americans of different races, they don't refer to them selves as a member of the American Congress. they call them selves the Black Caucus.  Recently I saw the term Hispanic Caucus in the news.  It won't be long before we see islamic Caucus in the news as soon as morons start voting these vermin into political positions.

Does that sound like a society that aligns with America and has America's interests at heart?  It does not to me.  Does that sound like a Congress that aligns itself with ALL Americans?  Hell no.  Parts of it will align with black Americans, Hispanic Americans, islamic Americans - and Screw The Americans.

Stop bending over.  Make everyone who comes here make their own way.  You don't owe anyone shit. The fact that you let them immigrate here is Gift enough.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Bubble and the Butterfly

Well, it's been a while so here are two.  Click the pics to go and read a description by a smart person as well as click again on the picture to get the large version.