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I'll just say, I'm not worried about them. Not in the least.

Or you tell me, should I book a flight and go in search of?

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Something keeps nagging at me which is the idea that “People need structure in their lives” in order for an orderly society to be maintained and for the ability of the majority to continue to be able to make reasonable choices. 

Not sure if that’s everyone, or most, or just a big number, but I think it’s most people. Especially if we're talking about young people. 

We've lost that structure. That's where we're at. We're a society in flux, capable of just about anything at this point. It's why visions of Germany, 1939, or Russia, 1946 come to the minds of people who have a freakin clue. 

Back in the 50’s there were shows like Leave it to Beaver, the Mouseketeers, Ozzie and Harriet and Carol Burnett, Art Linkletter, Ed Sullivan getting seriously pissed at Jim Morrison for singing “Want to take you Higher” - Comedians that didn’t swear and didn’t need to/and were funnier. While all that strikes me as a kind of brainwashing/programming in and of itself and pretty prudish, I'll take it over gangsta rap, a pop culture full of no talent whores and drug users, and all manner of demoralization and self-mutilation. 

I just believe some number of people need some structure in their lives.  A set of tracks they can live by or when they stray there is a marker saying this is where the stuff is that has worked continually over time.  Want to break out, fine, but realize you're in virgin territory.

If they want to move on to having the skull sections of their foreheads altered so they look like Aliens, I really don't care. Stick 40 pieces of metal in their face; have their skin permanently tattooed with images of what look to be the contents of the average comic book, I don't care.  What I do think is a problem, is when massive numbers of people think watching more than 30 seconds of a show like Jersey Shore has some value. A bunch of overweight look-alike whores carousing around with a bunch of rude ignorant jock types.  If you've seen 30 seconds you've seen the entire series.  And there is nothing to see.

Too many people who grow up today watching BET at 8 years old, listening to someone yelling out M..F.. at 10AM.

I have to wonder where good values seep into people's brains especially when they don’t have any such influences on hand. Broken families, crime and drug ridden environments to grow up in. Only the truly exceptional survive with minds intact from that. Most of what is going on just symptomatic and misdirectional. As far as school scene murder: Security people. Done. Next problem. 

 Too bad the government or the new majority in America are Not Interested in doing things that make any sense.  I don't think many under 30 are capable of determining a course that makes sense.  You got libtards posting comments on blogs to the effect that The Right needs to get our of the way, when the liberal, socialist, fascist, communist democrats have had majority control since 2006. How more idiotic can it get than that?

In the meantime, the country is quickly turning into that out of control Mob you see on a number of old Twilight Zone episodes, like the one where people, somehow convinced that a UFO has landed somewhere in the neighborhood, shoot their neighbor walking back from the store in the dim light and a mob mentality state of mind. 

I personally don’t see how we can recover from this without hitting bottom first. I'm not going to bore myself with some misguided wish that the 'republicans' regain control, or that some fictional 3rd party gains control and rights the ship.  Or even more laughable, that we can somehow Educate the idiotic.   It's not going to happen.  We're in a state of a mob mentality and given the economy, we're in an extremely fragile environment.

A category 1 tropical storm happens to come ashore a little North of where they usually come ashore and it is hell on wheels for weeks.  The president flies in, walks 10 feet down a beach with the Governor of New Jersey, spouts some meaningless bullshit that has No Bearing on reality and a bunch of people decide he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

For what it's worth..

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Unusually Complex Planetary Nebula

Ah, Yea.

Click the picture to read a description on the APOD site, and click it again a couple more times to explore the area in closer detail.  After that, clear your mind, take a breath, have an Andes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Crime Rate Higher in Unarmed UK

Good God Fredd the report speaks for itself. Get over it ! ;-)

Click the Image for the Article, Which Details the Absurdity.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Briefly, for the Millionth Time

Mass Murder happens in gun free zones.  If they weren't gun free zones, fewer mass murders would happen because essentially these people we've heard about the last 10 years are mostly cowards.  It is why they go to places where they know people are not armed.

If, after 40 years of the war on drugs, you can't keep heroin away from 13 year old kids, you aren't keeping guns away from criminals and lunatics.  Disarming the non-criminal/lunatic only makes the problem worse.

