Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barak Obama’s Libya Speech Translated

Good evening. Tonight I’d like to update the American People on the international effort we have led in Libya. 

Thanks to Me, our military is awesome.  Our troops are crawling all over the globe bringing relief and/or destruction to people practically everywhere.

For generations, America has played a major role in human freedom. The more oil you got, the more chances you have at being free.

Libya sits directly between Tunisia and Egypt, two nations that inspired the world for some reason. For more than 4 decades, the Libyan people have been ruled by a tyrant – Gaddaffi.  He is a very very very very bad man.

Last month Libyans, Al Queerda, Muslim Brotherhood, Radical Islamists, who we will simply refer to as Libyans, took to the streets to tell that mofo Gaddafi they have had enough and they were not going to take no more.

I told Gaddaffi that he had to step down from power.  I don’t know why he hasn’t stepped down yet.  Murby in Egypt stepped down, why won’t that mofo Gaddaffi?  I’m really Peeved he is not stepping down after I told him to !

Gaddaffi instead went on a killing rampage, raping all the women, murdering everyone else, destroying all the hospitals, and cute little kittens were blown to smithereens by Gaddaffi’s military machine.

Confronted by this mayhem. I, as in ME ME ME ordered WARSHIPS into the Mediterranean.  European Allies, like happy little lapdogs of mine jumped at the chance to join with ME ME ME to commit resources to stop the killing.

The Libyan opposition, the Arab League, appealed to the world to come and save them.  My Phone rang at 2 AM, and they all cried out to me “SAVE US SAVE US. HELP HELP HEEEEEEEEELP!” I answered that call.  At My Direction – MINE MINE MINE, America led an effort with out Lapdog allies at the United Nations, the most Important Institution on Earth (except for me) totally Punked the Security Council into going along with MY Brilliant Plan.  Of course, we were given the authorization to set up a No Fly Zone.

The first thing I did as a Nobel Peace Prize Winner was to order the launch of the largest number of Cruise Missiles in the History of Mankind.  I think I’m up to like 168 now.  I can assure you, No innocent lives were taken as a result of those 168 unannounced cruise missiles blowing air defense installations to hell and back.

Don’t listen to Sarkozy or Cameron – Those attention whores are trying to take all the credit for this operation.  It wasn’t them, it was Me Me ME !

Gaddaffi promised to go through his country and kill all the people like rats, hanging them in the street and doing panty raids.

I (ME ME ME) wasn’t about to let that happen. So, after consulting the Bipartisan leadership of Congress (I did that right?) A authorized the military action to stop Gaddaffi in his tracks.  Tonight I can report that we kicked Gaddaffi’s ass.  (I knew I was going to find someone’s ass to kick since that Gulf oil and vinegar crisis came up..)

In this effort, we did Not Act Alone (In case we need to place blame elsewhere in the future)  NO, we worked with our International partners (who use the bulk of Libyan Light Sweet Crude Oil)  To give you some perspective on how fast I acted; when people were brutalized in Bosnia, it took more than a year to get the International community to intervene. I did this in less than a week, even as David Cameron and Nickolas Sarkozy Begged me not to pull them into this highly dangerous operation.  I would have none of it and they both Thank Me profusely today for pulling them in.

Bla, Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla Bla, yada yada yada, gleep.

In closing, Let Me Be Clear, as Commander in Chief, I, ME ME ME, am responsible for every good thing that has and will occur in the world for the last few years, and for decades into the future.

There are time though, that a people will be tortured and oppressed and we may not decide to bring my awesome military to bear.  This is because they don’t have an oil.

Finally, let me say that I really hope Gaddaffi steps down and this whole thing goes well, because I have no idea what to do next.  I’ve already told Gaddaffi I’m not going to commit my military any more than in the  no fly zone.  So, if it all goes to hell, I want you to know, Sarkozy and Cameron were the ones responsible – for being weak and for delaying their commitments to go with MY Plan.

God Bless you and Especially ME ME ME!

And Really Finally I want to say to all our our 57 + 1 or 2 states:

Gaddaffi, Momaffi, Flamaffi, Obama Momamma Banana, Mo Fanna, Gommanna, Fi Laffi MeDaffy Goraffy, Lobamma, Homanna, No Planna !!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cream, Politician - con't from last posts


Hey, hey now baby, get into my big black car
Hey now baby, get into my big black car
I wanna just show you what my politics are.
I support the left, tho' I'm leanin', leanin' to the right..


Cream, Ginger Baker Featured, con't from last post

The best rock and roll drummer of all time.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Cream, Crossroads, con't from last post

Dang, I thought 'Earth Hour' was last night.  But now I get to turn all the lights on again tomorrow !


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cream, Outside Woman Blues - Con't from last posts


I turned ALL the lights on at 8:30 for Earth Hour.  To try and make up for people who turned them off.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quickie on Middle East Chaos

This is what you get with an incompetent POTUS with no experience who is obsessed with Appeasement instead of Peace Through Strength.