Police aren't they answer. They never show up until after the shooting is done. 

You can't protect everyone from everything.

Arm more people.  We have volunteer firemen.  Why not volunteer school protection.  There are many of us with CCW permits, and that is something I would do in retirement.  I work days. Wouldn't take much!  See some kid heading toward the school you're protecting with a weapon or tactical gear, he's not going to kill any/many people before he's dealt with.

Even if you could disarm everyone, then you got whackjobs committing mass sword mutilations at offices, schools and other sword free zones.

Come on libtards, get your head out of your ass.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Correct Strategy Now

If you're piloting an aircraft and you are in wing stall, the correct and only maneuver that can save you is to point the nose of the plane towards the ground and throttle up so that you can build up enough airspeed to get the wings flying again. 
As an aside, this is exactly how the Air France flight 447 crashed. The French pilots were unable to operate according to training pilots get in the first days of flight school. Man what a sad pathetic incident. 

The republicans will not win an election again in the foreseeable future. 

The republicans have enhanced capability to cast Tea Party people aside.

No 3rd party will be able to win an election in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, the correct strategy for the republicans is to do Every Single Thing obama and the democrats want to do over the next 4 years starting Right Now, and make it heard throughout the land that this is what they're doing.  "The people have spoken and we will do their bidding by accepting the democrat plan for everything from soup to nuts."

Really. we will have a liberal SC. We are now screwed forever by obammycare.  What more can the democrats do to us that the republicans would have any capability to stop anyway?  Especially since they are nothing more than useless lip service lapdogs.

Then in 4 or 8 or 12 years when the country is a total shithole for everyone to see, the republicans, or a Now Viable 3rd party can run a campaign based on self-evidence that democrat policies have turned this country into a Shithole.  I think this will happen much sooner than most probably do.

I'll even go further and say that the republicans shouldn't even bother running a presidential candidate over the next 8 years at least.

The fiscal cliff will be pinned on the butt of the republican party and it will stick.  Everything else will be pinned to the republicans if they continue to pretend to resist and it will all stick.

Update: Except for Gun Control
Update:  My point about wing stall is this. (I'm glad it occurred to me as it is a perfect analogy)
When overwhelming forces are pushing your plane to the ground, continuing to try to recover without doing the hard thing, which is pointing your nose to the ground and throttling up, can only result in you crashing. No recovery. All aboard are Dead.  Just like flight 447.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Knew Black Holes Were Naughty (and Beautiful)

See for Yourself.  The white spot in the middle is a galaxy.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and get the info.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Language! It's Getting Beyond My Ability to Verbalize

I look at and there is so much bullshit there, it's like a water-boarding experience in bullshit. 

It has little to do with google, though I'm sure they filter their 'news' offerings to a left leaning bent..

Like this, but don't focus on this.  It's all like this. Bear in mind, this has nothing to do with "Israel".  Consider it a generic paradox of nonsense spewed by democrats and the news people.

 hilrod clinton calls on a nation to embrace vermin who, without provocation, send thousands of rockets into their civilian areas attempting to kill men, women, and children.

hey hilrod- Fuck you.  hey 'news people with your constant publishing of images of palestinian children on stretchers and no images of Israeli's with their limbs blown off by random rocket fire.. fuck you.
These are the same 'news' people who abore anti-semitism right?

Such a fucked up world we live in now.

You know,  the Israeli's moved themselves into the middle of a hornet's nest.  It is their primary responsibility to defend themselves.  The USA has always assisted freedom loving nations, so I can accept some level of assistance if and when, but 'embrace moderate palestinians'.... There are none.  I know people who left there and will testify to the fact that if you live there and aren't willing to die trying to kill Israeli's, they'll kill you themselves.  There are no moderate palestinians.

It's like every ounce of input coming from external sources is 100% bullshit anymore.  What's worse, 51+% of the population of the USA doesn't have any problem with that.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally, An Interesting Picture of Mars Topography

And it's not even from the rover.
Yea, those are eyelashes...  Ok, click the picture for a description at the host website.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If You'd Like to Help A Friend Anonymously For a Very Good Cause

A friend, Bunni - The Amusing Bunni, as listed on my right side bar is in a bad way.  She's been told she has 3-6 months to live with inoperable liver cancer  She is alone, and just needs some money to get her through until...

Here is an excerpt from her story.

I'm diagnosed with HCC, Terminal Liver cancer. It's inoperable, un treatable and fatal. The dr.'s give me 3 to 6 months to live. There's nothing they can do. There are so many tumors, and my liver is very enlarged. One tumor is 9 INCHES big. They can't get them out or do anything. I just will visit the cancer doc probably a few more times, and then it's the palliative care dr.'s who adjust the pain medication. I'm in alot of pain w/ my stomach, and have been for months. I had no idea it was anything like this.
So., there really is nothing to be done or to say, it sucks but it's kind of good knowing that I don't have false hope and doing any treatments (they can't even do chemo) that would prolong things and give me suffering during my last months. I want to try and be as pain free as possible and get my affairs in order, like re-doing my will ,and sorting thru stuff and papers in the house.
The bad part is I have no money, enuf for a few months of mortgage.....

If you can and want to help someone who has been a bright spot on the internet, fighting for our cause in America and giving out a lot more smiles than she probably got back, the donate button is to the right just below the picture.  The story is genuine.

Thank you for any consideration and many thanks for passing this story along if you'd like to.

Monday, November 12, 2012

It Is Actually Over

Sorry folks.

Not only did the Tea Party shrink in Congress, even the useless Repubblekins shrank in the Senate.

Given the changes the repubs made to the procedures for all those idiotic things they do in primaries, someone like Ron Paul won't even get out of the starting gate as a viable candidate.

There is no White Hat to come save conservatism in America.  If there is, we'll not see more than a little puff of smoke of them as they disappear from view long before any final election process occurs.

Predictions over the next 4-10-20 years:
  • The current overly costly health care system is well on the path to destruction, to be replaced  by a single payer (government) health care system which will be much more expensive and called the affordable health care system, where far fewer people are even provide health care.  This will happen pretty quick. Within the next 4.
  • Everything else will be much more expensive, starting with energy products, and ending with taxes, visible and hidden.  Since "the rich" pass taxes on to consumers as soon as they possibly can, (taxes are merely another cost of doing business), the middle class will be crushed by taxing and the general cost of living and cease to exist - 10-20 years
  • The loser class will be much more emboldened to take and they'll be kept on the IV drip as long as it keeps dripping.  Eventually, the productive class will be driven from view. There will be no middle class.  Just the super rich who are in the circle and everyone else.  America will be a socialist shithole like every other socialist shithole in Europe. 10-20 years.
  • The mood of society in the US will continue to degenerate the entire time as the above main effects of socialism become obvious to more and more people.
  • The "international community" will become stronger as America becomes weaker.
  • obama's promise to submit to some Russia deal 'after the election'.  Wonder what that is.
  • The ME is going to heat up considerably. 
  • The Supreme Court will  go liberal majority. Hell, that's the last nail right there.
  • A lot of stuff in the vein of what the dem dictators have been doing the last 4.  Mainly disarming and neutering the America that was defined as a free society with constitutional rights and individual liberties.  Strong arm bills, executive orders, continued deployment of activist judges, muslim concessions etc. etc. etc.
  • Nothing Good.  Nothing that resembles or enhances individual liberty or American strength. What else do ya need to know.
As I said,  if America did not come together to reject this Racist, Anti-American, muslim activist POS and his band of LGBT incompetent assholes, then the country was done.  It's done.

Academic pursuits aimed at libtards are and will be a waste of time at this point. I don't plan on wasting any time on them.  They will only learn when they feel the pain now.  We will have to hit rock bottom for that to occur.  We must get to the point when the Fed can no longer print unemployment checks that aren't made of rubber.

In the meantime, I plan to stay happy, have fun, be humorous, take care of those I care about and protect assets best I can.  I heartily suggest doing the same.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Question 67

(cultural reference anyone ?)