Please continue to the next post and listen to some music.

Cream, Continued From the Last Post



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blues for Earth - Cream, Live at Royal Albert Hall, 2005

My next X # of posts will be the rest of the Cream performance at Royal Albert Hall, 2005 that I can find on Youtube. Unless something really drives me to spew, then there may be a spew interlude.

In any case, I offer up some Musicians (actually they offer Themselves up) from the early 60's. Hey, if these guys performed at the Super Bowl instead of the Black Eyed Peas, I might have watched, but I'm not much interested in one guy that talks, one girl that sings marginally well, and two more guys that I have no idea what they do and None of them play instruments...sigh.

I feel a Revolution in music is at hand. I hope it is, because the vast majority of what is being offered up today pretty much sucks.


Monday, March 21, 2011

2012 Elections – Forget About It


I'm going to act like the average American young voter and not pay any attention to the election or candidates and see if someone on the Repub/Tea party can get my attention.  If some candidate can force their way into my simulated sex, drugs, and rock and roll brain, then they might be able to win.

I am purposely Not going to go check people out ahead of time.  Like I need to anyway??  Like I might find myself a mindless idiot in November of 2012 and not be able to choose between socialism/soft communism (Dems) and what the other side might have to offer ?

I also won't be buying people books, contributing to organizations, making political contributions, etc.  Not for the presidential election. 

To me, if enough people haven't been motivated to seek an alternative to obama and the Dems in 2012 after what those dictatorial morons have shoved up our butts the last two years - that the other team needs a billion dollars of advertising money to win - then we're screwed.  So, why should I pay for being screwed?

I Will contribute to select local candidates however.


Friday, March 18, 2011

On Losing Those You Love


I find it helpful to know that people or pets or anything we love that has passed on to another plane do not belong to us.  They did not leave us. They moved on.  We should be happy for them, and if we did anything to help them or make their lives more pleasant on this rock, be proud of that and find comfort in it.  They will remember those things and us as we remember them.
When I pass on, I’ve actually got a few in the animal world that I want to talk to first, before anyone else, and know that they are alright.  I think my family members will understand.
Personally, I often think of those that have passed on as having gone somewhere over the rainbow. For some that is Heaven, for others it might be a more scientific -  quantum physics musing.   No difference really. 

Regardless, I feel that I know that those that have left this rock are better off than we.  Free from this bio-chemical bag of flesh and bones we move around in.  Free from age or physical hardships or thoughts muddled by failing neurons and receptors.   Free to explore the universe or just find a warm place to take a nap or maybe somehow help someone who is on the physical journey and needs that help. 
What else would one do for eternity ?  Some constant search for self-gratification that only involves yourself?  Sounds boring, non-artistic, selfish, rude, lacking in imagination and most of all lacking in satisfaction. Sounds like the lowest level of thought.
Personally, I think it would be great to spend a lot of the time travelling the dimensions, helping children, cats, dogs, snakes, plants, whatever along in their journey through the physical world.  Adults not so much.  Kids over 18 need to suck it up and not find themselves in a position to cry for help - generally speaking. They’ve had some time to scope out the rock they live on and prepare for it.  Though some exception can be given for things going on such as are happening in Japan.  Even adults need some comfort from that kind of immeasurable pain.
So, a couple tunes come to mind.  (If you click on the play button and it says 'an error occurred' [which happens a lot lately], click on the 'youtube' icon on the lower right instead)

I'm so tied but I can't sleep...
standing on the edge of something much too deep... 
It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard..

Damn Sam.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buy American !!


General Motors said Thursday that it would temporarily shut a truck plant in Louisiana because it could not get enough Japanese-made parts, the first in what analysts say could be widespread disruptions at auto plants in North America because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis half a world away.
That it was G.M. — rather than one of the Japanese automakers, which depend on many parts from their home country — that succumbed first to the shortage shows how much the industry depends on far-flung suppliers.

My 2000 Toyota Sienna is 85% American, parts and labor, more than most 'American' cars.  And don't give me that the money goes to Japan.  If the big 3 are buying the parts from out of country, the money is going out of country.
To the boneheads riding around in Ford F350's with a sign on the back window that says "Hungry? Eat your rice burner."  I say "Hungry? Eat your 'American' Car". "And your union leaders"

PS - Japan gets electrical power to reactors. Sounds like a good thing.

PPS - UN Authorizes any and all military action to protect civilians and civilian interests in Libya.  GOODBYE YOU STUPID BASTARD KADAFFI !!!  I recommend 137 shots from a 22 caliber pistol starting at your feet should you choose suicide.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rand Paul Blew It

He was doing well, until he got to the end and then by saying he wanted to do this rant for 20 years and laughed, he turned it into a non-event.