So, do you educate your kids about the America that died a few days ago or do you let them be happy in Their America ?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Houston. We Have A Problem

I have not watched any TV or read any election based 'news' items today.  I like to let my thoughts coagulate in a vacuum, and so here they are.  Why the Republicans lost and why they will continue to lose.

  • Very few on the right voted for Romney, Most voted against obama. You need someone people want to vote for to get over the top. I know maybe one person who actually wanted to vote for Romney.
  • The repubs made all these idiot special interest topics their own:
    • Israel. All day, Everyday. We're tired of that shit. We live in America, we don't need to hear about Israel everyday for breakfast.
    • Paul Ryan turning off the money spigot
    • Wisconsin and Ohio Declaring war on Public Unions BEFORE the Election
    • Abortion
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Getting the 47% paying taxes, and most of them back to working for a living
    • Religion
    • Gay Marriage
    • Drugs
    • Crime.
  • Why talk about all this crap!
  • Republican politicians running around spouting idiotic nonsense like Rape is God's Plan! Good Lord! And Women's bodies automatically defend themselves from rape pregnancies. Good God, show me two voters who think women should not be allowed an abortion if they're raped or who would believe that nonsense for money! Tell me some idiots could spout that shit in a bar at 2 AM and not be called an idiot and asked to leave.
  • The Republican politicians were and are not on the same page. Conversely, after the 2004 election, somehow the democrats did get on the same page. A lying, evil, POS page, but the same page nonetheless.

The Republicans are targeting a 'majority' that doesn't exist anymore. There is a new majority and in my opinion, the only way the republicans or Tea Party are going to win at the national level is to get on the same page and keep it simple. Constitutional Liberties, Rewards of Capitalism. Or maybe even lie and tell everyone they'll get free candy.

They can work on stuff once they're in office but they can't go around spouting off about it for 2 years before an election.
And they all need to learn how to not let the media prod them into spewing their guts or saying stupid shit.  Didn't watching Sarah Palin with the media give them a clue?

Then they need to run a candidate that is Bright Red, not some pastel shade of pink, yellow and lavender like Romney. And someone the common man can identify with.  Geeezix, I make 32 trillion a year Myself and Romney even seems like an alien to me!
The Republicans rely on people who are intelligent and do their own research.  That's NOT today's majority, nor will it be ever again in the next 100 + years.
A friend suggested that: The Republicans need to find a way to get their information to the people without relying on only a few radio talk shows that are seriously annoying to boot !  And the dems own the media, so this is no easy task.
Folks, it ain't looking good. 

Honestly, it's a wonder they got as close as they did. It's only because obama is so bad, and the democrats so evil, that they did.
Hopefully, this is my last politically oriented post for at least 3 more years.
I hope you're all doing well.  If anyone cares to have my advice it is this.  Live your lives, love your family, prosper, protect your assets, and have a good time.  We are on, and have been for longer than we'd admit, a path that has already transformed America. 
Best to you all.  A little music please.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Election Thoughts

Updated or not as the evening progresses.


9:11 pm - I predict this will be the highest turnout of voters in our lifetime as a percentage of the population.
9:11 pm -  It is said that if the Republicans cannot win, that they need  a different party, a new beginning, a different message.

-> Conceding that the Republican party is not a Conservative party, I still say no; America needs a new beginning.  If "America" cannot find a way to reject barry soetoro, it is America that needs refreshing.  

9:16 pm - I would not be shocked to discover that the election has been decided ahead of time and is being scripted with numbers flying across TV screens all evening, to arrive at the decided conclusion.  And, believe me, I am NOT a conspiracy nut.

9:20 pm - It seems obvious that every country on Earth is watching the US Election with some level of anticipation. So for perspective, that is how important America is to the world - for a variety of reasons, most of them dependent in nature. imo.

9:43 pm - Just give  NJ to the Democrats, call it good, and leave those people alone !

9:55 - Hey non-violent libs.  I love you but would you please just go take a course on Critical Thinking? tia.


10:58 - Full disclosure. I've been watching the food channel all night.  Seriously.  An occasional refresh on

Now, Here is A Worthy Cause / Avenue to Help

I saw it here first, so that's where I'm directing you to get a short intro.

Fredd, just hit the link already.

Team Rubicon,  Former Military members, now volunteers deploying to where they think they can help the most, living off of and missions funded by donations.

I donated.

Some prior missions include sending medical teams to Haiti back when that was going on.  They do the stuff government agencies suck at.  In this case, they'll be doing  a lot of manual labor to help get the people in the North East, affected by the tropical storm Sandy, back to normal sooner rather than later.

I've known about them a good while now, and Blackfive,  an award winning Military Blog site, authored by former and some current special operations military people are solutions, not problems people.  Take my word for it because that's all you've got if you you're not familiar with them already.

Team Rubicon will make peoples lives better there, unlike obama, christie, and the the idiot springsteen who can't even sing for God's Sake.

Those idiots are still flying around 'surveying damage' and hugging people and crying over how obama, christie and springsteen are all 'friends' now.  Like life is some exercise in reliving Kindergarten.  Well, for libtards, life is Forever kindergarten, but that's another story.

So you don't waste your valuable time(seriously) reading the above pile of BS, Here are the actual physical things christie did regards helping out with Sandy that are mentioned in the article:

- At the one in Keansburg, Christie dropped off 34 cases of candy, courtesy of Nestle. 
- Christie put his hands on her shoulders and bent down to look in her eyes. "It's bad stuff, but you know what? You have a bunch of adults here who are going to take care of you," Christie told her, "so you're going to be just fine."

I think that stupid moron,  Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, governor of Lousiana during Katrina actually did more than obama and christie combined.

Well, practical point being, government people are pretty much useless in such situations, so the people who are getting my money when I want to contribute are the people who show up with chain saws and get some stuff done.  Team Rubicon is it from a donation point of view.  Granted the linemen working for the power companies and all like them are getting it done to, but it's their job, what they're paid for.  They don't work off of donations.

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Not A Conspiracy Nut, But....

I'm either going to display my ignorance here, or ask a poignant question.

The question is What is supporting the camera that took this Mars Curiosity Rover self-portrait ?

Here is the picture in case the news article goes away.  I don't see anything extending left or right, under or over - From The Rover to the Camera between the camera and the rover.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Want to Talk About Unprecedented? These Men Just Made an Unprecedented Video

If you're not familiar with the difference between the terms Ex-Marine and Former Marine, It's like this.  No Marine having taken the oath ever regards that oath to be invalid.  Those men are Former Marines, because they no longer serve active duty.  That is the only thing they no longer do.  Ask any of them and they will give their lives for the USA up until the time they pass on.

An Ex-Marine is somone who used to be a Marine, but is now a worthless piece of shit.  Like the late Senator John Murtha, who pre-accused the Marines involved in the Hadita incident with cold blooded murder.  It's not that they were just "fellow Marines"  They were that, but they were also Americans who should be afforded the guiding principle of law in the US of Innocent Until Proven Guilty.  He didn't even honor that.

Every one of those Marines was examined in military court and cleared of charges before Murtha passed on.  Did he apologize?  No.  Murtha dies an Ex-Marine.  a self enriching POS.

The current story.  If Marines proudly call themselves Former Marines, imagine what Former Special Forces People call themselves and more importantly what standards they uphold.  The point of this story is that you'll be hard pressed to find a former special forces member who doesn't respect the office of the President.  That is why THIS Video is so unprecedented.  I don't think a group of former military men like these Ever took a sitting president's pants down and took him to task like this in public.

But that's what they did.  This is not the Swift Boat guys.  Those guys merely, honestly, and accurately testified to the character of a man -J Kerry- who was Campaigning for the office.  Fortunately, he was never elected to POTUS.  Two different things.

Honestly - to watch Americans Dying.  To deny over 30 Americans assistance when the White House, Pentagon, and State Dept knew Exactly what was happening on American Soil.  It's unbelievable.  It is exactly the same as having Americans murdered at the UN building in New York and having the White House say, Ah, ignore it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What!? Produce Power AND Consume All the Existing Nuclear Waste?!

Since it uses nuclear waste as fuel, countries could actually Pay to have them take the fuel to use in their reactors. 

Imagine if the government actually had brains.