Personally, I'd have asked her if she's heard about the San Francisco low volume toilet fiasco, and how San Fran now has to pour 18 million lbs of bleach through the sewers on a reg basis to deal with the buildup, and given that saves neither money or water or contributes to clean or more water, when will the Dept. of Energy recognize its failure and reverse course? I'd have demanded an answer.

Then I'd have asked her that given the DofE's mandate at the time of their creation by the idiot jimmy carter, is to reduce our dependence on foreign source of energy, why are they even dicking around with toilets and light bulbs. Further, given they have made Zero progress on this mandate in 40 odd years, why should we continue funding this department at all. This question I would also ask of the rest of the congressional members present.

But, the video is fun to watch until that last bit at the end which diffuses it.

Finally, I ask You Senator Paul, what actions does the tea party plan to take for abject failures of government programs or are you just going to give Lip Service like President Barak OBlabber. ?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whoa, Let's Set the Record Straight

With the recent tragic events in Japan, I've seen Numerous "News" items making reference to the 3 Mile Island (fill in the blank but the honest word would be Accident)

According this slightly agenda-ized representation (imo) there was a partial meltdown in one of the reactors.

  • NO radiation was released
  • NO one was injured or affected by/exposed to radiation, including the operational staff
  • There was NO disaster
Media continue to pound on 3 Mile Island and mislead the public that there was a disaster when there was NOTHING outside of mistakes made and an accident that was totally contained.

Chernobyl cannot happen with any other reactor known to mankind today.  Chernobyl had NO containment vessel or building.

If you'd like to really know what is going on with the reactors in Japan right now, I see no better source than Blackfive and the comments and reference sites in the comments of This Post.

At this point I absolutely believe that many 'news' outlets are committed to seriously damaging the USA by pounding on issues related to common sense and economical energy solutions and pretty much anything else beneficial to the USA and its citizens with particular regard to education, infrastructure, intelligence, standard of living, health care, food, housing and freedom.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Has Had Several More Quakes in the Last Hour

at the time of this writing.  The latest one a 6.6
And zoom in 

Here is an image capture of the zoomed in quake detail as of 8:46 PM 3/12/2011

Those colored yellow are within the last week, Blue = Today, Red = Last Hour

Update: 3/13/2011 - Still lots of activity.  Most, I believe are aftershocks and some are more earthquakes.  All the blue ones are since the last picture yesterday.

Update: Still lots of activity.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Somebody.. Anybody !


Name something that obama or anyone in his administration has done that could be scribed in the "good for America" column.

I got all the time in the world.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Liberal Explained

I think there are 4 basic types.

YOUNG IDEALISTS – Many of us were “liberals” when we were young, stupid, and poor enough to sometimes be willing to ‘hate the rich’ and therefore buy into all the evil corporation nonsense the liberals still get so much mileage from.  Let’s forget about this group and hope they come to their senses later on as 50-60 % of us do and become conservatives.

FANTASY.  Some people cannot deal with real life.  They simply have to spend all their thought time on pleasantness - flowers, world peace, happy playful animals (No, I’m not talking about you Bunni), eating good food, etc.  Conservatives do that; we just recognize the evil around us as well and are more than willing to deal with it.

Sheep and Sheepdogs.  Ok, not a biggie.  To some extent, that’s what we pay our money (taxes) for – to support a military and intelligence machine that lets’ us forget all that nastiness most of the time so we can focus on pleasant things.  Let’s forget about these folks too.

IGNORANCE.  These are people who are so blindingly stupid they actually believe that voting for non-democrats will result in their churches being burned to the ground and their children used for bad mitten.  (Wait: Aren’t conservatives all Religious people? Why would they burn churches?. Well, let’s not get caught up in the absurdity of the ignorant.)

SOCIOPATHS – Ah, here is the money group.  They prop up ‘minorities’ and anyone they perceive to be non-white good looking people (like myself and all of you of course) and classify them as victims.  This way they can be ‘for the little guy’ - the minority.  Effectively, this gives them a mechanism for them to say, on almost any occasion during the day, that ‘they care’.   They care for all these victims.  They need that.  They Need victims.  Sociopaths navigate life by pretending to be people with normal feelings.  Otherwise people would recognize them for the worthless self-absorbed bastards that they are and they’d have a tougher time stealing your money or whatever it is they need to self gratify.

Some real examples are

They support ‘the troops’.  They’ve never sent a cookie or even clicked through an e-card but they support the troops.  They don’t support the mission, therefore they don’t support the troops.  They apparently think ‘the troops’ are all suffering horrifically and toil all day for people and animals and humanity situations of dire consequence that they don’t care about.  The sociopath does not understand the mechanics of Non-sociopaths; compassion, empathy, willingness to work hard for someone else’s benefit.  The real victims.