Their invention is called a Waste Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor. It is a high temperature reactor which can consume the spent fuel left over from conventional light-water reactors (LWRs). The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) is much more efficient at converting the uranium fuel into energy than LWRs. An LWR can make use of about 3% of the potential energy, whereas Transatomic suggest their MSR could utilize up to 98% of the energy in the fuel.

As the name suggests, the fuel in and MSR is liquid, which means that if a ‘meltdown’ starts to occur it is more easily dealt with. The MSR has a reactor shaped like a bathtub with a plug whole at the bottom. If anything goes wrong with the reaction, the plug melts and the entire contents of the reactor core can drain into a shielded underground container.

The Article

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memo # 2 to Brainless Twits Masquerading as Tea Party Members.

Please refer to Memo # 1 issued by the Republican (hopefully soon to be Tea and RINO Free) Party. 

When Asked Any Question that Refers to Abortion, your answer will be "Pro-Life, but obey the current laws". 

Then Stop. 

Shut Up. 

Refrain from saying Blindingly Stupid Incorrect Shit Like "Rape is God's Plan".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloodhound SSC has Competition Now.

So, there are two 1,000 MPH cars in the mix now for a 2014 run.


The $4 million car, which weighs 9,000kg fully fueled, will produce 62,000 pounds of thrust,(equivalent to approximately 200,000 horsepower), and is predicted to hit 1,000mph in 20 seconds. 

Click the picture to read the whole article and view more pictures.

This is going to get interesting I think.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open Wide - Here It Comes !

France is declaring No More Homework.  Why?

“Education is priority,” Hollande said at Paris’s Sorbonne University on Wednesday. “An education programme is, by definition, a societal programme. Work should be done at school, rather than at home,” in order to foster educational equality for those students who do not have support at home., he added.

Get that?  Some students have parents at home who take an interest in their child's education, and those students will excel above the level of the unfortunate offsrping of dumbass Loser parents.  God Forbid, and libtards will see to it none of that shit (Excellence or the striving for) happens on their watch !

Rather than help the dumbass loser families, lets put a yoke on those fortunate children who might actually Excel at life!

It is the liberal way.

How long until this comes to America?
- Democrats Love Dumbass Losers
- Loser Teachers Love Not Having to Grade Homework. After all they have to work a whole 8 months! for their average salary of 74K compared to people who actually work for a living averaging 42k over 12 months up there in Chicago (and most other places.)
Poor Dears !

People Better WTFU ! is what I'm thinkin.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

13 Billion Year Old Picture

Or, I need some big picture stuff.  To much politics going on right now, as in "I got my one vote and I'll use it but beyond that..."

This is what galaxies looked like 13 billion years ago, the currently agreed upon age of the universe. (13.7 actually I think)  Go to the APOD site by clicking the picture to read the description.  Amazing.

Lot of stuff out there.  How many pin pricks of sky are there  anyway?   Pretty much everything in there is a galaxy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hear Me Out Please - Drugs

Subject:  All drugs should be legal. 

Preface points.

  • Recreational Drugs are not a good thing. They can be life destroyers.  I've seen some destroyed lives.
  • People who are apt to do drugs are going to do them regardless if they're legal or illegal.
  • There is evidence more people will do more drugs if they're illegal.
  • All drugs were legal pre-1920's America and the country did not explode.  It found many ways to prosper. 
  •  Portugal decriminalized all drugs in the 1990's and drug use and number of addicts has Declined considerably.
  • People who I know who have worked the 'war on drugs' have stated that we could assign every addict a chaperone and save a lot of money. 
  • The goal of the war on drugs  has been to reduce drug use especially with children.
  • The longer the war of drugs has existed the worse the problem has gotten.
  • We can no more eliminate drug use than we can eliminate:
    •  alcohol use
    • prosttution
    • abortion
    • a wide variety of extremely dangerous (and legal) activities performed by people on a continual bass.
My additional thoughts:

The fact that illegal drug cartels are supplying people in America with drugs means that the people doing the drugs are getting product of questionable quality all the way to product that will kill them instantly.

Having drugs manufactured by government sponsored and monitored companies would improve that greaty.