How about the 9-11 ‘truthers’. According to them the dumbest man on the planet – George W Bush, planned and executed the most complex plan, using robot airplanes, ghost airline tickets, names of passengers that trace back to real people, recorded cell phone calls, etc. etc. on to infinity... to murder 2,973 people on the morning of 9-11-2001 just to Invade Iraq and ‘kill Saddammo for his daddy’.  And after 10 years, not a shred of evidence has appeared nor have any of the 10’s of thousands of people that would have been involved come forward to write a book and make a trillion freakin dollars.   Jumpin Friggin Catfish. 

Here is the point to that.  Never once did any of them say ‘George W Bush killed 3,000 people on 9-11”.  I’ve never heard them.  They only say that GW Bush ‘did 9-11’ for some clandestine purpose.  The 3,000 people that were murdered don’t mean shit to them.  Why.  In my opinion, it is because they don’t give a shit about real victims.  Those victims aren’t here anymore for them to point to and lie and say “I care about you”.  They also cannot allow themselves to believe that there are millions upon millions of Muslims out there that want them dead.  They don’t like confrontation.  Confrontation costs money.  Ah so what, some whack jobs murdered 3000 people.  WHAT BENEFIT DO I get out of spending money and resources tracking down some people and either killing them or putting them away.  To them, there is no value in following up with the Muslims.  It does Nothing for them personally.  Or this is how they think anyway.  Live for me and screw everyone else and their tomorrows.

That’s why morons like katie couric want to get muslims more involved in TV and pop culture so us Neanderthal Thinking Conservatives will see that these Vermin are actually Nice People.

Hey katie – move to freakin Iraq or anywhere else in the middle east and live like a woman there.  Then come back and tell us all your cute little bedtime stories you freakin moron.  Get a clitorectomy while you’re there to be in solidarity with the vermin you admire so much. 

I think I may have gotten a little off track here...

Finally, I don’t think many liberals even understand what liberal is.  Let me try.  A Liberal is someone who supports freedom for people to do whatever they want, be religious or not, support a clean environment for all and for all to be happy successful and at least afford middle class happy upwardly mobile lifestyle.  The liberal supports pretty much anything that doesn’t do harm to someone else and either elevates someone’s standard of living or helps the environment in which we live.

Did I describe you?  You’re not a liberal then, you’re a conservative.  I’m ultra-conservative and these are all things I support.

You’re only a sniveling, whining loser liberal progressive if you support having the government control as much of your life as is humanly possible and take as much money from those who spend their entire working life making sure you have the best products and services possible in order to give it to your worthless self-absorbed sociopathic ass.

I never read Ann Coulter’s book about liberals and victims.  If I plagiarized her, it was unintentional.  But Liberals and Victims.  Ok, I get it, don’t need to read a book.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The California Nebula

More of natures art.

Click the picture to go to the site. Click again to get high resolution, then click again to magnify. Then click again. (Or if you're in SanFran, flush again once, twice, thrice for good measure.)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Socialism versus Capitalism–The Problem is Not That You Run Out of Other People’s Money

* Language *  -unavoidable…

The biggest problem with Socialism is Not that you run out of other people’s money.  The biggest problem is revealed below.

Capitalism is self maintaining and Socialism needs constant management.  Most of my readers can probably stop here and move on.

Capitalism is a system whereby a non-government owned business, most likely a group of competing businesses provide their marketplace area with goods and/or services.  The persons in that area get to vote each and every minute of every day whether to support that business with their wallet/purchase decisions.  As a result, each of the competing businesses must provide a higher level of one of two things in order to survive – Price or Customer Service.  Period. Simple.  If the business fails, the rewards go away so there is a Primal motivation to satisfy the public.  Self Preservation ! Simple !

The problem with Socialism is that it requires constant Management.  By guess who?  Yep. Politicians, who:

  • are by and large NOT businessmen or women, they are mostly lawyers or societies failures with no other avenue of income.  See John Edwards.  Can you believe that piece of shit was almost VP ?
  • not motivated towards performance
    • They can screw up all day long and still reap the same rewards.  Well, they’ll be voted out you say…. Ah no. Barney Fwank played a large part in fucking up the World Economy, had his homosexual boyfriend running a faggot whorehouse out of his apartment with taxpayer money involved and the stupid fucks in his district voted that piece of shit back into the senate !
  • If they are voted out then you have constant management turnover.  Can you say Cluster Fuck ?

Look at the management at the company YOU work for.  Would you want them micro-managing Your Life, Your health care, Your retirement, Your everything?

If you’re a worthless denuvian slime worm, socialism looks pretty good.  But if you’re the kind of person that wants good things for yourself, your family and (if you’re like me) most everyone else who isn’t some child molesting piece of shit, then socialism is not for you.  Because it punishes productivity and rewards inactivity, laziness and parasitical behavior.