Having drugs available at state sponsored distribution/purchase points would:
  1. improve the quality of the drugs on the street
  2. remove the Drug Pushers
  3. by removing the drug pushers - FAR FEWER YOUNG KIDS WOULD BE DOING DRUGS
    1. This is the most important point. You know that if dealers were selling alcohol on the street a lot more young kids would be doing alcohol.  This is not a major problem.  Young kid drug use IS a major problem. Remove the street dealers and it is Much Harder for young kids to get or be motivated to drugs.
  4. drugs could be handled, in all aspects of society, just like alcohol. There are people who have problems with it and people who don't. Once American manufacturers are the main suppliers of product, all sorts of positive things could evolve:
      1. designer drugs could be manufactured to provide the same or better effect with less damage to the individual
      2. they could be made less addictive (maybe not)
      3. they'd be cheap enough, all of the related drug cartel crime would disappear in America
      4. chemical markers could be included to allow identification of drivers on the highway
      5. tons of law enforcement money would be saved and tons of money would be created as tax revenue - an unintended positive consequence.
  5.  The war on drugs is counter-productive and getting more so by the minute
  6. I Don't Care About Drug Users.  People destroy their lives (many drug users Actually Don't destroy their lives)  in many ways that are not only legal, but that as a society - We Celebrate !
    1.  Boxing. Race Driving. Football. Skiing. etc,etc, 'to infinity and beyond' etc.
    2. Come on folks.  Do you care about drug users to the point you want to save them form themselves ?  How about people who jump off the tops of mountains in flying squirrel suits then - why aren't you passionate about saving Them.  Far more of those people, by percentage per capita get killed than do drug users.

Main point: With street dealers eliminated through cheap supply to adults, the number of kids getting and using drugs will go down Massively. And that's what we're after right?

  1. I'll appreciate your thoughts and won't give you a hard time if you disagree.  I expect everyone to disagree.
  2. Nothing like this will Ever happen.  So it's all academic anyway.
  3. obama is such a dweeb.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Advance Live Blogging of the Veep Debate

Biden - B, Ryan - R, Moderator - Mod 

Opening Remarks:
R - This country is headed for a fiscal Armageddon ! bla bla bla....and Mr Romney and I have a plan to heal this country’s fiscal policy, energy policy and entitlement programs.
 B - barak and I have Crushed the Middle Class over the last 4 years !

R - The obama administration has Crushed the Middle Class and Small Business the last 4 years with triple gas prices and double digit percentage increases on health care premiums.
B - Yes, I said that but thanks for reminding me about crushing Small Business too. (Sheepish Look)

R - Given the 37% increases in staple household and life necessity items, combined with the 22.1 % decrease in household value divided by the 42% increase in the misery index, along with the triple digit reductions in DOD, basic services and durable good attainability, we simply cannot survive another 4 years of the barak and Joe show.
B - Razzle Frazzle, geedle gaddle, flop a lot of fiddle faddle.

R - I wish I could ask Joe about barak's plan to turn over the USA to Vladimir Putey Pute of Russia as soon as they are re-elected, but I can't. Maybe the moderator will open this subject.
Mod - Razzle Frazzle, geedle gaddle, I Love Me a Barak Obama !
B - China ? What ? That was George Bush.

R - Instead of Embracing, Apologizing, and Heaping Billions of Tax Payer Dollars on enemies who's stated goal is to kill each and every Infidel (That's Us), Mr Romney and I are going to cut off Foreign Aid, and close the embassies in any country that doesn't deliver on human rights and freedoms.
B - Sounds like a good idea actually !!

R – I have a Dream! That All people can live and prosper in the United States of America !
B – I have dreams ! Oh Yea. 

It just devolved from there....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do We Have Islamists Maintaining Our Passenger Aircraft?

Who the hell knows.


“The pilots who went to pick up some of the first ones TIMCO did said they weren’t even airworthy,” Pike tells me. “I read the reports, just unbelievable -- the cockpits were a shambles, there was leaking oil, brake lines leaking fluid, lines left loose; our pilots refused to take them -- and these planes were coming out of an overhaul. It’s like shade tree mechanics working on a car, only they’re working on aircraft.”

Read the article by clicking on this sentence

My Thoughts.  I'm not getting on anyone's airplane.